Study Finds Nearly Half of Child and Adult Sex Trafficking Victims Were Abused by Police

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A shocking new report from the Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women paints a disturbing picture of law enforcement and their role in sex trafficking. The report found that instead of preventing child and adult sex trafficking, many police officers are participating in it.

The report is titled “Sex Trafficking in Hawaii: The Stories of Survivors,” which detailed the testimonials from multiple victims. One particularly disturbing part of the report was the fact that almost half of all the victims interviewed reported that police officers participated in their abuse and victimization.  

“The corruption of members of the criminal justice system reported by the participants in the study was pervasive in their stories of being prostituted,” the report noted.

The report found that the average age of those being trafficked is just 14-years-old, showing how early the abuse began.

One of the victims interviewed, who wished to remain anonymous for obvious reasons explained that “the same people that are charging you for prostitution are the people turning around and buying it from you.”


“Aggie the traveling Agrobacterium” has landed in Hawaii

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Hawaii Farmers Union

Produced by: Barbara H. Peterson


Many thanks to each of you for the inspiration of today’s call!
Barbara’s approach in developing curriculum is brilliant. 

 As a school librarian, exposure to Monsanto -funded curriculum “Field of Genes” is what first galvanized me into this movement.  I agree with Barbara and Shiv that reaching children with information about the real risks of GMO’s while nurturing a love for growing real food for everyone is vital.

Deeply encouraged to be reminded by our Iraqi colleague, Naqid Khamis, of the innate wisdom and steadfastness that continues from earliest times in Mesopotamia.   It is both  an honor and humbling to network with you all in this effort.

In Hawaii since we have been (U.S. occupied as well,) exploited as the world center for field research on GMO seed varieties, we are ready to participate in international efforts to educate and resist and transform the influence of the Biotech/GMO industry.

Thank you, Wafaa’, for bringing our beautiful planet and us the hope, the promise and the imperative to act, that is Seed Day!  I have found as I mentioned that the more we can focus on good food, peace and sovereignty the more successful our outreach and collaboration will be.

Eden Peart

Hawaii Farmers Union


2nd Amendment Rights Protected During Emergency In Hawaii

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By Sam Slom, 5/12/2010

Hawaii Reporter:  Gov. Linda Lingle today signed into law two important bills preserving 2nd Amendment rights passed by the recently adjourned 25th Hawaii State Legislature.

SB 358, SD1, HD2, which I introduced, is now known as (Act 96). This bill establishes provisions relating to prohibition against seizure of firearms or ammunition during emergency or disaster, suspension of permit or license. Prohibits any person or government entity to seize or confiscate, under any civil defense, emergency, or disaster relief powers or functions conferred, or during any civil defense emergency period, or during any time of national emergency or crisis, any firearm or ammunition and permit or license of any individual who is lawfully permitted to carry or possess the firearm or ammunition and who carries, possesses, or uses the firearm or ammunition in a lawful manner and in accordance with the criminal laws of this State. More

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