NAIS and the World Conservation Bank… hmmm

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Put together under Patriot Act provisions……NAIS is the greatest land grab in our history.

A bullet or a Swiss bank account? Brasscheck TV/video

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A bullet or a Swiss bank account?

That’s the choice Third World leaders of resource rich countries have been offered since at least post-World War II.

Our gangster government, owned in reality by corporations, uses tax payer resources to subvert countries all over the world.

The first line of offense?  Loans. Easy term loans.

Sound familiar?

Everything the US does overseas – EVERYTHING – it also does to its own people.

Assassination of political figures…already a part of American life.

Murder of civilians in cold blood…Waco and 9/11.

Deliberately bankrupting the nation as a means of social engineering…that’s what’s happening right now.


As former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura pointed out in yesterday’s video, Americans mistakenly believe that the CIA (and other intelligence agencies for whom it provides cover) only operates against other countries.


In fact, it operates against all who it perceives as potential threats to the government’s comfort i.e. any movement that demonstrates independence of thought and action. 


Here’s how it operates in other countries, which is really not that much different from how it operates at home:



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