The SCOTUS ruling: Why we need to end lifetime appointments to public offices and establish term limits


by: Marti Oakley (C) copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved


Read SCOTUS Ruling here:PDF Doc.

“This corporation is listed on Dunn & Bradstreet and as with all corporations, it’s first and only fiduciary duty is to make a profit.  This corporation is the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).”

The recent decision by the Supreme Court, based on the claim that the free speech of business would be impaired if corporations were not allowed to finance campaigns directly, instead of having to do things like say…..making a massive contribution in the name of each and every employee or creating soft money PAC’s to make sure their candidate was awash in funding, is no longer necessary.  This would more rightly have been called a “paperwork reduction” ruling.  Corporations no longer have to find ways to hide their massive funding of candidates receptive to their agendas.

Corporations are persons under the law.  They have more rights than a real individual has.  Remember that the next time you hold a product of any sort in your hand, or, you purchase a service; you are actually holding or using the essence of a person.  I know it is so because the Supreme Court has said that it is.  These products and services are the same as a living, breathing human being, so treat them with care.

This decision, which amounted to nothing more than judicial prostitution for corporate profits, was rendered by…you guessed it……a corporation.  This corporation is listed on Dunn & Bradstreet and as with all corporations, it’s first and only fiduciary duty is to make a profit.  This corporation is the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

So who profited and in what way?  More

Keith Olbermann on “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission”


Keith Olbermann reams the jackasses on the Supreme Court who just ruled against the people in favor of corporations. 

The Supreme Court….the first collective jackasses of 2010. 

Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights

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Thom Hartmann’s:

“Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights” (Paperback)

The Seminal Book on How Corporations Came to Have the Same “Rights” as People, Leading to the Disastrous Supreme Court Decision on Jan. 21.

Signed by the Editor of BuzzFlash, With a Personal Note.

by Thom Hartmann

BuzzFlash.com’s Review (excerpt)

Buy this book we have touted before because it brilliantly explains how we got to the point of the disastrous decision against democracy made by a 5-4 vote in the Supreme Court on Jan. 21.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Campaign Finance Regulation

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by: Dan Martin (C)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


“Here is an example of how effective that can be. It was recently announced that Monsanto had reduced Roundup prices 50% from 2008 and 2009 levels. Forget all the hooey from Monsanto over why they did this. Everyone who farms, or who knows a farmer will tell you that the price of Roundup had been jacked up so high that they quit buying it.”


By now, everyone who has been exposed to thirty seconds or more of news is aware that the Supreme Court rendered a decision that strikes down Campaign Finance Regulation, setting back election reform by, some have estimated, one hundred years.

Good gawd, Justice Roberts, CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE! More

Supreme Court lays the groundwork for Republican’s

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In what was widely reported as a “shocking” ruling by the United States Supreme Court, the Supremes declared a lower court’s ruling as illegal, halting any forced attempts by the Ohio GOP to challenge the handling of voter registrations.  The Republicans were demanding that all voter registrations be compared to Department of Motor Vehicle car registrations and any voter not registered there……well, too bad.  Which is all well and good if you own a car and have a license. 

The first flag that should have gone up on this issue was just how fast the Ohio Gop got this in front of the Supreme Court.  Any other case would have taken months if not years.

The second, and most important flag was the ruling against the GOP in Ohio.  This allowed the Secretary of State in Ohio to cease any efforts to compare voter registration with DMV records.  The fact is, she is continuing her efforts to verify new voters, and many old ones. 

What you need to be asking yourself here, is why would the Supreme Court rule on this case with the speed of lightening when they are known to take millenium to address any other case, and why would they rule against the party they are known to favor?

It would appear that the Supremes were helping to lay the groundwork for the contesting of the presidential election.  By refusing to uphold the lower court ruling, and in fact reversing it, the court and the GOP assumed the Secretry of State would end all verification activities.  Once the election took place, if Obama won, they had the legal grounds to contest the vote on the basis of possible fraud backed up by the failure of the S.O.S. to verify the registrations under new rules.  Having already gone as far as the Supreme Court, the GOP has engaged the Court in advance for future interference in the election.

If MCCain wins Ohio…you won’t hear a peep out of them.  Not as though that is likely.  This is one of the same states where the GOP has attempted to disenfranchise voters whose homes have gone into foreclosure.  Why having your home foreclosed upon should preclude you from voting is a response to the public holding Republicans primarily responsible for the financial mess we are in, including the sub-prime mortgage fiasco which netted many of their good friends a fortune.  We can’t have people voting who have been victimized by the corrupt and greedy who were enabled by their Republican cronies over the last eight years.  And in Ohio, a large number of foreclosures have occured and continue to occur.  Not good news for the GOP.

In what has to be one of the more transparent rulings of the Supreme Court, the striking down of the lower court ruling was done to facilitate the contesting of the election results.  The GOP will fall back on both court rulings, claiming voter fraud and will sue to prevent the election results from being finalized. 

I find it absolutely mind blowing that the same political party that paid to have voting machines rigged and hacked in every state, who stormed Florida and demanded that the recount be stopped in 2000, the same party that cheated at every turn and at every opportunity; the same party that was responsible for using felon roles from Texas to cage votes in Florida is now crying foul! 

We are looking at Florida all over again, only this time the GOP had to rely on the Supreme Court as Jeb Bush and Kathryn Harris were not available to rig another state election in favor of Republicans.  In Ohio, former S.O.S. Blackwell is not available to do their dirty work there; not that it matters to him, he was promoted and relocated for his efforts on behalf of the GOP. 

This ruling by the Supreme Court was nothing more than the groundwork needed to contest the presidential election. 

(C) 2008 Marti Oakley

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