Hijacking Humanity …watch the movie on line.

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Hijacking Humanity

Are you a corporate body and legal name registered as chattel property with the corporation you reside in? What the heck does that even mean?

After connecting with many people from around the world during 5 years of intense research, Paul Verge charts his journey of startling discoveries through the many systems that govern our lives in North America, where hidden levers are pulled, backs are scratched in the shadows and the seemingly unconnected gears of everyday powerbrokers combine into a massive jigsaw puzzle, revealing themselves to be part of the juggernaut machinery pushing towards a consolidation of World Power.

A 2 Disc DVD set running over 3 hours in length, “Hijacking Humanity“, the first film in the series “The Cause of Effect” reveals a plethora of startling information.



Homeland Security’s Data Vacuum Cleaner In Action

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An Investigation by the Identity Project

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has quietly perfected and begun to implement their scheme that will require Americans to seek and get permission from DHS in order to travel both domestically and abroad.

The results of an investigation by the Identity Project show that DHS is actively collecting information on what Americans read, with whom they associate, and the ethnicity of individual American travelers. DHS is also actively acquiring the travel records of Americans that document non-US travel, e.g., intra-European flights.

Almost one hundred pages of travel records were turned over by DHS to the Identity Project in response to Privacy Act requests. These documents – many heavily redacted – make clear that DHS is not being honest and forthright with the American public.

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Everyone needs to get on this site and check this out.  The Identity Project has done some stellar work here.  Sites like these need our support.


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