ICLEI’s Murder Meters and Spy Grid Turning Mr Roger Neighborhood into Electronic Internment Camps


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Mark Anthony in his famous monologue in Julius Caesar:

“Why, friends, you go to do you know not what.

“Now let it work. Mischief, thou art afoot,
Take thou what course thou wilt!”

Substitute the word “Truth” … “Truth thou art afoot” … Then we have a good chance. “The Whole truth and nothing but the truth”.

Smart Meters is a grid designed to control and incarcerate the public. It is a project from the science of the Department of Defense overseen by MITRE the intelligence operation under former James Schlesinger located in McLean, Virginia.

PG&E has contracts to deploy the spy meters with a front for the World Bank, a UN “NGO”called ICLEI. ICLEI is imposing world government mandates and getting monies even from the European Union.

ICLEI’s Murder Meters and Spy Grid
Turning Mr Roger Neighborhood into Electronic Internment Camps

The “Electronic Internment Camps” … Murder Meters and the Spy Grid were designed by agencies that are informally coordinated under David Boran (skull & bones). Radio waves directed as weapons via frequencies and spying with calculated two way communication devices. There are records on file originating from U. S. Army Intelligence and Security Command Freedom of Information (FOI) request showing the development of these technotronic sciences for total control. More

Agenda 21: multiple acts intended to implement UN plans for the US

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Freedom Advocates on Wildlife Corridor Act and July 17 Event


Politicians and other agents of Agenda 21 are inundating us with overlapping schemes that quietly and deliberately drown our property rights and freedom. For surefire evidence, take a look at the plot that is outlined in the U.S. Congress – H.R. 5101 Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2010. This bill includes transboundary tax-payer funded projects for wild animal bridges and tunnels, increasing roadless areas and other means to capture more natural resources and private property for government and its partners.

Sample projects already in existence:

 Wildlife Overcrossing at Easton Hill, WA     www.chattoogariver.com Roadless Conservation

                                            H.R. 5101 states that “The Secretary, in cooperation with the States and Indian tribes, shall develop a Habitat and Corridors Information System, that shall include maps and descriptions of projected shifts in habitats and corridors of fish and wildlife species in response to climate change; and to assess the impacts of existing development on habitats and corridors.” The System is charged with identifying, prioritizing and describing “key parcels of non-Federal land (i.e. state lands and private property) located within the boundaries of units of the National Park System, National Wildlife Refuge System, National Forest System, or National Grassland System that are critical to maintenance of wildlife habitat and migration corridors.” This is way over and above what the federal government has already swallowed up under other guises.

Congress and other elites are desperately clinging to the fraud of man-made global warming in an attempt to illegitimately wrest control of private property. Many people still nominally own and pay taxes on their private property but if their property is even slightly proximate to the imagined wildlife corridors, then animals rule as “new habitat” is created for them in response to “climate change” and other “threats” (meaning people).  It doesn’t matter that grandma’s house has been there for 100 years and she and the animals get along fine. Not anymore, with this bill government will determine what if any use might be made of land that falls in or near corridors invented ostensibly to protect animals (in truth this is done to take private property and to control the human population).  

The difference between this bill and previous wildland’s programs is that this one doesn’t just have teeth, it has fangs. Not only does it have “strong language calling on agencies to actually take steps to protect corridors” but it also calls for a funding mechanism (more taxes) to support “such protective action.” In short, we will be footing the bill for the global elite to further control our property and diminish our freedom under the guise of habitat protection. And “the Secretary of the Interior may transfer funds to the Foundation under this subsection in advance, without regard to when expenses are incurred.” How many of us can get paid whenever we want, even if we haven’t yet done the work?

Here are a few examples of Wildlife Corridor Program across the United States. Once again they are bad programs hiding behind pretty pictures and phony words. Rim of the Valley Los Angeles Basin, California, Buffalo Commons Plains States, USA and Yellowstone to Yukon or “Y to Y”  plus there are many more.

Norman MacLeod of Washington explains that HR 5101 incorporates the legislative provisions of Section 481 of HR 2454 (the House version of the climate bill) and Section 6009 of the Kerry-Lieberman climate bill draft.  These sections authorize a wildlife corridors information system.  HR 5101 builds on this with implementation programs, mostly to be housed with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Funding mechanisms and public-private structures are included.  The bill has been referred to the House Natural Resources Committee.

