Why They Push to “Privatize” Everything…Especially on the Federal Level


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Ever wonder why the government, that spends billions if not trillions each year on wasteful agencies and programs, then allows those agencies to become so dysfunctional, so costly they become a detriment to the public? This is an intentional plan in action with a very much desired end result. Privatization. This means, that some special, well connected “stakeholder” who will make massive amounts of money bilking the public is ready and set to go. The word stakeholder is a word used to describe those who have a vested monetary interest in profiting by any means necessary and they have bribed, bought, groomed, and pampered any elected official willing to sell you out. And bear in mind that no private interest would be remotely interested in taking over any of these services or agencies if the potential for unlimited and unregulated profits was not part of the deal.

The reason that the federal government and its agencies contract out work to private corporations; work they should be quite able to perform in and of themselves (considering this is the reason they were put in office in the first place) and the vast amount of money squandered each year, is to limit the information the public can gain access to under FOIA or other inquiries. What that private corporation will hide behind is “proprietary rights” and “trade secrets”. Unconstitutionally ceding their business, power and authority to a private corporation provides protection from prying eyes and mountains of unconstitutional and unlawful activity can be safely kept out of the public eye through privatization.

So called “deregulation” , sold to the public as necessary if the economy is to survive, is simply a means by which corporations are allowed to operate without those precious regulations, codes, laws, or other bothersome rules the rest of us are bound by. Supposedly, regulations make business too difficult for them to operate. And you saw the benefits of deregulation in 2008 when Wall Street oversaw the disappearance of millions and billions of dollars of other people’s money…money which was never recovered. The corporate world claimed that those regulations were an interference with “free trade”, and “capitalism”.

60% of all corporations PAY NO TAXES. But somehow they do receive multi-million dollar tax refunds each and every year. How does “free trade and capitalism” sound to you now? Free breaks for them and the capital flows into their accounts. All the while you, the over regulated and taxed individual fights to keep enough of your income to survive on. [2]


Attack of the “stakeholders”…The Corporate Coup that overthrew what was left of the Republic


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Everything we do is said to be a “contract”, from simply buying a cup of coffee to purchasing access to the federal government. It is necessary to view every possible action we may undertake in our daily lives as being some form of contract, no matter how idiotic the example, in order for us to accept that our government itself is one big corporate contracting monstrosity that has less to do with governing the country constitutionally, than it does as a fiduciary profiteer. Key to that profiteering is privatization of what are to be tasks and services performed by the government. Simply put, creating and/or empowering a contracting corporation to perform tasks and services the government is prohibited from engaging in outside of the the enumerated powers in the Constitution.

Interested Stakeholders


Social Security, Medicare & Public Education Now on the U.S. Government Chopping Block

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As Secret Deals are Made by President Obama & Members of the U.S. Congress this week
July 26, 2011
President Obama and a “Gang of Six” members of the U.S. House and Senate have placed Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid on the chopping block in secret, ongoing debt ceiling negotiations.  In these secret negotiations, far away from public enlightenment or debate, deals are being cooked-up to undermine, cut or privatize these important and highly beneficial programs.  With a vote on the impending national debt ceiling deadline these programs may be cut at any time in the next few days.
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders stood on the floor of the U.S. Senate several times this week.  We can support his efforts to protect these vital programs by contacting our elected officials.
His Speech on Social Security and Medicare is on this link:
Take Action Today to Stop immediate cuts to these programs.  According to several members of congress the cuts to these programs will begin this year after proposed changes are made to the CPI Consumer Price Index so that no cost of living increases will be made to recipients, only cuts.
(The Toll Free Number for any member of the U.S. House or Senate is:  (1866) 220-0044)

Who is Lt. Eric Shine, and why should we care?


Source: Martial Law 911

Lt. Eric Shine is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point and is an expert in the history of the United States Merchant Marine, as well as issues relating to shipping and national security.

In his role as a whistle blower, Lt. Shine has taken his USMM oath, Acto Non Verba or “Deeds Not Words” to new heights. Lt. Shine has been the subject on hundreds of articles and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs nationwide including shows on Air America, Voice of America, and Pacifica Radio.

The Drive to Eliminate Social Security in America


Live Link:  Global Research

By Shamus Cooke

“What will the reformed Social Security look like? Again, the Conservative think tanks have an idea waiting in the wings: personal savings accounts.  In the same way that 401(k)s killed the pension, Social Security is set to be privatized for the mighty benefit of Wall Street.”

Global Research, February 23, 2010

In Washington each new day brings a fresh call to reform entitlement programs Social Security, Medicare, etc., (in Congress, the word reform now means to eliminate, or drastically reduce).  Tackling Social Security has been on the to-do list of the corporate elite for years, and they’re not waiting any longer.  After years of promoting this cause, conservative think tanks have now garnered solid support from the political establishment as a whole, which includes the Republican and Democratic parties. 

