Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry For Animals #384″- Oregon Wild Horse Organization – Val Cecama-Hogsett

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Animal Advocates Radio
“Voices Carry For Animals #384” on
Feb 16th @7:00 PM est

Listen to LIVE Show by calling (310) 982-4270 press 1 to Speak to Guest

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Guest will be: Val Cecama-Hogsett – President of Oregon Wild Horse Organization  (OWHO)

Topics will be: UPDATE on Legal Issues on the Wild Horses and UPDATE on the Theodore Roosevelt National Park Decision to get rid of the entire herd of Wild Horses. 


Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry For Animals #380″- Animal Wellness Action – Scott Beckstead

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Animal Advocates Radio
“Voices Carry For Animals #380” on
Jan 19th @7:00 PM est

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Guest will be: Scott Beckstead – Director of Campaigns at Animal Wellness Action & Center for a Humane Economy 

TOPIC: Protecting America’s Beloved Equines!

Drawing on the central historical and cultural role horses have played in the United States, AWA are working to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption. Americans strongly oppose horse slaughter. AWA also working to ban the transport of all equines for the purposes of slaughter


Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry For Animals #371″- Horses in our Hands – Rebekah Keat

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Animal Advocates Radio
“Voices Carry For Animals #371” on
Sept 29th @7:00 PM est

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Guest will be:  Rebekah Keat -Founder at Horses in our Hands  Co-founder at Believe Ranch and Rescue 
Topics will be: Discuss the organizations Horses in our Hands  and Believe Ranch and Rescue. UPDATE on H.R. 3355 Safe Act and H.R. 6635 Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act


Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry For Animals #367″- NATIONWIDE Wild Horse Freedom Rally #3 –

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Animal Advocates Radio
“Voices Carry For Animals #367” on
Sept 1st @7:00 PM est

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Guests will be: Jackie Olive and Teresa Hall – Organizers for the Nationwide Wild Horse Freedom Rallies 

TOPIC: Nationwide Wild Horse Freedom Rallies #3 on Sept 23 or Sept 24  CHECK WEBSITE FOR YOUR STATES LOCATIONS, TIMES, & DATES

If You Are SICK Of How Our Government Treats Wild Horses & Burros..

 If You Are TIRED Of Calling and Writing Your Government Officials and Nothing Changes..

 If Your Heart Shatters With Each Roundup As You Read The Reports Of Number Captured and Number of Deaths..

 If You Are DISGUSTED As You Witness Our American Icons Landing In Kill Pens On Their Way To Slaughter..



(202) 224-3121 Give your zip code


H.R. 3355/S. 2732 Safe Act -Save America’s Forgotten Equines Act of 2021 -(218 Cosponsors) and

H.R. 6635  Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act of 2022.(11 Cosponsors) 



Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry For Animals #355″- Living Images – Carol Walker

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Animal Advocates Radio
“Voices Carry For Animals #355” on
May 26 @7:00 PM est

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Guest will be: Carol Walker– Owner at Living Images.  Author, artist & wild horse advocate, living in Colorado with her two adopted mustangs

Topic: The recent deaths of 144 wild horses, 23 of whom are foals, at the BLM’s Cañon City, Colorado holding facility. Also discuss Carol’s New Book – Blue Zeus: Legend of the Red Desert 


Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry For Animals #351″- Wild Horse Freedom Rally – Jackie Olive & Teri West Hall

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Animal Advocates Radio
“Voices Carry For Animals #351” on
April 14th @7:00 PM est

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Guests will be: Jackie Olive and Teri West Hall – Organizers for the Nationwide Wild Horse Freedom Rallies 

TOPIC: Teri West Hall and Jackie Olive will be representing all the Wild Horse Warriors Coming Out To The Nationwide Wild Horse Freedom Rallies on 4/23. Your State’s Capitol Building. 


Wild Horse Roundups Are Taxpayer Funded Animal Cruelty!

If You Are SICK Of How Our Government Treats Wild Horses & Burros..

 If You Are TIRED Of Calling and Writing Your Government Officials and Nothing Changes..

 If Your Heart Shatters With Each Roundup As You Read The Reports Of Number Captured and Number of Deaths..

 If You Are DISGUSTED As You Witness Our American Icons Landing In Kill Pens On Their Way To Slaughter..



New book by Carol Walker – Blue Zeus: Legend of the Red Desert

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Photographer and wild horse advocate Carol Walker, who has been a guest on many radios shows, has just published a new book that documents the wild horses of the Red Desert in Wyoming.

Since 2004, Carol Walker has been visiting wild horses in Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana and grown increasingly enamored with the colorful herds that inhabit the region, grazing and reproducing in close-knit family groups. This story begins on a crisp fall day in 2018 as she roamed rural roads in the Red Desert Complex of Wyoming. In the hours before dawn she’d glimpsed a few family bands at a distance through her binoculars. Ahead she spotted a stallion standing tall and proud, a blue roan with four white matching stockings that went up all four legs. His mane was twisted with wind knots and a long forelock covered his eyes. He was the most beautiful stallion she had ever seen! She pulled to the side of the road and got out with her camera. He would become known as Blue Zeus and it was the beginning of a love affair that lasts to this day.

Join Carol as she relates Blue Zeus’s capture and separation from his family in a BLM roundup and the coordinated efforts, led by her, to find them a safe haven. Carol shares with readers the heartbreaking details of that roundup. At present over 60,000 wild horses are captive in holding corrals that range from feedlots to pastures; too many end up being sent to slaughter or die from inadequate care.

As one of the leading advocates for America’s wild horses, Carol Walker is dedicated to educating people with her stunning photographs and stories and to stopping wild horse roundups and removals from America’s public lands, keeping them wild and free. This is a story that will win the hearts of whole families and grace bookshelves across the land. It’s a gift to be appreciated by horse and wildlife lovers everywhere!


Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry For Animals #327″ Marr-Plan for Wild Horses – Anthony Marr & Jackie Oliveri -Riding as Lady Godiva

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**Tune In **LIVE INTERVIEW**Animal Advocates Radio

Voices Carry For Animals #327on

Sept 16th @7:00 PM est

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Guests will be: Anthony Marr – Founder of Marr-Plan for Wild Horses & Jackie Oliveri -Riding As Lady Godiva on behalf of the Marr Plan

Topic: The Pony Express relay has been postponed till next spring.Instead,the Lady Godiva relay will be ON – Sacramento (Oct 15th). Reno/Carson-City (Oct. 16), Salt Lake City (Oct. 18), Cheyenne (Oct. 23),Denver (Oct. 24),Richmon-DC (Oct. 30) Phoenix (Nov. 6).

Anthony Marr’s MARR-PLAN to end wild horse roundup, captivity & slaughter once & for all. 

TAKE ACTION HERE >>> https://www.change.org/p/marr-plan


Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry for Animals #326 – Animal Wellness Action – Scott Beckstead

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**Tune In **LIVE INTERVIEW**Animal Advocates Radio

Voices Carry For Animals #326on

Sept 9th @7:00 PM est

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Guest will be: Scott Beckstead – Director of Campaigns at Animal Wellness Action & 

Center for a Humane Economy

Topic will be: Wild horses and livestock on public lands


Stop the Despicable Roundup and Sterilization Plan for Wyoming’s Five Largest Wild Horse Herds

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by Carol Walker

Action Alert! You can Submit Comments and Make Your Voice Heard to Stop the Bureau of Land Management’s Monstrous Plan by April 30, 2021

Source: Wild Hoofbeats

Wild Horses, Mustangs, Adobe Town Herd Area, southwestern Wyoming, USA

On April 1, 2021 the Bureau of Land Management published their Environmental Assessment for five wild horse herds in the Red Desert of Wyoming, in the public lands that include the Checkerboard: Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, Great Divide Basin, White Mountain and Little Colorado. These herds are on 3,436,000 acres. Despite having a new administration and a new Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, the BLM pushed out this plan to remove 3555 wild horses, the largest proposed roundup in history. This brutal plan includes as alternatives for the remaining horses left on the range dangerous spaying of wild mares, putting IUDs in wild mares and gelding stallions. Not only does the BLM want to remove as many wild horses as possible without even doing an actual count of their numbers for the past two years, they want to leave the remaining horses sterilized so that ultimately the wild horses will be eradicated in these areas. Here is the link to the documents: https://eplanning.blm.gov/eplanning-ui/project/1501993/570

If you are asking why, the main reason for this aggressive action is the Rock Springs Grazing Association. They are one of the most powerful grazing associations in the country despite only having about a couple dozen member families, and they are the primary holders of grazing leases in these Herd Management Areas and the primary holders of private land within the Checkerboard. They consider all these 3,946,000 acres of public and private land to be “theirs.”

They will never rest until all the wild horses have been eradicated, and they have considerable influence over the Bureau of Land Management. I have been observing, photographing and documenting wild horses in these areas since 2004 and involved in 5 lawsuits to stop the destruction of these wild horse herds over the past 8 years, and no doubt soon will be a plaintiff on yet another lawsuit. If not for keen public involvement and lawsuits, these herds would have been zeroed out long ago. Under this plan, there will be 1550 wild horses total left on 3,436,000 acres, or one horse per 2216 acres.

Here is the imaginative table that includes population estimates based on made up numbers:

READ the rest of this article HERE.

Bureau of Land Management’s Adoption Incentive Program

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by Carren Parson

Just a few years ago, Rep. Chris Stewart proposed to slaughter the wild horses, but Congress rejected this idea. The next move was the Incentive Adoption Program. That program was to gather, remove, and give the wild horses to the public for $1000, with a caveat to keep them for a year; then do with them what you want…even to put them in the slaughter pipeline.  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) says that happens infrequently. Yet every day in the social media wild horses are advertised as being in kill pens aka auction yards, from the NW to the SE and from the NE to the SW…not just 1-2 horses but 10-20 on average with some projected to be 1000 to 2000 yearly. Kind-hearted souls wanting to rescue them from the kill pens are becoming exhausted, now out of funds to help purchase them.

Recently six, two year old wild horses were purchased from a kill pen in Colorado. They had had a long journey from Litchfield, CA or Fallon, NV to Brighton Springs, WY, to MT, and on to a fairground in the Dakotas where they were to become part of the Adoption Incentive Program.  There they were purchased by couples 4 each for $8000, or by singles 4 each for $4000. Some of the horses went to a couple who run the Bar S Rodeo Co. in ND. with the wife saying to an informant, the wild horses were used in the rodeo. One year later, after two virtual meetings, titled horses and $8000 in pocket, the wild horses were dumped in the Philip Auction Yard  in SD and driven to Fabrizius Auction Yard in CO. There they were purchased by a “kind-hearted soul” who found them at two years old, pregnant, with alopecia (hair loss likely due to stress), with lost or crooked tails, head shy, and flighty. The damage was done with movement now to try to repair them to trust a human.

Cars, cars, cars, trailers lined up this past week to take young wild horses from Rock Springs in WY. Fill out an application, stamp “approved,” quickly take a horse , no time to assess them, done. With so many in kill pens now, it is likely many more through this seemingly  superficial program, will end up in kill pens as well or in isolating  pastures, or in filthy corrals. Yes, there are those who also will end up in good, safe homes. Yet this program appears to be a sneaky way to get rid of our American treasures with taxpayers footing the bill only to further brutalize the voiceless in our society. When does it stop? I would ask those of you who have taken these wild horses out of kill pens to look into their background, to write about it, to contact your lawmakers re: your findings, and to approach the BLM to refine or forget this insensitive, evildoing program.

