The emergence of Vaccine induced Diseases


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What government commissions the developement of a special virus for which there is no known human immune response?  Ours did.  Who were they intending to use this virus on? Apparently, us. 


On virtually every level, whether it is food, water, medications or the contamination of our environment across the board including the air we breathe, we, as human beings, are under attack.  The view of the worlds’ populations by corporate, scientific, pharmaceutical, military and even our respective governments is, one of contempt.  None view the populations of the earth as anything more than potential test subjects for a wide array of experimentations of all kinds.  We are the test rats in the maze. In fact, we are considered disposable and detested by the world’s elite.  

Vaccines, disease, death:

What are we subjecting our infants, toddlers and young children to? And even ourselves, as adults?  Every jab of the vaccine needle injects a DNA altering soup and infects the new host with live and thought to be dead viruses supposedly because this will protect us from some infection or disease. The injections also contain carcinogens, heavy metals, wild viruses, mutated proteins, and the dna in the vaccine can be transfective and recombinant, meaning it can combine with human DNA and mutate.  More

Vaccines, genocide and terrorism

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Think you can trust the government to protect you from bioterrorism?  Watch this video, loaded with facts and documents showing nothing could be further from the governments intent. Read the timeline provided for the video to see what has and is happening under the guise of “government protection”.   Marti



timeline of content

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In lies we trust – video by Dr. Len Horowitz

Find it on video.google.com total time 2hrs30mins38sec

See times corresponding to the video for each entry below:

11:48 New wars on diseases and terrorism provides economic stability without traditional war.

New wars keep growing populations manageable and large corporations in business.
Functions of war are necessary for political, economic, and social progress.

13:30 Report from Iron mountain (Henry Kissenger and David Rockefeller):

“The functions of war are essential to survival of social systems we know today”

“A viable political substitute for war must posit a generalized external menace to each society of a nature and degree sufficient to require the organization and acceptance of political authority”

14:00 Substitutes for war and population control:

A way to control populations without destroying expensive infrastructures, as in past world wars.

The Iron mountain report suggested economic substitutes for war:

A comprehensive social welfare program, and a giant open ended space research program.

An omni-present international police force (united nations), and the global war on terrorism (including a fictitious enemy)

Social control through a modern sophisticated form of slavery.

Ecological bio-terrorism, and human genetic destruction, was also recommended in the report by the think tank (Henry Kissenger, David Rockefeller).

“A comprehensive program of applied eugenics” Genenetic Culling and Killing.

16:04 Jim Marrs – Corporate control of the state. Socalism and Facism to benefit corporations. “National Socialism” (facism is corporatism).

27:10 Cancer viruses in Vaccines kill slowly and result in costly pharmecueticals and health care (very lucrative and profitable).

GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) are another vehicle to make the population sick (and generate business for the medical industry).

28:25 Biological weapons (weaponized viruses) used as cover.

Chemical and biological intoxication allow for plausible deniability.

27:40 Command and control warfare (C2W).

The use of new methods of control may run contrary to American values. The media has been used to change those values; to accept new wars and methods of conducting war.

Biological weapons are key to plausible deniability. More

Cry of the Heart…Medical Terrorism of Vaccinations/ pdf book online

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Occasionally when I am researching a topic I come across information so well supported it stuns me.  This pdf online book is so well written, so full of information and resources.  Any doubts you had about the real intention of forced vaccinations is exposed.  Written by a doctor and supported by many other doctors the iinformation on who, what, where and why, are here.  Marti







Excerpted from page 99 of “Cry of the Heart”



“Most people assume vaccines are “sterile” and germ free. But sterilizing a vaccine can destroy the necessary immunizing protein that makes it work. Thus, contaminating viruses or viral “particles” can sometime survive the vaccine process.”

Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D


Undetected animal viruses may jump the species barrier and this is exactly what happened during the 1950s and 1960s when millions of people were infected with polio vaccines that were contaminated with the SV-40 virus undetected in the monkey organs used to prepare the vaccines. It was discovered that polio vaccines manufactured in monkey kidney tissue between 1955 and 1963 were contaminated with a monkey virus (SimianVirus, number 40). Although it is known that this virus causes cancer in experimental animals, health authorities insist it does not cause problems in humans. “But evidence of SV40 genetic material has been popping up in human cancers and normal tissue.


Researchers are now connecting SV40-contaminated polio vaccines to an increasing number of rare cancers of the lung (mesothelioma) and bone marrow (multiple myeloma)” wrote Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D.  


The last thing anyone wants to hear is that the exalted polio vaccine is linked to cancer. Too much is at stake. Implicating a vaccine contaminant in cancer, even if the contamination occurred some forty years ago, if widely known, would shake public confidence in vaccines in general, and this simply cannot be allowed by the organizations that control information about such things.


In 1993, at the National Cancer Institute, in Bethesda, Maryland (NIH), Dr. Michele Carbone, a pathologist, and Dr. Antonio Procopio, a professor of experimental pathology in Italy, did intensive research on human brain and bone cancer tissue samples and discovered that they were loaded with the monkey virus: 60 percent of the mesothelioma samples contained SV40 DNA. Moreover, Carbone found that in most of samples he tested, the monkey virus was active, producing proteins, suggesting to Carbone that the

SV40 was not just an opportunistic “passenger virus” that had found a convenient hiding place in the malignant cells but was likely to have been involved in causing the cancer. This was the first time that researchers had put forward hard evidence that the all-but-forgotten vaccine contaminant was causing cancer in human beings. “There is no doubt that SV40 is a human carcinogen. SV40 is definitely something you don’t want in your body,” said Dr. Carbone, who is a seventh in a chain of physicians in his family. SV40 is “the smallest perfect war machine ever,” Carbone murmurs.” He’s so small. But he’s got everything he needs.”


Scientists in no less than seventeen major laboratories in the United States, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, and New Zealand—have confirmed Carbone’s and Procopio’s research with respect to the presence of SV40 in human mesothelioma.


Dr. Beatrice Eddy appeared before Congress in 1972 and told the members that if they continued to allow contaminated vaccines to go out there would be an epidemic of cancer over the next twenty years.


In the fall of 1996 an Italian research team, led by Mauro Tognon, of the University of Ferrara, announced that it had found SV40 DNA in a large percentage of brain tumors, and even worse found the virus in 45 percent of the sperm samples and 23 percent of the blood samples they tested from healthy people, suggesting that the monkey virus could spread through sexual contact or unscreened blood products. Federal health officials

concerned that any link between SV40 and human cancers would frighten people away from the polio vaccine and vaccination in general have, as usual, found other scientists to cast a shadow of doubt on the work of all these researchers demanding that “more” proof be supplied.” (end excerpt)




If nothing else, begin your reading on page 101 “Vaccine Experiments”.  The dangers and true intent of vaccines are staggering.


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