Black Gun Owner Shocks Local Council! This man lays it out there~~


John Boering



To all those students who are parading around the country whining about guns…. take in what this man has to say and then shut your yaps.  You have been de-educated and are uneducated and have no understanding of what you are even advocating for.  In fact, most of you have no understanding of much of anything other than how to text on your damn phones.  Most of you could not make change for a dollar without using a calculator.

You were taught NOTHING about the Constitution and the Rights it contains; this was intentional.  How is it do you suppose, a shooter carrying a large weapon they claim is for combat, somehow entered a school undetected with this weapon…made his way in and out of rooms and no one noticed him coming into the building?  See….you weren’t taught critical, analytical thinking either.  This was also intentional.  You went to school for up to 12 years and came out with no working knowledge of anything close to reality…also intentional.   So there you are on your soapboxes, crying about things you have no understanding of, and the worst part is…..some of these idiots out here think you actually have anything worthwhile to say.  You are being intentionally promoted and used as useful idiots by the very people who made sure you learned nothing of any value to your life.

You understand NOTHING about how government actually works, nor why the Constitution is so important to us.  But this man in this video DOES.



Caution: Writing to Your Congressman May Be an Act of Violent Aggression!

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by: Gary Rea (c)Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


The government and media’s attempts to brand ordinary American citizens exercising their constitutionally “protected” rights continues with the latest attempt being the claim that writing letters to have elected officials (in this case governors) removed from office is somehow “stirring up” potential “violence.” Never mind that any violence that might ensue from this will probably be perpetrated by the government against the people exercising their rights.

The letters in question supposedly come from an obscure patriot group calling itself Guardians of the Free Republics. The odd thing is, in the AP wire story about this horrendous act, the Guardians of the Free Republics is only mentioned by name once and no link is provided to their very small website, which contains only a form for signing up as a Grand Juror, which, last time I checked, is still perfectly legal.

The message of this AP article is clear: now you’re a “terrorist threat” for exercising your First Amendment right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

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