How does a BLM wild horse holding facility have connections to a horse cloning company


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The Indian Lakes Road/Broken Arrow BLM holding facility where the BLM is holding our wild horses in Nevada has a sign hanging at the entrance:

Troy Adams Broken Arrow USA. 

The link to the website for Broken Arrow USA is no longer active. The Broken Arrow Ranch of Lincoln, CA was featured on animal cloning company Bovance’s website .

The sale of Broken Arrow Ranch’s cattle clone was listed at the Denim and Diamonds Sale and the last address in the middle column is: Broken Arrow Angus Ranch, Troy Adams, 345 Karchner Rd,, Lincoln, CA. 95648, phone (916) 645-1924 Pharmaceutical company Geron (www.geron.com) (TX. ViaGen and Trans Ova Genetics (of Sioux Center, Iowa) own Bovance, the animal cloning company (which featured Broken Arrow). 

Most, if not all, of Geron’s board of directors each sit on the boards of several other pharmaceutical companies. ViaGen is very actively cloning horses:

Some background: More

Captured Nevada Mustangs Suffer Pigeon Fever and Degrading Conditions under BLM’s Veil of Secrecy

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Captured Nevada Mustangs Suffer Pigeon Fever and Degrading Conditions under BLM’s Veil of Secrecy 

Newborn horses unaccounted for as BLM denies public observation of Calico wild horses and keeps up closed-door, business-as-usual protocol

Fallon, NV (April 1, 2010)—The public questions the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) ability to care for the more than 1800 captured wild horses in Nevada noting a Pigeon Fever outbreak as well as a growing number of newborn horses not accounted for. It appears that only one licensed veterinarian is caring for thousands of horses in both the Palomino and Fallon feedlot style holding facilities. The BLM denies daily access to the facility by experienced humane observers and chooses to work behind closed doors on private land.

Large chest abscesses due to the highly contagious Pigeon Fever bacterium have been observed by the public and reported at the Fallon Holding Facility in Nevada where the Bureau of Land Management is holding, continuing to brand, process and sort over 1800 captured wild horses on private property at taxpayer expense. More than 81 equine deaths and 40 late term abortions have been recorded to date as the over stressed Calico wild horses wait an uncertain fate in feedlot-style holding pens.  More

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