The “Powers’” Great Accolade – “Brand Pedo”

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Imagine, if you will, there existed a world populated only by biological automatons that were solely allowed to survive at the behest of a vague commercial bureaucracy. Because of this uncertainty, imagine if none of these automatons realised they were abject properties of a brutal federal control program. If the slave masters, the “authorities”, decided they desired to stamp their immense power over will, to “once and for all” demonstrate their authority over the slave classes, could they outlaw or remove all fluid or solid sustenance resources without losing or graphically impairing their prized stock? Could they make the air unfit for consumption or destroy all known shelter to stress their despotic ambition? No, the only the true liberty they could possibly take away without permanently impairing labour is “unnecessarysexuality. That world does exist. It is planet Earth and the ignorant, naive biological automatons are human slaves; fodders dedicated for a system that deliberately transcends spiritual logic and reason in order to complete and maintain its program,  


International Planned Parenthood: Your 10 year old has sexual rights


The article below is pasted directly from the IPPF.  Read it to learn how your child (as young as 10) has sexual rights under the UN’s Rights of the Child.  Parents however, do not possess any rights as this document clearly states. 



Live Link: International Planned Parenthood Federation

What do we mean by ‘young people’?

IPPF defines young people as all people between 10 and 24 years of age. This is the same definition used by the World Health Organization. IPPF recognizes that young people are very diverse and strives to deliver services and programmes that reflect and respect their diversity.

What do we mean when we say ‘all young people are sexual beings’?

Sexuality is a central part of being human for people of all ages, all around the world. Whether or not they are sexually active, young people have feelings, thoughts and experiences relating to their sexual identity, sexual behaviour, sexual organs, etc.

Sexuality is about a lot more than having sex. It is about the social rules, economic structures, political battles and religious ideologies that surround physical expressions of intimacy and the relationships within which such intimacy takes place.”  As external factors have a profound influence on young people and their sexual behaviour throughout their lives, it is in the interest of young people themselves, as well as the public good, to create an environment that is supportive and inclusive of young people’s sexuality.

Do young people have the right to sex?

Like other sexual rights, the right to enjoy sex derives from international agreements that state people have the right to pursue a “satisfying and safe sex life” (ICPD Programme of Action). IPPF is committed to implementing the IPPF Youth Manifesto and to promoting, protecting and upholding the sexual and reproductive health rights of all young people, including the rights:

• to information and education on sexuality
• to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services, including a full range of contraceptives
• to pleasure and confidence in relationships and all aspects of their sexuality
• to participate fully as active members of society

Do young people and children of all ages have the same rights?

Children and young people of all ages have the same rights, More

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