Defeat of Comprehensive Immigration Reform Was a Hollow Victory

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By Michael Cutler/retired INS Senior Special Agent.


The Senate bill (S. 744) that would have created Comprehensive Immigration Reform was defeated in the last session of Congress. 

The media played up the fact that the Americans who opposed that disastrous legislation “won.”  Most so-called “journalists” noted that the “victory” belonged to the “Anti-Immigrant” groups.  Of course it is anything but “Anti-Immigrant” to oppose the implementation of a massive program that would provide unknown millions of illegal aliens with lawful status and the official identity documents that would attest to their having been provided with such status. 

The point is that the numbers of such aliens would be so huge that no in-person interviews would have been possible, nor would there have been any way to conduct field investigations into the truthfulness of the information contained in the applications.  Commonsense alone should have made it clear to all that this would undermine national security- however, there are two documents that provide additional support for these well-founded concerns, the “9/11 Commission Report” and the “9/11 Commission Staff Report on Terrorist Travel.” Remarkably, those important reports that were written in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 are never mentioned in the media and rarely by our politicians in Washington or elsewhere, for that matter. 

The immigration laws take a balanced approach to immigration- establishing the categories of aliens who should be denied entry into the United States because they would pose a threat to national security, public safety and/or the jobs of American workers.  Those laws also establish the basis by which aliens should be deported (removed) from the United States.  However, those laws also provide for the lawful immigration of aliens, as I noted above, and also permit tens of millions of nonimmigrant aliens to enter the United States for various lawful purposes.  In point of fact, those who favor the enforcement of the immigration laws understand that the laws take a balanced approach and far from being “Anti-Immigrant” are simply “Pro-Enforcement.” 

Obviously it was significant that the catastrophic legislation known as Comprehensive Immigration Reform was not enacted, however, once again, Obama has taken to using his phone and his pen to make certain that the immigration laws that are already on the books are ignored by the employees of the DHS (Department of Homeland Surrender) thereby creating opportunities for criminals and terrorists to enter the United States and embed themselves in towns and cities across the United States. More

Senator Russell Pearce on The Ruthie Report

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Please join Ruthie  this week with special Guest: Senator Russell  Pearce
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Ruthie and Russell will be discussing his new radio show The Russell Pearce Show 
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Ruthie and Russell  will also be discussing the political landscape of Illegal Immigration … not  only for Arizona but the nation as a whole.
“I will have a few pointed questions – such as what it is that we need to  do to wake up Washington to the current devastating push for CIR, what we can do, what his future plans are in the illegal immigration debate  and how he sees this evolving.
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration  Reform         

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REAL ID hidden in immigration reform bill



His administration has been caught red-handed spying on Associated Press reporters.

The IRS is just now admitting to spying on Tea Party and conservative groups — and accused of exacting political revenge on others.

Now you and I see, buried deep within the 800-plus pages of the so-called “Immigration Reform” Bill, a new biometric National ID scheme to open the door to more government intrusion the lives of every American . . .

You and I are supposed to believe neither the Obama administration nor career Washington, D.C. bureaucrats will abuse the massive new powers they crave.

But if recent history teaches us anything, it’s that they will.

That’s why I’m counting on you to

fill out your No National ID Petition IMMEDIATELY.

You see, President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have already announced “Immigration Reform” could be brought to the U.S. Senate floor in just a matter of weeks.

As I’ve said, without border security, any deal is dead on arrival.

But another — and perhaps even more dangerous — deal-breaker is the institution of a new National ID card.

Under the National ID scheme, the Department of Homeland Security would create a massive new photo database to include names, ages, and Social Security numbers of every single American.

The database would be tied to a biometric National ID card to include information like fingerprints and facial and retinal scans. More

SB1070 Minnesota Style

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 Ruthie Hendrycks/Minsir
SB1070 Minnesota Style More

New TV Ads Tie Massive Unemployment to Lack of Immigration Enforcement

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CAPS and its partners in the Coalition for the American Worker launched two new TV ads asking why the President and congressional leaders have cut job site enforcement of immigration laws at a time when at least 8 million jobs are held by illegal foreign workers and so many Americans are unemployed.

While President Obama says his top priority is jobs he apparently does not mean jobs for Americans. The Country faces the highest unemployment rate in decades. Americans desperately need jobs. Yet the Obama Administration is reducing worksite enforcement of immigration laws even though worksite enforcement opens jobs for Americans.

When illegal workers are caught, they’re not often deported, which means they can take another American job. Also, the U.S. continues to admit more than a million foreign workers a year to take American jobs. Good paying jobs. Our ads ask viewers to call the White House at 202-456-1414 and tell the President that Americans want their jobs back!

CLICK HERE to view these ad campaigns.