This bill is intended to lead to the formal creation of several continental-scale wildlife corridor systems that include core habitat, connectivity, and buffer systems that will impact livelihoods, homes, ranches, farms, access to resources, outdoor recreation and more.

The bill can be tracked at www.thomas.gov


Saturday July 17, 12noon – Michael Shaw Featured Speaker at the Olympic Stewardship Foundation Annual Picnic will address Wildlife Corridors and many other issues related to Sustainable Development (the global to local takedown of America). Port Townsend, Washington. Click here for details.

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Rob Taylor’s Senate Campaign picking up Momentum in Wisconsin U.S. Senate Race.

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Senate Candidate Rob Taylor brings the Constitution Revolution to Sheboygan.


FEB. 6th, 2010, a cold and blustery Saturday in Sheboygan was the latest stop for Rob Taylor’s Campaign for U.S. Senate.   That morning lake effect snow was falling and the wind was blowing and the chill in the air was about to be thawed because one thousand brave Patriots were about to rally for the Constitution.

The momentum from his speech at the Racine Tea Party followed Rob to Sheboygan as one couple said they clearly remember it.  Rob’s name recognition is now becoming fixture with Tea Party Patriots as many had already had heard of him and wanted to meet Rob in person.    Rob then fielded their questions on topics such as the U.N., the Federal Governments role in education, taxes, and can non-Christians hold office.  He being a true Constitutional Champion answered them decisively and succinctly and in accordance with the founding principles and intent set forth under the Constitution. 

His answer was: More

Taking American Land and Rights – How It Works

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By Nancy Levant

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“All treaties, Memorandums of Understanding, and alliances with the U.N. trump the Constitutional Laws of the United States.”

Why the “New World” is so difficult to understand is not as complex as one might guess. While we naturally focus upon local issues and concerns such as community development, forest access, sportsmen’s rights, etc., one does need to understand the “whys” of local political decisions, and the decisions of local commissions and councils. There is rhyme and reason to our loss of rights, land, privacy, and public opinion.

Consider the following:

Every American citizen, no matter where you live, MUST buy your county’s Plat Book. Plat Books are maps that identify the owners of each and every parcel of land in your counties. You cannot know what is going on behind the scenes unless you buy your county Plat Book. Begin there. More

Open Letter to Chairman, House Committee on Agriculture


The Honorable David Scott

Chairman, House Committee on Agriculture

Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy and Poultry

1301 Longworth House Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20515-6001


RE: Testimony for March 11, 2009 Hearing on Review of Animal Identification Systems


Dear Chairman Scott and Subcommittee Members:


I am Marti Oakley, a consumer, writing to ask you to reject the USDA’s attempts to make mandatory the National Animal Identification System and as a companion assault on private property ownership, the Premises ID.


Having witnessed first hand the common contempt displayed by congress, if not outright disregard, when the public attempts to assert their opinions on pending legislative activity, please know that I will post this letter to you in every possible venue.  The American public needs to know what is about to happen to independent farmers and ranches if NAIS is made mandatory, or, if any of the fake [food safety] bills are forced into law.  They also need to be made aware of the resulting threat to not only food production, but its subsequent reduction in quality that will result.


Experience has taught me that what may appear to be an innocuous change in wording in reality is a change in legal definition and standing within the law.  This is how [treaties] are re-designated as [agreements] to side step Constitutional criteria and protections and allowing illegal implementation of agreements usurping US law. 


Our government’s continual capitulation to these non-US laws and standards is creating an untenable system and jeopardizing US agriculture and what has been the most dynamic and well functioning agricultural system in the world.


The language in NAIS referring to landowners and to livestock owners has been changed to facilitate international agreements and standards, most especially Agenda 21 from the United Nations and World Trade Organization demands and the international committees operating under standards and regulations and other misnomers.


All the international agreements, standards, regulations and other instruments being deferred to, relegate the actual owner of the land to [operator] or [manager].  The Premises ID is a coercion of the voluntary abandonment of property to the control of the USDA, acting as agent for the Federal government. 


Livestock owners are now referred to as [stakeholders], implying an interest in, but not the owner of [the livestock].  As stakeholders, livestock owners would be subject to the rules, actions and intents of the USDA and as [stakeholders] would relinquish any ownership rights. 


The final statement by the governments’ witness in the March 11, 2009 hearing contained a referral to livestock owners as [stakeholders]. This was no accidental use of the word. 


