Suburban Chicago School Concept of “Safety Drill”


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School safety drill sends students running for their lives

CHICAGO (WLS) – The sound of gunshots split the air last Friday at a Rockford-area high school sending students seeking shelter anywhere they could, including off-campus, to save their lives.

What the students didn’t know, was the shots they heard came from a capgun discharged by a disguised sheriff’s deputy in an elaborate school safety drill.

Orangeville Jr-Sr High School student Skylar Walters told NBC 13 WREX he was in gym class when he heard the shots and a man calling a fellow students name.

“Kids were just running everywhere and crying and hiding, ran off school grounds,” Walters told WREX. “I started praying to God and saying my last words.”

Walter’s mother, Nicole Fishburn, told WREX she received an automated text message from the school the day of the drill but was instructed not to tell her son about the exercise and not to answer her phone should he attempt to call her.

There is a few minute Video here where Student, Parent, and Administrator discuss “their side” of the story.

Interesting that this Public School has a yearly Tuition rate of $3500, but is still part of the Illinois Department of Education.

I wonder what they do with the $8,106 per year received to educate PS Students?

At this point, probably purchase “Cap Guns”, Police uniforms, and pay the salary of an additional PTSD Psychologist. “Special Students” who need additional counseling get an additional 15%.

Welcome to Amerika.

Yet Another Zero Tolerance Incident In Public School


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Example of inability (or unwillingness) to think by the public educational system:

Middle school student suspended for opening door More

Mental Health Screenings In The Public School System


Dramatic and thought-provoking.

Inventive Spelling

It is called “invented spelling” or “inventive spelling,” and many teachers encourage it in the early grades. It’s not because they’ve given up teaching children to spell, but because of a general shift in understanding about how children learn.

When children create their own spellings for words they do not know how to spell correctly they’re using invented spelling. They use what they know about letters, sounds and spelling patterns to spell the word as well as they can.

Written in standard spelling, the above excerpt from a first-grader’s story would say: “There once was two flowers. One was pink and the other was purple. They did not like each other because they were different colors. One day they had a fight.”

Commentary on Inventive Math (with a little tung in chek tossed in): More

Truth Squad Radio: No Child Left Behind?

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Join us Wednesday evening, January 19, 2011! More

Tea Party To “Dismantle” Federal Department of Education?

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What underlying fear one must live in to castigate those who have decided to live an alternate educational lifestyle. What terror is exposed as apparently the “little subset” of society determine that teaching a 5 or 6-year-old child of the joys of masturbation might be more appropriate at a different age.


Before I begin this blog I must admit I am acquainted with “Homeschoolers”, “Unschoolers”, and “Public School Students” – I like them. Diversity is not a bad thing.

There are times however when I wonder why one must be so hateful in their assessment of others actions. The following blog is a case in point. More

Three Hots and A Cot for D.C. Tots


Warning: The first link in this OpEd has a D.C. Weather Loop. Like most items in D.C. it operates slow and will eat up your time with waiting. If you must verify the source – ensure you grab something to drink first. I provide it for verification that yes indeed the information is true.

Washington D.C. schools, you know the ones that are not good enough for POTUS and FLOTUS offspring, have a new plan for the most economically challenged residents. Jobs? No. Less Governmental interference? No.  “Free” food – in fact 3 meals a day formulated by a chef for their delicate little palates: More

ALERT! Comb Your Class For Paper Clips and Lock Up the Rulers – The Regulatory Process Strikes Again.


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The American Public is inundated time and again with the failing test scores of our children. A recent article in USA Today states:

•U.S. mathematics and science K-12 education ranks 48th worldwide. More

Put an end to No Child Left Behind

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In every instance where the federal government steps in and takes control of any issue, the costs skyrocket, efficiency nosedives, and in the end what we realize is….. what we think should be the focus, and what the true focus is, are two entirely different things. 

Never has this been more evident than with the miserable program known as [No Child Left Behind.] 


And didn’t that name just tug at your heartstrings?  Didn’t it evoke visions of every child in America having a chance at a real and useful education?  Didn’t you believe this program was going to raise the education level of every student across the board and help to make the country the standard for education in every area?  Couldn’t you just slap yourself for being so gullible?


Take a look at the chart below taken from:




In case you are not able to read the totals clearly, the budgeted amount the federal government is allocating to the [No Child Left Behind] program for 2009 is staggering; $59.21 BILLION. 


Although NCLB is touted as the way to create better schools, increase all levels of education and to increase the comparative education of our students in the world, the fact is, NCLB exists to do none of these things.  The intent of NCLB is to eradicate public education to facilitate the privatizing of education.  Once this is accomplished, quality education will be provided only to those who qualify to pay via vouchers provided courtesy of taxpayers.     


Wherever the potential for making a buck appears, there you will find the privatizer’s hard at work manipulating information and recreating it to benefit their objectives.  In this case, students are intentionally limited in their endeavors and instead of actually learning, are instead subjected to rote memorization of selected and limited information.  This of course, limits their overall education and ends with these students entering the workforce as low-level, low-wage employees.  But, those seeking to privatize what is, potentially the biggest taxpayer bankrolling of private interests see this as a boon to their end objectives.


As a means of labeling a school [needs improvement] which is indicative of nothing, special ed students and those who are learning English as a second or third language are required to be tested and those test scores are included in the school rating.  If there are less than 20 English learners, their scores are not counted. 


But who was the idiot that determined the test scores of impaired and challenged children should be included in the overall test scores of a school?  This is nothing more than a means to reduce the overall educational standing of the school allowing more federal interference and intrusion.


What is a highly qualified teacher….and what standards?


Under NCLB, teachers with college degrees, many of them with masters degrees are deemed [not highly qualified] and are forced to take additional college classes in order to keep their jobs.  No one seems to be quite clear on what the criteria is for this coercion and this labeling of [not highly qualified]. 


At the same time, any individual can become a teacher and be labeled [highly qualified] simply by demonstrating some kind of expertise in any given subject and they don’t even need a college education or degree to do so.  This seems to be limited to those expressing a neo-conservative mind-set, a willingness to promote global rather than sovereign citizenship, and those who think religion should be taught in public schools.


The objective of NCLB was never to better educate our children.  It was the latest attempt to de-educate them, limit them in their future prospects for employment and wages and to promote a global rather than sovereign view of the world.  Thanks to NCLB we are raising successive generations of students who lack any real education and who have been incrementally subjected to globalism. 


Although there are billions and billions allocated and authorized for this disgusting program, the fact is the federal government will actually pay only a fraction of the money allocated to the states.  Any state can opt out of NCLB and no state is forced to comply with an unfunded mandate, regardless.


Every state should opt out and end the program entirely.  The fact is, the funding allocated is your tax dollars that you paid.  Keeping those funds in state and managing educational needs would be far more efficient and effective without federal interference.  At the very least, we could begin actually teaching our children again, rather than subjecting them to memorization of limited information and setting them up for future failures.


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