Incentive Program Spurs Unusual Turnout at Rock Springs Wild Horse Adoption

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by Carol Walker

Incentive Program Spurs Unusual Turnout at Rock Springs Wild Horse Adoption

Published by Carol Walker at February 24, 2021 Categories Tags

On Friday, I headed to the Bureau of Land Management wild horse corrals in Rock Springs, Wyoming for a wild horse adoption event. It was 8 am and the temperature was 18 degrees. I knew it was an adoption like none I had ever attended when I saw dozens of trucks and trailers lined up by the side of the road. A huge group of people crowded together in front of the gate, waiting for the gates to open at 9 am, all wearing masks. I had attended adoptions here and at Canon City in Colorado following the Checkerboard roundups in 2014 and 2017. This was very different. Why were there so many people? It looked more like a sale at a department store than a wild horse adoption.

My primary goal when I planned to go that day was to photograph as many of the over 600 wild horses at the corrals that had been captured and removed from their homes and families forever in October and November of 2020. Just like at those previous year’s adoption, I wanted to get the word out about these horses in hopes that they would get a good home, and I was especially focused on the older horses, often the ones no one wants. I was told by staff at Canon City that my efforts and those of other photographers who posted photographs of the horses really aided in many more horses being adopted. I was eager to do this again. A week before I had spoken with adoption coordinator Monica in Cheyenne about the event. When I asked her would we be able to see all the horses at the facility I was very surprised to hear her say probably not, because of COVID and that I would need to speak to the facility manager Jake the day of the event. This did not make sense to me since everyone would be wearing masks and it was a huge outdoor facility. I immediately called Jake and left a message on his voicemail requesting that I be allowed to see and photograph all the horses at the facility. He never called me back.

Read the rest of this article HERE.

The Devastating Wild Horse Roundup Continues in the Red Desert Complex of Wyoming

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Stallions to be released

Published by Carol Walker at November 6, 2020

Across the road, behind our observation point, we cannot see the trap or the run up to the trap from here at the Red Desert Complex Roundup. This is not meaningful observation. Two days ago we were here and could see the horses moving at a great distance then around the hill and that was it. We are in Crooks Mountain Herd Management Area. It is 36 degrees right now but when the wind picks up it gets bitter. We are waiting for the helicopters to bring in the first group of wild horses and will be watching them as best we can for the short time they are in view.

The trap – I cannot see it from where I am supposed to observe

The helicopter pilot just brought in a small family. There were 6 horses one sorrel stallion peeled off and is moving slowly away and the other 5 were driven around the corner and I assume into the trap since I cannot see it. They were very far away.

They have just stopped rounding up horses in Crooks Mountain for the day – the wind really picked up. I saw a group with a gray mare, a pinto mare and foal, bays, and a bay stallion and another darker group came in. Meanwhile three horses turned around and headed the opposite direction on the ridge. All of the 20-25 or so horses captured today have looked very tired, like they have been run a very long way. This group finally got close enough to identify a small family – dark mare, bay stallion and bay foal with blaze tucked in between them. The helicopter went back for them after driving the colorful family in. They were clearly tired. It was painful to watch. The helicopter hung way back but they had to go a long way before going out of site behind the hill. I did not see them go into the trap of course because it is behind me across the road.

READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE HERE: https://www.wildhoofbeats.com/blog/the-devastating-wild-horse-roundup-continues-in-the-red-desert-complex-of-wyoming

The Bureau of Land Management Does Not Allow the Public to See Wild Horses Being Driven into Traps with Helicopters


The Bureau of Land Management Does Not Allow the Public to See Wild Horses Being Driven into Traps with Helicopters

Published by Carol Walker at November 4, 2020 Categories Tags

I am at the observation point for the helicopter roundup at Crooks Mountain Herd Management Area in the Red Desert Complex. It is 37 degrees. I am the only member of the public here today.

Well my hope was unfounded – we not only have no view of the trap that the horses will be driven into, we cannot even see the wings of the jute funneling them in. Supposedly they will drive the horses by the hill we are allowed to sit on. I would not call this “meaningful observation.”

This is the stubborn hill that I wish I could have super powers to see through – between me and the trap where the wild horses are being driven in with a helicopter. In Crooks Mountain HMA this morning about 35 horses just got captured. Mostly bays with a couple of dappled gray stallions and one pure white older stallion. They were trotting and galloping, we saw them over on a ridge then they disappeared from sight we cannot see the trap or even the lead up to the trap from this location. This is not acceptable public observation. I am not here to take pretty pictures I am here to see how the horses are doing, if anything happens to them and I am unable to do that in this location.

READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE HERE: https://www.wildhoofbeats.com/blog/the-bureau-of-land-management-does-not-allow-the-public-to-see-wild-horses-being-driven-into-traps-with-helicopters

Only a Tiny Amount of Wild Horses Will Remain in Antelope Hills Herd Management Area in Wyoming

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Only a Tiny Amount of Wild Horses Will Remain in Antelope Hills Herd Management Area in Wyoming

Published by Carol Walker at November 2, 2020

I am at the viewing site for the Red Desert roundup – it will be the last day for this area in Antelope Hills. It is a balmy 31 degrees this morning. Yesterday they captured 107 wild horses and I thought they were done here. They only plan to leave 60 horses in this HMA of 159,000 acres. They will release 25 horses.

I saw a colorful family run on top of the hill near the trap. They came down followed by a group of four black horses who waited on the hill while the helicopter went after a big group of about 12 pintos buckskins, grullas and bays who looked so tired – moving slowly, I am not sure how far they had been pushed. It took a while for the helicopter to get the four blacks to meet up with the big group and get pushed in. They are using only one trap for this area which is absolutely huge. More

Only 90 Wild Horses Released Back into the Red Desert Complex During the Largest Removal in WY History

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Published by Carol Walker at October 18, 2020

A gorgeous and proud buckskin stallion runs as fast as he can, away

Yesterday, 20 wild stallions and 46 wild mares were released back into Stewart Creek in the Red Desert Complex in Wyoming. The day before 24 stallions had been released.

Yesterday morning we drove 2 hours to the trap site, hiked and set up our gear and then were told that they cancelled the roundup for the day because of high winds. Of course the forecast had said that last night and this am, so it should not have come as a surprise. One more day of freedom for the wild horses of Arapahoe Creek.

The 20 stallions

We rushed back to temporary holding hoping we could see the stallions being released.

