Are cops more criminal than criminals?



J. Speer-Williams (c) 2010


“To have civilian police departments now using heavy military equipment, automatic weapons, and the tactics, training, and even uniforms of the military, means but one thing: our governmental establishments are setting themselves against us – the people.”


The halcyon days of relative freedom and tranquility of the fabulous ‘50s and early 1960s were abruptly ended with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, on the 22nd of November, 1963, by intelligence agents. More

The Militarization of the Police….video

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by Billy Vegas

The miltarization of our domestic police forces.  If you can watch this 6 minute video and not come away sick at your stomach and wondering just what the government has planned for us.

How about long range accoustic devices for crowd control compliance and “influencing” behavior.

And:  How ’bout those “active denial systems” which heat your core temp just like a microwave?

How does a high school drug raid, that produced no drugs, by police in swat gear sound to you?

Take a look.

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