Video by “Miss American”

PPJ Contributor 


Chemtrails Kill…..?

Although several websites exist claiming to debunk chemtrails, the evidence is there in the skies to be seen by anyone who cares to look up.  These are not contrails, the vapor trails that vanish behind jets.  These are long lingering, spreading, feathery looking streaks in the skies.  Maybe as some form of sick joke, huge crosses, grids, loops overlaying loops and other easily identifiable patterns are visible.  According to the FAA, these are just jets maybe on their way to Ohio or something.  IF this is true…….why hasn’t the FAA grounded the pilots of those jets, who obviously are either drunk, on drugs, or both.  What jet pilot heads for a commercial destination and along the way decides to make designs in the sky that linger for many hours, turning blue skies to milky gray and blocking sunlight?

So……what is the purpose of chemtrails?