Everything Vibrates

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J.Speer-Williams (c) copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

Pure consciousness is virtually static, everything else in existence vibrates. From rocks to frogs to humans bodies everything material vibrates with an infinity of frequencies. 

The higher the frequency, the higher the life form.  More

They couldn’t pass the bogus Water Restoration Act or the Law of the Sea Treaty..so they stole the water with an Executive order

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For almost fifteen years, every effort has been made to bring the Law of the Sea Treay into the US.  This was followed by the several and various legislative attempts to seize all water from any source whatsoever and claim it as “federal” .   Obama, following in Bush’s footsteps, is doing  his part for the global water theft and seizes the oceans, coastlines and the Great Lakes. 

Using the BP oil disaster in the Gulf as an excuse, Obama lays claim to the prime coastal areas of the oceans and the great lakes.  Piece by piece, the last ten years have seen a land theft of approximately 17% of all available lands not already taken by federal claims.  This increases the federal governments land ownership across the states to approximately 81% of ALL land and coastal areas…..Marti


Executive Order 13547–Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the
Great Lakes

Memorandum of July 19, 2010–The Presidential POWER Initiative:
Protecting Our Workers and Ensuring Reemployment

                        Presidential Documents

Title 3–
The President

                Executive Order 13547 of July 19, 2010

                Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes

                By the authority vested in me as President by the
                Constitution and the laws of the United States of
                America, it is hereby ordered as follows: More

Giant Plumes of Oil Forming Under the Gulf

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Submitted by James P Harvey “OldDog”

OldDogs Comment:

There is a small enough group of corporations drilling deep water wells in the planets oceans so that a united research effort on disaster recovery methods should have been PERFECTED right after the first one was in operation, and BEFORE any more was drilled. The fact that it was not, totally destroys the oil industries, all National Governments’, scientist, and media industries credibility.

The assumptions that the worlds elected representatives are intelligent, honest, experienced, and responsible enough to be stewards of society’s welfare is ludicrous.

The global disaster that awaits us after a major series of deep water earth quakes will be the end of humanity.

It is certain that the world has a major problem of stupidity, or they would jointly seize all of the international banker’s assets and finance a joint effort to replace deep water oil recovery as a world energy source.

It would also be a good idea to use them as live feed on an alligator farm.*********************** More

Pray, Please Pray for the Life of Our Mother.

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J.Speer-Williams (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


When it’s “fourth down and long” most football teams will punt, and hope for the best.

When you’re trailing with seconds left to play, most quarterbacks will throw a “Hail Mary” and pray for divine intervention.

With perhaps the greatest catastrophe in recorded history facing us in the Gulf of Mexico, we all – Christian or not –religious or not – need to pray for the divine intercession of the Holy Mother – Mary, to save us and all other life forms from what appears to be the final and irreversible end of life on planet Earth. More

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