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Let me see if I have this right. Although only 103,000 new jobs were generated in December, the unemployment rate is down because a large number of people have simply thrown their hands in the air and given up trying to find employment.

According to the grand pooh-bahs at the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the District of Criminals (D.C.), the unemployment rate fell to 9.4%

And, the whole construct will likely be “seasonally adjusted” in a few weeks. More

No jobs for more than three out of four unemployed workers

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Live Link:  Economic policy Institute

Elise Gould
December 7, 2010

“With the labor market currently unable to provide jobs for more than three out of four unemployed workers, Congress must seize this opportunity” More




10-08-2010 4:21 pm – John Wallace
LIBERTY NEWS: Nancy Pelosi is insane. Sure, the American people already knew that. One look at her leering botox-riddled Joker face gives that away. Her career is filled with monumental fits of insanity, stupid remarks and way out there ideas, but her latest ideas are really insane.

In a recent interview with the press, Nancy Pelosi said that “more food stamps and more unemployment insurance for Americans will actually grow the US economy” and lift it from the recession that Barack Obama has helped to worsen. Well, she really didn’t say the part about Barack Obama making the economy worse. I added that part, but she did say the part about more food stamps and more unemployment insurance for Americans will actually grow the US economy.

Ms. Pelosi, that insane genius and all-around nut case analyst of the US economy and everything financial, spoke this past Wednesday to answer remarks recently made by Newt Gingrich, who said that Republicans need to make a contrast between Democrats who promote food stamps as their economic policy, and Republicans who actually promote the useful concept called paychecks to grow the prosperity of Americans.

Pelosi reacted to Gingrich’s assertion by admitting that, yes, Democrats are indeed the party of food stamps. Ms. Pelosi actually admitted that her party’s policy is to get as many people as possible on food stamps because she’s either totally ignorant about economics, or she really is crazy. It has got to be the latter because any normal, sane human being would understand that food stamps helped by unemployment insurance will not grow the US economy!!

If Ms. Pelosi really believes what she is saying “that food stamps and unemployment insurance will grow the US economy,” then she needs a “checkup from the neck-up” and her recent statements only help prove what Dr. Michael

Handbasket? What Handbasket?

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I read a sad little story today about a former Homeless Shelter Case Worker who is going through some hard times. Seems that after 99 weeks of Unemployment Bennies – she still cannot find a job even with 17 years experience. And she has to pay for COBRA to the tune of $650 per month. And she is having to dip into her 401K next month if something miraculous does not happen.

At first one would be compassionate and think “Oh. How sad and her Mommy is in the story as well!”. But on reflection and further perusal of the “iReport”, the compassion seems to bleed from my brain.

This particular case is indicative of the mindset of some American Citizens. On reading the article we see that she is paying $300 per month for storage for the furniture that cannot fit in her new apartment:

And then there’s the storage fee of $300 she pays for all her excess furniture from her old apartment.

Word of advice: Sell it. If it is excess, you don’t need it. More

Jobless Men….Keep going…We can’t take care of our own

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Click on the interactive link below and watch the advance of unemployment and the recession from 2008 until today. 
This while the administration looks for ways to give blanket amnesty to illegals, and refuses to balance the trade deficict.
Need a JOB?

What is Washington thinking? Millions out of work and they up the number of green cards

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Live Link: The National Examiner

 “With 1 in 5 Americans out of work, Obama issues over a million green cards .”

April 11, 5:36 AM Immigration Reform Examiner Dave Gibson


The Department of Homeland Security has just reported that during 2009, they issued 1,130,818 new Green Cards to foreign nationals, allowing them to work legally in this country. That number represents the fourth highest number of cards issued in one year.

750,000 of the new Green Cards were given to the families of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.

The top four recipient nations are as follows:

-China…receiving 64,238

In Feb. 2009, the financial institution Merrill Lynch announced that the nation’s actual unemployment rate had reached 13.9 percent. A year later, that number had risen to 17.3 percent. This figure represents Americans who have been laid off from full-time positions and are now working part-time, as well as those who have simply stopped looking for work, and workers whose unemployment benefits have run out.

The official unemployment figure given monthly by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is now listed around 10 percent, but represents only those Americans currently receiving unemployment checks, and is not truly indicative of the dire employment situation now facing the U.S. More

“Ruthie Reports”: Guest is Paladinette

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Join Ruthie on 4/15/10 http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/TheRuthieReport   with Special Guest:    PALADINETTE  a tireless advocate for the US unemployed millions.

We will discuss her actions for the unemployed American How it relates to illegal immigration And her future plans (more info below)    ****NATIONWIDE TALK SHOW****    

“The Ruthie Report” live or archived at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/TheRuthieReport via The Conservative Alliance Media Network 8 pm CST every Thursday      Join “The Ruthie Report” and our special guests every Thursday at 8 pm Central time. Listen to Ruthie’s commentary on the issue of illegal immigration, with week to week news updates, action alerts and activities on what we can do to stop the illegal immigration invasion. Check your political correctness at the door. More

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