BLM “Drought” Plans Get Rid of Wild Horses & Livestock


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The Nevada Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Drought Management Environmental Assessments have omitted any mention of the big water guzzling uses, like mining, oil and gas development and solar, but go into detail in an array of plans to get rid of more wild horses and livestock (which compared to these other uses, hardly use any water).

The BLM has gone all out to make the public believe that man-made causes of drought (less water and palomino-valley-captiveforage because of huge water use by extractive industries), don’t even exist. While the BLM feigns concern about severe drought in Environmental Assessments (EAs), the BLM doesn’t mention one peep about curtailing any usage of water or land by mining, oil and gas development, or solar (which can also use a lot of water) on public lands.

This is the Industrialization of the West, under the guise of “drought.”

On the BLM Nevada Drought Information webpage, the Nevada BLM Drought Handbook  mentions a few other issues, like closing roads and recreation permit stipulations.

But the BLM District Drought Management Environmental Assessments for the Ely, Elko, Winnemucca and Battle Mountain BLM Districts, all contain similar language and focus on removing and diminishing the wild horses and livestock, but NOT one word about mining, oils and gas development, or solar. The BLM has just buried this.

Below are my comments on the Ely District Drought Management Environmental Assessment.


A Shortage Of Common Sense

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Green Fuels Could Damage Environment, Study Claims
By Stephen Jones
Epoch Times Staff


“However, the study claims that palm oil, the most common form of biofuel, effectively increases emissions by 31 percent because of the carbon released when forests are turned into plantations.”

Good grief! The buzz-cutting of the Earth’s flora has to stop!

The sun is up from eight-and-three-quarters to thirteen-and-a-half hours every day.

The problem is NOT finding a source of energy, i.e., “biofuel.”

The problem is storage and distribution of more energy from the sun than one planet can possibly ever use.

Dan Martin

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