Demand Public Officials End Smart Meters



NOTE**  This is an example of how YOU can  put  YOUR public servants on official notice of liability.  This includes City Council members, County Officials and State regulatory agencies.


SMART Meters: CPUC Is Put on Notice for Liability More

Tennessee Highways–TSA performing unwarranted random searches


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As Smedley Butler said: “It is always easy to convince half of the people to kill the other half.”  

Say hello to the invasion of  TSA agents inside the states, on our roads, unlawfully and illegally interfering with the right to travel freely….unacosted by government agents.  More

Slo County Sheriff’s deputies violate 4th amendment rights of Matt Hart KCCN.tv

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San Luis Obispo, California:

Even after illegally entering this man’s property without warrant or cause, then seizing guns the sheriff personally desired to keep, the courts did little to protect the rights of Mr. Hart.  Even after all charges were dismissed, and with Hart only pleading guilty to a misdeamnor..the sheriff still refuses to return the guns he stole from Hart.    

We can longer trust law enforcement to enforce the law. 

This sheriff’s department operates outside the law.  No warrants. No Cause.

for parts 2 & 3: More

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