The US has historically produced the most disease free and well maintained herds in the world.  Because the USDA (nor the FDA) has moved to halt the importation of cattle from Mexico, known to be consistently suffering from bovine tuberculosis, the disease is constantly being introduced into the meat processing system and co-mingled with uncontaminated meat from US producers.  Wouldn’t the logical move here have been to halt imports of cattle from Mexico until they are able to eradicate bovine tuberculosis? Of course, this might cause some problems at that new “Mexican sovereign” terminal being constructed in Kansas City to by-pass our ports of entry and acceptance of in-bond shipments even of cattle. 


The unsanitary conditions at processing plants which have been well documented appear to escape the vision of USDA also.  These conditions are not related to herd or flock producers or the overall health of animals.  These conditions are the result of little to no inspections, or the lack of real interest on the part of inspectors, or the lack of an adequate number inspectors. This is also most especially the result of corporate processors more concerned with their profits than public food safety.


Why would an animal identification system or gps location of private property correct any of these problems which are not related to the actual health of animals?


NAIS has also seen the private ownership of livestock by private individuals referred to now as the [US National Herd].  There is no such herd.  But, NAIS would by the change in terminology, by the adherence to non-US laws, standards and regulations, create one.  This [US Herd] would be assembled by the NAIS and by Premises ID resulting from the forced compliance and forfeiture of private property rights mandated in these two programs and would quickly be handed over to corporate interests waiting behind the scenes for their plans and investments to pay off.


Designed by the National Institute of Animal Agriculture, NAIS is the constructed plan for seizing control of livestock production in the US.  Populated by meat processors such as Cargill and Tyson and bio-pirates such as Monsanto, the who’s who of this group also includes Digital Angel, AgInfoLink and Viatrace which are already stockpiling RFID chips, and tracking equipment, apparently having been assured this assault on private ownership and the ability to track it for the new owners was a ‘done deal”.


Judging from the stage show that was the March 11, 2009 Ag committee hearing, maybe it is.  What kind of fair hearing allows the paid proponents of NAIS and Premises ID to make grand opening statements containing gross errors in facts, allowing them to consume as much hearing time as they wanted, and limiting the opponents to five minutes or less? 


The obvious displeasure displayed committee members when facts were presented that refuted the governments position was noted by many of us who watched this contrived hearing. 


This was not a hearing in the true sense of the word.  This was the groundwork being laid for passing this assault on private property rights and anyone who watched it was supposed to come away thinking disease was running rampant in US privately owned herds as the result of too little government intrusion.  We didn’t get this impression at all. 


What we were impressed with was the efforts to implement another costly and inefficient not to mention unnecessary program at a time when the country’s indebtedness is skyrocketing.  We need to be cutting cost, cutting unnecessary and inefficient programs; not creating news programs which would exacerbate the debt.


It is unfortunate that at every turn we are faced with elected officials who cannot seem to find it in themselves to either adequately educate themselves about a subject or to act in defense of the public.  The idea that this “hearing” was even held is a signal that once again international agreements and corporate interests trump the public good. 


NAIS is not about disease control or track back.  It is the outright theft of private property to benefit corporate interests and to subject the American public to yet another round of foreign agreements.  It is another program that supposedly the FDA and USDA will administer not according to US laws and regulations, but rather to facilitate illegal trade agreements, standards and regulations which put the rights of investors and corporations above that of individuals or communities.


The data mined information on gps location and any other gathered information about livestock producers and farmers is being compiled on the Oracle database.  Although the Oracle server is located in Texas, the actual files collected have been moved to storage in Canada making them unavailable even under FOIA requests. 


It makes me sick to think that this is our government; this is our government working against us.


Marti Oakley


NAIS: Another link in the attempts to control food supplies worldwide

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ppjg (C) 2009 Marti Oakley

Anyone who has researched the history of the National Animal Identification System realizes very quickly this global strategy being pushed by the toxic Monsanto Corporation, Genus and PIC, is nothing less than a plan to seize control of the worlds food production on every level.  And, like the efforts to convert water from a human right, to one of a commodity to be sold only to those who can afford it, food of all kinds, from all sources will no longer be a human right if these Frankenfood corporations and the United Nations are successful.


