Animal Advocates Radio
“Voices Carry For Animals #396” on
May 25th @7:00 PM est

Listen to LIVE Show by calling (310) 982-4270 press 1 to Speak to Guest

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Guest will be: Cindy Marabito Director at  Reunion Rescue and Author at Pit Bull Nation

Topics will be: Overcrowded shelters and what Reunion Rescue is doing about that. Discussion about Pit Bull Nation – Special Edition e-book free to all rescues and shelters….

The new Reunion Rescue newsletter effort to organize like minds to share our life-saving information with their own adopters, volunteers, communities and local animal shelters.

Reunion Rescue has been saving pit bulls for 20 years. We are the world’s only raw feeding holistic NO KILL pit bull refuge. We care for the world’s unwanted dogs by feeding, treating and training naturally. We love these dogs and want to show the rest of the world how wonderful they are.

Pit Bull Nation is a journey over the hills and valleys of rescue work and a tell all look from behind the scenes in the killing fields where most of these dogs are being slaughtered simply because they look like pit bulls. Pit Bull Nation Special Edition audiobook read by the author coming soon with big promo