Dear America: What the hell happened to us?


Marti Oakley


“Our government has done more to harm us than any supposed terrorists could have done. They have and are taking our freedom away a day at a time. We are now under constant surveillance and spied on by government agencies. We cannot write an email, text a friend, drive down the road, board a plane, talk on our phones or even shop without our messages being intercepted and logged, our calls being recorded, our license plates being scanned, our face    being photographed and our fingerprints and dna collected at every conceivable opportunity.  So who is it that the government is really afraid of? Some supposed terrorist “over there”,…..or…YOU?”


The View from a Political Atheist

After years of writing about the egregious conduct of the federal and state governments, and, after watching the public sitting idly by while our rights are violated especially under this bogus “war on terror”, I have to wonder what happened to us? Maybe the better question is….what happened to so many of you? When did you lose your sense of who you are and where you come from, and what that should represent? Why are so many so quick to label those who are sounding the alarms that something has gone terribly wrong, as being “conspiracy theorists?” Or maybe, leftists, or neo-cons, communists, etc… These labels and others like them serve no purpose but to keep us divided and warring amongst our selves while those orchestrating our demise continue their insidious work. In the end, they all coalesce into the same group. That political divide that so many of us love to argue, is an illusion.

As a political atheist, I firmly believe that if a politician’s lips are moving and sound is coming out…there is a good chance they are lying to us.

We are the terrorists we fear More

The CIA Report: The Shaming of America


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10302060_576123712504014_7337443011486807105_nRegardless of who released the report on the CIA, the fact is, this is a tragic and shameful moment for America. What was done under the false pretense of “keeping us safe” is nothing less than the stuff of nightmares. That any one of us thinks or believes that the sadistic, torturous, murderous actions of the CIA was somehow acceptable because of 9/11 is in itself a tragedy.  The billions spent building hidden prisons, designing facilities to exact horrific pain and death, is exceeded in its sickest moments in knowing that truly sick and malignant individuals actually took the time to design these facilities for effect.

Consider the fact that all of this torture has done nothing other than to inflame the hatred of the United States by people around the world.  Is this not counter productive?

Are you really so naïve as to think they have not done this here at home to some of our fellow countrymen, or would not do the same to you if they decided to? These people have no boundaries. You and I,  along with billions of others around the globe mean nothing to them. What they have happily done to others is just a moment away from happening to you. Or, were you thinking they thought you were far too special to practice their torture on? More

War OF Terror on America: Constitution free zones?


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So how much are you going to take, America?  The area marked in orange on this map is supposedly a “Constitution Free Zone”.  A zone where you have no rights or protections and can be assaulted, detained and interrogated by federal agents just for traveling through the zone.  These federal agents used to be American citizens.  Now they, like a few million others, are simply “boots on the ground” for the federal corporation.  No longer part of the “we the people”, these individuals have rejected the notion of a free America and most certainly the idea that we have a Constitution specifically to prevent this kind of activity on the part of the federal corporation.  Their job?  To unlawfully detain, to interrogate, to harass, to intimidate and to demand your “papers”.ConstitutionFree

This is pre-conditioning.  Its getting you used to the idea that you have no rights or protections and that the Constitution is meaningless.  You are being conditioned to think that this unlawful activity is somehow ok……after all….they have a uniform, a badge, and they will remind you incessantly that they are federal agents in their effort to terrorize you.  And this is terrorism.  It is terrorism committed by the federal corporation that frauds the public and calls itself our government.

What true American would voluntarily don a uniform and a badge and accept the premise that the Constitution is somehow a hinderance to law and order, or that it somehow does not apply in specially marked areas which they patrol?

Attack of the Benedict Arnold’s

The police state is being assembled right before our very eyes and it is being manned by former Americans.