Genus, and other corporations who are jumping on the bandwagon in the hopes of patenting animal genetic resources, is the primary force behind NAIS.  The USDA is a willing and compliant partner, acting as lawmaker, spy, judge and executioner.  The USDA having been reported repeatedly for illegal search and seizure is allowed to act as a mercenary agency on behalf of these private interests without reprimand from congress.  In fact, you would never know we even have a congress when it comes to NAIS and the actions of USDA.


The biotech company’s intent is to monopolize existing breeds of farm animals just as they have done with genetically altered seeds.  73% of all grain now grown in the US is genetically altered and patented.  The intent is to pirate all grain crops using seed which, in the case of Monsanto, is only “leased” to the farmer…not sold.  This according to a rule Monsanto developed itself, after the seeds had been sold.  Using this rule, Monsanto is suing farmers…..after sending their own mercenary agents storming onto private land collecting samples and seizing crops. 

The ‘inventors’ of animal breeds  from No Patents on Seeds

“Corporations like PIC and Genus, who are among the biggest international players in the animal breeding sector, are especially active in buying up other firms and patent applica­tions filed. Monsanto is on the other hand entering this business as a relative outsider, having been basically active in a different area. This company has not only bought its way into pig breeding and filed patents having a broad cover­age, it has also concluded extensive licensing agreements with the genome company, MetaMorphix, which has for its part filed numerous patent applications in this sphere.”   http://www.no-patents-on-seeds.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=53&Itemid=42

Rather than advancing biodiversity which is the claim of not only biotech, but also the United Nations, genetic alteration of existing breeds of livestock and the resulting patents would seriously reduce diversity.  Hybrids, which would result from the genetic tampering, would be highly susceptible to disease if such tampering did not actually create new and unknown diseases. 


 “The US company Monsanto, net sales 7 billion USD, is better known for its leadership in genetically modified seed than in livestock genes. But with Monsanto’s acquisition, cooperation and patent policy regarding cattle and pig, it in a few years may well dominate gene markets not only with regard to plants but also to livestock. In 2004 it entered a strategic and exclusive collaboration with the genetic research company MetaMorphix, giving Monsanto access to the completest available swine genome data available/                                                               http://www.no-patents-on-seeds.org/images/documents/livestock_genetics_.pdf                                                                                                               

Genetic alteration is not the same as selective breeding where livestock is carefully bred to produce the best qualities of the breed.  Genetic alteration generally is done to accelerate growth or production at the expense of the animal.  

The wildly false claims Monsanto made about recombinant bovine growth hormone [rBGH] is a prime example of the harsh affects of forcing accelerated growth or production.  Monsanto claimed rBGH increased production by at least 20%.  They just failed to tell the farmer or consumer the 20% was the result of mastitis and the increase was the amount of pus in the milk that resulted from using the growth hormone.    http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/food/foodsafety/dairy/no-rbgh

In order for genetic patenting to overtake independent livestock producers, it is necessary to know who is breeding what and where is it located.  That’s where NAIS comes in.  This system, if it isn’t stopped, will catalogue all farm and ranch animals and domestic pets. Once catalogued, this data will all be held in corporate data banks which will tell the biotech company just exactly where to establish their altered breeds.  As with the contamination of natural crops by uncontrolled genetically altered seeds, companies such as Monsanto will develop herds in close proximity to natural herds and wait for the opportunity to present itself for cross-breeding.  Once they are assured this has happened, the livestock owner will be sued, just like the seed farmer, and a valuable natural herd will be stolen and the USDA will likely be doing the herding. 

Behind all of the USDA grandstanding about needing to be able to track disease outbreaks, lays the true intent.  The USDA is not concerned with food safety or animal disease outbreaks.  USDA is facilitating the data collection necessary to locate, identify and seize natural herds and to establish industrialized factory farms to replace independent farms and ranches in the US. 

Every effort must be expended to not only halt any further activity in implementing NAIS, but also to abolish the USDA which has become nothing more than a mercenary enforcement arm of biotech pirates. 


No patents on Seeds                                                                                                                                                                    



Monsanto rBGH/ pus in milk


International Agreements Relevant to the Management of Farm Animal Genetic Resources





Kenneth R. Timmerman: Israeli Mossad Front Man to Iranian Expatriates?

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By Mark Dankof for the American Free Press

It may be more than significant that Kenneth R. Timmerman, neo-conservative columnist par excellence, has been recently interested in covering Iranian expatriate political activities in Europe and the United States designed to produce regime change in Tehran, most notably the recent “Iran Solidarity” conference held earlier this month in Paris.

