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     WICFA Annual Meeting

Dec. 4, 2010 More

WICFA ACTION ALERT: Call Governor Jim Doyle and tell him to veto SB 434, the “Raw Milk Bill”

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Wisconsin Independent Consumers and Farmers Assoc: WICFA

What: Call Governor Jim Doyle and tell him to veto the Senate bill, SB 434, the raw milk bill, effectively killing the unfair raw milk bill.

Call 608-266-1212 today!  We think that he will be finalizing his decision and taking action on this bill by the middle of this week.

When:  A.S.A.P.!  He is expected to take action on this bill by the middle of this week.

Dear WICFA Friends and Members,

We have a great opportunity to stop the raw milk bill that is unfair to small producers and would prevent fair competition in the marketplace.  Please call Governor Jim Doyle to let him know that he should veto the Senate version, SB 434, of the raw milk bill.  More

Continue to Say No to Dietary licensing: AB440and SB115 making good nutrition a crime in Wisconsin

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Live Link: WICFA.org

Contact: (C.J.) cj@wicfa.org
Continue to Say No to Dietary licensing: AB440 and SB115 making good nutrition a crime in Wisconsin
  • Take action Now: Please keep calling Madison to protect your rights to alternative/whole food dietary information.
  • To find your lawmaker : Click here
  • Call now: Madison believes 1 phone call = 300 who feel the same way.
  • Please keep calling everyday until April 22, 2010 when the end of the session.
  • And Say NO to processed junk food protocols (AB440 & SB115) from the American Dietetic Association.
  • We don’t want junk food information to be the law of the land in Wisconsin.
  • These bills are not dead and WI lawmakers are under pressure from the Wisconsin Dietetics Association and multi national billion $$ junk food and pharmaceutical corporations companies to pass this legislation. Your call as a constituents counts more than lobbyist.
  • Legislators need YOU to be re-elected.


WISCONSIN: WICFA prepares for raw milk meeting

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Live Link: WICFA

If you are attending the Raw Milk Hearing that is scheduled for March 10, 2010, in Eau Claire, WI please give us a call or send an email so that we can make sure that we will not all be speaking about the same things. Our website has been updated with information about where the hearing is being held and at what time. Additionally, we started a new discussion on the Facebook page that is centered on the above piece by our Vice President, Paul M. Griepentrog.

Additionally, I am sorry about this coming out so late but I have been extremely busy and figured that you already knew about the hearing in Eau Claire as well as the fact that the one for the 16th in Madison was canceled because of the shear volume of emails I have been receiving about these very things. WICFA’s voice is being heard as we have been obtaining space in both the opinion sections of agricultural newspapers as well as being included in some articles in the same papers. We might be small right now but we are having an impact. Keep paying attention to what is going on and keep us up to date.

Thanks for all that you do,

Clifford J. Cordell II

WICFA – President

(715) 418-0424



WICFA: The promotion and preservation of unregulated direct farmer-to-consumer trade

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Hello WICFA Friends and Members:
We have some updates on our website that might be of interest to you.  Please browse through our Raw Milk page and our Honey page to see what is new.
Read the Iowa raw milk bill and see why it is the kind of legislation that we need to put before our Assembly and Senate.  It is fair to all producers and consumers and is completely aligned with WICFA’s mission statement of the promotion and preservation of unregulated direct farmer-to-consumer trade that fosters the availability of locally grown and home-produced food products.
The updates on Wisconsin honey legislation include some correspondence between Senator Russ Decker and our VP, Paul M. Griepentrog as well as a link to some good information on the origins of Codex. 
Enjoy and I hope you find the updates useful!
Clifford J. Cordell II
WICFA – President
(715) 418-0424


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WICFA .org

Feb 5th,(c) 2010

Hello WICFA Friends and Members,

We have completed the revision of our statement of opposition to the “Raw Milk Bill”, SB 434 and AB 628. Please read it through and give careful consideration to the points that are raised. You can find a link to the bills on our raw milk page to read them for yourself. The opposition statement is attached to this email and is available on the website as well.