CAPS and its partners are also airing a new radio ad in Nevada on the same topic. To listen, CLICK HERE (may take a moment to load
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform                                    

State Chapter for FIRE Coalition                        
“Restore Order – Secure Our Border”                              www.mnsirproject.com minnsir@yahoo.com “The Ruthie Report” 8 pm CST every Thursday via Conservative Alliance Media Network at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/TheRuthieReport

Lost Lives – The Continued Illegal Immigration Saga


By Ruthie Hendrycks

May 17, 2009

The frustration and animosity concerning illegal immigration – continues to rise.

An example is the most recent case in Nebraska of little Josie Bluhm, age four, whose life was snuffed out May13th, 2009 by an illegal alien with four previous DWI’s – three in Nebraska and one in Kansas, who entered the US illegally approximately 14 years ago


Remember the “Cottonwood Four” of Minnesota who also lost their lives at the hands of an illegal alien behind the wheel. I hesitate to mention them – not with regards to the fury of emotions it brings back with regards to the issue of illegal immigration – but with respect of the families and friends of those lost, and maybe that is the problem.

Many columnists and writers continue to write on such incidences because we are disturbed and angered by the violence we see happening all around us – but, we also hesitate to continually hit home on one particular incident with compassion for those left behind. Compassionately speaking – it is a wrong if you do and a wrong if you do not situation.

Sadly, these tragic accidents could have been avoided and the simple fast that Little Josie and others may be alive today – cannot be denied, if only our immigration policies were enforced. Cases, such as the two mentioned above are not rare – there is case after case to report, but at what cost to the grieving loves ones?

This double standard of non enforcement of certain laws – immigration enforcement- for a select group of individuals – while others, such as Americans and legal residents are expected to conform and follow the law – can only lead to Anarchy – a term I assume Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano would possibly refer to as “Man made Frustration”.

As frustrations continue to grow with these senseless crimes by someone who should bot have been in the country to begin with – we witness nothing by many of our elected officials in the form of addressing the issue. This is compounded with efforts by the mainstream media to put a human side to those who are here illegally committing crimes. When will the mainstream media stop the never ending hug tugging bias reporting of these deaths and elected officials wake up and take action?

Why would such a position be taken by those who were elected to provide for our safety? With regards to the two major parties ( there are more than two parties in this Country)? One party is falling all over themselves to pander to the illegal alien for future votes and funding. While the other party now finds itself dually split, with one side praying for the return of the Grand Old Party and the other attempting to take a middle road of pandering but try as well to retain remnants of what their positions were – not realizing that those they are attempting to pander to – would most likely not switch sides, because of the excessive pandering taking place by the first party.

While we wait for real leadership on the issue of illegal immigration – an issue that elected officials and politicians avoid like the plague – it is the lives of innocent children, of average Americans and legal residence, that are felling and living with the realities of illegal immigration.

And for what? – with the current population of the US at approx 306,000,000 and the estimated population of illegal aliens at 12 to 30 million – this would equal a percentage of 10 percent – at best. So, in essence we have pandering of illegal activity for a small minority of the population and again … at what cost?

Maybe what is really needed is answers to several tough questions…………….

What is the worth of a child’s life? How many votes and to what level of cheap labor, do we allocate for the death of our youth and other as well? What is the price for a diverse nation – no matter what race, color or creed one may be without enforcement of our laws? And truly how important is the rule of law? When will those who are elected to work on behalf of American citizens and to protect and defend – start pandering to Americans and legal residents versus illegal aliens?

We hear discussion after discussion of reform – and that is specifically where both sides – those for and those against illegal immigration – lose ground. What is needed is not reform of our immigration laws, rather ENFORCEMENT. Combined with a resigned commitment for a sensible immigration policy that benefit’s the United States of America, that demands of those wishing to share in the American dream to do so legally – with an understanding of compliance for our language – English, our laws, our cultural aspects and for our Flag – that no other flag may fly above.

Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform
Independent Minnesota Minutemen

State Chapter for FIRE Coalition
Restore Order Secure Our Border

Ruthie Hendrycks/Minnesotoans for Immigration Reform on Sue Jeffers Radio Show

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Dear Members

I will be the Radio Guest for the Sue Jeffers Show Nov 15th, 2008
from 5-7 p.m. CST on the radio station KTLK.
Thank you Sue for having MINNSIR/Ruthie for almost the entire show.
Go to the second link below and click
listen live in the top right corner to listen in.
(as shown below)
I encourage you to listen and call in and participate
Call in with your support to end illegal immigration.
Let Minnesota and America know we are
United and are not go anywhere
Thank you
Contact Sue:
TO CALL IN DIAL  ++++    Studio: 651-989-5855
Email: suejeffers@ktlkfm.com

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