A very happy varnish roan

I watched 20 wild stallions being released back into Stewart Creek Herd Management Area in Wyoming. As the trailers drove up I was struck by the wildly proud posture of a stunning buckskin stallion in the front of the trailer. He did not look like a good candidate for captivity, so it is a very good thing that he has been included with the stallions to be released back into Stewart Creek.

The proud buckskin in the trailer

READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE HERE: https://www.wildhoofbeats.com/blog/only-90-wild-horses-released-back-into-the-red-desert-complex-during-the-largest-removal-in-wy-history

The Devastation of the Red Desert Complex Wild Horse Roundup Continues

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by Carol Walker

On day 5 we had a day off due to wind – I of course spent it with the horses, and saw a rainboy behind a family that I knew. I hoped it would be a sign.

There is another beautiful sunrise as I wait for the helicopters to chase the horses into the trap 1 mile away in the Red Desert Complex Roundup in Wyoming. We are at a location about a mile from the trap site. The winds are calm and it is 21 degrees this morning. More

The Red Desert Complex Wild Horse Roundup Continues Despite the Winds

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Published by Carol Walker October 14, 2020

The family that got away

It is another morning a mile from the trap site waiting for the helicopter to chase the wild horses in Stewart Creek Wyoming. Yesterday 84 horses were captured, no injuries or deaths. We hope that continues today. The wind is not bad right now but is forecast to pick up this afternoon.

The two helicopters went out and we saw a big black stallion circle around and go right by us – I stopped breathing as he paused and looked at us, then kept trotting our of sight into Lost Creek. There will be at least another day of freedom for him.

The black stallion
He stands and looks before heading out

Then several groups came in together, silhouetted by the sun directly in our eyes, the two helicopters worked together and brought them in. At least 40-50 horses. They headed out again as the contractor is loading horses into stock trailers – we were told then they load them into the big semis to take them to temporary holding.

Next three small groups come in and the helicopters head out again. The wind is starting to pick up but it is not nearly as bad as yesterday so far. I saw several stock trailers head toward temporary holding, the babies in the back. We will most likely have a chance today to go see the horses that have been captured today several hours after the helicopters stop.

In the stock trailer

I watched 3 more groups of wild horses being driven in using two helicopters, but once again a small family of 5 colorful horses ran away right toward us to Lost Creek. I am using an 800mm lens but it is still very far away and hard to see. From what I can tell they have gone through a barbed wire fence, which is being used as one of the boundaries of the lead up to the trap. Even though there are some pink flags, a barbed wire fence should not be the side of what they are driving the horses into – there is too much possibility for an injury to the horses. The stunning big pinto stallion brought up the rear of his little family – he looked at us as they trotted by but was not concerned about us. As they got closer I could see the sweat streaking down their bodies from running. He let them walk at one point until he heard the helicopter and then they started running away. They have a reprieve at least for today.

READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE HERE: https://www.wildhoofbeats.com/blog/the-red-desert-complex-wild-horse-roundup-continues-despite-the-winds

The Red Desert Complex Wild Horse Roundup – Freedom’s End

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Looking Glass, Leopard Appaloosa stallion

By Carol Walker

On Day 2 of the roundup, the wind was so severe that the helicopters could not fly. So I headed out to see the horses one last time. It was bittersweet. It was wonderful as always to see the families i knew so well. First I saw Leopard Appaloosa stallion Looking Glass and his family. I continued to a water tank, and saw blue roan stallion Blue Zeus and his family who were on the move, so it was a quick look.

Blue Zeus on the move

Then I encountered a very colorful family I had never sen before with lots of pintos including a handsome palomino pinto stallion. It was a hello and a goodbye. Then the last family I saw was a beautiful wild mare, stallion and foal. They had no idea what was coming for them.

What a time to meet a new family!
The last little family I saw

This morning when I arrived at the trap site for the second day of the round up I had thought maybe the high winds would ground the helicopters today but so far it is a go. We are in Stewart Creek this morning, about a mile from the trap.

Looking into the sun

I watched over 30 I think wild horses (I am not the best at counting) be driven by two helicopters working in coordination into the trap. The winds are pretty fierce so I was surprised that the helicopters are able to fly. They came in in several large groups. But one very colorful family with pintos and buckskins evaded the helicopters, running straight into Lost Creek and they are still running, I am not sure if they are going to go after them today, they may have won a temporary reprieve.

They got away, for now

One large group of about 40 horses ran right through the jute and away from the trap at full speed. Then another group of about 20 horses was driven into the trap. For the last hour they had been pushing the group that got away and were bringing half of them around to the trap and the horses ran away again. Once the helicopter moved off they slowed to a trot then a walk clearly exhausted, but then made their way past us into Lost Creek. Mostly bays and some grays. One stallion is lagging way behind. He stops.

Going right through the jute

Read the rest of this article HERE: https://www.wildhoofbeats.com/blog/the-red-desert-complex-wild-horse-roundup-freedoms-end

On the Eve of the Red Desert Complex Wild Horse Roundup

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by Carol Walker

Young mare Thalia and foal
Mare Thalia and her foal

Tonight my heart is very heavy because the wild horses I have grown to know over the last 4 years are on the brink of being chased by helicopters and removed from their homes and their families forever.

During a pandemic, the Bureau of Land Management is continuing an aggressive, punishing and devastating schedule of rounding up and removing wild horses off of our public lands. This roundup is going to be the largest in recent memory, with over 2400 wild horses scheduled to be removed. The Red Desert Complex is 5 Herd Management Areas that are contiguous: Green Mountain, Lost Creek, Crooks Mountain, Stewart Creek and Antelope Hills. In the middle is a Herd Area, Arapahoe Creek that is no longer managed for wild horses, which is ridiculous and inexplicable because the horses move though the area. More

Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry for Animals #285”- Heal Our Planet Earth-Anthony Marr

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“Voices Carry For Animals #285”on

Oct 8th @7:00 PM est

LISTEN LIVE Podcast >> HERE <<


TS Radio Network: Whistleblowers! Abandoned Mines


Join us live Thursday September 10, 2020 at 7:00 pm CST!


