Inconvenient Truths About This Year’s Duluth Air Show: Squandering the Planet’s Increasingly Scarce Fossil Fuels for our Amusement



Duty to Warn

By Gary G. Kohls, MD – July 7, 2018


“Knowledge is power; but who hath duly Considered the power of Ignorance? Knowledge slowly builds up what Ignorance in an hour pulls down. Knowledge, through patient and frugal centuries, enlarges discovery and makes record of it; Ignorance, wanting its day’s dinner, lights a fire with the record, and gives a flavor to its one roast with the burned souls of many generations.” — George Eliot, from the author’s last novel, Daniel Deronda


The Big Oil cartels have, for decades, been poisoning the air, the aquifers, the rivers, the lakes the air, the soil and the Gulf of Mexico, the Persian Gulf and every ocean and ocean floor on the planet with uncounted millions of gallons of toxic crude oil via their risky – and very leaky – deep water oil wells. It wasn’t just the crime against the planet that British Petroleum and Dick Cheney’s Halliburton perpetrated in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. There are many other entities that have contributed to the mortal wounding of the Gulf, and one of the big ones is the US military.

A prime example of the damage done to the Gulf by corporate entities includes the Mississippi River delta’s massive dead zone that has been enlarging rapidly for decades, thanks to the many corporate polluters that have been dumping industrial waste, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, prescription drugs and other toxins into surface water streams and rivers (and aquifers also) to flow downstream from such professedly “environmentally friendly” states like Minnesota and its multitude of Big Oil, Big Chemical and Big Agribusiness-co-opted (or duped) farmers. Big Businesses like those meet the definition of sociopaths and therefore must be recognized as conscienceless.

There are hundreds of enlarging dead zones at the mouths of all of the world’s major rivers, but much of the pollution that caused the huge dead zone at the Mississippi River’s mouth started in the Upper Midwest’s farmlands. Especially guilty were the corporate-controlled mega-farms that routinely over-used synthetic herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides on the crops and soil. (See www.geoengineeringwatch.org for more details.)

As I was growing up, I often fished in the upper Minnesota River. Just during my adolescent years, I witnessed the beginnings of the pollution of that river because of farm chemical runoff. I saw the river go from swimmable and fishable to muddy, smelly, toxic and relatively fishless. More

Ron Johnson: The case against BP refusing oil containment


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Secession – Original Intent – and Reality

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By James P. Harvey (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved



Let’s look at the bright side of secession first. There are now fifty States with slightly different Constitutions and laws governing the lives of their citizens, and an agreement between the States on several issues of which Banking and a common defense against rogue Nations is considered the most important.

Citizens who are unhappy with their State laws have the right to move to another State, take up residence, engage in commerce, or any of many life styles. All of the citizens with different world views could find their utopia, because each State now has their own State Bank and own one fiftieth of the American National Bank of International Settlements, where the Dollar is now a commodity backed currency. The ANBIS is staffed with an equal number of State employees and full disclosure of all actions is freely circulated among the States. No outsiders can gain access to the oversight of the Bank. New businesses are springing up like weeds. I invested in a moving company and can now afford a private tutor. While all of this has been going on, the International Bankers and their tens of thousands of agents have been visiting Jupiter.


The restoration of the Constitution to the original intent of the founders would be wonderful, unless you questioned who decided the original intent, who would enforce it, and if you approved of the final revision. It seems very unlikely that a majority of Americans are capable of understanding, or interested in the issue, and true to the American way, while a few people with the knowledge and intellect to debate among themselves decided how we should be governed, the vast majority watched dancing with the stars. Of course the Trillionaires were kept at bay and the con con participants, and their families were protected from extortion and or death.


We are facing a Global Cabal of Nations owned and controlled by a global cabal of Bankers with a military big enough to conquer Jupiter, and unless we covertly organize a military strike on the Bankers, and tens of thousands of their agents spread all over the globe, we are in deep doo doo. I hate to be so negative, but if anyone thinks we can get through the organizing, redesign, and implementation of a new government that opposes the International Bankers without a nuclear strike, or something equally devastating, I suggest they have been sitting on each others  heads, and now have something unmentionable for brains. I suggest there is not, and never will be, enough protection available for any corrective action to get organized, much less succeed. I also suggest that the big bang may have already occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, and we the people of America are incapable of doing a damn thing about it.

Get educated, live free as long as possible, and die fighting.


We Done Did Stupid – Lets Not Compound the Issue People.


Lynn Swearingen (C) copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


In a staggeringly stupid move, the Federal Government has again moved beyond belief. (If this report from the AP is to be believed)

“William Mahan bends over a bowl of raw shrimp and inhales deeply, using his left hand to wave the scent up toward his nose. Deep breath. Exhale. Repeat. He clears his palate with a bowl of freshly cut watermelon before moving on to raw oysters. Deep breath. Exhale. Repeat. More

They Are Purposely Killing the Gulf



J.Speer-Williams (c) Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


The private, foreign International Monetary/Banking Cartel controls its puppets in Washington as it controls its oil company executives. And everything the Cartel does is anti-life, there are absolutely no exceptions; and their pretended Gulf oil clean-up is a glaring case in point.

Instead of cleaning up the unprecedented catastrophe created by the Cartel’s mega-corporations (Halliburton, Transocean, and British Petroleum), these very same companies are purposely killing our Gulf of Mexico, under the pretense of cleaning it up.

Instead of using safe, non-toxic ways to gather up the rogue oil gushing from their incompetence, or planned cataclysm, the private Cartel is using an extremely toxic chemical dispersant, with the approval of the Obama administration.

Alan Levine, the head of Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals, said: “We don’t have any data or evidence behind the use of these chemicals in the water. We’re now basically using one of the richest ecosystems in the world as a laboratory.”

As reported in Britain’s Telegraph, Louisiana state Secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Robert Barham reported: “We’re very disappointed in their [EPA and oil company executives] approach. The federal procedures call for a consensus between federal authorities, the responsible party and the states involved. When we met and expressed our concerns [over the use of dispersants], apparently they decided to go without us.” More

Pray, Please Pray for the Life of Our Mother.

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J.Speer-Williams (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


When it’s “fourth down and long” most football teams will punt, and hope for the best.

When you’re trailing with seconds left to play, most quarterbacks will throw a “Hail Mary” and pray for divine intervention.

With perhaps the greatest catastrophe in recorded history facing us in the Gulf of Mexico, we all – Christian or not –religious or not – need to pray for the divine intercession of the Holy Mother – Mary, to save us and all other life forms from what appears to be the final and irreversible end of life on planet Earth. More

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