Our guest is Dr. David Moskowitz
Slavery profited enormously from people of color who were kept powerless and ignorant during their short, traumatized lives. The US government helped maintain the system. 
Dialysis claims all ethnicities but people of color go on the kidney machine two to three times more than American whites. Once on the kidney machine, a dialysis patient brings in as much as a modern day slave, $100,000 a year, to the owner of the dialysis unit. Average life expectancy on dialysis is only three years, much worse than slavery. Quality of life on dialysis is atrocious.
What makes dialysis like medical slavery is that it has been preventable since February, 1994, but nobody in healthcare will publicize it. CMS (Medicare) has been the Single Payer for dialysis since 1972, but had no interest in cutting 7% of their budget, some $35 billion a year, when I discussed my 2002 paper with them in October, 2004. Nor has any CMS Medical Director since.
It’s as if there had been no Abolitionists and no Civil War. Medically, it’s as if the iron lung industry had managed to suppress news of Jonas Salk’s vaccine, and children still come down with polio every summer. Unthinkable, but imagine if healthcare had decided to profit from polio like they continue to profit from dialysis.
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