Foundations of Evil: Foundations, Depopulation & the Taxpayer

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By Cassandra Anderson
March 8, 2011

Foundations, Depopulation & the Taxpayer

Many “philanthropic” foundations have been used in America as a tax dodge to protect family fortunes, to polish tarnished images of robber barons and worst of all, to make the public fund depopulation and other detrimental policies that benefit the controlling elite.  Some tax-funded depopulation programs include vaccines, genetically modified (GM) crops and “reproductive rights” which is a euphemism for abortion, birth control and sterilization under the elites’ eugenics programs.  Incredibly, the public is paying for its own demise!  This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘death and taxes’.

What is a Foundation?

There are 1.6 million so-called ‘nonprofit’ 501(c)3 organizations in the US. Nonprofits are misnamed and are anything but not-for-profit; a more accurate description is that they are TAX EXEMPT organizations. The two two major types of tax exempt organizations are:

  • Foundations- these are the grantors and they are required to donate 5% of their assets each year to charitable organizations. They enjoy enormous tax breaks from the federal government and pay no income tax, no corporate tax and no capital gains tax. States and local governments may also exempt them from property and sales taxation. Some powerful foundations are extremely influential in setting political policies and making laws that benefit their enterprises and pass the cost onto taxpayers.
  • Nonprofit Organizations or NPOs also enjoy the same tax exemptions as foundations (no income, corporate or capital gains taxes). NPOs are structured like a business and seek grants from foundations, government subsidies and corporate and private donations. They do pursue profits.

Foundations make grants to NPO “charities”.  Assets within foundations are not owned by individuals, but individuals control the assets.  Because they are allowed to continually re-invest assets without taxation, foundations are used to protect family wealth through estate planning; this scheme is now expanding into business development which means that some businesses are seeking to cut their taxes by pretending to be charitable organizations.

Foundations date back to Greek and Roman times.  They became popular with the elites in the U.S. when they created the fraudulent Federal Reserve System and the income tax. 

How the Public Pays for its Own Demise More

Food Freedom Betrayal!

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Organic Consumers Association Funded by Big Pharma!

By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Our food supply is in jeopardy. Not only from outside forces such as poisons from China, but from within. The very people that we look to for guidance seem to be working together to lead us straight into global food governance in the form of Codex Alimentarius. This is especially alarming when you consider that the very organizations such as the USDA and FDA, that are charged with the safeguarding and regulation of our food supply are at the forefront of the battle, leading us straight into worldwide genocide using food as a weapon.

But the USDA and FDA do not stand alone. There are others who consider food to be “fair game” in this war against the people, and they just happen to control some very large purse strings. So, who holds the purse strings behind the push to obliterate any food safeguards we may have? Let’s just pick two – Rockefeller and Merck, then take a closer look at a few of the “trusted” organizations that they fund.  More

Depopulation by Inoculation


Vaccines BHP By Dave Hodges

The Common Sense Show

(Part 1): Motive and Intent

In September of 2007, I interviewed Dr. Lorraine Day, the former Orthopedic Chief of Staff at San Francisco General Hospital and the wife of retired Congressman Bill Dannemeyer, about the evils of the present medical system. The initial portion of the interview went as expected and was filled with scores of examples of pharmaceutical and medical insurance company greed and abuse which has resulted in the deaths of untold numbers of patients. Then Dr. Day dropped a bombshell when, at the conclusion of the interview, she unabashedly stated that the global elite want to murder 95% of the population. I was shocked and my personal reaction, at the time, was to reject her statement as a gross exaggeration. In April of 2009, I interviewed Dr. Rebecca Carley and medical researcher and author, Patrick Jordan, at the very beginning of the swine flu outbreak and both guests made very similar claims with regard to an intentional depopulation program by the global elite. In this particular instance, Dr. Carley and Mr. Jordan pointed to the, as of yet, undeveloped H1N1 flu vaccine from which they claimed would be the primary catalyst in depopulating world in a classic case of the cure being far worse than the disease. More

Blitz of “Cyber Attacks” as Rockefeller Bill Approaches

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Rockefeller Computer copyKurt Nimmo
July 8, 2009

A determined propaganda blitz is well underway as the government sets the stage for the passage of Cybersecurity Act of 2009, introduced in the Senate earlier this year. If passed, it will allow Obama to shut down the internet and private networks. The legislation also calls for the government to have the authority to demand security data from private networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule or policy restricting such access. In other words, the bill allows the government to impose authoritarian control over electronic communications. READ MORE…

Confronting the Psychos


Today, I read this article by Philip S. Wenz, published in the San Francisco Chronicle. Wenz is one of these wide-eyed eco freaks who actually believes that the voluntary suicide of most of humanity is necessary to “save the planet.” I submit that, if anything needs to be saved, it is humanity – from the likes of unhinged psychotics like Wenz.

