Why does the government controlled education system keep trying to reinvent the knowledge wheel?

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The more they manipulate, the more distorted & unwieldy it becomes.

By Barbara McCutchen

For Pete’s sake, some of the most esteemed educators in the history of the world taught in the 300’s B.C.  Socrates set up a basis for learning by the use of hypothesis & questioning until a non-contradictory answer could be reached…a method used in science & law studies for centuries. Then there was Plato and his student Aristotle (the father of Reason & individuality) and his Lyceum (place of lectures & learning).  How many students can even tell you who they were?

These efforts/achievements finally led to the Age of Enlightenment (e.g. John Locke), hence advancement in every field of endeavor, through the Industrial Revolution which lifted the standard of living for the masses within its sphere.

In other words the basis for teaching, developing challenging curricula was the bedrock from which Western Civilization and…

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Government above the Law?


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No earthly government has jurisdiction over your God Given Rights.”


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By Bradlee Dean

March 26, 2014

Over the past 14 years, in the course of doing more than 350 public high-school presentations across the country in 24 states, my ministry team and I have (without fail) fought on the behalf of a generation that is being subjected to everything and protected from nothing.

We have seen firsthand the effects of what the federal government has been doing on a daily basis through the illegalities of educational schemes it brings forth – in an attempt to implement a “game changer” on a defenseless population behind the backs of the American people.

(Read Article 10 of the Bill of Rights.)

For example:

1) No Child Left Behind, which should rightly be named “No Child Left Un-indoctrinated,” is nothing more than equalizing the playing field where all students become equal (communism), and is a program that shoots for the floor and not for the stars.

2) International Baccalaureate. International Baccalaureate is an educational scheme that was contrived and developed in Sweden in 1968.

Here is what International Baccalaureate teaches:


Mental Health Screenings In The Public School System


Dramatic and thought-provoking.

Inventive Spelling

It is called “invented spelling” or “inventive spelling,” and many teachers encourage it in the early grades. It’s not because they’ve given up teaching children to spell, but because of a general shift in understanding about how children learn.

When children create their own spellings for words they do not know how to spell correctly they’re using invented spelling. They use what they know about letters, sounds and spelling patterns to spell the word as well as they can.

Written in standard spelling, the above excerpt from a first-grader’s story would say: “There once was two flowers. One was pink and the other was purple. They did not like each other because they were different colors. One day they had a fight.”

Commentary on Inventive Math (with a little tung in chek tossed in): More

Truth Squad Radio: No Child Left Behind?

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“Cannon fodder needed!” Join the Army

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By: Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

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I came of age in the ‘60’s’ when the country was in the throws of fighting to end the Viet Nam war.  We marched on Washington; held protests and burned draft cards along with our bra’s in some cases, but the fact was we were out there; passionate, fired up, ready to take on the establishment for what we saw as egregious wrongs perpetrated by the rich and powerful who would have willingly sacrificed any one of us as long as they could be assured to profit and didn’t have to get their hands dirty….or their kids hands either. 

I was a newly married young woman at the time all this was happening, my husband a Marine in the 5th Reconnaissance.  The man I married came home from that war suffering from horrendous nightmares and the lifetime effects of Agent Orange along with multiple other injuries which have afflicted him for all these years since.  They gave him a bronze star and several other medals; I can only assume this was the reward for the sacrifice he made in yet another war that was waged for corporate profits but sold as another of those that had to be fought to save some country that didn’t want us there to begin with.  We weren’t there to save anyone, not even our own.  There was money to be made and if our military had to be sacrificed for those profits; so be it. More

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