Government to government plan to seize control of all foods


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Shortly after “Dirty Harry” Reid passed the fake food safety bill in here in the US, with his one unanimous vote, C-36 passed two weeks later in Canada.  Both bills were an outright attack on individual rights and property rights as both governments claim they now have the authority to unilaterally decide who can grow, process and sell foods and under what conditions.  And, just as here in the US, those lawmakers responsible for this attack on liberty claimed they did so because that was what the public demanded and was begging for.  

Actually, in both countries just the opposite was true; the public was demanding that these bills not be passed. Dirty Harry claimed that more than 10,000 people had begged him to pass the bill while never mentioning that more than a million had objected. But in neither case was food safety and security the real intent of the legislation.  Both the US and Canada were handing agricultural production in all its forms, over to international organizations and multi-national corporations.

A sample of the unconstitutional restrictions included in bill C-36 include:

– abolishing protection from trespass, a court-ordered warrant, and the need for court-supervised search and seizure;

– on ONLY suspicion, health inspectors with the aid of police can invade any location in the country, seize and confiscate goods deemed unsafe (i.e. health supplements) and violate all constitutional rights of all parties involved

– it bypasses existing laws on privacy and confidentiality and explicitly exempts the Minister of  Health and government inspectors from any kind of third-party oversight and accountability;

**Note: In the US the Secretary of Health & Human Services and any of her delegates were given the same immunity, and US citizens were denied their right to access the courts for redress.

– the need to publish regulations governing the activities of the inspectors is abolished, too; More

Genetically Modified Lies and Other Scientific Breakthroughs



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    “If, as the United States has claimed, there is no difference between GM foods  and organic foods, then why do US companies rush to the Patent Office to patent    it [and fight its labeling]?”


The US food system is rigged in favor of Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, DuPont and the other genetically modified seed manufacturers , their BigAgra confederates, USDA head Tom Vilsack, and the FDA’  “Food Czar,” Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto employee.

Taylor, the senior advisor to the Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration, (DHHS) and strong supporter of  Codex Alimentarius, worked for a law firm hired by Monsanto that drafted and submitted the policy brief/outline justifying GMO food for approval to the USDA.  GMO foods were later introduced into the US food system as “equivalent to normal foods,” or words to that effect, with no labeling requirements  during the 1990’s.

The multi-national GM seed manufacturers refused to label GMO products because (1) they knew liability might consume them if links were ever established that their  GM food harmed humans  and (2) because few consumers would buy their products if a GM label was on the package.

Therefore, neither they, the WHO, FAO, FDA, nor the so-called “international food standard”—Codex Alimentarius —are about food or food safety. 

So if not that, what?  

(A)  Elite profit, monopoly, control, and power over the of the planet’s food, fiber, water, minerals, land (a global grab is underway), money (the economic shutdown is deliberate), jobs, hope, and humans,. More

Big Ag forms alliance to float propaganda:Pesticides are good for you!


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“Wasn’t the reason we had to let the bio-pirates patent seeds, mutate nature, and contaminate the land and water and the resulting food supply was because they claimed they were the answer to global hunger?  They were going to end global hunger, weren’t they?  They wouldn’t have lied would they? This couldn’t have just been about food control and profits, could it? Surely not. “


Who knew pesticides were actually good for us?  Here we thought they were toxic concoctions that adversely affected humans, plants and animals, but it turns out we were all wrong.  Never mind, that these hazardous chemicals contaminate land and water and pose a significant risk to the environment overall.  And, never mind that we have no idea what the inert and hazardous ingredients are contained in them that could cause cancer, blindness, paralysis, seizures and other maladies, as it turns out it isn’t about health and safety. Its all about convenience, affordability ($$$).  Its about our lifestyles! 

While we all erroneously believed that spraying carcinogens, heavy metals, microbial mutations, and god knows what else on anything and everything in sight might not be a good idea, it turns outs all this crap is really good for birds, animals, plants and the environment.  One could conclude that the residual chemicals left in the end products and consumed by human beings must also be beneficial.     

Like many of you, I was opposed to the use of toxic chemicals being applied in ever increasing amounts to food crops.  But then I read this article:

From AGROW Awards: Benefits of pesticides

“The use of pesticides brings numerous benefits and makes a significant contribution to the lifestyles we have come to expect. These benefits are not confined to the users of pesticides, but reach the great majority of people across the world. The general public often take for granted or oppose the use of pesticides, but they make possible the year-round availability of high-quality, affordable food. Similarly, the environment and wild plants, birds and animals benefit from the carefully regulated application of chemical pesticides.”

Carefully regulated?  When did that happen?  Application is now determined by the level of resistance building up in the crops and pests these applications are used on.  There is no careful regulation.  In fact, no regulation at all; just increased application or strength of application.  And it is safe…..the FDA says so.  And you know you can trust the FDA!

I cannot even believe this statement “Similarly, the environment and wild plants, birds and animals benefit from the carefully regulated application of chemical pesticides.” was even made.  And as the article says, use of pesticides is not limited to users of pesticides.  Yuuummm! More

S.510 passes: The Senate effectively declares itself an agent of foreign principals


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Comment: As most of you know, S.510 the fake food safety bill which had nothing to do with food safety, passed the Senate this morning.  This bill, which will go down in history as one of the greatest weaponless assaults on the States by the central government, is intended to knock the knees out from under what little is left of our economy.


Section 404 of the bill, forces the subjugation of the citizens of the States to unlawful trade agreements, international organization demands, and will reduce operating standards across the board for bio-piracy corporations in order to maximize their profits and to end as much competition in those markets as possible.  These unlawful agreements and the mandates from such odious organizations as the World trade Organization, Codex Alimentarius committees, and other foreign principals have unlawfully usurped US laws and sovereignty, forfeiting our right to self determination and governance.

The bill, which expands a notoriously dysfunctional and incompetent agency, the FDA, is also intended to abrogate the rights of the citizens.  The multiple constitutional violations in the bill went by unnoticed by members of the Senate; probably because the majority of them never even read the bill and had no idea what was in it.  These violations of rights also seemed to by pass the mental faculties of several high profile front groups and individuals.

Numerous and so-called “consumer organizations” along with so-called “food experts”, some of them nationally known, sent emails out claiming that a few thousand of their members had email or called in, in support of this attack on independent agriculture.  Claiming misinformation and myth was abounding surrounding the bill, it was apparent they had either been bought off or were at some point allowed to be in the presence of some of the District of Criminals’ royalty; this audience obviously put them in a state of compliant awe.  No one who actually read the bill could come away thinking or believing this bill had anything to do with making food safe; there was nothing in the bill that could accomplish this.   More

South Korean Trade Agreement: Another economy killing trade agreement in the Works


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“We are being set up, as a nation. A food crisis is about to hit this country as our strategic grain reserve sits empty, as no commodities surpluses have been stockpiled and as absolutely every agricultural product is targeted for exporting to the highest bidder.  It has taken many years, through various administrations and successive congresses to manipulate us into this position.  It doesn’t take much to see that we will be most likely starved into accepting the World Government. ” More

The death knell sounds for America’s farmers and ranchers: The US Senate convenes at 10:30 on November 19th to vote on S.510, the fake food safety bill


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Not one Senator stood on the floor and identified even one of the actual threats to our food supply coming from industrialized corporate agricultural operations and contaminated imports.  And not one stood up and spoke one word in defense of our family and independent farmers and ranchers who have historically produced the most abundant and safest food in the world. More

Burning Goodwill: A reply to a consumer organization regarding S.510


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A reply to a consumer organization’s email soliciting ‘friends’ to contact their representatives in Washington and ask them to support  S. 510, the Food “Safety” bill


You are either totally ignorant about the contents of S. 510, the food “safety” bill, or you are a shill.

 Effective April 1, 2011, the selling of vitamins and nutritional supplements without a prescription will officially become illegal in Europe. The framework for this travesty is called the Codex Alimentarius, Napoleonic-era gibberish and brainchild of the World “Health” Organization, that was instituted to make the natural and organic health supplements go away—a  three billion dollar a year competitive market that cuts into the profits of BigPharma’s prescription pill and vaccine factories. 

Codex is being brought to humanity by these same wonderful folk—the World Health Organization and ‘associates’—who attempted to orchestrate a swine flu “pandemic” for the globe after hyping it four years—how does anyone know a “pandemic” is coming four years out?—so vax manufacturers could pre-sell governments their “vaccines” so they could “. . .be ready when it started.”

Which it didn’t. Sort of, they tried to throw a pandemic but no one came to the shot party.  At least not nearly  enough to use all the vaccine the governments had paid for.  Then they tried giving it away.  Still not enough takers.

One shipment of the vaccine that was sent to a European lab was “inadvertently” contaminated with the virus that could have started the pandemic in Europe had not the lab checked it before distributing the vaccine.

Imagine that.

America’s Food “Safety” bill, S. 510, also makes illegal backyard vegetable and fruit gardens, as well as products grown by large, wholesale, organic producers for organic outlets such as Whole Foods. The organic food market is the fastest growing market in the food industry today.  It also cuts directly into the World Health/World Trade Organization’s scheme to control the world’s food through genetically modified seed and patents.

