Hoaxes, Scams, and Your Medical Care

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Contributor & author: Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD, (California) board-certified anesthesiologist and President of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons  (see bio at bottom of release)


April 9th, 2019

Hoaxes and scams have been dominating the news lately. We have a marginally known actor faking a hate crime supposedly to raise his Hollywood profile. His attempt to claw his way to the middle could have resulted in race riots, injury, and death. His punishment? All charges dropped.

The scandal about Hollywood and other elites buying their children’s way into top-rated universities really hit home. I remember when I had tutored some recent Vietnamese immigrants for a debate contest to win a scholarship for college. I could only hope that their hard work was rewarded and not wiped away by special favors bestowed on the “haves.”

Now we continue to have a slew of healthcare hoaxes: corporate stakeholders, legislators, and government agencies promise everything and have no accountability for their failure to keep their promises.

Take the large health systems’ claim that hospital consolidation and buying up physician practices would benefit consumers with cheaper prices from coordinated services and other unspecified savings. A major study of California hospital mergers found just the opposite. The analysis showed that the price of an average hospital admission went up as much as 54 percent. When the large hospital systems bought doctors’ groups, the prices rose even more. There was as much as a 70 percent increase in prices of medical services in geographic areas with minimal competition. This finding seems obvious to any of us who has the choice of shopping at Walmart or Target or Costco. More

Open Letter to Congress: www.opednews.com

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 This article by Kathryn Smith is one of the most lucid arguments against the current state of disarray that is evidenced in our government.  The full article is detailed and lays out the opposing arguments against government fascism and the contrived and fake “War of Terror”…..fully supported by both party’s. 

 These are a few excerpts from her scathing article:

~ Sometimes we have to question our assumptions. And for you to assume, Congress, that to pass or even to consider laws such as S.1959/HR1955, The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act “and for other purposes”—-WHAT other purposes???—-is to squelch dissent, you are assuming very wrongly indeed. You lie to us that this bill merely “Studies” terrorism, yet propose to have government infiltrators *spy* on our college students, who just so happen to be the most vocal citizen cross-sector in our country.

You say that this bill “Should not” clamp down on civil liberties, yet you set up a Commission of government personnel who themselves will conduct hearings of Americans (like vocal college students) *dubbed* as “Homegrown terrorists“. No judge to check random government power, no citizen jury are proposed in this unconstitutional bill.

Congress, did it ever occur to you that when you step on somebody’s head, they just might rather fiercely object? Do you really believe that by stepping on their mouth you will silence them? My bet is that the mouth will bite your foot—hard too—-because by heaping injustice on top of injustice, you are only going to create the homegrown terrorist wrath which you are trying to squelch in the first place. If a civil war breaks out in America, guess who created it? Mission Accomplished.

~ It’s very interesting to me to see how routinely Congress and this Administration has projected its own shadow onto an entire nation of people. By stating in the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism *Exacerbation* Act “and for other purposes”, that for a citizen “to further his or her religious, political or social beliefs“ through “radical ideologies” and the “use, planned use, or threatened use of violence or force” is illegal, I must say that you, dear Congress, are the most guilty of all parties on this planet.

Under that proposed law, we ourselves could hold you so responsible in court, as could other nations, that it would be a laugh of triumph. I pray for that day to arrive, and the sooner the better! As the Psalmist said, the snare you have set for us will become the snare you will have set for yourselves, and ye shall all indeed be sitting in jail. Bring it on! 

~ (Qualifier: I am adamantly opposed to violence. And I radically, strongly and vehemently oppose S. 1959 and HR 1955, in furtherance of my social, religious and political beliefs, not to mention that of our own US Constitution).

~ E) Congress, you are coaching us to hate others based on racial profiling. We hereby stand united, publicly calling the shots for what they are and widely spreading word, thus dismantling your attempts to further your agenda at the expense of innocent people:

~ What of the fact that Bush’s own grandfather was a key person in the Nazi movement, and now we have “the enemy” Muslim, Middle Easterners, Afghanis and Pakistanis as our targets where previously it was the Jews? Sure there are Middle Eastern terrorists, but does that make *every* Middle Easterner a terrorist? Far from it. If so, we would all have been dead long ago. What nonsense this is—and what a brainwash, just as occurred in Nazi Germany! Even Germans themselves have openly said so, themselves. This is not a distorted “take” on the situation, at all.

~ Is it better for you, Congress, to be considered “Soft on terror” or to promote Nazi-like propaganda resulting in shock and awe, torture and war without end, while raping our civil liberties, all for the sake of a cognitive distortion (every Middle Easterner=terrorist) and a blown-up hoax (weapons of mass destruction) ? To think or not to think, that is the question.~Which leads me to my next point.

F) Congress, Bush and Cheney, your hand-and-glove operation to gain world domination is doomed to fail from the start.

Because you see, it’s basic economics. Even someone as uneducated in the area of economics as I, can understand that endless war will result in an economic depression. And finally, as world banks start to bail out our collapsing system in the sub-prime mortgage crisis, it is those other countries who will actually gain domination over us, not the other way around. It takes no brains to figure out that any country may gain domination over another country through economic control. Your quest for world domination is short-sighted indeed.

~ G) Immunity is an illusion:

~ Congress, if Hussein could first be supplied with weapons and then killed by his suppliers for having possessed them, aren’t you yourselves vulnerable to the unconstitutional laws you are passing? What of the Congressman whose office was searched, and the cry of bloody murder which followed—-and yet it was you yourselves who voted for that same law which resulted in that search, ie the Patriot Act? Congress, if you believe you are immune, and your friends and family members too, you are so wrong. Your slave masters will whip you with the very chains with which they promise to hold your enemies. Make no mistake about it. And you know just exactly to whom I am referring.

~ H) The War on Terror is Fake:

~ What of the fact that the terrorist database is now close to one million people? Is the song “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens a terrorist work, and why should a plane be grounded because Stevens was on board and happens to be a Middle Easterner and a Muslim? Should planes be grounded because Buddhists, Jews and Catholics are on board? What of the fact that infants, children, peaceful activists (ie vocal citizens), and only Democrats in Congress (no Republicans) appear on the no-fly list? How much credibility does that lend the war on terror? More likely, people will finally wake up, en masse, and recognize it for what it is: The war OF terror is much more accurate.

Kathryn Smith  www.opednews.com

Kathryn invites everyone to redistribute this letter to congress where ever possible.

March 10, 2008

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