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“When Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindahl declared a state of emergency in his state and begged federal officials for permission to build a massive network of sand berms to contain damage to the state’s beaches, it took Mr. Obama and his administration about a month to respond and they only gave permission to build 2 percent of the berms requested.”


I believe all of us at one time or another have either worked for someone or have known someone who suffered from what is commonly called the “Empty Suit Syndrome” or ESS. The term “Empty Suit Syndrome” appeared many years ago in the world of big business and big government and it is commonly used to describe a person, (usually a man, but it can also be a woman), who is usually fairly good looking, who wears stylish clothes, who speaks very well and who generally appears to others to be intelligent and professional, but its really just an illusion. More

Oil “spill” my A@#

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Another stellar creation of J. speer-Williams.  The toxic fumes from the oil coming ashore can cause coma and even death.  A hurricane now could cause the sickeness and death of thousands.  And still…..the govenment refuses aid from Iran and Saudi Arabia who use “Oil Sponge” to soak up the gushing oil while BP tankers sit idle even refusing to siphon and reclaim the oil from the gusher.    Oil sponge and several other products are non-toxic and efficient.  Instead…we are witnessing the killing off of 1/3 of our fish and seafood supply, and all marine life as the Atlantic ocean is now becoming contaminated with a gusher they say now will take “years” to stop.  




Corexit is killing the Gulf: This is no accident

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This two part documentary was written by J.Speer-Williams.  If you had any questions about the real cause and intentions of our government in collusion with BP OIL and the International Banking Cartel, you will find your answers here.  This was not an accident and it is intended to eradicate and kill as much marine and wildlife as possible.  And guess who else is involved here: Haliburton……if that didn’t make your blood run cold nothing will.  Marti


Part: 1

Part 2:

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