Are the players beginning to sound familiar?  They’re the same players that manufactured genetically modified cotton seed. Want to know how the people who’ve grown cotton and food organically for thousands of years fared with this genetically modified cotton?  Take a look:

 Farmers in India pay the ultimate price for their debt More

The food system isn’t broken: The government just won’t get the hell out of it



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“Had this bill been about food safety, it would have contained provisions to expand and support family farms and ranches; it would have encouraged the entry into, and support of next generation farmers and ranchers. Instead of shoving Agenda 21 mandates on us  that come with titles such as “Best Farming” Best Land Management” and other idiotic WTO platitudes that are anything but the best practices, this bill would have encouraged gathering of generational knowledge about the land, the animals, crops, harvesting, food storage and preparation”


Why is it, every time the jackasses in the District of Criminals have run some program into the ground, squandered massive amounts of dollars while letting corporations write bills that benefit them and rape and rob the states, they always come out and say; “the system is broken”.  “We’ve got to fix the system, it is broken”.  It’s an emergency!  We have to do something right now!  And that is all quickly followed by one phony “crisis” after another as they try to scare the public into believing the “crisis” just magically and mysteriously appeared.  That’s just how bad the system is broken!  Like the magic egg contamination that just somehow appeared the week before they pushed S.510 the fake food safety bill onto the floor of the Senate.  How damn handy was that?!  Never mind that FDA knew about that way back last March when it was initially detected in Oregon.  A contamination that was allowed to reach epic proportions so that it could be used to scare you into thinking the only thing that could have saved us from these terrorist eggs….was S.510.  

The battle over S.510, The Fake Food Safety bill is not over.  At stake are the severely reduced numbers of family and independent farmers and ranchers who have historically been the backbone of our economy and who produced the safest and most abundant food supply in the world.  If the intent of S.510 was to preserve and protect our agricultural sector, I would support it.  The fact is, it is intended to industrialize agriculture and centralize it in the hands of multi-national corporations.  While USDA and FDA and Homeland Security and a host of other privately owned government corporations, harp about the centralization of the food supply and how this must be avoided, the truth is, they are intending to do just that. 

If this fake food safety bill had actually been written to deal with food safety in the US, it would have been centered on several key issues, none of which are addressed in the bill, and would not be focused on how to criminalize the ownership and control of agricultural property and the products derived from it for family and independent producers here in the US.  More

CODEX ALIMENTARIUS: The Elephant in the room they don’t want you to see! Codex isn’t coming…its already here!

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By Barbara H. Peterson

Codex Isn’t Coming, It’s Here!

Why is there so much denial by consumer advocate groups such as the National Health Federation(1) (NHF) about Barry Soetoro implementing the U.S. Codex council via Executive Order(2)? What is it that they don’t want you to see? Just do the research, and you will discover that we have been up to our eyeballs in Codex since 1962 and don’t even know it.

Codex is a subsidiary body of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO). Codex develops international food safety and quality standards, such as standards concerning the safety of food additives. Standards set by Codex traditionally served as a minimum floor for less developed countries. The U.S. has participated in Codex since its formation in 1962 and has shared its technical expertise in efforts to aid less developed countries.


We are being lulled into complacency with declarations that Codex isn’t here yet, not to worry, while the elephant in the room is getting bigger all the time. Here is a quote from an article posted on the NHF site:

While the Executive Order is real, it is not imposing Codex rules on the United States. As NHF lobbyist Lee Bechtel correctly points out, “There is no direct policy link between this Council and Codex, or with the way in which the FDA regulates food and food supplements More

We become silent: A 2005 documentary detailing the coming take over of food and Implementation of CODEX Alimentarius

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We Become SilentIf you thought it was because government is concerned about your health; if you thought it was anything other than a corporate take over of food and dietary supplements…you need to watch this documentary from 2005.  Michael Taylor, the new food Czar from Monsanto, and former FDA higher up….laying the groundwork for what was to come.  The threat of the World Trade Organization as well as the real reasons for NAFTA/CAFTA…….it has nothing to do with trade, only corporate business; a business which targets you.

International award-winning filmmaker Kevin P. Miller of Well TV announced the release of a new documentary about the threat to medical freedom of choice. We Become Silent: The Last Days of Health Freedom details the ongoing attempts by multinational pharmaceutical interests and giant food companies — in concert with the WTO, the WHO and others — to limit the public’s access to herbs, vitamins and other therapies.

We Become Silent is narrated by Dame Judi Dench, the noted UK actress who has won multiple Golden Globe awards, an Oscar, and a Tony for her on-stage work, in addition to dozens of other honors throughout her prestigious career.

Watch film here:  WE BECOME SILENT

S.510: Manager’s Amended Version..The corporate “coop”…the chicken shit’s come home to roost.



Marti Oakley w/Paul Griepentrog (c)copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved

                                           ” What remains as a “bill” is the actual assault on domestic agriculture hidden behind euphemistic terms such as “food safety”, “food security” and other deceptive language meant to deceive the reader into thinking the safety of food in this country was at risk from family and independent producers   ”                                                                    


The fight to maintain control of our food production and supply must begin in the states.  Your governor, according to this bill, will appoint the agency that will contract with USDA/FDA for access to your state.  It is your governor who will make this federal theft of domestic agriculture possible; and it is your governor who must be pressured to refuse to negotiate with corporate federal agencies.  The betrayal of America’s farmers and ranchers will begin with each state governor granting corporate federal agencies access to your state and will be enforced by state agencies under the color of law.  These agents will be your friends, neighbors and maybe even family members who will put on an agency badge and suddenly forget the Constitution and individual rights. 

For years multi-national corporations have raided and plundered third-world countries, stealing land, raping the environment and causing the starvation and abject misery of untold millions of people.   The efforts to steal farmland, to grow gmo crops for biofuels while human beings starved next to fields full of grain, is nothing new.  The world wide efforts to seize control of the world’s food supply, dictating what people would eat and if they would eat, is coming full circle. The US along with Canada is now about to fall victim to the absolute takeover of food production and supply in both counties, by corporations who have orchestrated the greatest theft ever perpetrated.   They could not have done it without the corruption of career politicians who sold their integrity, honor and office for corporate favors and campaign donations, increasing their own personal wealth along the way, and selling out the very people they swore to represent. 

We are about to see congress come back into session; never have we as a country been in such danger from our own government.  Democrat or Republican, we have no support within our own congress. 

Below is a break down of S.510.  As pages 1 thru 104 were struck, the provisions contained in those pages were written into broad and vague language, open to interpretation and abuse by corporate federal agencies.  This was intentional.  What was taken out in one place was inserted elsewhere under ambiguous language.  What remains as a “bill” is the actual assault on domestic agriculture hidden behind euphemistic terms such as “food safety”, “food security” and other deceptive language meant to deceive the reader into thinking the safety of food in this country was at risk from family and independent producers.

Here are just some of the highlights of S.510.  There have been several versions of this bill, so for expediency, we have simply listed the sections by number.  More

Take Action Now! Oppose S. 510 The “Food Safety Modernization Act”



This Modernization Will NOT Provide REAL Food Safety!!!!    Senate Bill S510, the dangerous and misleading Food Safety Modernization Act, is getting close to a vote on the heels of the half-million egg recall from the industrial food supply chain.  Act NOW!!! 

NHFA urges you to immediately write your Senators and oppose S. 510. Click here to write your Senator NOW!    1.  NHFA opposes S 510 because:

►It is a dangerously broad regulatory bill giving extensive discretionary power to the FDA over the entire food supply chain without proper checks and balances to avoid abuse of power;   

►It would impose one-size-fits-all-regulations on thousands of small and mid-sized farmers, small-scale local farms and food producers,  and would drastically burden, to extinction,  basic natural and organic food suppliers, thus endangering the lives of Americans who depend on local wholesome foods;  

►It does not reflect a well-thought-out solution, or address the real causes of food safety issues stemming from the industrialized food supply chain; and   More

CODEX in S510: Congress continues to ignore the people

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Marti Oakley (c) coyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


How” would more likely be, how to bring the US into full compliance with CODEX when we the people are fully aware that this system is intended to reduce standards and regulations in every country unfortunate enough to have adopted this plan for global control of the food supply by multi-national corporations. “


It appears obvious that the massive public backlash against Codex Alimentarius, has not only fallen on the deaf ears of congress, but is set to be ignored.  Apparently, hundreds of thousands letters of objection, hundreds of thousands of phone calls, and communications of all types demanding that CODEX be rejected as harmful to the economic growth, the freedom to determine how we will produce food and how we will market it and the right to be free of devastating international agreements that do not have the force of law in the United States……have been rejected in favor of unconstitutional agreements of all kinds, most especially the CODEX Alimentarius.

Now then; If we the people understand that these agreements are harmful and not in the best interest of moving the nation forward…if we the people know that these agreements are in direct violation of our laws and constitution……


S.510 Sect. 306 Building Capacity Of Foreign Governments with Respect to Food 

(c) Plan—-The plan developed under subsection (a) shall include, as appropriate, the following:

(5) Recommendations on whether and how to harmonize requirements under CODEX ALIMENTARIUS. More

S. 510 and: The incredible, exploitable….EGG

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   Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved


The original version of S.510, introduced last year just after companion bill HR 2749 was passed in the House, has gone through quite a metamorphosis.  The original bill, a mere 50 pages or so, repeatedly relied on references and compliance to Codex Alimentarius and included several pages regarding food borne allergies. 

Even though the bill contained specific and undeniable references to Codex and its implementation, several people and organizations, including an attorney who has repeatedly disseminated false and misleading information regarding S.510, and who went on national radio and published several blogger fodder articles on behalf of various organizations, claimed that the bill did not mandate Codex.  Codex was mentioned directly in the original bill more than nine times. 

In the year or so since then, the bill has expanded and contacted a few times.  Still, this bill represents the one of the greatest assaults on the production and supply of food, to benefit multi-national corporations to the detriment of family and independent producers in all areas of agriculture.  

