Look what 1.5 million can buy you in Wisconsin


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    getimageBy: Paul Griepentrog

    Today, October 21, 2009 in Wisconsin Circuit Court, Polk County, Judge Molly E Galewyrick found the Monchilovich couple guilty of failure to register premises. 

    The only organization present supporting Pat and Melissa was the Wisconsin Independent Consumer and Farmers Association n/a. (WICFA n/a)

    No other groups or associations sent representatives to support Monchilovich or provided pre-trial support or resources.

    More to follow, soon.

    States fight back against NAIS




    In what can only be nothing more than a last ditch effort to eradicate all family farms and ranches, USDA has been caught repeatedly misrepresenting the voluntary National Animal Identification System and many states and groups are fighting back.

    Without any approval or oversight from congress (none being needed as USDA operates as a self –regulating agency) USDA launched the NAIS with the usual bleating about [national security].  This threat was identified as the possibility that some rampant terrorist might somehow sneak some bio weapon into the country and infect a cow or corn field with some disease no doubt developed while hiding out in a cave somewhere on the other side of the world.  I suppose its possible considering how insecure our ports of entry are. 

    More than likely, any attack of a bio weapons nature will come from one of the hundreds of bio labs now operating right here at home.  The US is the most prolific producer of bio weapons in the world and has created and designed some of the most lethal biological weapons ever to have been cultivated. 

    Using the usual scare tactics of terrorist attacks, NAIS was launched with one goal in mind: eradicating family farms and ranches and establishing the complete takeover of all food producing lands and animals by huge multi-national corporations.  Instrumental in this takeover is the designation of PREMISES ID, rather than property ownership.

    Defining Premises within the law

    Premises, signifies a formal part of a deed; and it is made to designate an estate.

    Estates:  Lands and tenements when generally called premises, or when particularly spoken of as, the premises, will be sold without reserve.

    Conveyancing:  That part in the beginning of a deed, in which are set forth the names of the parties, with their titles and additions, and in which are recited such deeds, agreements, or matters of fact, as are necessary to explain the reasons upon which the contract then entered into is founded;

     and it is here also the consideration on which it is made, is set down, and the certainty of the thing granted. The technical meaning of the premises in a deed is every thing which precedes the habendum.   (http://www.lectlaw.com/

    Ha`ben´dum    (hå`bĕn´dŭm) n. 1. (Law) That part of a deed which follows the part called the premises, and determines the extent of the interest of estate granted. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Habendum

    Premises ID when viewed as a conveyance, could be construed to mean voluntarily abandoning what you owned.  You convey control of your property by signing up for Premises ID, voluntarily abandoning your control of the property and subjecting the property to the newly acquired control of the government.  Simply put:  you just gave away your property and any rights to control or use that property as YOU see fit.  At this point, legally, the property is no longer property but rather a premises and can be sold and controlled by someone other than you without reserve.

    Premises signifies a formal part of a deed as mentioned above.  To designate is to name or entitle and to create an estate.  A premises has no protection under the United States Constitution and allows no exclusive rights of ownership.  Once you have signed onto PREMISES ID, you have put your property into a state of legal limbo and have agreed to the new status as nothing more than a tenant farmer or sharecropper.  Of course you will still have to make the mortgage payments until they take it from you.

    Animals belong to the owner only so long as the owner retains possession of them.  Once you enter into the National Animal Identification System, you no longer legally own the animals.  They are no longer under your control, but rather under the control of the USDA. 


    The USDA uses the term [stakeholder] to identify those who own animals, implying under the statutes and codes you are a third party interest until the legal owner can be determined.  No doubt in an administrative court which administers codes and statutes, not constitutional law. [you could not access a civil, constitutionally controlled court]

    UN policy of STAMPING OUT/Agenda 21 rules for controlling access to food supplies and sources.

    Using the UN Agenda 21 rules the USDA has adopted, there is no requirement for the USDA to vaccinate or to quarantine sick animals.  In fact, they don’t even have to prove there is a real threat to the animal population, or to substantiate that any disease is present or a threat prior to stamping out entire animal populations in a six mile area surrounding the claimed infection or disease.  The only requirement of the NAIS is that USDA follow UN Agenda 21 guidelines and eradicate all animal life in that area.   That means every fish, bird, dog, cat, cow, horse, deer, raccoon etc……every living thing is killed in its tracks. 

    This isn’t about food safety, animal safety or national security:  this is about food access and control.

    How they get away with it

    1946 Federal Administrative Procedures Act.   The Administrative Procedures Act is the law which allows US Federal Agencies to create the rules and regulations they can then enforce.  This Act is a subversion of constitutional government and should be repealed.  It was another case of congress ceding its authority to a non-elected agency allowing the construction of codes and statutes and avoiding constitutional provisions and laws.

    Using regulations they themselves created, in essence creating laws in abeyance of congress, the USDA can also amend any of these regulations and rules at will and at any point can rewrite their own laws.  http://www.archives.gov/federalregister/laws/administrative-procedure/

    NAIS violates the 1st, 4th, 5th, and the 14th Amendments, suspending and substantially violating the rights of private citizens without so much as a hearing in congress, not that it would do any good.  Congress has shown itself consistently to support the most un-American and anti-constitutional policies and laws ever foisted on the American public and neither party is a protector of constitutional rights.

