The militarization of local law enforcement



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The militarization of our local law enforcement agencies now that Homeland Security is running the show, has many communities and individuals sounding the alarm over the escalating violence issuing from these agencies as former public servants have been transformed into public threats.  As public unrest spreads across not only the US but also the globe, the ramping up of military weapons to be used by law enforcement against their own communities, continues to become ever more lethal and is provided routinely for use on protestors and other public gatherings.

Two new weapons have recently surfaced not only here in the US but also in Britain.  The British will be testing out their brand spankin’ new  SMU 100 Laser gun.  What is that you ask?  According to the UK Telegraph:

The laser, resembling a rifle and known as an SMU 100, can dazzle and incapacitate targets up to 500m away with a wall of light up to three metres squared. It costs £25,000 and has an infrared scope to spot looters in poor visibility.

Looters?  How many looters are there running around  Britain that would warrant investing in these weapons?  Have you even heard of any instance in the last ten years where “looters” were ravaging Britain?  Twenty years? Anybody?  Gosh…..I wonder who they are going to use these laser guns on.  Hmmmmm. More

When cops become a street gang….

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J.Speer-Williams (c) 2010 All rights reserved

This letter was received by J. Speer-Williams after his recent article entitled “Are cops more criminal than criminals“?  Since we published that article, many comments and stories have come in regarding the rise of fear across the country, of our law enforcement agencies.  Most law enforcement agencies are no longer the protector of the people and instead of instilling respect and admiration, inspire fear and loathing.  This is a very sad state of affairs. 


Dear Mr.Williams:

Writing about, or even dwelling on this, causes me extreme rage and anxiety. During flashbacks, which have happened perhaps five times in my life, I usually run away and hide somewhere. Usually these spells only happen if I am physically attacked. When I come back to myself, I am usually completely lost, miles from where I was before. Usually, I am also injured, sometimes not in an insignificant way.
I am afraid, naturally, that if I am seen by law enforcement in this state, I might be perceived as dangerous and, well, you know what happens in this case. Even here, my postman was killed with two shotgun blasts to the chest because he threatened to kill himself with a kitchen knife. The policeman who murdered him, a known dangerous psychopath to people who have known him all his life, naturally is still on the force. And yes, this individual took steroids and is built like a large draft horse, only more stupid. Everyone here, except the wealthy, lives in fear of the police, and indeed the entire “establishment” that enables them.
What your article does not say, but only implies, is the destruction of society caused by having a psychotic paramilitary force attacking any vestige of real community, should it form. We are rather rapidly becoming Afghanistan. The police, who used to be respected members of communities, are now an outside force attacking everyone and pitting everyone against all others. They only exist to protect the property of the rich and powerful. More

A news flash for the District of Criminals: It is 9/11 everday on our southern border



By: Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


I have a news flash for you jackasses in the District of Criminals….WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!  It is 9/11 everyday on our southern border and for our citizens there.  What?  No NORTHCOM?  No Swat teams? No riot police?  No CIA? No FBI?  No drones?  No ADS systems or sonic weapons?  No tanks rolling through like they do in many of our major cities?  No satellite images to zero in on moving targets?  Where are you guys?  What?  Do you just save that stuff for those radical American citizens who protest the ever growing corporate government that has been steadily killing off our country for the last several decades?   

We can send troops all over the world to defend other people (only if they have assets we want), to bring democracy to people who don’t want it (after all, look at the example we have set) and appear out of no where when an earthquake occurs on an island.  But we can’t defend America from an illegal invasion, or its citizens from an act of war coming from a neighboring country.  You don’t see any threat there? 

Just so I understand everything correctly and to make sure I have it all right, here is the state of our country: 

  • Illegal aliens can march in our streets after breaking our laws,
  • availing themselves of whatever might be available
  • demanding some kind of “rights” and:
  • no one herds them into predetermined areas,
  • arrests them for immigration violations,
  • limits their free speech,
  • Refers to them as drunkards,
  • bomb-throwers,
  • gun-toters,
  • extremists
  • radicals
  • or threats to our democracy and our nation.