Knowing that the actual crux of the bill was to enforce compliance to international agreements, World Trade Organization and UN mandates, the intent of the bill is less about food safety, and more about seizing control of the nations food supply and handing it over to multi-national corporations for exploitation.  I also knew that the compliance to Codex Alimentarius had to have been inserted somewhere in the bill, intentionally buried where it would most likely remain unnoticed.

Section 404. Compliance With International Agreements

Nothing in this act (or an amendment made by this act) shall be construed in a manner inconsistent with the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization or any other treaty, or international agreement to which the United States is a party. 

There it is.  One small seemingly insignificant little paragraph stashed on the next to last page of this odious bill that will change our lives forever.  We have been a signatory to Codex since 1992 and if this bill passes, Codex will be implemented without delay across the board and we will have lost control of our food production and supply.

This one little paragraph enables every unlawful agreement, every mandate from the World Trade Organization.  In other words, nothing in this bill can prevent or otherwise pose an obstacle to the overtaking of our food supply by corporate raiders and bio-pirates who fund the very organizations and who wrote each and every international agreement referred to in this paragraph.

And who didn’t see the cries of “pass the bill immediately” being blasted from every possible corner as the public was whipped into a frenzy out of fear of …eggs.

Of course, with the created crisis concerning the egg recalls, a crisis that was allowed to build since at least last March when it was first detected out in Oregon, the hysteria has been allowed to reach epidemic proportions as thousands have come down with salmonella poisoning. 

Isn’t it convenient how this happened right before S.510 is scheduled to come before the senate?

Asia’s seed laws – Control over farmers’ seeds

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A new collaborative Briefing, written by GRAIN and published by PANAP (Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific), takes a close look at seed laws in the Asia region. It comprises one of the PANAP Rice Sheets under its Save Our Rice campaign. While the Briefing mentions rice-related laws and some policies of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), the collaborators are keen to show the bearing that these have on seed laws in general, and the wider consequences of seed laws on traditional varieties and farmers’ freedoms. More

NAIS has nothing to do with food safety for our benefit.

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R.W.McAfee (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


Once this bureaucratic NAIS is in place in the U.S. it will enable BigAgra Corporations to control livestock production.  It was written and adopted several years ago by these corporations along with the one-worlders for their WTO organization which is designed to benefit them, not America’s independent livestock producers.

When the U.S. signed the WTO “treaty,” our laws and wishes as an agricultrual nation became subservient to the one-worlders whose hearty participants include BigAgra–those same wonderful folk who’re trying to shove dangerous genetically modified (GM) food down humanity’s throats–one-in-the-same as those who tried to scam humanity into believing they were responsible for global warming; now a thoroughly discredited hoax after their files were hacked and released online for the world to see.

Their end game with their global warming lie was to levy a global  “tax” on humanity for  “. . .polluting the planet with our billions of CO2 exhales that were causing global warming. To save us from ourselves. And use that tax to fund their one world government.

Global warming, like their NAIS pitch, was and is a lie.   

Our USDA was told by their “bosses” to have NAIS done and set in motion in the U.S.  by January 1st of this year.  But a fierce opposition to this heinous scheme by America’s independent livestock producers blind-sided them at their previous “listening” sessions around the nation.  In fact, it was so intense it set these bureaucratic mouthpieces back on their heels.

Their world “bosses” couldn’t have been very happy with them. So here they are again for another try at NAIS at the links below.

It appears the USDA representatives in D.C. who’re supposed to be looking out for America’s agriculture community have been purchased by BigAgra and the one worlders operating behind the curtain; and have now become little more than paid pimps and shills for those trying to force as many of America’s independent ranchers and farmers out of the livestock production business as they can.

NAIS has nothing to do with food safety for our benefit.


Protect Your Right to Know Which Foods Contain GMOs

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Action Alert from: W.R McAfee Sr.

“They must stop U.S. negotiators at an international (Codex) conference from May 3-7, from pushing an agenda that could make it difficult for anyone, anywhere in the world to label foods as genetically modified (GM) – or even make non-GMO claims on their product’s label. “


The call for help below has resulted from a non-GMO consumer steamroller coming down the middle of the road at the Wizards of Oz who’ve been trying to feed this poison to the American people and the world since the Nineties. More

CANADA! stop the biotech industry from defeating this Bill!

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submitted by: Sandra Finely/Canadian correpondent


Bill C-474 will require:  “an analysis of potential harm to export markets be conducted before the sale of any new genetically engineered seed is permitted.” 

The industry is putting an all-out effort into defeating the Bill.

PLEASE:  Lucy is asking for another round of fire.  We can deliver it.  It only takes a minute of our time individually.  Scroll down.


This is pretty simple and pretty much common sense.  Europeans will not accept shipments of wheat or flax (for example) if it is contaminated with GE (genetically – engineered) seeds. 

Buyers of Canadian grain get angry when they buy contaminated product, witness the recent case of “Triffid” GE flax. Farmers lose big markets.  The GE contamination is now a huge on-going cost to everyone.  

It isn’t a widely-known issue in Canada because we lost the battle to require labeling of GE food products.  The money of the chem. – biotech industry bought, among others, the Consumers Association in that battle. 

The Europeans won the labeling battle.   But the chem-biotech corporations do not respect the wishes or the interests of the population.  Instead, they have been trying for years now to force GE crops into Europe.

Nor does the Govt of Canada respect the wishes of the Europeans (or of Canadians).  The Govt of Canada launches legal actions through the WTO (World Trade Organization) against the Europeans, on behalf of the industry, claiming unfair trade practices.  More

USDA Signals NAIS is Dead

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While USDA and Vilsack claim this program is scrapped the truth is it will simply be renamed and trotted out as “new and improved” and the program will roll on.  There is no way USDA is going to forfeit the theft of agricultural lands and property on behalf of the coporate federal government.  Just my thoughts.  Marti
USDA Signals NAIS is Dead
“Independent cattle producers must remain directly involved in the development of this new program to ensure that it does not infringe upon their rights and privileges as did NAIS.” More

Stop National Animal ID: Food Control Is People Control

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Rural Heritage


by Grant Hagan    Saturday, January 16, 2010
When the Communists took over the Ukraine, the bread basket of Europe, about 70 years ago, they destroyed or stole all food and animals, starving to death 7 million people. Today Zimbabwe, the bread basket of Africa, has had its farms destroyed and is on the verge of starvation. Is our country next?

Today Communism has become less visible. However, groups with the same globalist views are nearing completion of their goals. Groups like the socialist Council of Foreign Relations [founded in New York in 1921 with the goal of ending American sovereignty, the membership of which has included several past presidents including Bill Clinton], the Trilateralists [a related group founded in 1973 for the purpose of seizing control of the United States government and consolidating its political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical powers], Skull and Bones [a highly secret Yale University society whose select members have included some of the most powerful men of the 20th century, including President George Bush] are having great success creating a world dictatorship. Most of their power has been acquired from purchased government officials. Congress has, for example, depleted our industrial base by giving the unelected elitists at the United Nations World Trade Organization complete control of our trade decisions.

The coming National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is another prime example of this legislative road to enslavement [Assault on Small Farmers]. When in full force NAIS will assign all animals a land base (farm) and each animal will have a radio frequency identification tag. Every time a cow is sent off its land base to a sale, or a horse is ridden off its land base, government permission will be required. The global positioning in the tag will give Big Brother the ability to spy on you. I’m sure Stalin and Hitler would have been envious of such a system.

Like gun control, food control is people control. In addition to animal control, the elitists, with their patented genetically manipulated seeds, are becoming our only source of seeds. So, contrary to “It can’t happen here,” It is happening here!

Grant Hagan lives in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. His letter appeared in the Summer 2006 issue of Rural Heritage.

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The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Unpleasant Hand in Health and Food Bills


by Patrick Henning                                                 Tell a Friend 

Robert Pear wrote an astounding article in the NY Times on Genetech’s influence on the healthcare bill, writing talking points for both sides of the aisle.  He proved Anthony Sutton’s proposition – that those with power simply use the left and right divide to get what they want, even setting it up.

And that global elite seems to working now through the pharmaceutical industry and bankers to gain power.  Interestingly, it was the pharmaceutical and chemical giant, IG Farben, which destabilized Germany, put Hitler in, and was the primary support for the 3rd Reich.  And the Rockefellers, oilmen and bankers with a focus on eugenics (genetic engineering), had a half interest in IG Farben and IG Farben a half interest in Standard Oil. More


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NAIS Stinks <nonais@naisstinks.com

By Darol Dickinson

Scripts for NAIS state directors have been prepared with Delphi anti-groupthink interrogation techniques. Neil Hammerschmidtz, facilitator Larry Miller, change agent Jeri Dick and John Weimer at USDA have perfected these deceptive, contradictory and extreme methods to high pressure sell the flawed thought of NAIS.

President Eisenhower said, “Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil, and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.” Born in Abilene, Kansas, an area known for corn and wheat production, was the authoritative background of this presidential quote. Oh, for a quote today with accuracy and experience to back it up! Quotes by elected leaders today contain larger words, eloquence and surety, yet completely lacking integrity.

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS), proposed by profit motive industries, the World Trade Organization and fund-hungry USDA branches are riddled with pabulum substance quotes. Different from the factual Eisenhower, but similar in that quotes are coming from high up leadership with degrees as long as a wagon tongue; today’s honesty is sickly void. As highly paid government employees make poorly thought-out quotes, their numbers often reflect the serious need of a $3 Chinese calculator.

A Time To Be Serious

With up to 2000 U.S. ranchers going belly up per month, grandiose quotes of great profit from beef exports quickly perk the ear of hard working livestock people. Even though they seldom check the numbers, USDA leaders can tease a rancher off a cliff with a grandiose profit theory.

