Homeland Security: Government sponsored unique “terrorism”


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Thinking about all of this I of course have to wonder who is being terrorized by my belief in the Constitution?  In what way does my belief threaten them?  The answers of course are that the only individuals or institutions who view my beliefs as terroristic are the same individuals and institutions that operate the Big Brother police state. “


For most American’s, at least those paying any attention, the threat of Homeland Security (HSD) and its Gestapo agenda represent a far bigger threat to the nation than some nameless, faceless, unidentifiable person or group in some foreign land.  Created on the back of the fear mongering by our own government using 9/11 as the excuse, this trophy of the Bush regime is morphing into the greatest threat we face which is exactly what it was intended to do.

According to HSD these days…..we are all unique terrorists, each of us representing a threat to the ever expanding global efforts to end human rights except for those afforded to the elite.  Somehow, those who possess great wealth, those who operate as a corporation, are somehow exempt from regulation and government sponsored terrorism. 

Out here in no-man’s land where jobs have been systematically shipped out of the country to slave labor markets and where the homeless population is rising daily as a result of massive unemployment, and while our border remains unsecured and millions of illegal immigrants are encouraged to enter the country further depressing the job market and wages across the board, it seems we have no rights as these are being eroded on a daily basis not only by our elected officials, but also by Homeland Security, an unelected bureaucracy loaded with over paid bureaucrats. 

HSD is a Constitutional black hole. More

Incumbent = “Income Bent”

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I think NOT

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Got a joke for you. When is a Politician running for State Treasurer after his bank partnership fails, he squirms out of those pesky taxes while receiving a refund of $30,000, and is touted as a Democratic hopeful for the position likely to be elected?

Answer: When he comes from Illinois and his Republican counterpart not only lied about his military service, but also about his experience as a Educator.

Personally I don’t think that is very funny, but I bet these 39 individuals fired from their DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service) positions are probably wondering how that happens as well. More

Feds tell us who they think we are

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Darol Dickinson from   texaslonghorn.com  sends along this document.  Use it to find out what kind of patriot your government thinks you are.  As I have stated in the past numerous times, the enemy our government fears is US!  We are the “terrorists”…..not the Muslims…..not the radical Islamic religion…..us.  As reference on just whom the government fears most, read the Patriot Acts…..terrorism is never mentioned unless there is an egregious asssault on civil liberites. 

As you go through this listing of who the government thinks is a terrorist, keep in mind YOU are a prime suspect!

Thanks to Darol for letting us know just how threatening he is in the eyes of our government.  (sarc)

From Darol:

Please check the attached document to determine who you are and what the federal government considers your category.  Although I have always thought I was a law abiding, peaceful American with some pride of country and respect of leaders—-now I know what they think of me.

 I find I fit 19 threatening categories.  I think I am a rightwing extremist neo-patriot second-target sovereign resistance hacktivist constitution-based decentralized bloc aboveground Baptist.  Now I know why I am having a problem staying a Republican and Libertarians look a little to mellow to me.  
It looks like, unless I am a government employee, totally politically correct in each act and statement, I am considered a threat to the good order and stability of the country.
If this file comes in large, just reduce it.  It is official use only and you are not supposed to know about this — Top Secret document!  However I hereby grant you my authority to open this official secret classified document.
At the very end it gives details and “encourages recipients to report information concerning suspicious activity similar to above described to DHS and FBI.”  So looks like most of us need to turn ourselves in to authorities.  Darol Dickinson

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