If you agree that we should not take whatever can be achieved instead of standing firm and holding out for a bill that is beneficial to all raw milk producers, no matter what the size of their operation, then print off some copies of our opposition statement and distribute them to friends, family, and your neighbors.

We must let our representatives in Madison hear from us as well. Please contact your assembly person and senator to let them know that they should not vote in favor of the “Raw Milk Bill”. We need to make sure that our voices are heard.

Do not let our food choices be regulated by DATCP and corporate interest.

“If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny” Thomas Jefferson


Clifford J. Cordell II
WICFA – President


Wisconsin Alliance on Facebook: Support Wisconsin family and independent dairy farmers!


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WHOLE FOOD USA  has established a Facebook group to unify the support for Wisconsin Dairy Farmers as the state Agriculture Department has begun systematically closing their businesses down and prosecuting those who refuse to comply with provisions of Codex Alimentarius codified into state code and statute by the agency.  This is an unelected bureacracy which granted itself the power to conduct search and seizure of private property without warrant or cause and no oversight.    

In support of this effort:

The PPJ Gazette

Farm Wars

Let’s work together and help bring people into this Wisconsin Alliance for Raw Milk !  Click here to join:   

 Wisconsin Alliance on FACEBOOK  

Wisconsin Independent Consumers &Farmers Assoc. (WICFA):News alert


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For More information on this matter contact WICFA.org

WICFA et. al.

To whom these gifts shall come, greetings from those who stand the gap in Wisconsin.  Due to the diligent efforts of those here we have aided the Monchilovich family in their endeavors in obtaining a motion hearing for a new trial.  Despite the attempts of groups foreign to our Republic and well-being, we will continue to seek remedy at law and in equity for the grievous assaults upon the people and properties within this Republic of Wisconsin. 
Having tried the Monchiloviches in traffic court, which lay outside the courts statutory authority, redress is sought for failing to provide lawful due process.  Let us all wish Pat and Melissa and their four children a happy holiday season in light of a new hope for the future.
Let those who have need now come and contact WICFA for our support that we may aid them also.  The hearing is scheduled for May 18th at 3 p.m. in Branch 1 of the Polk Co. Justice Center.  See you there.
Motion for Retrial attached below.    More

WISC: Bus Schedule for Dangerous Dietary Licensing Bill: AB440 Hearing

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WISC: Bus Schedule for Dangerous Dietary Licensing Bill: AB440 Hearing Dec 9, at 10 AM Arrive at 9:30

Bus Schedule for AB440 Hearing Wednesday December 9 at 10AM

Also at: http://wihfc.com/bus_schedule.htm

5:30 – Green Bay – Sam’s Club, 2470 W. Mason St. Off Hwy 54

5:50 – Appleton – Fox River Mall –

Sears west Parking area 430 W. Wisconsin Ave

Can provide pickup points in Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, or any other place along Hwy 151 coming into Madison 

Contact Susan and it will be arranged. Email or call for reservations:

Susan: klingeisen@aol.com or call 920-915-1285

Bus from Eau Claire:

 5:30 Target parking lot

Call Karen Hurd’s office to make a reservation:   715-877-3510

December 9 is Health Freedom Day in Madison! More

“The Lost People Exploited. What those who actually live in Wisconsin really think

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by: Paul Griepentrog    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

 Copyright (c) 2009                Tell a Friend 

Foreword:  An announcement was posted yesterday by Judith McGeary of Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) saying that FTCLDF had filed an Amicus brief in the Emmanuel Miller Case.  Below is the actual and original AMICUS filed by Paul Griepentrog in December of 2008 on behalf of Emmanuel Miller.  Mr. Griepentrog can supply copies of original documents showing notary, certification, court time/date stamp and fees paid.  Why would FTCLDF file, or claim to have filed, an AMICUS brief when they have steadfastly refused to enter into, appear on behalf of, or show any interest in these prosecutions prior to this?   Contact: Paul Griepentrog at skfarms@centurytel.net  to request copies of the original documents showing certification and acceptance.

This post includes these documents:


Where did these people come from?

There are 22 groups listed below that have signed on an amicus brief that alleges to support Emanuel Miller.  This brief advocates a voluntary premises registration program in Wisconsin.  In as much as it was the intent of the legislature that participation be voluntary when the existing legislation was passed we can only assume these groups wish to further the suffering we now endure.  This brief is of no benefit to those of us here.  The religious convictions of Mr. Miller were established at trial and have no need of reiteration.  Nor do any of us here wish to endure any form of premises registration, having faced the persecution of an overzealous Agriculture Department that refused to allow any exemptions despite the intent of the legislature.

We find the only in state group signed on to this is the Family Farm Defenders who in a quest to further their own groups funds by selling toasted cheese sandwiches at an event by Michael Pollan in Madison and completely forgot Emanuel Miller’s Trial.  This group opposed supporting our lobbying efforts for Scott Suder’s bill.

We find R-CALF USA who having been apprised of the situation for over a year in reports I gave to the Animal ID Committee on a monthly basis, now in violation of their own policy which states they are opposed to all forms of NAIS.  When I went to them wanting an alert when Pat and Melissa were charged my pleas fell on deaf ears, only a week before the trial did they finally put out an alert, despite their claims that this was not a national issue. 

Where are those claims now when these out of state national groups seek to interfere and counter the work that is being done here? 

We seek to overturn the statute and end this nightmare, but the groups listed below want this to continue.  Not one of them I contacted had read the brief or contacted the only group here actively involved in supporting those facing prosecution, the Wisconsin Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (WICFA).

There were no representatives at either trial from any of these groups, a true reflection of their concern.  This act on their part is to derail our efforts to have the enabling legislation declared null and void and free ourselves completely from this burden.  Voluntary is not acceptable to us and would be as a snake coiled in the corner ready to strike again. 

In the words of Emanuel Miller “On this there can be no compromise.” More

WICFA December 12, 2009 Reminder

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Dear WICFA Friends and Members:

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed your time recounting the bountiful blessing that we have been given over the past year! I know that my wife and I had plenty to be thankful for and spent some quality time with both sides of our family.

This email is to serve as a reminder of some dates of events. Below is a list of the different events that we are hosting or advertising for others:

WICFA Annual Meeting – December 12, 2009 at the Dalton Town Hall in Dalton, Green Lake County, WI. This meeting is open to all WICFA members and is scheduled for 8:00 a.m.

WICFA Networking of Statewide Organizations Session – December 12, 2009 at the Dalton Town Hall in Dalton, Green Lake County, WI. This session is open to representatives from any group statewide that is interested in networking with us to improve communication about trials/prosecutions, rallies, speaking events, meetings, issues, etc…

WICFA Current Issues Discussion and Education Session –

December 12, 2009 at the Dalton Town Hall in Dalton, Green Lake County, WI. This session is open to everyone, whether or not you are associated with an organization.

  • Please come and listen to our speakers talk about issues such as 
  • Fresh milk regulations/legislation,
  • Making mandatory premises registration voluntary,
  • NAIS, how WICFA can be proactive in making positive changes in these different areas that will be beneficial to independent farmers and ranchers who want to direct market their products to the consumer, and
  • how WICFA can help ensure that the consumer will have a multitude of choices in how their products are actually produced.

Fresh/Raw Milk Dairy Farmer Max Kane’s Trial – December 21, 2009.

Come back one of Wisconsin’s fresh milk producers in Viroqua, WI. Max Kane and supporters are planning a rally from 8:30 a.m. till 10:25 a.m. and then other events after lunch time plus a pot luck dinner at the end of the day. See Max Kane’s blog for more detailed information about his event.