In a recent Beef Magazine article called “Put up or shut up” the author quoted, “If we do nothing and we lose market access……the losses would amount to $18.25/head if we do not adopt NAIS and we lose 25% of export market share.”

Only Listen to Exact Data

What is market share? Last year, 2008, the USA exported beef, live and processed, a total value of $2,876,906,000. The same year the USA imported beef, live and processed, paying exactly $4,764,392,000. In simple terms, this means the US doesn’t produce enough beef to feed the nation and nearly two billion dollars worth of beef must be imported. Annually this data changes very little.

If export sales are reduced there will not be a need to import as much product. If export sales are increased there will be a need to import that much more to feed the nation. Therefore, all the scuttlebutt about increasing exports to help ranchers be more profitable is no more than Botox verbiage.

The $18.25/head loss without NAIS on all 97,000,000 U.S. cattle equals $1,770,250.000. Wow, that causes most of the whole export income to go away. Perhaps the $18.25 figure was slightly exaggerated – like a 93% exaggeration! Today, not a single country requires animal tracing to purchase USA beef.

The King of Exaggerations More

United Nations plans to emerge as the controlling government: How declaring a pandemic enlarges the United Nations power.


PPJG Original Article  Author: Marti Oakley (C) Posted August 22, 2009 at  2:33CST


copsoldiers_deesIn 2005, the Inter-Governmental Working Groups (IGWG) of member states, a United Nations group, created what was to become the International Health Regulations, 2005.  This initial plan was revised in 2006, 2007 and again this year 2009.

Inter-governmental Issues     *Although these articles date from the original 2005 draft, they have remained unchanged through various revisions and remain as originally proposed in 2001.


*Article 21 of the WHO Constitution

The Health Assembly shall have the authority to adopt regulations concerning:

(a) Sanitary and quarantine requirements and other procedures to prevent the international spread of disease;

*Article 22 of the UN Constitution

Regulations adopted pursuant to article 21 shall come into force for all members after due notice has been given after their adoption by the Health Assembly except for such members as may notify the Director General of rejection or reservations within the period stated in the notice.  (Few members did notify; without result) More

Untested, full of toxins: forced vaccinations are coming your way

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My recent article on refusing vaccinations elicited many comments from people all over the world.  My article claimed the WHO had claimed the authority to dissolve governments and of course, the naysayers crawled out of the woodwork saying this was not true.   I will be posting an article this evening expanding on this claim, showing how and where the WHO claims to have this authority.  In the meantime, watch these videos’ which will clarify more fully the WHO’s claim to be able in a health “crisis” to take emergency government control, commandeering police among other entities to establish a government run by the United Nations via the WHO.    Marti



Jane Burgemeister with Max Igan. 

HR 2749 Authorizes International Take-Over of Domestic Food Production

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Welcome to the Global Plantation
HR 2749 Authorizes International Take-Over of Domestic Food Production

© Doreen Hannes 2009

Congressional staffers have been telling people that HR 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009, does not authorize the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). Many organic groups have agreed with them. However, this is misleading. Though HR 2749 does not name “the” National Animal Identification System, it still authorizes the program. It also does not state that it legally authorizes Good Agricultural Practices, or GAP, partially comprising Codex guidelines on traceability and food safety, and the OIE’s Guide to Good Farming Practices including auditing, certification and inspections, disincentives for not participating in the form of fines, penalties, and loss of access to market, but it does. Is it possible that Congress was not aware of what it voted on?  The bill was changed three times in a 24-hour period before passing the House 283-142 on July 30, 2009.

Are these assertions about HR 2749 wild and unsubstantiated? Proving them is fairly easy—just understand “Good Agricultural Practices” (GAP), how the agencies of the World Trade Organization operate within member countries to achieve them and what comprises the actual jurisdiction of the FDA and USDA. A brief explanation follows, along with substantiating quotes from HR 2749.

 First we look to jurisdiction in HR2749….

“Nothing in this Act or any amendment made by this Act shall be construed to alter the jurisdiction between the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, under applicable statutes and regulations…” (p.3&4)

Then, tossing our preconceived notions to the wind and looking to law instead, we find that congressional testimony of the FDA on establishing a single food safety agency and a myriad of other sources including the FAO (Food and Ag Organization of the UN), the FDA statements on the Bioterrorism Act of 2002, and many books on food law affirm that FDA has jurisdiction over live food animals:

FDA is the Federal agency that regulates 80 percent of the nation’s food supply-everything we eat except for meat, poultry, and certain egg products, which are regulated by our partners at USDA. FDA’s responsibility extends to live food animals…”(Cfans Director, March 2004 Congressional hearing) More

NAIS and the World Conservation Bank… hmmm

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Put together under Patriot Act provisions……NAIS is the greatest land grab in our history.

Chandler Goule……Collin Peterson’s right hand man on NAIS


This is a response from Sue Diederich to Chandler Goule’s demand to be removed from receiving any further information which does not support the intent to force NAIS/Premises ID on family farmers and ranchers by Rep. Collin Peterson (D) MN, head of the House Agricultural Committe.  Chandler Goule is Peterson’s head of staff and handles the propaganda promotion of these programs. 


From: Sue Diederich [mailto:suediederich@comcast.net]
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 5:57 AM
To: Goule, Chandler
Subject: Re: Please Take Me Off

Sue Diederich  –  IICFA  –  Northern IL



(847) 873 – 0251   or   suediederich@comcast.net
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Learn the truth about food, nutrition and what the government doesn’t tell you 



