Duty to Warn

new-logo25kohlsBy Gary G. Kohls, MD

“American Exceptionalism is the errant theory that the United States occupies a special niche among the nations of the world because of its alleged “generosity” to immigrants, “mercy” to persecuted religious and ethnic minorities, its “honorable” democratic ideals and its historical origins from an oppressed nation (despite its having evolved into an oppressor nation).”


I was raised in a small rural Minnesotan town by an essentially apolitical household that had no television, subscribed to no daily newspaper and had very little civics instruction in my high school. By osmosis, I suppose, I somehow came to the erroneous assumption that democracy and capitalism were the same. I suppose that a lot of other Americans fell victim to the same illogic (brain-washing [?]) which I now suspect may have been planned by the powers-that-be rather than because of simple stupidity on my part)

At any rate, it has taken me decades to gradually overcome the disinformation that made me confused about something as basic as economics and politics. So, in an effort to warn some of my fellow citizens about what may have happened to them as well, I submit the following glossary of terms. A lot of the following information was excerpted/plagiarized from the public online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. I hope the lists help to explain why so much of the world regards us as “Ugly Americans” rather than arrogant “Exceptional Americans”.

Lebensraum (German for “living space”) is one of the precepts of Nazism, which is actually no different from the American concept of “Manifest Destiny” which justified the murderous, genocidal theft of Native American ancestral lands of what is now considered the United States of America.

The concept of lebensraum in Germany likewise justified that nation’s attempts at territorial expansion into Eastern Europe (in both world wars) because of the perceived need for (and the willingness of otherwise “Good (and brain-washed) Germans” to send their tanks, storm troopers, Luftwaffe pilots and special forces (“Sondercommandos”) to kill Slavs and Jews and steal their agricultural land and natural resources for the Fatherland. The Nazi policy (as was the case in the nefarious methods used by the United States government and its military against the aboriginal peoples) was to kill, deport, or enslave the Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and other Slavic populations, ethnic groups that were considered racially inferior. The ultimate goal was to repopulate Eastern Europe with “racially-superior” Germans.

As has happened in many of the foreign wars (and domestic conflicts) that most militarized, imperial nations like the US have been engaged in, the populations invaded by Germany were dealt with by acts of terror including genocide, mass murder, torture, arbitrary arrest, imprisonment, extra-judicial executions, rapes, sexual assaults, confinement of civilian populations into ghetto areas (“concentration camps”), hunger, starvation, forcible removal, forced marches, civilian displacement and deportation, deliberate military attacks (or threats of military violence) on civilians and civilian areas, and destruction of homes, safe harbors, hospitals and other property.

The demagogue Adolf Hitler and his brain-washed “my country right or wrong” followers felt it was their nationalistic and patriotic duty to create an agricultural and natural resource surplus that would feed Germany’s military conquerors, satisfy German industry’s insatiable greed for natural resources and allow a German upper class to occupy the newly “cleansed” area for the duration of the “Thousand Year Reich”.

It is important to point out that a common motivation for ethnic cleansing and colonization by the  governments that ruled our ancestors (and their obedient military units that did the dirty work) is gaining access to coveted natural resources such as water, coal, oil, arable land, cotton, precious metals, industrial metals and dependency-inducing (and therefore very profitable) crops such as tobacco, sugar, coffee, coca, opium poppies and various fermentable crops (to produce alcohol).

Manifest Destiny, American Imperialism and the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex