Globalist Plot to Blow Up 26,000 Dams & Takeover Water


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I have been following the efforts by the federal corporation that operates under fraud as the “federal government”, especially in the area of waterWater rights, water access and water availability are seriously threatened by both factions of the political crime syndicate that is the federal corporation a.k.a., “the Federal Government”.  There is no such entity, only a massive and hostile corporation that is foreignhttp://www.troutnut.com/pictures/of-rivers and hostile to the states.

At issue now is our water.

Why ownership of the water is an issue

This last year saw the latest attempts to pass the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST).  LOST requires that all waters from any source whatsoever be under the jurisdiction of the federal corporation, otherwise the LOST treaty has limited or no effect.

As the LOST treaty has again failed to pass, as have successive attempts to legislate water to bring it under federal corporate control, congress tried to quietly ship the redefining of “navigable waters” into “Waters of America” over to the Environmental Protection Agency.  The EPA is a privately owned, for profit, corporation wholly owned by the federal corporation.  It is not a cabinet agency and is not part of the federal corporation that acts as the government.

The chronic attempts to redefine water ownership and control is hyped with the mantra that we are running out of water; that water is critically in short supply or is being misused because the federal corporation lacks control over all water from any source.  With this in mind, one has to ask,

“Why would you blow out 26,000 dams across the country and allow 70 to 80% of available water to flow unused and unsaved, out to sea?” More

“Clean Water Restoration Act”/Another federal land grab


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The Feds are after every facet of control over our lives. Here is the “Clean Water Restoration Act” which will control every puddle, lake, stream and well in the US.
Please contact Congress and tell them to leave our water alone.
JS Rugg

Also see:  Water Resotration Act is anything but  from April of 2008

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House Committee Vote Soon On Corps, EPA and Wetlands Bill

Clean Water Restoration Act (CWRA) Is an Even Bigger Threat To You Than CARA

Congressman James Oberstar, Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has said he is going to change the name of his proposed Clean Water Restoration Act (CWRA) to some other name.  This is a common tactic. 

They are getting so much opposition from you and others that they will change the name to confuse the voters (you).  You can continue to refer to it as the Clean Water Restoration Act and the Corps, EPA and Wetlands Land Grab. 

Let there be no mistake.  The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is going to vote on the Corps, EPA and Wetlands Land Grab Bill shortly, whatever they call it.  You need to call, fax and e-mail your personal Congressman plus the Congressmen on this Committee with your opposition to the bill.  You can call any Congressman at (202) 225-3121. 

See the Committee List with phone, fax and e-mails for staff below.

The bill has already passed the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee as S 787.  By looking at that bill, you can get an idea of how dangerous the House Bill will be.  You must also keep the pressure on the US Senate. More

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