“Who Will Re-start America’s Engine?”


By Ron  Ewart, President
National Association of Rural  Landowners
and  nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights  issues.
We  are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the  globe.
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“Our gas tank is empty   and there is a combination lock on the gas cap.  Government won’t  release the combination.  If we can’t get the gas cap off, we can’t  fill the tank with fuel and our engine will never run again!  Is this  true?”  Ron Ewart
In all of our wars and all of the  difficulties we have faced as a nation in the last 235 years, if we would let a  little thing like a combination lock get in the way of where we wanted to go,  America would have never gotten where it is.  If there was a wall, we went  over it, around it, under it ….. or through it.  If there was a lock in  our way, we “picked it” or blew it up.  If there was a frontier, we  explored it.  If there was a beachhead, we took it.  If there was a  tyrant, we pulled his teeth and rendered him impotent ….. or dead.  If  there was a bridge to be built, we built it.  If we wanted to go into  space, into space we went.   Literally nothing stood in the way of  Americans, when they wanted to create something, build something, stop a  dictator, or get to a place where they wanted to go.   We were  unstoppable and contrary to popular opinion, we still are.
When a person or a nation was in  need, we met that need out of the greatness, goodness and kindness of  our collective hearts.  Americans are the most generous people on planet  earth and don’t let anyone tell you different.  We could do all these  things because we were not only free, but that freedom allowed us to create the  wealth from which we were able to BE generous.
Which brings us to today.  How  is it that Americans, who not only carved out an  unprecedented free society based on unalienable individual rights as a gift  from our creator at a horrendous sacrifice, conquered a continent, but who also  created a country of vast wealth and riches, would a let a little thing like an  Obama, or a corrupt Congress, or a mis-guided judiciary that have  thrown our unalienable rights and our constitution to the wolves, stand in the  way of reclaiming our freedom and our Republic?  Have we lost our  courage to enter into a fight to prevent being enslaved?  Are we so afraid  of losing what we have, that we would back away from aggressively  challenging those that are trying to take it away, even if those that are trying  to take it away are some of our own people?  Just because our enemy is a  domestic one and not a foreign enemy does that preclude us from taking them  on?  Have we grown so timid and apathetic that we shrink in  fear when a fight is thrust upon us and ladies and gentlemen, a fight is  being thrust upon us like never before?  It is a deadly fight between  two opposing ideologies and a government that uses those opposing ideologies to  divide, conquer and enslave us. More

“Rise Up Americans!”

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By Ron Ewart,  President National Association of Rural Landowners and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues. We are spreading the message of American Freedom around the globe.  © Copyright January 20, 2009 – All Rights Reserved


 Where is it written that Americans, who have been granted life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by their Creator, at great cost, have to accept anything less?  Why must we accept slavery in place of liberty?  Why should we accept mediocrity in place of achievement and excellence.  Why must we accept debauchery and corruption in place of morality? 

Why must we accept our sovereignty being blurred by the one-world-order and centralized control of world power by the moneyed elite?   Why is it we should allow millions of illegal aliens to flood into our country, take advantage of our government-mandated generosity and exclude legal Americans from available employment?  How can we just sit there and do nothing when radical environmental laws eradicate what is left of our property rights?   Since the time of the Magna Carta in 1215 and later in the writings of John Locke, it has been known that without property rights, no other rights are possible.

By what right or authority does government have, to use our tax money, that is taken from us at the point of a gun, to reward failure, penalize success and choose winners and losers, that only the free markets should be able to do in a free society?  Under what law does the non-producer have a right to the fruits and labors of the producer, except by the voluntary generosity of that producer? More

Ohio Issue 2: Cementing Corporate Agribusiness

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A full copy of the proposed assault on the Ohio constitution is attached at the end of this article.  Thanks to www.ohioacts.org for compiling this comprehensive statement on what this proposed coup against Ohio sovereign citizens will actually do.

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T046942A Ohio Issue 2: Cementing Corporate Agribusiness

 Issue 2 on the November ballot is an industry attempt to change the Ohio state constitution, establishing a “Livestock Care Standards Board” that would have unchecked power to establish standards for livestock and poultry. Technically the product of the Ohio General Assembly, the ballot issue is heavily backed by groups representing major agribusiness interests, including the Ohio Farm Bureau and The Ohio Pork Producers Council.

While masquerading as an attempt to improve food safety and animal welfare, Issue 2 in reality is an attempt by big industry to preempt statewide initiatives like the recent Proposition 2 in California,2 which phased out problematic animal production practices like battery cages for chickens. In effect, the proposed Livestock Care Standards Board would give a dozen political appointees broad and unchecked power to decide rules on animal welfare, potentially reshaping regulations on how animals are raised, tracked or traced.  READ


ppjg-48 Commentary by:  Marti Oakley with Paul Griepentrog

It appears as a result of the massive backlash against the seizure of the US food production and supply as outlined in Hr 2749 which passed the House on July 30, 2009, the corporate agricultural producers who thought they had it in the bag, who were going to be handed total control of US food production and supply as a result of political cronyism, aren’t quite getting what they wanted as fast as they anticipated. More

Minnesota joins the sovereignty sideshow….blah, blah, blah

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All the legislative saber rattling by successive states, declaring sovereignty, is less than meaningless.  With the exception of a little huffing and puffing by New Hampshire, these resolutions, laws or whatever they are suppose to be, fall by the wayside just as quickly as they appeared.  There is no follow up, no statement of position on any issue and absolutely no intention of actually asserting states rights over the federal government. 


On February 19, 2009, in what was an outright partisan piece of grandstanding, twenty Republicans in the Minnesota House co-sponsored yet another of these absurd declarations.  Although this declaration is worded to sound as if these sponsors were really concerned with federal creep and encroachment, this newly created declaration stopped short of specifying just exactly what the state of Minnesota would not participate in, subject itself to, or would reject on constitutional grounds. 


In fact, not one state issued any specifics or any statements of what these declarations would be used to avoid. 


Personally, I would think states making declarations of this kind would be not only newsworthy, but, I think they would also merit some little piece of acknowledgment, some little sign either from congress or the president that some kind of paradigm shift was occurring and they were aware of it.  Last nights speech from President Obama somehow omitted any reference to these declarations and not one congress person in the Washington District of Criminals has made one statement or reference to their own respective states declarations of sovereignty.  Not one.


In fact, not only is no one in the federal government even remotely concerned with these faux declarations, the D.C. political mafia is moving ahead with long planned expansions in government, more regulations and control, and more intrusion into the ordinary lives of people whose greatest mistake was electing these same individuals time and again and failing to boot out the majority of them in either house.


When I see declarations from any state that includes specifics on what the state will not comply with or what it will actually prohibit the federal government from mandating, I’ll be impressed.  As it is, I don’t see anything but meaningless gestures with no intent to back them up.  What’s the point?


© 2009 Marti Oakley




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