Here is my email rebuttal to his disgusting diatribe:

Mr. Wenz:Why don’t you show us how committed you are by volunteering to be the first to die? Meanwhile, the rest of us will watch.

First of all, are you aware of the true agenda you’re apparently unwittingly serving? The international globalists, led by such people as the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, were the authors of the entire “ecology movement” from it’s very beginning. Their agenda has nothing to do with “saving the planet” and everything to do with establishing a totalitarian world government – with themselves as its rulers. Their agenda not only entails merging all the world’s nations into a single world government, obliterating the laws of all nations and replacing them with the absolute rule of the World Court, but of also doing away with up to 90% of humanity.

Secondly, if humans are “bad” and need to be exterminated like some pest, then for whom is “going green” intended? Who will be left to witness and appreciate the re-establishment of nature in the wake of our mass suicide? What is the point of annihilating ourselves if we are the only species capable of fully appreciating the beauty of nature? Or hadn’t you thought that far ahead yet? Oh, one more thing; since we are, ourselves, a part of nature, what sense does it make to remove ourselves from it? It was the ancestors of the globalists, i.e., the tyrants of ancient Sumer and Babylon, who established the artificial “civilization” that makes it possible for people to become so divorced from reality as to see humanity as an evil to be eradicated – oh, except for themselves, of course. Are you among those psychotics who plan on being one of the survivors, watching with glee as the rest of us meet our demise?

We’re All In This Together

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One evening in the early 1980s, I was asked by a woman I’d just met, “What kind of a name is Rea?” I thought for a moment and recalled that my father had mentioned we had some sort of Scandinavian connection, but that was all I could come up with. I was totally stumped as to the origins of my own surname and I had to admit I was embarrassed by it. By the way, it’s Scots-Irish, for those who want to know.

This experience got me thinking about how little I knew about my family and its history. It also reminded me of something a neighbor had asked me once, about whether or not I was satisfied with my “place in history.” At the time, I had to answer that I wasn’t sure I even knew what my place in history was, let alone whether or not I was satisfied with it.

It was thinking about these encounters and their implication that I was ignorant of my own past that propelled me to do something about it. I’m the sort of person who feels offended by ignorance, particularly my own, and it was something I just couldn’t allow to continue unabated. So, it was at that point that I began to educate myself, first, about the practice of genealogical research and, having gained enough knowledge of how it is done to at least get started, I began an intellectual journey that has lasted me over twenty-four years, so far, and which I anticipate will remain uncompleted by the time I die.

As I pursued this great new hobby of genealogy over the years, I became aware, about a decade ago, of my connection to the royalty of medieval Europe. It came to me in spurts as I pursued my great-grandmother’s lineage further back in time. First, I began to find lines that stretched back into the 1400s, which was exciting enough, in itself. But, as I dug deeper, these lines began to intersect with aristocrats and nobles of medieval England and France and, eventually, I found my connections to the various monarchs of Europe, whose indiscriminate sexual exploits had produced the lineages of descendants that can be claimed by millions of Americans living today.

Now, while it is exciting to find such people lurking in one’s family tree, I have to say that my approach to it all is a bit more down to earth than some others I have known. For me, the whole pursuit of genealogy is about finding a sense of connectedness with, not only my own family, but with all of the human race. As I got deeper into genealogy and began to explore genetic genealogy; i.e., the practice of using DNA testing to prove linkages to other living individuals who share the same ancestry, I became aware of something profound, which I’d never really thought about before, and that is that we are all, quite literally, cousins. Not “brothers” and “sisters,” as in the Biblical sense, but actual biologically related cousins, albeit many generations removed from each other. This is because we are all of the same species and have all descended from the same small group of humans who first walked out of Africa and populated the rest of the planet some 150,000 years ago.

In light of this, genealogy becomes more of a pastime, a parlor pursuit, especially as it is practiced by those whose focus is on acquiring data on famous people and royalty. All that becomes rather meaningless once one realizes that we are all related by blood and that our connection to each other through our common ancestors lies deep in our species’ past. So, quite literally, we are all cousins – even those whom we hate and revile as evil, as well as all those billions of nameless, faceless “strangers” we see as being somehow separate and apart from ourselves and our immediate families.