Sir, I cannot believe you actually mean to tell any member of the American public that you no longer wish to be bothered with their concerns – especially with you being member of Congress (or staff of a member of Congress – works both ways!). I am sure you would rather we contact you directly than through the newspapers, radio and television…
I guess they might have to (don’t believe so, though) stop, but I really hope they don’t. Your email address is public information. Your position is federal public servant. Sorry, but that makes you fair game for these communications. Just chalk it up to job descriptions. You need to know – we are going to tell you – and keep telling you until we get honest and intelligent action. There are several tens of thousands if not millions of us who all see problems with NAIS and the travesty of the so-called “food safety” bills, and there are only 540 of you. A lot of you will be hearing a lot from us!
We look to our elected officials to be statesmen, complete with honor and interest in the welfare and well-being of American people. Are you a statesman, or are you only another politician? It only takes one… Just one.
We contact legislators with the assumption that they are in their positions to govern our country justly and feel compelled to help us out. I guess Congress-people have a different agenda from the one they constantly tell their voters about?
Will YOU be that one? Don’t just say it – mean it!
I do have to give you credit for answering yourself… Rather than through a form letter replying to something you’ve never even seen. You get points for that. Yet, I feel that we should all be flyng our flags upside down in the universal signal of distress… Is that what it will take to get legislators to listen and DO something? Does every American need to raise a distress flag to get your attention? I would be willing to start that campaign about now – after more than three years of attempts to get ANY member of Congress to listen and take any intelligent action whatsoever on just this single program!
There are FAR TOO MANY ISSUES with the NAIS program and the so-called “food safety” bills that need to be answered to ave any American’s communications about it brushed off with no good reason. You got your job because you promised to serve the public interest. This issue is all about the public interest in every way one could imagine.
Will you be the one to get the public those answers? Definitive answers? Honest answers? TRUE answers?
I am one of the people in this country that believe NAIS is extremely detrimental not only to consumers (that would be 100% of the US population, remember, including you, sir!), but also to the 80% of livestock owners in this nation that do not cause disease problems, contamination problems or any other problems – except to provide competition to the multi-national conglomerates. As punishment for this crime against humanity the USDA issues rules such as the one that states: a goat (which averages 3 – 4 feet long by a foot or more wide by 3 – 4 feet tall) should do just fine in 10 square feet of space throughout its life, and can still be called “pasture raised” because it is allowed to see the light of day. (No wonder the animal welfare and animal rights people give you guys such a hard time!!)
That works for those that see no problem keeping more than 1000 goats on roughly 5 acres of land and have the money to truck in all their feed – and – can still sleep at night selling them off to largely unsuspecting consumers as meat that was “pasture raised,” “grass fed,” “naturally raised,” or worse yet “organic.” It is also exceptionally beneficial to industrial agricultural concerns, mainly because that is status quo for them. Yet, the USDA allows for all of these FALSE AND MISLEADING terms to be used in marketing meat coming from just such situations – and the FDA has had no issue either.
I own no livestock. I would love to. NAIS will prevent that – permanently. It will also create an astronomical “barrier to entry” for many others. Another boon for Big Ag!! YIPPEE. 
NAIS will also have an incredibly adverse affect on state budgets – already strapped by the rape perpetrated by the banks and their bail-out enthusiasts. Creating monopolies is something I thought was illegal, but Congress seems hell-bent to allow the USDA, UN and WTO to do just that with American farming. Monopolies mean exponential increases in consumer prices. With more than 1500 commercial uses for only the casein in cow’s milk – not to mention porcine blood extracts in brake fluid for vehicles, as well as beef blood and albumen and/or chicken egg albumin used in every vaccine from measles to Avian flu – the REAL costs are astronomical. Even the chip makers and industry insiders are against this program!!
NAIS is a problem. Actually, NAIS is an American disaster. Why is it that Congress talks to those profiting from NLIS in Australia, and the Canadian profiteers, but not to the small farmers in those countries – and that when all of our politicians keep saying small farmers are the backbone of our country – it is virtually a second National Anthem – the very ones which will be driven to extinction by NAIS? Yet, many in Congress support the “food safety” bills (yes – in quotes because that is NOT what these bills are about!) and the NAIS program itself.
For at least the past 20 years Congress has been little better than a multiple-mouthed spokesperson for irresponsible corporations and foreign authorities that put money before truth, safety, health and even reality. People in this country are a bit tired of the abuses in Washington DC, and we are going to let you all know about it. Email is easiest, but there are phones and the post office if need be. Sir, you should have gotten a “white paper” from NICFA back in March before the hearing on NAIS… If you did not, I will be more than happy to send it to you – I aided in the research for the consumer portion of it.
With all due respect, if you are a member of Congress, be thankful if these are the ONLY alerts and opinions you have gotten until now on NAIS… You will eventually be called upon to vote on the NAIS issue, as well as the travesty of the so-called “food safety” bills. Your job, sir, is to listen to Americans and do as you were hired to do. It is NOT to legislate our “best interests” according to anything other than our opinions. Nor is it to brush off the concerns of American citizens because they go against your personal beliefs or preferences.
It is my responsibility as both a consumer and as a concerned citizen to ensure that members of Congress – ALL members of Congress – are aware of the facts of the issues on which they legislate. I understand that legislators do not have the time nor the desire to educate themselves on the details of every issue they legislate on, nor to read the bills (or even to write the bills) that they vote on. Its my job to make sure you are as knowledgeable as possible – BEFORE you vote.
Your ONLY responsibility, Mr. Goule, is to do right by the people you serve – which as a federal legislator is ALL Americans – not merely the ones that lined your campaign war chest to get promises from you. Which oath will you honor?
One does not need to be a resident of your district in order to contact you on any federal issue. This despite the attempts of many of your fellow legislators to limit contact to only “constituents.” To be fair, it isn’t all that hard, though… One only has to go to the web page of the legislator in question and use their home office address to get a message through – perhaps it was thought that many would be too lazy or too stupid to do so… Being in federal office makes ALL Americans your constituents. You might represent the people of your home state, but you legislate for all of us. Far too many of you seem to have forgotten that fact. Far too many citizens have as well. I have not.
Each – and every last one – of the 6 so-called “food safety” bills introduced and one “discussion draft” is unconstitutional. Not one does anything to promote health or food safety. NAIS is unconstitutional. NAIS does nothing for human nor animal health. Harmonizing United States laws to WTO rules despite harm and hardship to Americans is also unconstitutional as well. In fact, they have a special word for those actions. Further, some are just plain wrong… Take HR 875 for instance… It states (among other things) that NAIS is existing law. Unfortunately for Ms. DeLauro, NAIS is NOT law, it is not even out of draft stage. If it were, it would be fully implemented, in all three of its abysmal stages, and across the board in all states. It is not. I do believe people in DC are counting on the people outside of DC not to recognize the fact that to make that bill law, Congress and the President will also make NAIS law, by default. We do. And – we will not stand for it.
People are also being counted on to not know the difference between being “stakeholders” (legal definition: uninterested third party holding property for its rightful owner) and “landowners” or “livestock owners” or even “farmers.” Or, a better one is “premise” (part of and a conveyance on a deed) and private “property.” When the USDA contract with the State of Illinois states that the Illinois Department of Agriculture is to convince “farmers to register their farms as premises” – people did indeed start getting a clue. Why make that particular distinction if the terms were interchangeable?? Why hasn’t Congress asked about this?? Why is this information not important to the public servants elected to federal office? Why have you not questioned these items? Why has NO ONE in Congress questioned ANY of these things?
If NAIS is voluntary, why is it that not a single member of Congress has taken interest in the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund’s lawsuit against the USDA and the Michigan Department of Agriculture for making it mandatory through cooperative agreements and memoranda of understanding? Why no interest in the civil forfeiture lawsuits happening in Wisconsin? Why no question as to why Mary Zanoni’s FOIA lawsuit was dismissed only to find out that the FEDERAL NAIS database used by the State of Wisconsin was housed in Canada and therefore was not subject to United States laws? Why all of a sudden, after the dismissal of the suit, did Senator Fiengold send a note on his letterhead that the database was “being moved back to Madison?” These are all foreshadowings of what we can expect if Congress decides to mandate the NAIS program. Why was Max Thornsberry shut down by the very same representative that asked him for the data on daily importation of TB in Mexican cattle – even when Dr. Thornsberry had the documents containing the data he attempted to give at the March hearing of the subcommittee on livestock, poultry and dairy? Not only was that behavior rude, it was obvious.
I have to say – listening to the two Congressional hearings on NAIS that have been held thus far this year has been rather like watching episodes of the Twilight Zone on TV – until one realizes that these legislators are serious. Then it becomes more like watching Titanic.
Dr. Thornsberry and American livestock owners will go down with the ship, while the corporate bugaboos will get the lifeboats – and Congress gets to look like it was actually doing something. I guess they felt looking like it was better than actually having to do it. Not many listening to those two fiascos were fooled – its more like we were fueled.
NAIS does not prevent importation (legal or illegal) of any animal disease. NAIS does not protect the food supply in any way. Given recent USDA reports of soaring pork, poultry and beef exports, as well as new market openings, it will not even boost trade. (It hasn’t worked for the Aussies, either) NAIS stops at slaughter, so it cannot prevent human illness caused by contamination in meat or meat products. Further – I defy anyone on the planet, let alone on Capitol Hill to tell me just where more than 100 microchips will fit into a single pound of ground beef!! NAIS would not and could not prevent the Westland/Hallmark recall of more than 143 MILLION pounds of ground beef last year, nor the recent Idaho and Illinois recalls of more than 39,000 pounds each. Of course, being livestock based, it would do nothing to counter the problems that the FDA ADMITS IT ALLOWED to continue at the peanut and pistachio plants. (Neither will any of the “food safety” bills – and they wouldn’t have stopped the spinach, basil, or tomato salmonella problems, either.)
If NAIS is truly only for animal health reasons as the USDA has stated before, then why is it claimed to be used for marketing, for recovery of lost and stolen animals, etc. If it is for reasons of food safety then why does it stop at slaughter when the CDC and FDA admit more than 90% of food borne disease happens AFTER slaughter? If it is for the quick detection of disease, why has the USDA cut testing? If it is for the prevention of the spread of disease, why are diseases included that have no permanent affect on animals and pose no threat to human health? Just what IS the reason for NAIS?
What NAIS does is cost the smallest producers, many of whom never even sell into any market, the very most, while leaving the corporate and industrial farms virtually off the hook. Small producers must tag and track every animal. A CAFO would need one tracking number for an entire herd of animals. 80% of farms are considered “small farms” in this country – more than 80% of those will be run out of business. NAIS tracks disease AFTER it occurs, and provides for the wholesale slaughter of animals that could otherwise provide much needed food for humans. Many of the diseases reportable now, let alone under NAIS do not pose a human threat. FMD does not pose a human threat. Scrapie does not pose a human threat. Exotic Newcastles disease, and most forms of Avian flu might – if one is unhealthy to begin with – maybe cause pink eye. Maybe.
Further, there are no exemptions from NAIS. No religious exemptions, no size or scale exemptions, no organic exemptions – none whatsoever. There are not even any provisions for size or scale fairness! NAIS allows for on demand inspections as well as USDA entry onto what WAS private property without warrant. Both serious constitutional issues. What about privacy issues? What about private property issues? There is no consideration provided in the program documents for the clouding (or possible transfer) of title.
 It allows for a 6-mile-radius KILL zone (oops… .depopulation zone) around every positive test – without further testing. So, if they decide to kill off all but one cow in a six-mile radius, and then that one cow tests positive, you get yet another 6 mile radius kill zone going on. And this will save billions due to disease losses????? There are no provisions for reimbursement for any animal – not even for those tested after death and found to have been healthy. NAIS removes the liability of the government for damages caused without reason (and with reason in the case of diseases like TB, pseudo-rabies, etc).
Removing the liability while increasing the authority of the same government agency just ain’t gonna fly in this country. There have been far too many abuses already – even apathetic consumers are not going to put up with that.
FMD is listed as one of the diseases that will set this kill zone into effect. I am sure you remember what happened with the idiots in the UK. Well, what you might not realize is that farmers in the UK do NOT want their version of NAIS and have parliamentary backing for that position, FMD usually does NOT permanently damage the animals – its only real detriment is somebody decided it was a dollar figure problem (trade), AND, FMD covers more than one species – so we could knock out potentially all individual animals of more than three species over dozens to hundreds of miles for something that is merely someone’s idea of a dollar-killer.
BSE is another disease that will set off kill zones. BSE is NOT transferable between animals other than cow to calf. It is not “catching” unless neural tissue is consumed. Therefore, unless the farm in question is in violation of existing FDA feed bans, thousands of animals will needlessly die. Further, it was our own USDA – developers of NAIS – that decided it was OK to continue importing beef cattle from Canada – even tough – 4 of our 5 ONLY cases of BSE arrived from there, and they continue to confirm more cases of BSE to this day.
Avian flu is another biggie. There are countries where no birds are EVER allowed to see the light of day throughout their entire lives. Most often, the poor, those raising their own food, and the small farms are the targets. CAFOs have nothing to worry about – that is standard operating procedure for them. So are health problems in their customers. NOTHING that lives is healthy without sunlight. Nothing. So what happens – antibiotics and birds stuffed into barns with little more than three square feet per bird. Do the math – then figure out the cost to human health of the ingestion of all the chemicals and synthetic vitamins required to keep the birds ALIVE let alone healthy.
A disease becomes a “‘pandemic” because people in more than one country get it and a few die from it. However, as will the flying pig flu (swine flu) – far less than .001 % of the world population died from it. For H5N1 Avian Flu, the ONLY human to human transmission was between mother and child (H5N3 as well as H5N1 – the very same strain in those Baxter vaccines… Hmmm…Convenient.). Several others in the same household never got so much as a runny nose. Yet, Avian Flu is one of the government’s biggest sellers in the fight for intrusive and abusive federal and state programs in the name of protecting the public. I would suggest that people (most especially those legislating these programs!) should read the research (doesn’t require a college degree, though most if not all in Congress have obtained one), and make more intelligent, reasonable, sound decisions. If there is no proof one way or the other, how do you tell if Baxter is right or if I am??
This is pure INSANITY, Mr. Goule – pure, unadulterated (and criminal) insanity.
One does not need to be a scientist to figure out that four separate and distinct strains of DNA do not occur in a single virus in nature. Especially when two of those strains are swine flu, one bird flu and one human strain – but not until three weeks after Mexico first reported human cases, was it EVER found in pigs, and then it was found in Canada – where it has stayed. Um?! No question there? No United States investigation into Baxter Labs’ release of live avian flu to 18 countries – it is a US corporation.. Again, hmmm… The FDA can threaten the makers of Cheerios over a health claim on the label (one they previously allowed!), but they can’t investigate a level 3 security lab loosing a deadly virus on 18 separate unsuspecting countries in a shipment of vaccines?!?!?! Pardon me for being just a little bit incredulous.
No connection made between the fact that all 18 countries have not yet been publicly divulged – but – Baxter not only provided the vaccines for the pigs at the Smithfield CAFO in LaGloria where the first human cases occurred (the first boy lived a mere 600 yards from the “farm” in question) but also was the company of choice to develop the vaccine against this same swine flu? The public is questioning, sir, why isn’t Congress? No investigation? Also no proof I am wrong.
Just where ARE our Congressmen and women? Are you all on vacation somewhere? How do we reach you if not by phone, email or letter? Some of us can visit, but what of the rest? There is something fundamentally wrong in Washington DC, Mr. Goule, and you can help us start to fix it if you choose.
Its time for Congress to stop pandering to “vertically integrated,” profit motivated corporations, the UN, WTO and the ridiculous “trade agreements”  – which were not handled through proper channels in the first place – and start doing your jobs. Just because Congress decided the public wouldn’t notice if they gave up on their responsibility to ensure the public safety and the sovereignty of this country by fast-tracking such crap through, does not mean that it was intelligent, legal or that it went unnoticed. It only proves that massive congressional recalls need to be implemented – and have been needed for a very long time.
Where are our statesmen??? All of you need to remember that “statesman” is a title that must be earned. It is not conveyed upon election. Politicians get elected. Statesmen have courage, integrity and a sincere desire to serve the public – and they exercise those qualities every day, convenient or not – apart from the lofty ideas delivered by hired speechwriters.
As a servant of the public, your job is to “do right by” American citizens, and to  “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic.” That means ALL enemies, Mr. Goule, in person and in policy. How can you do that if you refuse to learn the facts of those issues you must vote on? How can you do that if you cannot be bothered to read and understand the impact of the bills you support or oppose? How can you know if you do not ever check?
If only Congress would do its job as it was designed, nothing (in theory) should ever have to get to the Supreme Court…. Fortunately, our Founding Fathers knew better than to trust such power to one branch of government and created the court to do what Congress and the President would not. Unfortunately, they don’t seem much more interested than legislators or the President.
But that still does not excuse the fact that Congress hasn’t really done the job it was designed and contracted to do virtually since its inception. Then, since 1913 it has steadily lost interest in even trying, and since 1988 it has attempted to do anything but. All of you should simply just STOP cowering before central bankers, foreign organizations and major corporations, and start getting this country back to the way it should be.
I signed my oath as a public servant in the circuit court system. I had to request the paper, as the County official taking that oath told me I didn’t have to sign anything. Did you? Did ANY of you?
You need to know these things – like it or not. If it is documents you wish to see instead of opinions, please feel free to let me know. You can reply to this email, or my phone number is below. I have been collecting documents, as have several thousand others, for more than the last four years. We would be happy to send them along for you to educate yourself on the realities all of you seem so willing to dismiss.
There is an old saying about “50 million Chinamen can’t be wrong” – you have 97 to 98% of livestock owners in addition to untold numbers of consumers telling you there is a HUGE problem with this program and with those bills. When are legislators in Washington DC going to actually take an HONEST look?
We were once a great, powerful and wise country. We were respected everywhere on the planet. We had no need to go begging with our hand out to the likes of the WTO for permission to sell our goods. We had quality products made inexpensively right here at home. We had jobs. We EARNED our way. Now, we are a little better than a mere laughingstock. YOU – Mr. Goule – and men and women like you – can help return us to the glory this nation was founded to exemplify – but only when you act accordingly.
One final thought… The poor and the small farmers of the entire planet are looking to what happens here on this issue. Our country was built on the backs of the poor and the small farmers. We will not fail.
All it takes is one man of honor.
Let that man be you.
Sue Diederich
Palatine, IL