Approximately 25% of all prisoners in federal prisons for violent felonies are illegal immigrants. (their figures, not mine)  Of course there’s money to be made there: Wall Street loves to sell them some “prisoner bonds”.  Big business; especially with China.

If I protest as a natural born US citizen:

  • I have to get a permit
  • Go to a specially designated area
  • Be surrounded by riot police and swat teams
  • Be declared a possible “domestic terrorist” by Homeland Security
  • Put on all kinds of blacklists with any of the 20 or so spy agencies
  • Added to the McCarthyism Institute’s (SPLC) list of people they hate and make money off of hating.
  • Called a radical,
  • militant,
  • hate group participant
  • Called an extremist for standing up for my country
  • the constitution,
  • my rights,
  • my objections to the lack of law enforcement or border security
  • my objections to unconstitutional policies and acts by the federal government

Somehow, I am now a threat to America because I even mentioned the constitution or that I do have natural rights and believe our laws should be enforced. Just ask the SPLC, they have whole lists of groups no one ever heard of and can’t find most times who are on these lists they supply to the government.  

I now somehow have no compassion, or empathy.  I have lots of both, but I reserve it for my fellow Americans who are being systematically driven into poverty and overrun by a population that had no allegiance to its own country and certainly has none to ours. 

And just so we fully understand each other: there is an all out war on our southern border.  The Bush administration refused, and now Obama refuses to send troops to defend our border or our American citizens who are being kidnapped, murdered and harassed by Mexican drug cartels. 5,000 dead last year and 2,000 so far this year: but Obama has no interest in sending the military to secure that border any more than Bush did.  It is cheap labor and a real economy buster to allow this illegal invasion to continue.  And it proves that there is no real basis in truth for the claimed threats to our nation promoted by the government and the bogus Homeland Security Department. 

And about all that “national security” crap that is used to pass one assault after another against the Constitution taking away our rights and giving our own government the right to detain indefinitely, without charges, to torture if they choose to, to withhold evidence, to have no evidence, to refuse us legal access, to know what we might be charged or for no charges at all……we just might be a “suspicious” person…..and we are American citizens?……why the hell weren’t you out in the streets protesting that one you bunch of Benedict Arnolds’. 

And many thanks to those of you who turned on your own and marched and rallied in the streets with the illegals’ and against your neighbors, family members, and friends who lost their jobs, their homes and most everything they had.  Why weren’t you marching in the streets then?   

Where was all that compassion and empathy when this was happening?  Did you make sure any of them had food?  A warm place to sleep?  Did you storm the District of Criminals demanding special rights for them?  Hell no you didn’t!

These were American citizens, not these poor illegals’.  You sat on your sofa and said it was all their fault.  Never mind the banking and Wall Street corruption, the fraudulent mortgages, and the billions in bailouts to people who already had so much money they could never spend it all in ten lifetimes. 

I have an idea!

Why don’t you gather up all your compassion and empathy and your illegal friends, and march on Mexico City? I’m sure the Southern Poverty Lie Center could finance the trip; their net worth this last year for selling hate for profit was about 175 mil.  They can surely afford to convoy all of you down there in fine style.  

Oh yeah.  I forgot.  In Mexico, they’ll shoot your sorry behinds right there in the street.

Obama’s Visit to Quincy – Riot Police Intimidate

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Well!  Here it is!  Those violent drunkards and bomb throwers, those anti-government, militia, gun-toting radicals at a Tea Party protest.  I can only imagine what the Southern Poverty Lie Center will make of this.  They are probably peeing on themselves right now just watching this video.  Oh!….did you notice the Star Wars fully weaponized riot police who were there for intimidation?  Like I said……the only people showing up with guns are wearing uniforms……wonder if they were bomb-throwing drunkards too?  I’ll have to email the SPLC….surely they will know.

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