The newest liberal recruit to the destruction of Social Security is Thomas Friedman, the influential columnist for The New York Times, who wrote recently:

The president needs to persuade the country to invest in the future and pay for the past… We have to pay for more new schools and infrastructure than ever, while accepting more entitlement cuts than ever [Social Security, Medicare, etc.] when public trust in government is lower than ever.  (February 20, 2010). More

Today we know why they wanted to privatize Social Security

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For more than three years I have written about the dangers of privatizing Social Security.  As I said before, all you would own is the money you invested and only so long as the selected stock or fund was solvent.  So many people had come to believe that they would own something; they didn’t know what…but something and many thought they could become rich.   


Those funds would be subject to rolling management fees, service fees, brokers’ fees and taxes.  The taxes were the big winner here, amounting to nearly 50% once you needed to tap into those retirement funds.


When you did need to tap into them, a formula would be used to determine if and how much you could draw out and at what price to the account.  The truth of the matter was and is, by the time all the fees were assessed and all the taxes were applied, and the formula was calculated you would receive little if anything from these privatized accounts.  And why? You ask.  Because there was never any intention for anyone to reap any profit, much less any of the principle invested from these accounts except for those who owned the stock or fund…..which wouldn’t be you.  Gone would be the days when certain indexed stocks and funds had to vie for investors.  Under the privatization plans, money would flow in on a consistent basis.  As anyone knows who has invested in the markets, one day you are up and the next day you aren’t.  If you have money to risk without endangering your own financial stability this might not concern you.


Privatization was seen simply as a cash infusion into a risky and unstable market.  It was a cash flow that has long been coveted by Wall Street if for no other reason than it is a constant and massive amount that rolls in day after day, week after week.  


While we are assailed with the horror stories of “unfunded liabilities” concerning Social Security, those telling these tales very carefully never mention that the SS fund has consistently produced a massive surplus since its inception.  No fund that produces a consistent annual surplus can possibly be going broke; unless, of course, some outside force is tampering with it. 


One argument used to convince workers that privatization was necessary was, “In 1960 there were sixteen workers for every one person collecting benefits, and now there are only three for every claimant”.  What they didn’t tell you was that those three today are making more than the sixteen altogether.  Not only are they making more, they are paying in at a higher rate. 


Not one of these promoters of privatization mentioned that every president since Johnson, who made the SS fund available to the general fund to finance the Viet Nam war, have spent every last dime of each and every surplus each and every year since then.  Bush has used this surplus to cover the loss of revenue to give all his elite buddies and friends those massive tax breaks.  SS has been funding the day to day operations of the federal government since then. 


In what has to be a joke, the Electronic Social Security E-booklet, says, “


“SSI is paid for by U.S. Treasury general funds, not the Social Security trust funds”.



Since the Social Security funds are added to the general treasury slush fund, I really don’t know how they can make this statement.  There is no trust fund….just ask any politician.  Every surplus from every or any program out there is immediately consumed and spent by the federal government. 


As major banks crumble and fall as a result of unregulated trade, unscrupulous CEO’s, and free trade capitalism without regulation, we can clearly see why Bush & Co. wanted to co-opt Social Security.  These people knew first hand what they were doing and knew without the needed influx of forced market investments what the result would be.


None of this was supposed to happen the way it did.  Those of us out here were to take the loss, but that would come many years from now when it was far too late to hold those responsible, accountable. As it is, taxpayers are going to bail out these financial giants one way or the other.  Our investments in SS will continue to finance everything but our retirements, and now we will be taxed into extinction so one more corrupt institution can remain afloat.  Regardless of who wins this next election, taxes on the middle class are going to have to rise to cover the bailout of AIG and others.  The super wealthy will not see any rise in their taxes because as we all know its unfair for them to have to contribute.   


Try asking your senator or representative what the shortage would be in federal funds if the SS investments were secured against theft, by those in government, and used only for the intended purpose.  And it is theft, plain and simple.


© 2008 Marti Oakley


www.landrights.org…The fight against control over YOUR property.

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You can send testimony until April 30th

Vast Expansion of Corps of Engineers Regulatory Power!

We call this bill the National Corps of Engineers Wetlands Land Grab Bill


Wetlands Testimony
April 16th
Testimony For The Record  HR 2421

The Oberstar “White Paper”
Executive Summary  Complete Document

Please print and fill out this Testimony Questionnaire (starts page 6) and fax or e-mail it to your Congressman and each of the Members of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.  Alternatively here is a file (starts page 6) you can edit and then fax or email.