Will we eat from our own backyards or beg food from big agribusiness?

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animalsBy Mike Callicrate

Pulitzer Prize winning author Charles Simic once wrote, “Stupidity is the secret spice historians have difficulty identifying in this soup we keep slurping.”

As our precious few independent livestock producers and small processors continue their losing fight for survival, the USDA dreams up even more ways to make their lives more difficult. These are the people producing the safest, highest quality and most dependable food for our tables. As we sit here today at this listening session in Greeley, Colorado, considering the depressing possibility and cost of tracing back every healthy animal to its home of origin so Tyson, Cargill and JBS can export more, the farmer and rancher with the heaviest workload and the least income will pay – and down the road – consumers will also pay.

Today, USDA, in protecting the biggest and dirtiest meat plants, continues to block trace-back of pathogens to the source plant, a very easy and inexpensive measure that could improve food safety tomorrow – and you say instead you want to track healthy animals back to the farm! Where USDA’s farm-to-kill plant NAIS ends, contamination and food degradation begins. What do you call an agency that actively undermines a nation’s ability to feed itself? What term defines an agency that sells out its mission to serve and protect the people in favor of serving higher profits of multinational agribusiness corporations? Stupid would be a kind choice of words.

Thinking about NAIS and possible ways to improve food safety and disease traceability, we might reflect back to 2002 when we experienced one of the biggest meat recalls in our history. From here we can almost see the Greeley packing plant, from which the nearly 20 million pounds of E. coli tainted beef was shipped across the U.S. to unsuspecting eaters. Having experienced this and many other catastrophic failures in our nation’s food safety system, USDA actually continues to do even less to protect our food supply. USDA has done nothing to address the problems in the big packing plants where E. coli is systematically put into our meat daily while trusting these big profit-driven companies to self inspect under the HACCP hoax. You may ask why meat cooking companies like Advance Foods, a major supplier to the school lunch program, are doing so well and expanding their facilities? Might it be due to the growing supply of cheap E. coli tainted meat, marked “FOR COOKING ONLY”?

Thanks to USDA antitrust cops and inspectors sleeping on the job, Americans now eat meat from essentially four big meat packers, running faster chains with inexperienced workers suffering high injury rates, resulting in even more meat contamination. USDA has ignored the existing laws and rules designed to protect our markets and keep our food safe, in favor of rules and policies that make big packers and processors more money and more market advantage over smaller independent processors. Why does USDA want to track every healthy U.S. animal and ignore the current foreign animal disease threats? Why does USDA fail to properly implement our own county of origin labeling law while refusing to inspect or even care about the origin of imported cattle? Even with the specter of Mad Cow disease, USDA continues to block routine testing and allows processors to grind the brain and spinal tissue of domestic and imported animals into our sausage and ground beef patties. (AMR, or Advanced Meat Recovery, optimizes meat yield through a special process of pulverizing meat and bone scraps into a paste which is pelleted and added to many meat products.)

Why would USDA pursue this expensive and unnecessary ID system, under the pretense of improving food safety, when machine tenderizers and injectors (making tough meat from implanted and low quality cattle more tender) are punching pathogens that reside on the surface of primal cuts of meat (normally killed with minimal cooking) into the middle of our rare and medium rare steaks without so much as a “COOK TO WELL DONE” warning label?

Could USDA possibly have the dreaded and highly contagious disease known as covering-your-butt-with-heaps-of-paperwork? You want to spread this “I-covered-my-butt-so-it’s-not-my-fault” plague down the food chain from your comfortable perch in Washington D.C. to your inspectors, who shuffle paper all day, instead of inspecting cattle and meat, to those of us who are breaking our backs raising the livestock. We don’t have time for it. In many cases we are working two off-farm jobs while trying to keep our operations afloat. Non-factory, independent family farmers and ranchers produce safe and wholesome food. Why don’t you make sure it stays that way?

You say that NAIS will increase our ability to export. Why does our government continue its march of folly towards increased globalization, appeasing the WTO and their multinational corporations, while blocking U.S. farmers and ranchers fair access to better markets here at home? Past and present history, from Ireland to Canada, has recorded the dramatic social declines and economic failures of export oriented agriculture.

I suggest to you today that rather than facilitating the profit over people WTO mission of increasing the miles that food travels around the globe with NAIS, that we support a new policy that enables people everywhere, through local food production and processing infrastructures, to eat food from their own backyards, communities and regions. It is time to give up on the folly of corporate controlled, bigger-is-better factory agriculture. It is time to reverse the current pandemic of “free trade” that survives only due to government support and the anticompetitive, abusive rules and regulations like NAIS.

I suggest that people everywhere would not only be better off without NAIS, but also without the WTO and the global corporations it serves. I suggest that this administration honor its promise of CHANGE and begin by ordering USDA to support those who make and grow things here at home. We should support our main streets and rural communities where our nation’s wealth is created, instead of Wall Street where our nation’s wealth is stolen.  Instead of wasting precious resources and our time to identify and track every healthy animal in America, let’s protect against the real sources of disease and causes of economic and social decline.

