Wisconsin continues its assault against independent agriculture


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As it was my intent to deliver three articles in sequence I found my life had again been invaded Thursday morning by an act of vandalism, a person or persons unknown to me entered my barn (burglary) released my animals (a felony in Wisconsin) and opened the doors to the grain storage areas allowing the animals to engorge themselves with grain.  This occurrence coincided with other acts of aggression to individuals opposed to the comprehensive land use plan.  There were three snowmobiles operating unlawfully on the road that night, in the past anyone complaining about such activity has been subject to acts of aggression, as in one case where the complainant had a snowmobiler drive into his driveway and discharge a firearm at his house.   More

Wisconsin: Price County zoning committee tries to slip through conditional zoning permits

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A note from Paul Griepentrog:  PPJ Reporter for Wisconsin 

In an attempt to circumvent statutory requirements the town and country officials are seeking to empower Fifield’s comp plan and establish comprehensive planning county wide.  Appellate court decision has rendered Town plans to be advisory, and the statutory requirement SS § 60.61(2) & (3), for a county to be void of zoning in order to enable Township zoning has left the power mongers no choice but to do an end run around the law.  With the county Zoning committee, chaired by Jim Robb having held several closed meetings without announcing contents   as required in SS § 19.85 , we can only speculate as to what these individuals were discussing.  The letter to the editor attached below describes the actions taken by local zoning boards and elected country supervisors.


Letter to the Editor 


Submitted by: Jackie Severt, A lifelong Fifield resident

Price County citizens should be aware, outraged, and frightened by what is going on in local zoning. The elected county supervisors on the zoning committee are supposed to be working for the good of the people; but are they?

The zoning administrator is a county employee who is also supposed to be working for the good of the people; but is he? I bet if you attended any of the monthly public meetings of the Zoning Committee you would be answering “NO” to these questions. More

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