The first three events are sponsored and organized by WICFA. They are all on the same day so please make an effort to attend our big day in Dalton, WI.

The last fourth event is sponsored and organized by Max Kane and supporters. Please go out to Viroqua, WI and show your support for people who participate in fresh milk sales. Thanks for all that you do and we hope that you have a great weekend.

Sincerely, Clifford J. Cordell II

WICFA – President

(715) 418-0424 cj@wicfa.org http://www.wicfa.org

WICFA: Statement of opposition to LRB3242/3

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WICFAs Facebook Page                                                             Tell a Friend 

The proposed draft is inadequate in addressing the concerns of fresh milk producers throughout the state, and does not fall within the mission statement of this organization.

The proposed draft states no author, and is applicable to Grade A dairies only, a license that requires a contract with a milk processor as a predetermining factor, this forced contract is a violation of Federal Uniform Commercial Code as it manifests as coercion. 

Furthermore some milk processing companies require exclusive contracts from their producers in direct violation of the Sherman Anti Trust Act. 

The hundreds of small herd owners concerns are not addressed in any fashion in this proposal.  

This proposal forwarded by an inclusive group known to advocate to the members not speaking to the press, not contacting anyone beyond their legislative area, not sharing information outside the group, in an effort to deny First Amendment freedoms. 

These freedoms were bought with blood, and we will not dishonor those who have given their all to procure and defend them. 

Further directives were issued to not have out of state individuals involved, and yet an out of state organization’s officials have been contacting legislators and DATCP officials  without having registered as lobbyists in this state as required for anyone reimbursed by an organization in an amount of $500 or more.  Those officials contacted have a burden as well to report these contacts and are complicit in this act.

Such is the murk and quagmire of politics in Madison.

Therefore the Wisconsin Independent Consumers and Farmers Assn. in an

effort to hold to a higher standard will be opposing the raw milk proposed

draft in its present form.

Raw Milk Action Alert For the States of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois

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   By: Lynn Swearingen                                                                   

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Legislation through Litigation?

Raw Milk Action Alert For the States of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois

WHAT: A Raw Milk Producer

WHEN: 10:30 a.m., Monday, December 21, 2009

WHERE: Vernon County Courthouse, 400 Court House Square St, Viroqua, Wisconsin

Google Map Directions  to Vernon County Courthouse

Come and support Wisconsin’s small raw milk producers in Viroqua, Wisconsin. A Rally is planned on the Courthouse steps from 8:30 a.m. till 10:25 a.m.

This is the perfect opportunity to Network and meet some of your fellow producers. You can also learn more about current proposed Raw Milk legislation, Right to Farm, and Freedom from Regulation actions in the 4 state area.

After the Rally, the intention is to peacefully assemble inside the Courthouse. We hope to show as Ghandi stated “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” Your silent support during this time will allow the judicial community to see the true “Face of the People”.

A “Meet the Presenters” pot luck dinner will be held at the end of the day. Among those scheduled at this time to attend:

You can become a follower of WICFAs Facebook page.

Mark McAfee: Organic Pastures 

David Gumpert : Author of The Raw Milk Revolution  

Michael Badnarik : Author, Constitutional Scholar with 20 years of experience who lectures and teaches Nationwide. 

One can find more information and up dates on Max Kanes Blog

Or through following PPJG daily.

Rob Taylor to attend WICFA coalition meeting


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I am offering my services as a speaker for the Constitution Party and to spread the word of what is happening to our freedoms.  These are the matters that I am running for; to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States, and the Wisconsin state constitution, from all enemies …Foreign AND Domestic!

I am sending out letters of support to every one I know in the state.  We have to let people know what our socialist government is doing and HAS been doing for a long time. 

This isn’t the work of just one of the parties but of both of them.  It’s all about power and greed. Our so called representatives get that by helping the friends in the BIG-FARM industry.  We know where the campaign funds come from.