Despite the Pandemic, the Bureau of Land Management Will Continue Wiping out the Wild Horses in the Red Desert Complex of Wyoming

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on Wild Hoofbeats

Wild stallion Hermes’ colorful family

In August of 2018 the Bureau of Land Management began a roundup in the Red Desert Complex of Wyoming. The Herd Management Areas in the Complex are Green Mountain, Stewart Creek, Lost Creek, Crooks Mountain and Antelope Hills. They were planning to remove 2670 wild horses in total, and the last roundup had been in 2011. The BLM stopped about halfway through on August 17 because they had nowhere else to put the rest of the horses they proposed to remove. So 1444 wild horses were rounded up, 25 were released back into Green Mountain including 12 mares who were given PZP birth control. The bulk of the horses removed were from Green Mountain, with about 300 from Stewart Creek. Ten wild horses died during this roundup, including some foals who were literally run to death in the heat.

Bachelor Stallions

Now the Bureau of Land Management is planning to continue this roundup. Because it was paused they do not need to do any more Environmental Assessment, any more public comment. They can just start at their convenience, which turns out to be some time in October of this year. They plan to remove over 1000 wild horses – likely over 1500.

Just to state the obvious, come on people, wake up, there is a Pandemic! You are going to ignore that and pretend that chasing wild horses with a helicopter and separating them from their families and homes, killing some, sending most of them to be warehoused for the rest of their lives in a feedlot situation for millions of taxpayer dollars is a priority? Surely millions of dollars being squandered in wild horse roundups happening now in Utah and Nevada and soon in Wyoming could be better used helping people who are at risk people who are losing their jobs, their homes and their lives?

Apollo, Hera and their new colt

Of course, our government will say this money has been allocated to remove the horses. Yes and that is a problem – it is not a priority! These horses who are on public lands currently are not posing a threat to anything except the cattle ranchers’ greed to put more and more livestock on our public lands. And surely it has occurred to someone that what a great time to remove these horses – when most people are staying at home and trying to stay safe.


The Bureau of Land Management’s nefarious, brutal plan for wild horses

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photo by Carol Walker

SOURCE:  washingtonexaminer.com

“Subsidized livestock already outnumber wild horses and burros by over 37 to 1, yet livestock overgrazing is a top cause of damage to federal rangelands.”

By Ginger Kathrens & Charlotte Roe

Environmental travesties are on the rise, many obscured by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the biggest ones will soon be taken up by Congress.

In its long-overdue report to Congress, the Bureau of Land Management proposes capturing and removing 220,000 wild horses and burros over 10 years to achieve its unsupported, arbitrary “appropriate management level” of 26,690 — a near-extinction population level.

It will cost American taxpayers $1 billion to expel these animals from the dedicated rangelands where they currently live at no cost to taxpayers. Thousands of wild mares could be subjected to ovariectomy, a discredited, brutal form of sterilization. In the end, hundreds of thousands of once-wild animals will languish in crowded holding pens — and taxpayers will be footing the bill.

Wild horses are federally protected animals. The 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act established their ranges as dedicated habitat to be “managed principally ” for their welfare. Flouting this law, the BLM has removed wild equids from nearly half of their designated 52 million acres. Now, government machinery is accelerating to remove most of the rest.

The BLM plans to wipe out three herd management areas in Wyoming’s famed Checkerboard and sterilize an entire herd in a fourth — “zeroing out” 2.5 million acres of their habitat for continual use by privately owned livestock.

In Nevada, the BLM intends to eliminate six herds in the Caliente Complex, imprisoning 1,700 wild horses at taxpayer expense. They will also take 1,800 wild horses from Oregon’s Barren Valley, proposing sterilization as “management,” killing off the “wild” in these wild horses.

Read the rest of this article HERE.

Mass shooting of 5,000 Australian Brumbies from Monday

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Source:  miragenews.com

by Australian Brumby Alliance

Mass Monday Night Shooting Planned for Victoria’s 25,000 Alpine Heritage Brumbies

Imagine this. It’s late at night, and in the cool dark, a herd of horses – pregnant mares, yearlings from last year’s foals, old horses, young horses, and the herd’s stallions with the bachelor herds nearby, are quietly grazing. Suddenly, a shot rings out, and a mare goes down, the herd panics at the sound and begins to run – not knowing they are surrounded by ground shooters using thermal imaging and noise suppressors to pinpoint where their targets are.

Was the mare killed with one shot? No-one will know until daybreak, but both she and the foal she is carrying, will die this night, as will every horse in the herd in this particular area of the Bogong High Plains and the Eastern Victorian Alps. Not every death will be quick and none of them will be painless. Not one of the deaths is necessary.    READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE HERE.

         MESSAGE / WRITE:   MINISTER LILY D’AMBROSIO, Minister of Environment

         email:    lily.dambrosio@parliament.vic.gov.au



         Email: daniel.andrews@parliament.vic.gov.au



Sign the Parlimentary Petition in Victoria: https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/index.php?option=com_rsform&view=rsform&formId=74&Itemid=1054&petition_id=147


BLM again releases fraudulent population statistics for wild horses & burros


by Grandma Gregg

“BLM states biologically impossible annual wild horse population rates…”

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently posted their annual Wild Horse and Burro Herd Statistics. As in previous years, BLM’s report is full of obviously false, biologically impossible population growth data.

WHY is it important to expose this fraud? Because BLM uses the phony figures to convince everyone (but especially, the Congress) that an overpopulation crisis exists. Given the “crisis,” BLM requests millions of dollars in funding to capture and remove thousands of wild horses and burros from the range or, alternatively, to sterilize them. The fraudulent figures reflect BLM’s corruption. Yet, the Agency is granted deference, as if it were providing true data.

BLM’s falsified population figures affect not only specific herds (by triggering unwarranted, excessive roundups) but also misrepresent the total wild horse and burro population. The astronomically-high numbers for certain herds significantly inflate the summary data, making it seem as if all herds grow at a high rate.

