You Fools You Fools You Fools—How Amateur Presidents, Amateur Secretaries of State and Amateur Ambassadors to the United Nations Could Start World War III


By Gary G. Kohls, MD


A Summary of What is Likely to Have Been a False Flag Operation in Syria

The narrative accompanying the video footage that swayed Trump showed the now discredited-as-propaganda “White Hat” brigade members trying to hose down the dying poison gas victims in a region where there is no American presence. The unknown makers of the video claimed that the chemical agent responsible was military-grade Sarin gas.

Within hours after the Al Queda video went viral, a pair of U.S. Navy destroyers – that had been pre-positioned in the eastern Mediterranean – launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles (at a cost of some $1.5 million each, which equals $85,000,000 of scarce taxpayer dollars in one pop, to the delight of some weapons manufacturer or other), targeting aircraft, hardened shelters, fuel storage, munitions supply, air defense and communications facilities at the Syrian air base. Only 20% of the air base was disabled and jets were flying out of the base within a few  days.

The cooler heads of most of the members of the UN Security Council refused to blame Assad until further study of the facts were examined by an independent group.

This space is reserved for the true story, if we Americans are ever allowed to hear it.


*“Perhaps there is no more fitting tribute…to all wars everywhere – than the closing chapters of Johnny Got His Gun. Published on September 3, 1939, two days after the start of WWII. Dalton Trumbo’s novel was about a World War I veteran whose four limbs, face and genitals had been blown away by a shell but had been kept alive in a secret military hospital as a curiosity. He is deaf, dumb, and blind, and must lift and drop his head against a hospital pillow to tap out – in Morse code – what he wants to tell mankind. He asks that the wretched trunk of his body be placed in a glass case and taken around the world on display. One of the last powerful paragraphs of the book ends this way: ‘I know the truth and you don’t you fools. You fools you fools you fools…” More

NAIS and the International Criminal Court


By: Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2009


There are times when I am researching a subject that something just jumps out at me because it is out of place, seemingly unconnected to the issue, or seems totally irrelevant.  Sometimes, gut instinct tells me to pursue it and see where it leads.  This is what happened with an unusual comment made By Bruce Knight of the USDA.

On June 8, 2007, Under-Secretary of Agriculture Bruce Knight, speaking at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, said, “We have to live by the same international rules we’re expecting other people to do.” (end quote)

Knight was referring to the return and adherence to the International Criminal Court: a global court which cedes itself the right to act with impunity and with no adherence to national or local laws, but only to the laws it has created itself……and not for your benefit. 

Bruce Knight was promoting the National Animal Identification System known as NAIS.  What could the International Criminal Court have to do with that?

In every instance in the Draft National Animal Identification System Users Guide, land is referred to as a premises.  A “Premises” has no protection under the Constitution of the United States, while property indicates exclusive private ownership and is protected by the Constitution.

This is where the return to the ICC comes in.  The ICC is in part modeled on the Vienna Diplomatic Relations Conventions where [premises] is defined globally and with a global use intended with no recognition afforded to the rights of private individuals, national laws or protections, or the rights or recognition to private property ownership. 

[At this point we have to remember the use of UN Agenda 21 mandates regarding rules and guidelines in NAIS, and now we add one more point of interest to 21:  It calls for the complete ownership of all lands to be held by the [state] citing land as a source of wealth and one that should not be held by the common individual.] 

Agreement on the Privileges and Immunities of the International Criminal Court


3.1.2 Ownership and control of property privileges Description  

 “premises to mean the buildings or parts of buildings and the land ancillary (connected to or existing as) thereto, irrespective of ownership, used for the purpose of…”. The word “premises” includes a place and a conveyance in this section. Conveyance is the transfer of ownership of real property from the original owner to another… such as land….such as what happens when you sign up for Premises ID under NAIS and CONVEY ownership and control of your land and livestock to the USDA acting as agent for the federal government.

[Now we know how and why the word [premises] was used.  The word premises is not only a redefinition of ownership and control within our legal system, but now under the International Criminal Court is also globally recognized and eliminates our private property rights and makes our own laws unavailable to us.]

Sect 3.2.1 cont.

As reflected in the discussions of the ICC Preparatory Commission Working Group, “the concept of legal capacity means that States (countries, provinces, commonwealths, or sovereign nations) will not subject the Court to national jurisdiction or legislation, and the Court will consult national authorities when it needs to act. Implementing legislation should not restrict the Court in the exercise of its functions or fulfillment of its purpose and should reflect the fact the Court is not subject to national law.”

States may need to ensure steps are taken to guarantee the Court will have the capacity that may be necessary to exercise its functions and fulfillment of its purpose in that State, such as the capacity to contract, acquire and dispose of property and participate in national legal proceedings.”  ICC codes reports.

There is far more to this, but you get the idea: Bruce Knight was advocating a return to the International Court System because it would facilitate the NAIS.  It would do this by ignoring Constitutional laws and rights, substituting global efforts to seize privately held lands and material property and any suits brought against state or federal agencies attempting to force NAIS would now be directed to the ICC…..where the individual is not recognized as owning or controlling property. 

Think they can’t get away with this?  Well..here is a law from 1949 that says they can and you can’t do anything about it.

Agreement on Privilege and Immunities of the Organisation of American States.


Now…….on to the “World Conservation Bank”…….another piece of the global wealth puzzle.

© 2009 Marti Oakley


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