Click here for a copy of the latest e-mail about HR



This is a must read.   April 30 Deadline for Testimony.

—–The Real Goal of HR 2421, the Clean Water Restoration Act Is to give Corps and EPA Control Of All Watersheds Which Means National Land Use Control.   It will give the Corps and EPA control over your property.

—–Besides private property, HR 2421 threatens businesses, agriculture, small communities, grazing, forestry, mining and many other uses on private and Federal land.  It will affect many kinds of manufacturing companies and businesses.

—–Congress is considering expanding the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act of 1972 to include all waters of the United States and all “activities affecting these waters.” not limit it to “navigable waters” as is currently the law under two Supreme Court Decisions, the Rapanos and SWANCC Supreme Court Decisions of 2006 and 2001.

—–An example is that the Federal bureaucracies will gain control over all the watersheds in the United States.  That includes dry land inside or adjacent to watersheds.  That means everything.  Because all land is in a watershed.

—–HR 2421 is the biggest threat to private property since CARA and
actually affects far more land and people. Chairman James Oberstar (D-MN) and others are trying to overthrow the Supreme Court decisions.

—–You have until Wednesday, April 30th to get your testimony in to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.Please go to   

http://www.landrights.org   for further explanation

http://www.landrights.org   for further explanation




Please!  Go to this site and read what the Water Restoration Act is REALLY about.  This is tied directly to NAFTA, CAFTA and the intent to turn water into a globally traded commodity rather than a human right.

CAFTA provisions cannot be fully implemented with regards to the privatization of all water from any source unless the Federal government can claim authority and control over all water systems.  The intent of this water confiscation act is to enable the governemnt to sell off our water supplies, and our rights to them to multi national corporations.  IF this act is passed, privatization will begin immediately. 

OF course it will be preceded by national news reporting saying that our water infrastructure is failing and there are no funds to repair it followed by reports of the cost saving benefits of privatizing this human necessity….the truth is that water will become unaffordable. 

Please go to the site listed above and fill out the survey.  Also, send them an email and let them know you are supporting their efforts. 

The United States and Canada are the only two countries who have refused to sign the declaration of the UN stating that water is a HUMAN RIGHT.

Water privatization backgrounder by Public Citizen.org

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“Corporations and investors are ramping up a concerted, multi-pronged effort aimed at forcing governments to privatize public services and to commodify water in the global commons. Already, much of England and France have privatized water systems. The result has been rate increases, deteriorating service, loss of local control and increased corruption. Since water services were privatized in France, customer fees have increased by as much as 150%. A number of public officials have been convicted of accepting bribes from companies bidding on public service contracts and sentenced to time in prison.

Private corporations seek to increase profit margins by cutting costs; hence lay-offs and inferior services almost always accompany privatization. In England, private companies fired nearly 25% of the work force, approximately 100,000 workers, when they acquired rights to the water system. Delays in service and accidents routinely follow the firing of often the more experienced personnel. Since 1999, Thames Water, the largest water and wastewater company in England, has been convicted of environmental and public health violations two dozen times and fined roughly $700,000 after allowing raw sewage to flow into open waterways, over streets, onto people’s lawns and over children’s toys—even into people’s homes.

The same multinational corporations aggressively taking over the management of public water services around the world are now vying for the lucrative U.S. market, one of the world’s largest with annual revenues estimated at $90 billion. A change to the U.S. tax code in 1997 opened the way to greater private sector involvement in the U.S. water delivery and treatment business. Companies are now able to bid on 20-year contracts that include the operation, design of new plants or upgrades, maintenance and even complete transfer of ownership of water systems to the private sector. Until now, mainly small public utility operators have controlled the U.S. water industry. In rural areas, small, privately owned utilities were common, but multinational corporations are rapidly buying even these out. These companies have weaseled into venues like the U.S. Conference of Mayors where they peddle privatization as a simple, cost-saving solution to cities’ aging infrastructures and regulatory compliance headaches.

On a global scale, water privatization is being pushed by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in dozens of financially-strapped countries, where global water conglomerates are dramatically raising the price of water beyond the reach of the poor and profiting from the Global South’s search for solutions to its water crises. Corporations, such as Vivendi, Suez, RWE and Bechtel, cherry pick the profitable urban water systems while letting shantytowns and rural areas fall by the wayside. The World Bank has made privatization of urban water systems a condition for receiving new loans and debt cancellation. In Ghana in 2001, the World Bank required urban water rates to be increased 95% to prepare for privatization by making the water system appear more lucrative for international bidders. Following these rate increases, a number of people were jailed for being unable to pay their water bills. Many people who live in urban slums without access to tap water pay even higher prices for water delivered by private tanker truck operators. The poor, particularly women or girls whose traditional duties include collecting water, and babies suffer considerable hardship, illness and even death when they are forced to consume unsafe water after public supplies become too expensive.”