Here are just a few of the many false figures that BLM is alleging for the reporting-year beginning March 1st 2019 and ending February 29th 2020:

WARM SPRINGS Herd Management Area (HMA) a 497% increase in ONE year (a herd of 30 horses produced 149 successful foals in one year which would require that every single horse – including the stallions! – have more than four surviving foals in one year. Biologically impossible

TOBIN RANGE Herd Management Area (HMA) a 377% increase in ONE year (a herd of 30 horses produced 113 successful foals in one year which would require that every single horse – including the stallions! – have more than three surviving foals in one year. Biologically impossible

HARDTRIGGER Herd Management Area (HMA) a 371% increase in ONE year (a herd of 14 horses produced 52 successful foals in one year which would require that every single horse – including the stallions! – have more than three surviving foals in one year. Biologically impossible

SNOWSTORM Mts. Herd Management Area (HMA) a 252% increase in ONE year (a herd of 90 horses produced 227 successful foals in one year which would require that every single horse – including the stallions! – have more than two surviving foals in one year. Biologically impossible

DIAMOND HILLS SOUTH Herd Management Area (HMA) a 187% increase in ONE year (a herd of 216 horses produced 404 successful foals in one year which would require that every single horse – including the stallions! – have more than one surviving foal in one year. Biologically impossible

DIAMOND HILLS NORTH Herd Management Area (HMA) a 129% increase in ONE year (a herd of 271 horses produced 349 successful foals in one year which would require that every single horse – including the stallions! – have more than one surviving foal in one year. Biologically impossible

Not only are these false statements misleading to Congress and to the public but the perpetrators (BLM) of these fraudulent population increases are in violation of Title 18 (18 U.S.C. § 1001). Making false statements (18 U.S.C. § 1001) is the common name for the United States federal CRIME laid out in Section 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code, which prohibits making false or fraudulent statements, in “any matter within the jurisdiction” of the federal government of the United States, 18 U.S. Code § 1519. Whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States, violates this federal crime shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years.

Horses and burros have an approximate 11-month gestation period but as shown above and in their statistics, BLM continually gives biologically impossible annual herd increases. A recent study of 5,859 wild horses showed that although the average annual birth rate was about 20%, the survival to the age of yearling was only half of those – therefore a maximum herd increase of only 10%. In addition, adult mortality must be factored which therefore reduces the average herd increase to less than 10% annually. The National Academy of Science report cited two chief criticisms of the Wild Horse and Burro Program: unsubstantiated population estimates in herd management areas (HMA), and management decisions that are not based in science (NAS, 2013). The BLM’s biologically-impossible and scientifically-indefensible population-growth rates constitute dishonest and distorted data, which the BLM uses to mislead Congress and the American people. These false population statements are a federal crime punishable by prison and a fraudulent action against the American public in addition to being a travesty against our wild horses and burros.

WHY is this so important? Because these are the statistics that BLM gives to Congress when requesting funding for wild horse and burro capture and management plans, including the recent BLM $1-Billion Wild Horse Disaster Plan that pushes for massive roundups and the destruction of wild horse social behaviors through surgical and chemical sterilization for both mares and stallions.

*** Click (HERE) for a complete mathematical analysis of BLM’s fraudulent and deceptive population statistics.

References: https://www.blm.gov/programs/wild-horse-and-burro/herd-management/herd-management-areas

For further details on BLM population estimates: https://www.blm.gov/sites/blm.gov/files/wildhorse_2020_HAHMA_Stats_508.pdf

How Sarah Thompson of Lead Stories failed to fact check


Opinion by Debbie Coffey

Sarah Thompson, who started a blog a few years ago, and then in December 2019 became a “Social Media Authenticity Analyst” at Lead Stories, just wrote an article titled Fact Check:  BLM Did NOT Release a Plan to Annihilate America’s Wild Horse And Burro Herds

Unfortunately, Thompson seems to NOT have fact checked her own article, which is filled with omissions and errors.  And, how does this uninformed person, call a real expert a “HOAX?”

While citing an article by Carol Walker on wildhoofbeats.com, Thompson states that Carol Walker “serves as the Director of Field Documentation for the non-profit Wild Horse Freedom Federation.”

FACT:  Carol Walker has not been the Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation since early November, 2019, and has not been listed on Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s Board of Directors on their website since that date.

Thompson then goes on to claim that BLM’s plan “to ‘annihilate”’ the herds is a claim not supported by facts.”

FACT:  Almost every wild horse advocacy organization in the U.S. (with experts who have been researching and following every aspect of wild horse & burro issues for many years) has spoken out against this BLM plan.

American Wild Horse Campaign wrote thisBreaking It Down:  BLM’s Path to Destruction for America’s Wild Herds 

And this:  Q & A On the Dangerous Plan for Wild Horses & Burros

The Cloud Foundation wrote this:  The BLM’s Billion Dollar Disaster Plan

In fact, dozens of advocacy groups have spoken out against a very similar “path forward” plan.

It certainly seems that this “Fact Checker” did not do much research before “fact checking” or writing her opinion.

Thompson only cites sentences from the BLM’s plan, and obviously has an extremely narrow knowledge of this topic.  Thompson seems to have blinders on since her only source of “fact checking” is what the BLM wrote.

Many members of the public know that in 2016, the BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board urged the BLM to euthanize all of the wild horses in holding facilities.  Many members of the public, who have been researching all aspects of wild horses and studying genetic analysis reports, also realize that the BLM’s plans for removal and sterilizations WILL annihilate America’s wild horse herds.

Thompson, from Vevay, Indiana, is listed as the President of American Heritage Carriage Company, but this does not qualify her as an expert on wild horses.

Lead Stories claims to be “an innovative fact checking and debunking website” but with Thompson’s article, it seems that their “fact checking” has set an extremely low bar.  In my opinion, Thompson’s article deserves the “hoax alert” and Lead Stories has, unfortunately, promoted disinformation.