Corporate power over policy and the so-called cheap factory foods are the real threat to our well-being, making people everywhere sicker, poorer and more dependent on low quality imported food? What do you call something that is so contrary to our self interest like NAIS?

Mike Callicrate is an independent cattle producer, business entrepreneur and political activist, particularly outspoken in addressing the rural and social impacts of current economic trends.

Mike Callicrate

Ranch Foods Direct

2901 N. El Paso

Colorado Springs, CO 80907



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The coming food crisis and the apathy and greed of The World Trade Organization

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At the core of all the economic, financial and agricultural disasters being experienced around the world is the ideology and philosophy of globalism.  Globalism is nothing less than the concerted efforts to destroy economies and governments and to destroy sovereign nations in every part of the world for the personal gain and edification of a few select individuals and corporations.


At the core of this philosophy is the obsession to overtake agriculture and the ability of each nation to feed them selves.  The access to food and ability to produce food is the biggest obstacle to those who seek world domination.  If several million of us starve to death while the World Trade Organization and the World Bank orchestrate one calamity after another…so what? 


As a result of world wide efforts and facilitated by the unregulated and rampant assault on biodiversity by bio-pirates, pesticide and herbicide producers whose goals are to increase control and profits regardless of how many of the worlds people starve, the US is verging on losing its ability to feed itself as food is exported in the name of globalism or is limited by bio-pirates who have corrupted and patented life forms. While we lose that ability we are being slowly poisoned to death as water and land become contaminated from the overuse of toxic chemicals and the planting of gmo seeds.  


The greatest threat to the populations of the world is the sale and forced use of [terminator or traitor seeds]; a seed which the USDA helped develop and patent here in the US.  The development of traitor seeds renders any “humanitarian” arguments as false.


The World Trade Organization’s insistence on unregulated trade and what they refer to as [structural adjustments policies] meaning the implementation of economically destructive bi-lateral free trade agreements which usurp individual sovereign laws and protections, has caused poorer nations to drop self protective tariffs designed to protect local agriculture.  It is estimated that 845 million people go hungry in the world each day.  80% of those facing hunger are small family farmers from developing countries who produced food for local consumption. 


The proposed pieces of legislation now in both houses of our congress are meant to do nothing more than eradicate local farming and ranching operations in the US in favor of centralized industrial operations.  If any one of these bills pass, the newly created agency will effectively police and enforce WTO and globalist agendas. 


As a result of globalism and unregulated free trade, [which is not the same as free enterprise or fair trade] hedge funds, private speculators and stock traders have turned food from a human right into a bargaining “for profit” tool.  Apparently when speculators or investors are betting on how high they can push the price of food for profit, they never acknowledge there are people starving as a result.  What is even more apparent is that they don’t care.  Food for profit by investors has super-ceded the right to food by human beings.


Hunger is no accident but for the worlds multi-national corporate plunderers and bio-pirates who operate out of the WTO, not a consideration.  The creation of an unsustainable debt industry meant to destabilize world economies leaves millions without the ability to purchase food as their nations are driven into un-repayable debt. 


What does the WTO mean by structural adjustments?  Using a 1994 loan from the International Monetary Fund (World Bank) WTO as an example, WTO insisted on express provisions which forced Haiti to open its markets to globalist free trade effectively wiping out local rice farmers.  Rice farming ended as the US dumped massive amounts of subsidized rice into that country. Now, Haitians cannot afford even the most basic of foods as rice and other foods have reached unaffordable levels.   Food-aid comes at such a high price in these situations.  It isn’t given freely or out of humanitarian considerations; it is bargained for, speculated on, and tagged to untenable future agreements which will drive Haiti and other countries unfortunate enough to be caught in this trap into total ruin, making them ripe for international plundering and economic rape.


As millions around the world face daily starvation, multi-national corporations monopolize seeds sales and post record profits while leaving many countries without the resources needed to sustain their populations.  


The UN meantime,  fine tunes its [stamping out] policy in an effort to reduce the availability of animals that could be used for food and our Homeland Security Department plans a June showing of this technique of dropping entire herds and all wildlife in a given area. 


The globalization of the entire system of food has resulted in mass starvation.  40 countries now face mass starvation and are experiencing food riots while the United Nations, the World Trade Organization and World Bank pretend they don’t know or feign concern and fail to acknowledge less than half the grain produced around the world goes to feed human beings.  Instead, food is being used to create bio-fuels and feed for animals. 


Our government is no less culpable as it seeks to enrich corporate donors at the expense not only of our nation, but of the world.


Its too bad there isn’t a stock indexed to human misery, a veritable fortune could be made by those who value profits more than human life.


 (C) 2009 Marti Oakley

Open Letter to Chairman, House Committee on Agriculture


The Honorable David Scott

Chairman, House Committee on Agriculture

Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy and Poultry

1301 Longworth House Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20515-6001


RE: Testimony for March 11, 2009 Hearing on Review of Animal Identification Systems


Dear Chairman Scott and Subcommittee Members:


I am Marti Oakley, a consumer, writing to ask you to reject the USDA’s attempts to make mandatory the National Animal Identification System and as a companion assault on private property ownership, the Premises ID.


Having witnessed first hand the common contempt displayed by congress, if not outright disregard, when the public attempts to assert their opinions on pending legislative activity, please know that I will post this letter to you in every possible venue.  The American public needs to know what is about to happen to independent farmers and ranches if NAIS is made mandatory, or, if any of the fake [food safety] bills are forced into law.  They also need to be made aware of the resulting threat to not only food production, but its subsequent reduction in quality that will result.


Experience has taught me that what may appear to be an innocuous change in wording in reality is a change in legal definition and standing within the law.  This is how [treaties] are re-designated as [agreements] to side step Constitutional criteria and protections and allowing illegal implementation of agreements usurping US law. 


Our government’s continual capitulation to these non-US laws and standards is creating an untenable system and jeopardizing US agriculture and what has been the most dynamic and well functioning agricultural system in the world.


The language in NAIS referring to landowners and to livestock owners has been changed to facilitate international agreements and standards, most especially Agenda 21 from the United Nations and World Trade Organization demands and the international committees operating under standards and regulations and other misnomers.


All the international agreements, standards, regulations and other instruments being deferred to, relegate the actual owner of the land to [operator] or [manager].  The Premises ID is a coercion of the voluntary abandonment of property to the control of the USDA, acting as agent for the Federal government. 


Livestock owners are now referred to as [stakeholders], implying an interest in, but not the owner of [the livestock].  As stakeholders, livestock owners would be subject to the rules, actions and intents of the USDA and as [stakeholders] would relinquish any ownership rights. 


The final statement by the governments’ witness in the March 11, 2009 hearing contained a referral to livestock owners as [stakeholders]. This was no accidental use of the word. 


The US has historically produced the most disease free and well maintained herds in the world.  Because the USDA (nor the FDA) has moved to halt the importation of cattle from Mexico, known to be consistently suffering from bovine tuberculosis, the disease is constantly being introduced into the meat processing system and co-mingled with uncontaminated meat from US producers.  Wouldn’t the logical move here have been to halt imports of cattle from Mexico until they are able to eradicate bovine tuberculosis? Of course, this might cause some problems at that new “Mexican sovereign” terminal being constructed in Kansas City to by-pass our ports of entry and acceptance of in-bond shipments even of cattle. 


The unsanitary conditions at processing plants which have been well documented appear to escape the vision of USDA also.  These conditions are not related to herd or flock producers or the overall health of animals.  These conditions are the result of little to no inspections, or the lack of real interest on the part of inspectors, or the lack of an adequate number inspectors. This is also most especially the result of corporate processors more concerned with their profits than public food safety.


Why would an animal identification system or gps location of private property correct any of these problems which are not related to the actual health of animals?


NAIS has also seen the private ownership of livestock by private individuals referred to now as the [US National Herd].  There is no such herd.  But, NAIS would by the change in terminology, by the adherence to non-US laws, standards and regulations, create one.  This [US Herd] would be assembled by the NAIS and by Premises ID resulting from the forced compliance and forfeiture of private property rights mandated in these two programs and would quickly be handed over to corporate interests waiting behind the scenes for their plans and investments to pay off.


Designed by the National Institute of Animal Agriculture, NAIS is the constructed plan for seizing control of livestock production in the US.  Populated by meat processors such as Cargill and Tyson and bio-pirates such as Monsanto, the who’s who of this group also includes Digital Angel, AgInfoLink and Viatrace which are already stockpiling RFID chips, and tracking equipment, apparently having been assured this assault on private ownership and the ability to track it for the new owners was a ‘done deal”.


Judging from the stage show that was the March 11, 2009 Ag committee hearing, maybe it is.  What kind of fair hearing allows the paid proponents of NAIS and Premises ID to make grand opening statements containing gross errors in facts, allowing them to consume as much hearing time as they wanted, and limiting the opponents to five minutes or less? 


The obvious displeasure displayed committee members when facts were presented that refuted the governments position was noted by many of us who watched this contrived hearing. 


This was not a hearing in the true sense of the word.  This was the groundwork being laid for passing this assault on private property rights and anyone who watched it was supposed to come away thinking disease was running rampant in US privately owned herds as the result of too little government intrusion.  We didn’t get this impression at all. 


What we were impressed with was the efforts to implement another costly and inefficient not to mention unnecessary program at a time when the country’s indebtedness is skyrocketing.  We need to be cutting cost, cutting unnecessary and inefficient programs; not creating news programs which would exacerbate the debt.