  • TSA in our airports molesting travelers is now commonplace.
  • Now the “Total Sexual Assault” (TSA) teams are appearing on our highways.
  • So-called “federal agents” are detaining American citizens traveling the roads in our own country.
  • All of our phone calls tapped,
  • our emails read, and
  • weaponized drones are to appear soon overhead to spy on us and kill us if need be. More

We need a: Protect America from Congress Act


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I believe it is time that we, the public, wrote our own legislation and called it The Protect America from Congress Act (PACA).  In  light of all the legislation that has been passed by both Democrats and Republicans in the last 14 years, most of which flies in the face of the Constitution and civil rights we need to act to defend ourselves from what is obviously the greatest threat we face as a nation. The onslaught of unconstitutional pieces of  legislation that have cost us our freedom, privacy and liberty is a clear indicator that our greatest enemy is housed in the District of Criminals.

I don’t know about any of you, but I am so sick of these politicians and their in-your-face assaults on the constitution.  I am not afraid of some rogue terrorist.  I refuse to live in fear of some unknown, unidentifiable, undefinable terrorist threat, especially as we bomb our way around the globe.  As paranoid as our own government has become I have no doubt the “fears” they express are probably borne of some conspiracy theory one or some of them verbalized.  I fully expect to see both houses of congress assembled in the near future, all of them sporting tin foil hats and taking turns trying to spot UFO’s from Iran, while so-called [intelligence] agencies fabricate one conspiracy theory after another!

We said No!

Its an amazing thing to see Lemar Smith roll out another new internet takeover bill.  Apparently, 10-13 million of us screaming “NO!” didn’t sink in to Mr. Smith’s way of thinking.  I think it would be worth our while to find out how much money Mr. Smith stands to make on possible insider trading should this latest assault on freedom of speech become another voidable corporate code.  It might also be interesting to determine who actually wrote the bill that Smith is now schlepping around the District of Criminals.  You know damn well he didn’t write it.  So who did? And who is it that stands to benefit most from this rotten deal?  And, how much does he himself stand to profit on possible insider trading deals based on the position and possible passage of this bill? More

Note To Eric Holder: Murder Is Illegal


New World Reporter

by R.F. Goggin /Contributing Author

(NWR) – After reading only a few excerpts of a recent speech by the U.S. Attorney General at Northwestern University law school in Chicago, I find myself at odds with his justifications of the murder of Anwar al-Awlaki (an American citizen), five months ago – via a drone strike by the U.S. Government.

What struck me as being most outrageous and uncomfortable about Holder, was his stating:

“The Constitution guarantees due process, not judicial process..”

The problem for me with the above statement, even if one doesn’t consider how the Attorney General chose to hair-split the words of the U.S. Constitution, is that ‘due process’ or any legal process for that matter, was not in fact exercised in this case by the Obama administration. And since it is that Congress has not yet to my knowledge declared war on the country of Yemen, then what any fair-minded American must conclude actually took place in this instance was the absolute assassination of an individual of which the Constitution of United States had undoubtedly granted protection to.

According to Webster’s dictionary, ‘due process’ is defined:

: a course of formal proceedings (as legal proceedings) carried out regularly and in accordance with established rules and principles —called also procedural due process
: a judicial requirement that enacted laws may not contain provisions that result in the unfair, arbitrary, or unreasonable treatment of an individual —called also substantive due process More

Open Letter to Congress: www.opednews.com

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 This article by Kathryn Smith is one of the most lucid arguments against the current state of disarray that is evidenced in our government.  The full article is detailed and lays out the opposing arguments against government fascism and the contrived and fake “War of Terror”…..fully supported by both party’s. 

 These are a few excerpts from her scathing article:

~ Sometimes we have to question our assumptions. And for you to assume, Congress, that to pass or even to consider laws such as S.1959/HR1955, The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act “and for other purposes”—-WHAT other purposes???—-is to squelch dissent, you are assuming very wrongly indeed. You lie to us that this bill merely “Studies” terrorism, yet propose to have government infiltrators *spy* on our college students, who just so happen to be the most vocal citizen cross-sector in our country.

You say that this bill “Should not” clamp down on civil liberties, yet you set up a Commission of government personnel who themselves will conduct hearings of Americans (like vocal college students) *dubbed* as “Homegrown terrorists“. No judge to check random government power, no citizen jury are proposed in this unconstitutional bill.