    Its difficult to know that any time we are dealing with our own government or its agencies, we must constantly be on guard for hidden agendas, the hiding of hostile intent, or the practice of [altered functions].  This means that although the thing being promoted may have a good and beneficial purpose if applied as it is marketed, an altered function which is hidden, destructive or implemented with malice will be the reality.

    Kudos, to all of you out there fighting this battle to keep government from controlling our land and animals and our right to chose the foods we want to consume.

    © 2008 Marti Oakley




    Website devoted to fighting NAIS. Technical Documents section:  [Cooperative Agreements] that the USDA has with each State  and full text of NAIS directive.


    Other resources:












    FDA on the attack against family farms




    In the past few years we have suffered food contamination in products from China, Mexico and places unknown.  Thanks to CAFTA [trade illegal] provisions we do not even have the right to have our food labeled with country of origin and have no way of knowing where it came from, how it was produced or what the standards for processing were, if any.  The FDA appears to view this as a minor problem.


    Then came the National Animal Identification System.  Of course this only applies to American family owned farms, but not to corporate farms.  This is a system of RFID tagging of every animal, even those not used for food, and a data base system that is GPS operated.  This means every animal tagged in this system can be located using GPS. 


    Family farms are required to RFID tag every chicken, pig, cow, horse, duck, dog, cat, or other animal.  Corporate farm animals on the other hand, are not.  Massive herds of animals are counted as [one], and the fee for these herds is as if only one animal exists.  Family farms pay by the head.  Also, the family farmer or rancher must report within 24 hours the death of an animal for any reason, including food production.


    The immediate question that comes to mind is:  Why would the federal government be interested in locating every domestic animal in the country? 


    Turns out it isn’t so much the tracking of animals as it is controlling the food supply and the rights to land, ownership and privacy. 


    Under NAIS, the farm owner is required to register his property with the FDA.  Only it isn’t his property any longer.  Now, the owner is listed as the operator [manager] of the PREMISES.  Property is no longer property…..implying ownership.  It is now a [premise] and is consigned to the FDA.  The operator [manager] is simply the person running the operation.  Every state complying with NAIS is forcing farmers and ranchers to obtain a Premise ID…….in effect rendering them tenants on their own land, rather than owners.


    The farmland and ranchland that has now been seized by the federal government under the auspices of the FDA is being used as collateral on the loans taken out with countries such as China and Japan among others, facilitating the bailout of Wall Street. 


    I found it odd that among all the reasons given as to why our animals should all be tagged and locatable with GPS, including some rare form of rabies that might occur or ecoli, salmonella or some other prefabricated bio-terrorist threat, no one mentioned the use of farmlands and ranchlands seized under the FDA rules being used for collateral on the national debt racked up by bailing out Wall Street.


    So, if I understand all of this correctly, the crooks and thieves on Wall Street got to keep all their stolen loot, continue to receive millions in unearned bonuses and perks, will not be prosecuted for corruption and get to go home to their lavish accommodations……and the most valuable farmland in the world is being seized to accommodate this theft.


    And if I understand the FDA correctly, they see no problem with China shipping contaminated food and infant formula into our country, and the FDA made no attempt to halt or impede the flow of products from China, but live in absolute fear of organic family farms with no history of problems here at home.  Unless of course you count the charges of contamination levied against farms who refused to cooperate with this invasive agenda, in which case just because you work for the FDA you can say there were problems without any evidence whatsoever. 


    Behind all of this is the hidden intent.  The intent is to eradicate all family owned farms and ranches in favor of multi-national corporate farms and ranches.  Once food production is totally converted to corporations, who eats and what they eat will be the questions. 


    For some reason, the FDA sees no problems with GMO or the crops grown with mutated bacteria and viruses inherent in their genetic make-up.  The FDA dismisses any reports of the adverse affects on the human body from consumption of GMO foods such as Morgellans or the reports of organ damage.  Instead they attack organic farms which offer uncontaminated food. 


    The questions we all should be asking now are:


    • Why would the government attempt to eradicate whole foods uncontaminated by genetic engineering?
    • Why would organic farmers and ranchers pose a threat?
    • Why are genetically altered foods not labeled?
    • If genetically altered foods are safe, why was the Artic Seed Vault, containing thousands of organic and natural seeds species built?  Why are there no genetically altered seeds included?
    • What is the real purpose of tagging and tracking domestic animals in the US.


    What we eat should be our choice.  And we should have the right to know what we are consuming and where it came from and what has been done to alter it.  The claims of increased production, better foods and healthier choices have all been shown to be false.  Ask yourself why our own government is promoting and protecting this assault on our food supply, and who does it benefit?


    You can bet that none of those profiting from this corruption of the food supply are consuming any of this frankenfood.  They know better.


    © 2008 Marti Oakley



    “Fighting to Stop the National Animal Identification System (NAIS



    Stop Animal ID. org



     The National Animal Identification System(NAIS)


    The National Animal Identification System: A new threat to rural



    GM diets may cause organ damage and disease



    Monsanto and GM Foods: Health Risks – SourceWatch



    The farmland itself is being stolen out from under us, under the guise of ….. to sign up farmers’ land as collateral for the World bank to cover the bailout





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