Please comment to stop the BLM’s plan to wipe out 40% of wild horses in Wyoming (so that privately owned livestock can run roughshod over public lands)


by Debbie Coffey

The BLM wants to remove 4,000 wild horses from four Herd Management Areas in Wyoming, which would mean removing 40% of all of the wild horses in Wyoming.

Please comment on a new Wyoming Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Resource Management Plan Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for proposed changes to the management of four wild horse Herd Management Areas (HMAs) in Wyoming: Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, Great Divide Basin and White Mountain.

Please urge the BLM to select Alternative A, which would manage wild horses in their respective 4 herds at the current Appropriate Management Levels (AMLs) for each herd with a total AML 1481-2065.  As you can see on the graphs below, wild horses are already currently far outnumbered by privately owned livestock on public lands on these Herd Management Areas.

The BLM certainly seems to be violating the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (FLPMA) by favoring some “uses” (livestock grazing) over other “uses” (wild horses).  FLPMA stipulates that the BLM take into account the “coordinated management of the various resources without permanent impairment of the productivity of the land and the quality of the environment with consideration being given to the relative values of the resources and not necessarily to the combination of uses that will give the greatest economic return or the greatest unit output.”

If the BLM even took this into account, they ignored it. More

Please Comment Against the Destruction of 40% of Wyoming’s Wild Horse Herds



The Bureau of Land Management is developing a new Resource Management Plan in Wyoming and has an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for proposed changes to the management of four wild horse herds in Wyoming: Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, Great Divide Basin and White Mountain. The BLM’s proposed actions in their “Preferred Alternative” would zero out the Great Divide Basin Herd, zero out the Salt Wells Creek Herd and the White Mountain Herd and cut the Adobe Town Appropriate Management Level by half. Comments are due on this plan by April 30.

Salt Wells Creek, Great Divide Basin, Adobe Town and White Mountain encompass 2,811,401acres, 70 percent of which is federally managed public land and 30% is mostly private lands with some state owned lands.

At issue here is the Checkerboard – a mix of public and private lands 20 miles wide that was set up in the 1870s, when the government was selling private land plots to raise money for the railroad. The private land, about 891,807 acres, is owned by Occidental, the parent company of Anadarko, and the Rock Springs Grazing Association, an association of 24 families. The Rock Springs Grazing Association has been working very hard over the last 8 years to get all of the horses removed from the Checkerboard area even though it is not all private land – it is a mix of private and public land. They have been involved in 4 lawsuits regarding the status of wild horses on federally protected public lands and this proposal is the latest, most sweeping and devastating attempt to have all the wild horses removed. RSGA and the BLM have been attempting to manage the Checkerboard as if it were all private land but it is not, and that is illegal.


NY Times writer gets it wrong: What we’ve really got is a “livestock crisis” looming in the West


by Debbie Coffey

David Philipps’ New York Times article “A Mustang Crisis Looms in the West” (3/22/20) requires correction for falsely blaming degradation of public lands in the West on wild horses, in both the headline and the body of the article.

Data and maps from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) conclusively show private livestock, not wild horses, are overwhelming public lands in the West, both in grazing territory and sheer numbers (relative to wild horses).

BLM Grazing Allotments                                     Wild Horse Herd Management Areas

BLM’s Final Solution for One Third of Wyoming’s Wild Horses – Sign the Petition Today


Source:  Wild Hoofbeats

Mares and Foals in Salt Wells Creek

By Carol J. Walker

The Bureau of Land Management just announced plans to destroy three wild herds of horses in the Checkerboard Area of Wyoming’s Red Desert. These wild horses are federally protected and living on 2 million acres in southeastern Wyoming.

The proposed Resource Management Plan would zero out the Salt Wells Creek Herd, the Great Divide Basin Herd, and roundup up and surgically sterilize the entire White Mountain, meaning within a few years this herd will be gone as well. All three of these iconic herds have large sections of “checkerboard” of public and private lands throughout much of the area, which since 2011 has led to several lawsuits. The Rock Springs Grazing Association, the most powerful grazing association in the country wants all of the wild horses removed. Instead of participating in land swaps that would allow consolidation of the public lands that wild horses roam on, they want all of the land, private AND public for grazing their livestock and the wild horses removed completely even though America’s public lands  are “mixed-use” by definition.

The Adobe Town Herd Management Area, which has only a small fraction of Checkerboard and over 478,000 acres will have its Appropriate Management Level (which is the range from low to high of wild horses allowed in the area) cut almost in half, from 610-800 to 225-450.

The plan will result in the removal of over 4000 wild horses from their homes and families and freedom, and 40% of wild horses habitat gone forever.

Changing the Land Use plans as a vehicle for wiping out entire populations of wild horses defies their federally protected status. And the issue here is bigger than wild horses in Wyoming – this may very well serve as BLM’s new template for eradicating all of America’s treasured wild horses.    Read the rest of this article HERE.

Here is the link to the petition:


Bureau of Land Management Plots the Absolute Destruction of 5 Wild Horse Herds in Wyoming

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Source:  Wild Hoofbeats

Adobe Town Family

Stop the BLM from Destroying 5 Wild Horse Herds in Wyoming

By Carol J. Walker

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released a Scoping Document with a 30 day public comment period on 5 of the largest wild horse herds in Wyoming:

Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, Great Divide Basin, White Mountain and Little Colorado.

I have been visiting, observing and photographing the wild horses in these 5 herds since 2004.

The BLM claims that these herds are “overpopulated” even though they completed a roundup of three herds, Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin only 2 years ago. The last roundup and removal in White Mountain and Little Colorado was in 2011. More

Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry for Animals #240” Anthony Marr- Motorcade For Wild Horses


Join Us **LIVE INTERVIEW** Animal Advocates Radio


William Perry Pendley (not wild horses) may be the biggest threat to public lands


Source:  The Hill

Trump administration calls wild horses biggest threat to public lands — here are the real threats

“The livestock industry continues to run roughshod over the vast majority of our Western public lands, causing a cascade of major environmental problems.”


Acting BLM Director William Perry Pendley told the Society of Environmental Journalists in Colorado on Friday that wild horses were the biggest problem facing federal public lands in the West.