That brings me to the focus of this article, which is my own personal connection to some of the most evil people who ever lived. Specifically, I am an eighth cousin, twice removed, of David Rockefeller. Now, after you’ve finished gasping and imagining that I must, therefore, be some sort of Illuminist, myself, let me assure you it isn’t that way at all.

The distinction – and there are many – between myself and men like Rockefeller that I wish to point out is that his kind sees genealogy and breeding as something entirely different from my view of the subject. Rockefeller and his ilk are obsessed with the idea that they are descendants of a superior race of humans who are destined to rule the world and subjugate all others. That is why it is one of their rules that no one be allowed into their little clique of psychotics who isn’t a direct line descendant of one of their own members. They stress that this line be unbroken to the present for at least five generations.

In my own case, I am regarded by the elites as a so-called “commoner,” as my line, while connected to theirs, diverged at some point many generations ago and intermarried with people they would consider to be “outsiders.” So, even if I was predisposed to want to join the elite on the basis of my genealogical background, I could not do so. Nor would I want to, of course, for I share nothing in common – other than being a fellow human – with these mass-murdering scum.

This is why I have published, on my genealogy website, the following notes on my connection to David Rockefeller:

Few men are as evil as David Rockefeller. Didn’t expect to see a statement like that here, did you? Nevertheless, it’s true and I was shocked and embarrassed – no, mortified – to find such a man in my family tree. Now, my family tree is not exactly devoid of such types. There is Eyestein the Wicked, for example, among my Viking ancestors, and, for those who buy into Mel Gibson’s version of the middle ages, there is the villain from “Braveheart,” King Edward I. Even so, their acts of wickedness pale in comparison to David Rockefeller’s.

I say this because David Rockefeller, if not the architect of, is certainly the chief modern instigator and director of the largest ongoing conspiracy to control the world’s wealth – and thus, every man, woman and child’s life along with it. That is as briefly and kindly as I can put it.

If you do some Google searches on David Rockefeller, you will find such seemingly innocuous articles as that found on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Rockefeller), but, it is just as likely you will find the truth about him, as well. I don’t have the time and energy, or the webspace to devote to it all here. The man’s life has been so voluminous in detail that entire books have been written about him (both pro and con, including his own autobiography), as well as books about the globalist organizations and empire he’s created, among which is “The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline,” by James Perloff, which I highly recommend to anyone who cares about the future of America and the world.

Obviously, I’m a man who cares a great deal about the past, but I care more about the future, because that’s where we’re all headed for. Go ahead. Check out David Rockefeller and the globalist network he’s created, which includes the CFR, the Trilateral Commission and many other organizations that together comprise a worldwide network dedicated to acheiving a world government under which the United States of America – as well all the nations of the world – will cease to exist. Edward I could never have dreamed of such power, but David Rockefeller and his family have done so for well over a century – and acted upon those dreams.

Perhaps more damning than anything anyone else has said about David Rockefeller are his own words about himself and his family, in his 2002 book, “Memoirs.”:

“For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” – David Rockefeller”

I went on to list several web-based resources on Rockefeller, in addition to this. So, via my genealogy website, I may reach and awaken people whom I wouldn’t ordinarily reach with that message.

In closing, I’ll say that the main difference in how people like Rockefeller and people like myself see our common genetic inheritance lies in how we feel about humanity, in general. It is the difference between the connectedness that I now feel with all of you and the “us versus them” world view of the elites. It is the elites, through their power structure, who have engineered our attitudes about how we see the world. They want us to view it the same way they do; i.e., that we are separate groups, us and them. Even more so, the elites want you and I to view each other as separate individuals – and as enemies with irresolvable differences. That is why they have continually used their Hegelian system to devise ways to separate us into opposing camps, in order to divide and conquer us all. Once you realize our true place – your true place – in nature, and that we are all part of the same species, the same family of humankind, you will know how false and wicked their plan really is.

The Rockefeller File…….An online book.

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The Rockefeller File

by Gary Allen


                          Table of Contents                               

                                                 1 – The Multi-Billion Dollar Myth

                                                 2 – The Saintly Sinner                                                             

                                                 3 – The Family That Preys Together

                                                 4 – Profit x Philanthropy = Power

                                                 5 – Yes, Virginia, There Is An Establishment

                                                 6 – The Rockefeller Mediacracy

                                                 7 – Surrender By Consent

                                                  8 – Surrender By Conquest

                                                  9 – Building The Big Red Machine

                                                10 – The People Planners

                                                11 – The Great Energy Swindle

                                                12 – The Eternal Power Behind The Throne

                                                13 – Was Nixon Watergated?





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