We have a new president which will hopefully mark a new day for America.  Unfortunately, we are still saddled with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid whose agendas seem far removed what the majority of American people want.   


If I could be the person who could determine the first 100 days of this new presidency, these would be the first things I would make sure were done.


  • End the use of [and for other purposes] that ends the titling of each and every bill in both houses.  The use of this phrase signals the insertion of pork barrel spending costing taxpayers billions in deficit spending each year.  It also allows the insertion of non-related attachments to the legislation the bill is supposed to be about in order to pass laws that could not pass on their own, usually to our detriment.



  • Demand that each and every bill be read in full by the persons voting on it.  There is no excuse for any elected official to vote on a bill they have not even taken the time to read.  [1]



  • Repeal, rescind, strike down, nullify, wipe out and eradicate every Executive Order that has been issued with the express intent of expanding presidential powers beyond the scope of the Constitution, and used to limit, erase and obliterate civil liberties.


  • While our country slides further into recession and another 250,000 lost their jobs in October of 2008 bringing our total unemployment numbers to more than 3 million, enforce our immigration laws; penalize those companies that offshore jobs and end the massive trade deficit with China that is in part responsible for the state of our economy.  We need to re-establish our manufacturing base here at home using American workers.  A consumer based economy cannot survive, and was never meant to, especially when the consumers have no discretionary money to spend.


  • As a direct result of the created financial crisis, suspend all foreign aid except to the poorest countries.  Why we continue to send 8 billion plus, yearly to Israel when their economy is booming and they were somehow not affected by the global crisis, is beyond me. 


  • Immediately suspend all the tax credits, tax subsidies and cash subsidies to oil companies.  The idea that these companies netted as much as 30 billion in 2007 and will see at least that much for this year while America struggles to stay afloat, is beyond me. 


  • Remove Social Security funds from the general fund.  Secure these funds against raiding by the federal government.  Currently, there is 2.6 trillion in worthless I.O.U.’s  sitting in Social Security as a result of theft by the federal government.  Since this debt, created by stealing the retirement investments of American workers cannot be paid back (and in fact, there was never any intention to pay it back) the federal government now lists this debt by theft as an [unfunded liability];  which should explain the continual scrambling to try and “fix” the system before we find out just how much damage they have done.


  • Remove us from the United Nations and tell them to build their multi-billion dollar new complex somewhere else…..and to provide the bulk of the financing they are expecting us to provide.


  • Cut the bloated White House Staff that is costing taxpayers more than 32 million a year. [2]


  • Cut the bloated congressional staffs.


  • End the lobbyist faction.  Special interest groups and persons should be required to conduct all their efforts in front of the CSPAN camera’s.  That alone could end this nightmare that money creates for all of us, in the halls of congress.


  • Suspend all retirement payments to former members of congress and their spouses.  The millions spent each year for this largesse is more than we can afford, especially for people who most likely don’t need the money.  If those of us out here in no-man’s land have to tighten our belts and sacrifice, these people should be more than happy to contribute their fair share.


  • Begin the ending of the wars.

Seems like a lot doesn’t it?  The truth is, all of these things could be accomplished in a matter of days.  The fact is, nothing remotely similar to this will happen.  Congress will continue to operate as an entity with no obligation to the population.   


What we can do is to remain vigilant, remain involved and continue to speak our minds where ever and when ever possible.  Our reticence and our apathy is what got us into the situation we find our selves in now.  This is not the time to revert back to old habits and feeling that with this new president, everything is fine……it isn’t.  Whatever your political leanings, now is the time to stand up and speak out. 


© 2008 Marti Oakley


[2] A look at the real numbers… by Dan Martin


[1] Read the Bills Act …