The silliness of this statement becomes obvious when one considers that wild horses don’t exist on more than 85 percent of BLM lands, and where they do occur, they have to share the range with domestic livestock which typically have an even bigger impact on the land.

Pendley’s misstatement would be funny if it weren’t so dishonest and is symptomatic of major problems stemming from placing one of the nation’s most vitriolic opponents of environmental conservation in charge of our biggest land management agency.

Let’s examine some of the real problems facing the Bureau of Land Management, from the standpoint of an environmental professional, to put Pendley’s claims in some context.

Read the rest of this article HERE.

Erik Molvar is a wildlife biologist and executive director with Western Watersheds Project, an environmental conservation group dedicated to protecting and restoring watersheds and wildlife throughout the West.

Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry for Animals #235”- Animal Wellness Action- Marty Irby-Executive Director

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Wild Horse Freedom Federation finds out the truth about America’s wild horses & burros


Source: Wild Horse Freedom Federation


Letter from USDA’s Forest Service informing us that they had no records of the Devil’s Garden wild horses for almost a 4 month period of time (Click on each page to enlarge or print)

by Debbie Coffey, V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Wild Horse Freedom Federation has been working diligently, over many years, trying to find out the truth about what is happening to America’s wild horses & burros.

We currently have 9 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits filed for violations of FOIA law by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). More

Clare Staples of Skydog Sanctuary on trying to save the lives of wild horses with special needs (Wild Horse & Burro Radio, Sat., 6/1/19)

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Join us for a special show, Saturday, June 1, 2019


Return to Freedom continues its boondoggle with proposal to drive wild horses & burros to the brink of extinction


Source:  Straight from the Horse’s Heart

by Debbie Coffey, V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation

In my humble opinion:

Return to Freedom (RTF) continues to add insult to injury in their efforts to boondoggle the American public with a controversial proposal, by recently claiming “We understand that there has been considerable misinformation spread online about this proposal to Congress.  If you wish to delve deeper, please contact us to schedule a call.  We’re also planning a webinar for RTF supporters.” 

If you are one of their supporters, you should ask them direct questions, like “What, specifically, is the supposed misinformation?”

Every other major wild horse & burro advocacy organization, along with many knowledgeable advocates, have come out against their proposal.  All of these organizations have been very specific in the disastrous aspects of this proposal and have backed their concerns with facts.


Opposition Builds To Interior Department Records Purge


SOURCE:  dcreport.org

Group Says Documents Reveal Efforts to Kill Wild Horses, Land Grabs and Other Outrages

A nonprofit advocating for wild horses, one of the groups opposing a massive proposed document purge at Trump’s Interior Department, said record requests helped the nonprofit learn about a plan to send thousands of wild horses to a tiger refuge in Russia.

“These records are especially important for oversight now that large numbers of wild horses and burros are being ‘adopted’ in larger numbers, and to organizations and to overseas destinations,” wrote Debbie Coffey, vice president of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation. “We will need to access these records in order to ensure that wild horses and burros are not being adopted or sold and ending up in the slaughter pipeline.”

The Trump administration wants to bury science and hide how mining, drilling and logging on public lands devastate our precious natural spaces.

The proposed document purge includes records about endangered species, oil and gas leases, timber sales, dams and land purchases.

The National Archives has said that getting rid of records is standard and has been going on for decades. The schedule’s language gives broad authority to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to destroy records documenting government efforts to protect endangered species and public lands.

“The Trump administration wants to bury science and hide how mining, drilling and logging on public lands devastate our precious natural spaces,” said Meg Townsend, an attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity.

The federation learned from a document request that the Bureau of Land Management in 2011 under former President Barack Obama considered shipping wild horses to a sanctuary in Siberia where they could be killed and eaten by leopards and tigers.

“Would we pay for shipping to Vladivostok or allow horses to be placed on a sanctuary with known heavy predator population?” asked Karla Bird, an acting division chief.

BLM ultimately decided against sending our nation’s wild horses to Russia to be eaten by tigers.

But in 2017, the bureau again was looking at sending horses to Russia and also to Guyana in South America.

Under the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, passed by Congress in 1971 when Republican Richard Nixon was president, the federal government is supposed to manage and protect the herds. Almost 82,000  wild horses and burros roam our nation’s public lands. More than 50,000 others are corralled.

The Trump administration proposed euthanizing or selling “excess animals” in 2017, but Congress kept a ban on slaughtering the animals.


ACTION BOX/What You Can Do About It

The comment period about the proposal to destroy Interior Department records has ended.

Contact Secretary Ryan Zinke about concerns about keeping records. Call him at 202-208-3100, reach out to him on FacebookTwitter or send an email.

Write: Department of the Interior / 1849 C St., NW / Washington, D.C. 20240

Wild Horse Freedom Foundation can be contacted online.


You can read articles on dcreport.org HERE.

Advocates Bonnie Kohleriter & Carla Bowers on the Devil’s Garden wild horses in California (Wild Horse & Burro Radio, Friday, 11/16/18)



Join us for Wild Horse Wednesdays®, FRIDAY, Nov. 16, 2018

6:00 p.m. PST … 7:00 p.m. MST … 8:00 p.m. CST … 9:00 p.m. EST

Listen Live (HERE!)←

You can also listen to the show on your phone by calling (917) 388-4520.

This show will be archived so you can listen to it anytime.

photo: U.S. Forest Service

Our guests tonight are advocates Bonnie Kohleriter and Carla Bowers, who will tell you about the wild horses in the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory in the Modoc National Forest in northern California.  They’ll tell you about the recent roundup of over 900 wild horses from 258,000 acres.  They’ll tell you what the Forest Service is planning to do with do with these wild horses.  They’ll also tell you about the corrupt politics behind all of this.  The devil is in the details.

This show will be hosted by Debbie Coffey (V.P. and Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs) of Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

To contact us: ppj1@hush.com



To find out more about Wild Horse Freedom Federation and our work to keep wild horses and burros wild and free on our public lands visit www.WildHorseFreedomFederation.org

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