So congress read the Constitution: Well, isn’t that special


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“While this reading of America’s most historical and profoundly important document was read, congress men and women chatted with one another and I believe a few might have napped.”


I tried watching the swearing in of the new House for the 112th Congress.  I couldn’t stand it.  Standing on the steps outside the House, was one of the greatest collections of career liars,thieves and thugs ever publicly assembled, sprinkled with a few new-comers who probably believe they are actually going to affect a change in the District of Criminals.  

By the end of January, these newbies will have been thoroughly indoctrinated and will have had the law laid down to them about how things really work in the District. The newbies will resurface along about February with their talking points memo’s in hand and will dutifully be spouting the party line and will have totally dismissed any notions they may have had about “changing” the way the District does business.     More

The constitution, elections and politicians: Citizens of the American Constitution demanding change

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Live Link:    Citizens of the American Constitution

Most concerned Citizens can agree that the upcoming elections – federal, state and local – may just be the most important elections in this nation’s history, and we have an idea to make them true instruments for freedom and justice.  We have been active in Constitutional work for over fifty years and have a suggestion to offer you, the People of Maine, and America that could most likely change politics, as it now exists, and influence the upcoming elections for the benefit of America and her People.  Our Constitutional methods have won hundreds of court cases for Citizens, removed errant public officers from office, and stopped harmful actions by major corporations.  We would now like to apply these methods, which transcend party affiliations, ideologies, philosophies, agendas, and causes, to the upcoming elections. More

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