What the “cyber-emergency” bill is really about

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by W. R. McAfee, Sr.


Remember the Copenhagen “Climate Conference” when the global warming scam and propaganda machine was outed by a hacker and the Internet?

You know, the one where a new Guinness record was set for the number of Lear jets and limos parked in one spot?

In case you missed it, the global warming Climateers were all caught red-handed trying to shove fake climate data, disinformation, propaganda, and lies down humanity’s throat when the hacker posted their internal files, emails, correspondence and computer codes on the ‘Net for ‘outside’ climate experts to study and the world to read.

The real hoot, though, was America’s MSM at Copenhagen (outed along with their bosses behind the curtain) with their deafening silence about the global warming scam—the biggest hoax of this century so far.  They were caught flat-footed; got their so-called “journalistic” noses bloodied with their own lies. Found themselves facing a fearsome ‘Net competitor and outside climate experts who hit back with fast, quick, truthful information; all posted on the ‘Net for the world to read.

It set the criminals behind the curtain on their heels. More

Al Gore’s Confession: CO2 Not the Major Cause of Global Warming

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liarFarm Wars

We are not in a global warming phase. That is a blatant lie. The following story by Paul Joseph Watson confirms that Al Gore’s CO2 “theory” is bunk, and right out of the horse’s mouth. But will this have an impact on Obama’s decision to sign the Copenhagen treaty or play a part in the carbon tax or cap and trade agenda? NOT! These people will continue with their world domination agenda via the global warming scam no matter what lies are revealed.

Time to stand up and be counted people! Shout this as far and wide as you can: AL GORE LIED ABOUT CO2! What else is he lying about? Well, I would say, just about everything.  READ MORE…

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