Timmerman, of course, is the author of the now infamous disinformation piece published by Insight Magazine of the Moonie-owned Washington Times on October 15, 2002, alleging Saddam Hussein’s possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The Insight headline advertising the essay, published half a year before Bush’s preemptive military action in Iraq in early 2003, says it all:


How Saddam Got Weapons of Mass Destruction: Saddam Hussein’s War Machine Is Being Built Systematically to Strike At the United States With New Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons Designed to Kill Millions.

Mr. Timmerman bases his now totally discredited case for war with Iraq on the “intelligence” provided by the nefarious Ahmad Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress’s (INC) committee of six, based in London in late 2002. And what he doesn’t say in the essay of 56 months ago is as significant as the falsehoods pathetically put to paper on apparent behalf of his suspected master handlers in both Washington and Tel Aviv. In demonizing Mr. Hussein, he conveniently manages not to remind his readers of the long-standing relationship between Saddam and American intelligence, going back to the former’s role as a CIA-hired trigger man selected to shoot the then-Prime Minister of Iraq in a failed assassination attempt in 1958. Nor does the Moonie-employed columnist bother to tell the uninitiated and unsuspecting about Hussein’s pivotal performance as an instrument of Western intelligence agencies in provoking the eight year war between Iraq and Iran from 1980-88. Why? The answers may lie between the lines of the original text of the now embarrassing Insight story, still accessible on the Net by clicking here.

The public professional and political connections of Kenneth R. Timmerman are similarly suggestive. The online news service, The Newshoggers, informs the reader that:


“Mr. Timmerman is also Executive Director of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, an organization which he co-founded with PNAC founding member Peter Rodman, who is currently United States Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs and some prominent Iranian dissident figures. As such, you might expect (and you would be right to do so) that this Foundation has the ear of the Bush administration, GOP members on the Hill and prominent neoconservative thinkers. The Foundation has a distinctly secular bent, unsurprising given Mr. Timmerman’s negative opinions of the Islam in that country, and is dedicated to assisting regime change in Iran.”More surprising, perhaps – and not mentioned in any official bio – is his presence on the Advisory Board of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) – an honor he currently shares with Rep. Eric Cantor, Michael Ledeen, Jack Kemp and Richard Perle. Past Board members include Vice President Dick Cheney, US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, and Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith. A heady and powerful grouping. JINSA, it has been alleged, is closely allied to neoconservative advocates of pre-emptive regime change and to the AIPAC group which is currently embroiled in a spying scandal.

“It appears, then, that Mr. Timmerman and his Foundation for Democracy in Iran are very well placed indeed to gain a great measure of influence and power should the US institute force regime change in Iran. Iranian members of his organization could reasonably expect high political office as appointees of any occupation authority in the same way that Ahmed Chalabi and Iyad Allawi were in Iraq. The parallels are obvious – providing shaky evidence and allegations of a WMD program to help foment a war that catapults them into political office.”



And Mr. Timmerman’s war will foment the deaths of thousands of innocent Iranians and apocalyptic blowback against the United States worldwide. This is apparently what the American and Israeli governments have militarily planned via CONPLAN 8022, along with the support of both the CIA and the Mossad for regional separatist groups operating within Iranian borders, in Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Khuzestan, and Balochistan.

There is one other significant item to report. I am informed by a former seasoned covert operative in the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations that Kenneth R. Timmerman was once “the editor of a Mossad-financed newsletter based in Paris, France.” Paris, France, as previously mentioned, was the recent venue of the “Iran Solidarity Conference.”




Coincidence? The report in my possession has also been personally corroborated by Philip Giraldi of Pat Buchanan’s The American Conservative.

True Iranian patriots who have their own reasons for wanting regime change in Iran, like Shirin Neshat of Sarbazan, beware.

Mark Dankof is the voice of Mark Dankof’s America, heard live on the Republic Broadcasting Network, 7-10 am Central time. He was the Constitution Party candidate for the United States Senate in Delaware in 2000. His articles may be found through his blog with Al Bawaba of Amman, Jordan, and at http://www.MarkDankof.com.


From APFN: The Bankruptcy of The United States

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 Read this important and revealing article from APFN about the bankruptcy of the US……..decades ago.  Click on the link to read the full document. 