Congress, did it ever occur to you that when you step on somebody’s head, they just might rather fiercely object? Do you really believe that by stepping on their mouth you will silence them? My bet is that the mouth will bite your foot—hard too—-because by heaping injustice on top of injustice, you are only going to create the homegrown terrorist wrath which you are trying to squelch in the first place. If a civil war breaks out in America, guess who created it? Mission Accomplished.

~ It’s very interesting to me to see how routinely Congress and this Administration has projected its own shadow onto an entire nation of people. By stating in the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism *Exacerbation* Act “and for other purposes”, that for a citizen “to further his or her religious, political or social beliefs“ through “radical ideologies” and the “use, planned use, or threatened use of violence or force” is illegal, I must say that you, dear Congress, are the most guilty of all parties on this planet.

Under that proposed law, we ourselves could hold you so responsible in court, as could other nations, that it would be a laugh of triumph. I pray for that day to arrive, and the sooner the better! As the Psalmist said, the snare you have set for us will become the snare you will have set for yourselves, and ye shall all indeed be sitting in jail. Bring it on! 

~ (Qualifier: I am adamantly opposed to violence. And I radically, strongly and vehemently oppose S. 1959 and HR 1955, in furtherance of my social, religious and political beliefs, not to mention that of our own US Constitution).

~ E) Congress, you are coaching us to hate others based on racial profiling. We hereby stand united, publicly calling the shots for what they are and widely spreading word, thus dismantling your attempts to further your agenda at the expense of innocent people:

~ What of the fact that Bush’s own grandfather was a key person in the Nazi movement, and now we have “the enemy” Muslim, Middle Easterners, Afghanis and Pakistanis as our targets where previously it was the Jews? Sure there are Middle Eastern terrorists, but does that make *every* Middle Easterner a terrorist? Far from it. If so, we would all have been dead long ago. What nonsense this is—and what a brainwash, just as occurred in Nazi Germany! Even Germans themselves have openly said so, themselves. This is not a distorted “take” on the situation, at all.

~ Is it better for you, Congress, to be considered “Soft on terror” or to promote Nazi-like propaganda resulting in shock and awe, torture and war without end, while raping our civil liberties, all for the sake of a cognitive distortion (every Middle Easterner=terrorist) and a blown-up hoax (weapons of mass destruction) ? To think or not to think, that is the question.~Which leads me to my next point.

F) Congress, Bush and Cheney, your hand-and-glove operation to gain world domination is doomed to fail from the start.

Because you see, it’s basic economics. Even someone as uneducated in the area of economics as I, can understand that endless war will result in an economic depression. And finally, as world banks start to bail out our collapsing system in the sub-prime mortgage crisis, it is those other countries who will actually gain domination over us, not the other way around. It takes no brains to figure out that any country may gain domination over another country through economic control. Your quest for world domination is short-sighted indeed.

~ G) Immunity is an illusion:

~ Congress, if Hussein could first be supplied with weapons and then killed by his suppliers for having possessed them, aren’t you yourselves vulnerable to the unconstitutional laws you are passing? What of the Congressman whose office was searched, and the cry of bloody murder which followed—-and yet it was you yourselves who voted for that same law which resulted in that search, ie the Patriot Act? Congress, if you believe you are immune, and your friends and family members too, you are so wrong. Your slave masters will whip you with the very chains with which they promise to hold your enemies. Make no mistake about it. And you know just exactly to whom I am referring.

~ H) The War on Terror is Fake:

~ What of the fact that the terrorist database is now close to one million people? Is the song “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens a terrorist work, and why should a plane be grounded because Stevens was on board and happens to be a Middle Easterner and a Muslim? Should planes be grounded because Buddhists, Jews and Catholics are on board? What of the fact that infants, children, peaceful activists (ie vocal citizens), and only Democrats in Congress (no Republicans) appear on the no-fly list? How much credibility does that lend the war on terror? More likely, people will finally wake up, en masse, and recognize it for what it is: The war OF terror is much more accurate.

Kathryn Smith  www.opednews.com

Kathryn invites everyone to redistribute this letter to congress where ever possible.

March 10, 2008

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