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The NTP studies clearly show that non-ionizing radiation can cause cancers and other adverse health effects

Some WNC residents have concerns about installation, safety of Duke’s smart meters

Free EMF Q&A Replay with Nick Pineault – The Truth About EMF Radiation

Wind turbines make waves: Why some residents near wind turbines become illnon-ionizing radiation, 

Cell Phone Radiation Leads to Cancer, Says U.S. NTP in Final Report Cancer Link Was Once Thought Impossible

The NTP studies clearly show that non-ionizing radiation can cause cancers and other adverse health effects

Petition: Stop Mobile Towers Staining our World Heritage Landscapes:




Throwing Money At The Wrong Problem

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Dan Martin (c)copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved


In his excellent article: The Great Texas Wind Hoax (Copyright © 2011 by Sam Pakan. All Rights Reserved.) published February 17, 2011 by ppjg, Mr. Pakan spells out the case against wind turbines in Texas.

It seems to me that we are not suffering a shortage of energy. What we have is an energy storage problem.

How much of the sun’s energy does the earth get?
The Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) of incoming solar radiation (insolation) at the upper atmosphere. Approximately 30% is reflected back to space while the rest is absorbed by clouds, oceans and land masses.

What percentage of the sun’s energy does the earth receive?…
The Earth receives 0.000000045% of the Sun’s Energy.

This solar energy drives the winds and the tides while providing warmth and light. It is what makes life on Earth possible.

As we convert this energy to useful forms, such as hydroelectric plants, wind farms, water wheels, and all the rest, we have long confronted the dual problems of storage and distribution.

With modern technology it does not seem too difficult to increase that miniscule percentage of the sun’s energy. The problem remains one of distribution and storage. Converting one twentieth of Texas into ‘wind farms’ does nothing to solve the basic problem.

Why do I feel like the toddler at the curb, pointing out that the emperor is strutting around buck naked?


The Great Texas Wind Hoax


 Copyright © 2011 by Sam Pakan. All Rights Reserved.

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“Without discussion, the Public Utilities Commission chose an alternate route automatically subjecting those properties not represented to eminent domain. The landowners on the route selected had received a notice that their lands could, at some point, be affected, but all assumed that only the preferred route would be considered at the hearing. None realized they would not have an opportunity to intervene specifically for their properties should the preferred route be rejected.


The eastern Texas Panhandle, a land of rolling sand hills, tree-lined creek beds and tall grass vistas, may seem a desolate place to outsiders. Still, it has its beauty, especially to the cattle ranchers and wheat farmers who work and live on it. But not for long. 

Much of this land, the fragile habitat of the Lesser Prairie Chicken and the Whooping Crane, is scheduled to become industrialized if the Texas PUC, the DOE and FERC have their way. Incongruously, the demolition of this mostly native grassland is being proposed in the name of green energy. More

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