The Bankruptcy of The United States

The receivers of the United States Bankruptcy are the International
Bankers, via the United Nations, the World Bank and the International
Monetary Fund. All United States Offices, Officials, and Departments are now
operating within a de facto status in name only under Emergency War Powers.
With the Constitutional Republican form of Government now dissolved, the
receivers of the Bankruptcy have adopted a new form of government for the
United States. This new form of government is known as a Democracy, being an
established Socialist/Communist order under a new governor for America. This
act was instituted and established by transferring and/or placing the Office
of the Secretary of Treasury to that of the Governor of the International
Monetary Fund. Public Law 94-564, page 8, Section H.R. 13955 reads in part:
“The U.S. Secretary of Treasury receives no compensation for representing
the United States.”

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms


As a person who tends to lean more to the left on most issues, I have to draw the line in the sand when it comes to the 2nd Amendment to our Bill of Rights. This one amendment, more than any other signifies our freedom. This is the marker that separates us from other countries and societies. We have the freedom and the right to keep and bear arms. We have the right to defend ourselves…..even from our own government.

The repeated calls for repealing the 2nd Amendment, or efforts to diminish its intent, usually come after yet another disturbing incident that was allowed to go totally out of control, and then incessantly broadcast by what is supposed to be our news sources until we reach a point of saturation. This is quickly followed by calls for disarming American’s.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear here; If someone is intent on killing you or several of you, not having a gun will not stop them. People are poisoned, stabbed, strangled, beaten to death, set on fire and die from multiple causes inflicted by another individual every day of the week. This is not because American’s have the right to own guns.


             I find it odd that more people die each year from drunk drivers than from gun incidents. Yet no one calls for another prohibition. There are no passionate pleas to ban alcohol; no diatribes on how alcohol consumption is killing innocent people. Besides, this might infringe on YOUR rights.

The right to keep and bear arms is not the cause of rampage killings. It’s the individual who decided to kill other human beings who is the cause. A gun can kill no one until an individual picks it up and uses it. Just like knives can’t stab anyone unless someone picks them up and uses them as a weapon. In a fatal car crash resulting from drunk driving……who or what is at fault; the vehicle or the driver?

The flaw in all the arguments for banning private gun ownership is that somehow by taking away this right, everything will be just peachy. It won’t be. The same individuals who are intent on inflicting injury or death to others will simply find some other means of getting the job done. People are the real threat……not the weapons they choose. Taking away the right to own guns does not and will not reduce that threat.

When the Bill of Rights was assembled, the second most important issue to the founders was this right to keep and bear arms. Of all the other rights enumerated, this was paramount in establishing a free society. They also knew that it is only when government has worked secretly against its own people they become afraid of them and seek to disarm them.

The 2nd Amendment is the lynch pin of our freedom. As a nation we identify ourselves as free people by virtue of the fact that we can keep and bear arms if we choose to. And it is exactly this reason that so many want to see it repealed. The loss of this right would be psychologically devastating as so many would see it for what it is…..the true end of our freedom.

Right now the major source for attacks on the 2nd Amendment, are being directed through the United Nations. Yesterday, Senator Obama put a bill on the floor of the senate called the Global Poverty Act. This act would mandate not only a 7% tax on our GDP, but also calls for the banning of small arms. Small arms and weapons includes, hunting rifles and shotguns, not just handguns.

Attacks on the 2nd Amendment have come from all quarters. The efforts to paint it as “all liberals want to ban guns, and all conservatives don’t” is just more staging. The fact is, our government wants us disarmed; its just that no one wants to be seen as the perpetrator of this unconstitutional infringement on our rights.

Using the UN to implement the disarming of America also makes us vulnerable to international law as opposed to our own sovereign laws. International law does not recognize the right of the individual to defend himself, claiming that to do so is a crime in its self.

The UN also claims that this ban is necessary to protect women and children, and those who wish to commit suicide. This would be the same UN that sits by idly while hundreds of thousands die as a result of genocide. Where are there concerns about women and children and the suicidal then?

The real aim of the Global Poverty Act and its intent to disarm America is to make sure that we have no way to fight back. And as Americans, we most likely would.

For those who disagree with this, don’t worry about it. Once the North American Union is established we won’t have any rights at all, much less the 2nd Amendment. One of the first things that will be done after the merger is complete is to abolish the bill of rights and then to disarm the public….. leaving you completely at the mercy of the military and local law enforcement.

Marti Oakley

copyright 2008

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