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by: Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

___If you are too lazy to get up off your butts and support those who are standing up publicly to defend and demand YOUR rights, the least you can do is keep your sorry mouths shut and stop participating and supporting those talking heads who parrot the government line about how these patriots are some kind of big threat to you.”_______________________________________

As a country, I believe we have lost our minds.  The corruption in our government is so pervasive, so extraordinarily blatant and so offensive and yet we allow, and some of us even participate in the castigation of those who have the spine to stand up in their own self defense, and yours too!  Many of us participate in the demonizing of anyone who dares to express not only their discontent, but also their rage over the criminal activities that no one even attempts to hide from the public anymore; and why should they?  When anyone does speak out, MSM(for morons) snaps to attention and immediately begins the demonizing and marginalizing of anyone who would be so foolish as to express their constitutional right and duty, to dissent.

I find it not only offensive but also disgusting that instead of supporting those who are trying to reclaim our sovereign rights as states, as individuals, many of us sit rapturously listening to the white-washed propaganda that pretends to be “news”.  If you are too lazy to get up off your butts and support those who are standing up publicly to defend and demand YOUR rights, the least you can do is keep your sorry mouths shut and stop participating and supporting those talking heads who parrot the government line about how these patriots are some kind of big threat to you.   The only people who need to fear the patriot movement are the same people who are dismantling this country a piece at a time and those people go by titles such as senator, representative, secretary, czar, and yes, even president.  And there are more than a few big corporations who are vested stakeholders in this too, and want this movement stopped by any means possible.  More

MSM (for morons) continues its propaganda against the patriot movement

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by Marti Oakley (c) copyright 2010 All Rights reserved


I tried watching some of the MSM news last evening, or what is supposed to be news, which appears quite devoid of any meaningful content.  Maybe it is just a difference in what I believe to be relevant and what most other people consider imperative information.  For some strange reason, I don’t find Tiger Woods philandering or his loss of a golf tournament to be “news”.  I don’t give a damn what celebrity is having a birthday or who just entered some rehabilitation clinic for a problem they have no intentions of correcting.

What does seem to be of tremendous importance to virtually every news broadcaster out there is the Patriot movement.  In what appears to be an almost desperate attempt to diffuse this growing grassroots movement, nearly every broadcast at one point or another takes its shots at the rising number of individuals and groups who have had the unmitigated gall to stand up and say they have had enough: Enough of government power grabs, intrusions into privacy, the wholesale selling off of American assets paid for by taxpayers and the ever increasing debt that we, the public, are somehow responsible for paying back. More

AXxiom for Liberty Reports: Welcome to “Crash the Tea Party”


Live Link:  AXxiom for Liberty

Welcome to “Crash the Tea Party”

About Us


WHO WE ARE:  A nationwide network of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are all sick and tired of that loose affiliation of racists, homophobes, and morons; who constitute the fake grass-roots movement which calls itself “The Tea Party.” More

MN Tax Day Freedom Rallies – Come to One or More!

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Please come to the Tax Day Freedom Tea Party rallies around the state of Minnesota on Thursday, April 15, 2010.

I will be speaking at the Tea Parties in Milaca and the State Capitol.
Below are the TWO flyers for the rallies.

Twila Brase, R.N., PHN
Citizens’ Council on Health Care
Host, Health Freedom Minute, AM 1280
Weekdays at 7:03, 11:03, 2:03, 5:03 More



by Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved


Forwarded to us from our friends Laurel Hughes and Judy Rainey, Hosts:

End Time Radio News Program

WKTO 88.9 FM   163 Flamingo RoadEdgewater, FL 32141
Phone: 386-957-1932 E-Mail: endtimeradionews@yahoo.com www.wkto.news
who had this to say:   “Funny how you never see this in the MSN CNN NBC ABC CBS, et al propaganda.  Similar to that “small” Tea Party rally in D.C. when Obama left town and the media reported a “light turnout.”  For the life of me these people don’t look like militia or right wing extremists but then, I never could trust my lying eyes.”  ___________________________
Tea Party Rally to Oust “Dingy Harry” Reid – Searchlight, Nevada – March 27, 2010 Photos © 2010 – American Border Patrol

Although the MSM(for morons) never reported a word on this, several thousands of people from all walks of life and every conceivable political party or affiliation stood up to say “no more”.  Far from the “right wing radical” label attached by blacklisting groups such as Southern Poverty Law Center, these crowds are a cross-section of patriotic Americans who want their country back from the fascists, the elite and the corporations.  The only people who showed up for this rally with the intention to create violence were those wearing government uniforms and law enforcement. 

Mounting public rejection of “McCain the Candidate” after submitting S. 3081


Update from: Dan Scott re: S.3081 The Enemy Belligerent Act


April 2nd, Rep. David Vitter a co-sponsor of McCain’s S.3081 legislation, after criticism from liberals and libertarians, withdrew his support. McCain currently is short one necessary co-sponsor. Prudently I must consider Vitter’s withdraw may have been done to (attenuate) mounting public rejection of “McCain the Candidate” resulting from Americans learning about McCain’s insidious legislation. Meanwhile S.3081 lays in wait. More

Dallas Tea Party Invites Olbermann look-a-likes at MSNBC

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Looks like poor Keith bit one this time.  I personally attend Tea Partys, sovereignty meetings, Constitution gatherings and support Oathkeepers.  I’m not young, or Republican or even Democrat for that matter. And I surely was not in a crowd of all white people.  More

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