This is a large article but well worth reading.  Please note the comment that corporations have only one duty…..to make money.  Privatizing our water supplies is not in the interest of the public. 

Thirst: Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water

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By Alan Snitow & Deborah Kaufman, with Michael Fox
Jossey-Bass/Wiley & Sons, 2007

THIRST investigates eight recent high-profile controversies over the corporate takeover of water in the U.S, and illuminates how citizens are fighting back in heartland communities like Stockton, CA, Lexington, KY, Holyoke, MA, and Mecosta County, MI. Political corruption, high stakes financial takeovers, and behind the scenes maneuvering by some of the richest corporations characterize a David and Goliath battle in which local citizens muster creative and often surprising organizing methods to preserve their right to local, public control of this precious resource.

The PBS documentary Thirst showed how communities around the world are resisting the privatization and commodification of water.  Now THIRST, the book, picks up where the documentary left off, revealing the emergence of controversial new water wars here in the United States.

THIRST exposes the corporate attempts to:

  • Take over municipal control of water in communities around the country
  • Buy up rights to groundwater in the US
  • Create and corner the market on bottled water

It also shows how people in affected communities are fighting back to keep water affordable, accessible, sustainable and public:

  • By creating new methods to challenge the corporate juggernaut in an age of globalization
  • By challenging tired clichés of Republican and Democratic political alignments

We are at the tipping point in the new, global water wars. The United States is ground zero. What happens in the next few years will determine the fate of water and our basic democratic rights. THIRST is a battlefield account of the conflict.


Why oppose privatization of water?

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Water privatization schemes throughout the world have a track record of skyrocketing prices, water quality problems, deteriorating service and a loss of local control.

Privatization advocates argue – usually without any supporting evidence – that switching from publicly owned and operated utilities to private sector firms will lead to greater economic efficiency, stabilized rates, reduced public debt and improved budgetary management.

In reality, privatization more often than not fulfills none of these promises, and instead creates a number of new problems. Vulnerable to corruption and operating according to a profit-driven corporate agenda fundamentally incompatible with delivering an essential service, private water companies are failing to provide citizens with safe, affordable water. Private corporations seek to increase profit margins by cutting costs; hence privatization is almost always accompanied by lay-offs.

Turning Up the Tap: How the Private Water Industry Wants to Boost Profits – At the Expense of Taxpayers (pdf)

Activists’ Guide to Fight Water Privatization

This is an introductory guide to being a water privatization organizer in your community. We hope you find this guide to be a useful learning tool as well as a helpful resource for information on the water industry. To make this guide easy to navigate, we have divided it into sections. Please keep in mind that Public Citizen’s Water For All team is always available to help you build your own campaign. Please email us or call us at 202-588-1000 and ask to speak with someone on the Water For All campaign.

This is the how-to section of the water activist guide. Public Citizen’s Water for All Campaign is always available to assist you in starting your own campaign in your home town. We can help you with media strategy, contacting the right government officials at the local, state, and federal levels, as well as suggesting creative ways to draw attention to your struggle. We can also provide research, background information, and reports – ALL FOR FREE – to build your case against a particular water company or privatization bid.

Full comprehensive guide: Citizen’s Guide to Water Privatization (pdf) PDF


Because Public Citizen does not accept funds from corporations, professional associations or government agencies, we can remain independent and follow the truth wherever it may lead. But that means we depend on the generosity of concerned citizens like you for the resources to fight on behalf of the public interest. If you would like to help us in our fight, click here.

PRA Opposes Clean Water Restoration Act

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On behalf of Property Rights Alliance, I am writing to express concern over the “Clean Water Restoration Act” (H.R. 2421). H.R. 2421 would infringe on the rights of property owners across the nation and result in an unprecedented expansion of the regulatory authority of the federal government.

The Clean Water Restoration Act, sponsored by Rep. James Oberstar, seeks to re-establish the nearly unlimited powers of the Clean Water Act lost due to U.S. Supreme Court decisions in 2001 and 2006. While supporters of H.R. 2421 contend the intent is to end jurisdictional confusion, in actuality, H.R. 2421 gives the federal government the power to regulate all interstate and intrastate waters, including non-navigable waters. PRA is concerned that H.R. 2421 exceeds the original objective of the Clean Water Act by mandating all waters be placed under the regulatory control of the federal government.


Contact Jim Oberstar and ask him why he would support such an obvious assault on state’s rights and individual property rights, especially when the Federal government is either unwilling or unable to effectively manage or regulate any Federal program or law without corruption and special interests immediately taking it over. Be civil and polite in your contact even though this man is apparently not working on your behalf.


Marti Oakley

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