To quote :

 “Raw milk is not inherently dangerous, as DATCP, the FDA and Big Ag would like you to believe.  But, as with all foods, it’s how it’s produced that matters. We little guys pasture our animals, feed and treat them organically, and many of us use no grains.  The Big Guys can’t do that.  They confine their animals, pump them full of hormones and antibiotics, and feed them garbage – literally, like bakery waste and distillers grains (the stuff left over after producing alcohol or ethanol).  That milk IS dangerous.  Our isn’t.  But as you can guess, it’s about control and monopolization.”

I consider this to be the real problem in our health care today; processed foods devoid of nutrition and filled with toxins resulting from industrialized corporate farming. 

I am also mobilizing support for Pat and Melissa Monchilovich of Cumberland, WI.  This too is wrong and is in direct violation of the state of Wisconsin Constitution, guaranteeing allodial property rights i.e., [absolute ownership.  Not bound to render service to any other body or person.] 

Premises ID is a contract conveying a change of title of ownership to the USDA acting as agent for the federal government.  It is a contractual surrendering and abandonment of private property and the allodial property rights of the sovereign individual. A report on their case is found here.

I am putting up on my website a petition that people can fill out, so we

can present it in Max’s and the Monchilovichs’ cases.  Please look for it

at:   www.robtaylorforsenate.com/farmers_need_us.php.

It will be there before 12 noon CST today 11/21/09. Please direct people

you know to it.

People can also email me their letters of support or concerns at:


WICFA: Wisconsin Independent Consumers and Farmers Association announces meeting with statewide organizations

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Wisconsin Independent Consumers and Farmers Association cordially invites you to our“Networking of Statewide Organizations Session” & “Current Issues Discussion and Educational Session”

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dalton Town Hall

Dalton, Green Lake County, WI

10:00 a.m. – Networking of Statewide Organizations Session

12:00 p.m. – Break for Lunch

1:00 p.m. – Current Issues Discussion and Educational Session


Please RSVP by 5 p.m., Wednesday, December 9, 2009

to Clifford J. Cordell at (715) 418-0424, or cj@wicfa.org, or by requesting an invitation from our event list on our Facebook page which is accessible from our website, www.wicfa.org, and then RSVP from that invitation. 

WICFA: Wisconsin organization gearing up for the coming battles

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ppjg-48Hello WICFA Friends and Members:                                
We have some good news and some news that is not so good. 
First of all, we have rebuilt the WICFA website.  We have thrown away the frames construction of the previous version so that it will be much easier to view the site in its entirety using just about any screen resolution.  I hope that you find the new version easier to read and navigate.  If you have any content that would be helpful for others to be able to view, please forward it to cj@wicfa.org and we would be glad to review it and possibly post it to our website.  We are looking for some help in putting information together about the raw milk persecutions that are starting to spread around the state.  Can you imagine that, we love to call ourselves the dairy state and our state is now attacking farmers for doing just that, dairying? More

The Lost People: Amish vs NAIS Part II


PPJG Original Article (See attached copyright notice. All rights reserved.)

Posted September 26, 2009 6:20 pm CST

 by Paul Griepentrog                                                                 amish

 The Lost People: Part II

A way of life was put on trial in Neillsville, Wisconsin on September 23, 2oo9, in the case against Emanuel Miller Jr., having been charged under complaint for civil forfeiture because he refused to register his property under the state’s premise registration program.  The morning session was devoted to the evidentiary hearing in which the state, represented by Clark Co. district attorney Darwin Zwieg and Bonnie Walksmuth, a court appointed attorney representing Emanuel Miller, presented evidence on behalf of the parties.

The afternoon session was devoted to the trial phase and concluded around 4 o’clock, at which time Judge Jon Counsell gave instructions that upon the completion of the trial transcript, there would be thirty days to file motions, fifteen days after to file rebuttals, oral arguments would occur seven days later, and then he would make his final decision.  More

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