I just got online……..pulled up my browser and clicked my link for my own blog….the PPJ Gazette……and this is what showed up on my screen.


To Whom It May Concern:

No.  I do not want to fill out a personal history, and neither do I want to clear my IP address as I have done nothing to warrant this.  In any event, I am not required to justify to you or anyone else why I opened my own blog up or why I looked up anything else for that matter, on my own computer from my own home. 

I noticed that “clippy” as he is called….jumped up on the screen with this same prompt when I accessed opencongress.org, Constitution Forum, and my own name. Another time he appeared when I was playing online solitaire. 

I have no doubt my blog, my name, and the articles I have been writing for several years have earned me a spot on at least a few of your notorius blacklists.  You know the ones.  Where everyone who speaks out against the illegal policies and actions of this government are added to lists such as “suspected terrorist”.  Terrorist “watchlist”……”You breathe so you could be a terrorist” list.  Or Bachmann’s “Everybody but me could be a terrorist” list! 

Just so I make myself plain here, the justification for my search terms is this:

I WANTED TO!  That’s all the justification I need.  And you need to stop invading my privacy.  Find something worthwhile to do……like looking for those real terrorists …….that’s what you are getting paid for.  After all, we have been told for eight years how they are lurking under every rock, around every corner and are supposedly just lying in wait here on the net with big plans on how to brainwash us all into anti-American radicalism.

It is you who are the terrorists.  You who are consumed with radical ideology, and you who have been one of the greatest causes of loss of trust in our government.  What kind of person takes on this kind of job?  Was it lack of character?  Lack of integrity?  What flaw in your personality, or combination of flaws qualified you for this position? 

The fact is, the TIA isn’t trying to catch terrorists……they are simply spying on us, gathering useless information to add to piles of other useless information.  I guess when you are part of a government that has done so much to harm its own people and to betray them……you come to fear them.

(C)2008  Marti Oakley