It is unfortunate that at every turn we are faced with elected officials who cannot seem to find it in themselves to either adequately educate themselves about a subject or to act in defense of the public.  The idea that this “hearing” was even held is a signal that once again international agreements and corporate interests trump the public good. 


NAIS is not about disease control or track back.  It is the outright theft of private property to benefit corporate interests and to subject the American public to yet another round of foreign agreements.  It is another program that supposedly the FDA and USDA will administer not according to US laws and regulations, but rather to facilitate illegal trade agreements, standards and regulations which put the rights of investors and corporations above that of individuals or communities.


The data mined information on gps location and any other gathered information about livestock producers and farmers is being compiled on the Oracle database.  Although the Oracle server is located in Texas, the actual files collected have been moved to storage in Canada making them unavailable even under FOIA requests. 


It makes me sick to think that this is our government; this is our government working against us.


Marti Oakley


Promise for Change? Not for U.S. Livestock Producers When It Comes to NAIS

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R-CALF United Stockgrowers of America


Fighting for the U.S. Cattle Producer”


For Immediate Release                                                                               Contact: Shae Dodson, Communications Coordinator

March 12 2009                                                                                       Phone:  406-672-8969; e-mail: sdodson@r-calfusa.com


Washington, D.C. – “It’s business as usual in Washington, D.C., regarding how Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) continue to ignore the interests of hard-working U.S. livestock producers,” said R-CALF USA President/Region VI Director Max Thornsberry, after testifying yesterday on USDA’s proposed National Animal Identification System (NAIS) before the U.S. House Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry. 


“It is unbelievable, but true, that the new USDA was represented by the very people who already spent over $100 million in taxpayer dollars during the old Administration to coerce U.S. livestock producers into surrendering their private property rights just to appease the international World Trade Organization (WTO), which wants every U.S. farm and ranch and every U.S. farm animal to be registered in a federal database,” Thornsberry said.


Also yesterday, Congress passed the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009, which awarded USDA an additional $14.5 million so it could continue its pursuit of NAIS.


Veterinarian John Clifford, who is the Deputy Administrator of Veterinary Services for USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), testified in support of NAIS on the grounds that, “Establishing an internationally recognized system of traceability will enhance the competitiveness of U.S. exports and animal products.” 


But Thornsberry testified that imposing costs on U.S. livestock producers and requiring them to surrender their personal and real property to a federal database in order to comply with international edicts is “a wholly inappropriate consideration for the exercise of APHIS’ authority pursuant to the Animal Health Protection Act of 2002…It is clear that USDA decided to conform to international standards and is now working backward to invent the need to impose this burdensome NAIS on U.S. livestock producers.”


Thornsberry said he was particularly disheartened by the fact that comments and questions made by members of Congress at the hearing demonstrated a belief that NAIS would miraculously address food safety problems.


“NAIS is not a food safety issue,” he emphasized. “If Congress wants to solve the food safety problems associated with the unprecedented recalls involving meat contaminated by pathogens such as E. coli, then it needs to trace these problems to their source: the unsanitary conditions at corporate meatpacking plants, which are not being properly policed by USDA. Holding livestock producers accountable for meat recalls caused by corporate meatpackers is, unfortunately, business as usual.”  


Thornsberry also criticized USDA’s continued use of what he called “fear tactics.” 


APHIS’ Clifford testified that if foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) were introduced into the U.S., the U.S. would not be able to get ahead of the disease without NAIS. 


“This is absurd,” said Thornsberry. “When a fast spreading disease like FMD is found, the way to control the disease is to immediately draw a geographical circle around the outbreak and restrict any livestock movement beyond the circle. You certainly don’t want to waste precious time trying to identify where every individual animal was born.”


Clifford also testified that the current U.S. animal disease system has not worked, and NAIS is now needed to protect the U.S. livestock industry from the spread of disease. Thornsberry countered that the current system has worked well to control and eradicate many serious diseases, including brucellosis and bovine tuberculosis (bovine TB). 


“If USDA would quit allowing Mexican cattle with bovine TB into the U.S., we could prevent the 75 percent of bovine TB detected in U.S. slaughtering plants that are known to originate in Mexico,” Thornsberry pointed out. 


“If Congress and USDA are serious about preventing the spread of animal diseases, they first need to strengthen our border controls to prevent the continued reintroduction of diseases into the United States,” he continued. “There is absolutely no need to require individual producers to register their livestock and their real estate in a federal registry.”


Thornsberry testified that Congress and USDA should immediately cease all efforts to implement NAIS and should, instead: 1) prevent the importation of serious cattle diseases and pests from foreign sources; 2) adopt the surveillance and identification components of the preexisting brucellosis program and require all breeding stock to be identified; 3) have States and Tribes maintain databases of breeding stock and allow local veterinarians to decide how best to identify the production unit where animals originate, without requiring federal registration of real property or livestock; 4) require the federal government to assist States and Tribes in maintaining their respective databases and in conducting more disease surveillance; and, 5) focus on eradicating diseases in wildlife populations.


“Rather than listen to the recommendations of actual livestock producers, Congress and USDA are listening to the eartag companies and meatpackers that stand to make millions of dollars, if not billions, off NAIS,” Thornsberry said.


“It truly is business as usual in D.C.,” he concluded.


Note: A copy of Thornsberry’s written and oral testimony is available under the “Animal Identification” link at             www.r-calfusa.com, or by contacting R-CALF USA Communications Coordinator Shae Dodson at the phone number or e-mail address listed above. Media who need a mug shot of Thornsberry also should contact Dodson.


                                                                                                             # # #


R-CALF USA (Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the continued profitability and viability of the U.S. cattle industry. R-CALF USA represents thousands of U.S. cattle producers on trade and marketin! g issues. Members are located across 47 states and are primarily cow/calf operators, cattle backgrounders, and/or feedlot owners. R-CALF USA directors and committee chairs are extremely active unpaid volunteers. R-CALF USA has dozens of affiliate organizations and various main-street businesses are associate members. For more information, visit www.r-calfusa.com  or, call 406-252-2516.   


Note: To remove yourself from this list, reply to this e-mail and include the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line. 



Why was “The U.S. has the safest food supply in the world” changed, to “We need Safety Laws”?



It is important to note that no animal identification program will prevent an introduction of animal disease, ensure safe food or prevent a recall.” – SCOTT CHARBO, Chief Information Officer at USDA March 6, 2004

In the final moves of a decades-long plan to monopolize food, Monsanto and the other big International Ag Corporations have introduced four supposed food-safety bills in the House and Senate. The USDA has a final comment period in the Federal Register on a regulation that requires all farms to carry a “Premises ID.” It magically becomes part of the deed, and removes the farmer’s Constitutional property rights. Go to Butner Blogspot to see the bills and comment to your congressman.

Independent farmers still control about 20% of the market, and Big-Ag wants that 20%—especially with organic foods and the local food movement threatening market share. The Death of Farming: a Recent History [Butner blogspot] gives a chronological picture of the corporate take over of the worlds farms and subversion of government safety measures. The attack on our food system is not just here in the USA but worldwide. It is on several fronts: from treaties, patenting of seeds and animals, to World Bank loans to nations. Those loans have strings attached that remove farm support systems and mandate industrial-export agriculture. The worst part of these attacks is a worldwide change in food inspection methods, taking control away from government agencies and giving it to the very corporations being inspected.

The new food inspection methods derive from a system called HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) which was developed by Pillsbury in the 1960’s. It was published as an International Guideline by. the Codex Alimentarius in 1993, and was incorporated into the World Trade Organization’s Agreement on Agriculture (WTO AoA) in 1995. It was adopted by the FDA and USDA in 1996. Our food safety has gone downhill ever since as we moved away from government inspection of food to government inspection of paperwork.


The FSIS (Food and Safety Inspection Service) of the USDA reports:


Pathogen Reduction/Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Systems rule, (July 25, 1996) “…Under the HACCP rule, industry is responsible for assessing potential food safety hazards and systematically preventing and controlling those hazards. FSIS is responsible for verifying that establishments’ HACCP systems are working…”


Since the inception of HACCP, FSIS food inspectors have complained, but their complaints have been ignored by the USDA. The chairman of the inspectors’ union was even placed on disciplinary investigation status, and the Office of Inspector General was contacted about filing criminal charges. A December 2004 Freedom of Information Act request resulted in over 1000 non-compliance reports—weighing some 16 pounds— being turned over and the charges were dropped.


There seems to be too much reliance on an honor system for the industry to police itself. While the USDA investigation is still on going at Hallmark/Westland, a couple of facts have emerged that point to a system that can be gamed by those who want to break the law. It (HACCP) shifted the responsibility for food safety over to the companies.” Union Chairman Stan Painter


A bill was introduced in the Senate called The Safe and Secure Food Act of 2005 FSIS calls it “Farm-To-Table – control of every step in the food chain from production to home preparation.” It failed so this time Monsanto is not taking any chances. “…“Both bills will appear simultaneously in both houses, having been planned before the fact. Since both bills are identical, there will be motions to suspend debate and none will be allowed. They will appear suddenly on the same day with the House voting first in the morning and the Senate in the afternoon….”


These bills will strangle family farms in red tape, and levy confiscatory fines, causing farmers to simply give up. Then the Big Ag corporations can grab their land, snapping it up at bargain prices. Once the regulations are in place it will be as difficult to raise a chicken or grow tomatoes as it is to manufacture Tylenol. Then corporations can set food prices in the same way they can set prescription drug prices.


If you have any questions about what is happening remember to read The Death of Farming: a Recent History then contact your Congressman. This is too important to ignore.

© 2009 Gale Combs





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