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Terms of UseThis site is for informational purposes and to allow you to comment on specific topics that appeal to your interests. We will not allow personal attacks, vulgarity, obscenities or uncivil commenting or posting. These will be removed and you will be permanently blocked from this site. When posting information be sure to include resources and documentation. If quoting, you must list the source of the quote.

For those who pander to ethnic baiting, and irrational fear and hatred of people you most likely never met and never will….please, by all means take those comments to sites that thrive on it. 

For those who are unable to comment on the topic at hand without using gross personal attacks, unnecessary profanity, and insults…..there are many sites who will welcome your vitriole….we just are not one of them.

We reserve the right to censor comments.  It is our site and we work hard to present you with information you can use.  You don’t have to agree with anyone, but you do have to remain civil.   

All information on this site is for educational purposes only.

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