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Chuck Frank


 “While the listeners and viewers of mass communications are observing our changing times at light speed, the people have either become greatly alarmed at what they are seeing or they are just comfortably sedated and view the world as just another day and business as usual.”


In September 2018 California wildfires are the top of the news. Will a third of the worlds trees burn and will a third of the the fish in the sea die, and will species of many kinds perish and just become dust in the wind?   Will the aftermath of wildfires and other maladies and plagues continue to sweep the globe?  And, is it really just  climate change that is the enemy?  Many factors play into seasonal wildfires.  For instance, back on October 20, 2017 Newsweek penned an article referring to the Napa Valley, Santa Rosa fire.  It stated the following.

     “The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) described the death and destruction associated with the recent California wildfires in its latest newsletter, days after supporters suggested laying gasoline-filled bottles in the woods to inflict further damage.”

Although ISIS celebrated California wildfires death toll and suggested ways for their supporters to make it worse, they did not claim responsibility for the October 2017 fires.  Even so, one must ask a serious question.  With so much hate coming from a terrorist group, why would legislators and the Governor make California a sanctuary state when people like this are ready to burn it down?  So, if it isn’t government or terrorists who are not looking after the safety and welfare of the people, who then will carry this weight?

  Yet, adding to today’s catastrophic wildfire events of September 2018, what is truly disturbing is the present day ethical factors which now views evil as good and calls what is good evil.  It is happening and it is by design as the world’s moral compass has fully shifted and is being tossed to and fro upon a turbulent ocean of endless tidal waves.  Is this not meant to rock the socio-political-economic and religious foundations, thereby destroying people, nations, institutions, cultures and finally those unsuspecting societies for the purpose of one world government, run by an elite few, which would be for the “good of the whole.”  This lie has been going around for a long long time and isn’t it about time that we the people sank this rotten pirate ship along with its broken compass and navigation manual that is left over from the dark ages? More

The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Unpleasant Hand in Health and Food Bills


by Patrick Henning                                                 Tell a Friend 

Robert Pear wrote an astounding article in the NY Times on Genetech’s influence on the healthcare bill, writing talking points for both sides of the aisle.  He proved Anthony Sutton’s proposition – that those with power simply use the left and right divide to get what they want, even setting it up.

And that global elite seems to working now through the pharmaceutical industry and bankers to gain power.  Interestingly, it was the pharmaceutical and chemical giant, IG Farben, which destabilized Germany, put Hitler in, and was the primary support for the 3rd Reich.  And the Rockefellers, oilmen and bankers with a focus on eugenics (genetic engineering), had a half interest in IG Farben and IG Farben a half interest in Standard Oil. More

What Everyone Can Do to Fight the New World Order


One of the most frequently asked questions about the New World Order is “What can I do about it?” People feel understandably helpless in the face of the massive changes that are being wrought upon our society and upon us by the global elite.

While it may seem an insurmountable task for us to, first of all, unite with each other against this common foe, and then, once united, to somehow defeat them, the answer to the question is really more simple than it might seem.

The first thing about defeating any enemy is to know your enemy. In this case, we have a pretty good idea who the enemy is – the international banking cartel and it’s minions in government, finance, the media and academia, as well as anyone who supports them, including the CEOs of many major multinational corporations. Beyond knowing who the enemy is, though, you have to understand how they operate; i.e., what makes their plans and actions functional, in the first place. These are, after all, mortal human beings just like the rest of us. They are not gods – even though they may behave as if they think they are.

Next, you have to know what their goals are and what motivates them; i.e., what makes them tick. Once you’ve got some understanding of who the elite are, how they are doing what they are doing (as well as what they are doing) and why they are doing it, it’s really rather simple to defeat them. They are not infallible, nor are they invulnerable. They are human beings, just like you and me (except that we’re not crazed psychopaths out to rule the world) and they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you and me. They have to eat, just like you and me, and they use the bathroom just like you and me. They are just as vulnerable as we are and they make mistakes just like we do.

Now, I don’t have space here to go into what they are doing, how they are doing it and why they are doing it. You can find that out from the other articles here, or on Infowars.com, or on my website, http://www.thefreezone.garyrea.com, or on any of dozens of other websites.

What I can tell you here and now is that you are not powerless. You are powerful. The greatest power you possess is the will to say “no.” When exercised by millions – or billions – of people at once, this power can defeat any enemy. I know it sounds simplistic, but bear with me.

The New World Order is nothing more than a complex loosely organized conglomeration of international interests in the hands of a relatively small number of fallible humans. As such, it has weaknesses that can be exploited to our advantage. One of these weaknesses is the very thing you are using to read this right now: the internet. It has become their weakness and our strength that we are able (for the time being, anyway) to use their own technological creation against them. But, there are other weaknesses, as well.

The main weakness the global elite have is that they have set up their global system of control so that it can be managed effectively by a handful of people. They’ve done this because they are a tiny minority compared with the bulk of humanity. So, they’ve used their intellect to devise ways to use us against each other. Divide and conquer. It’s the oldest military strategy there is.

Their unwieldy global web of interlocking control mechanisms can and will fail if the weak points in it are exploited by us. The most glaringly obvious of these weaknesses is that it requires our continuing unwitting cooperation and support. We are, in effect, our own jailers on this prison planet. The global elite has seen to it that the society and the institutions we live under aid in this self-imprisonment and that it is hidden in plain sight. All they have to do is set it in motion and we perpetuate it.

Without going into details, as I don’t have the space here to do so, it is no insurmountable task to bring their corrupt system to its knees by simply withdrawing our cooperative support of it. Understand that you are equipped with the greatest weapon against tyranny: free will. You are empowered to say no to whatever you don’t want to do or take part in. You are empowered to assert your basic humanity and your rights as a human being and to thus deny the tyrants the pleasure of controlling you.

As I have said many times, recently, the main means the elite have of controlling whole populations is television. It was conceived as a mind control vehicle and that’s what it really is: a means of mass hypnosis, disguised (like a Trojan horse) as a desirable form of entertainment and an essential source of information. But, the truth is it is neither. What you are using right now is a far better and more reliable source of information than television. The internet is not centrally controlled. It cannot be used by the elite to lie to us, like television is. It is also and interactive medium, requiring your constant conscious input in order to work, unlike television, which is a passive, one-way means of communicating the corporate elite’s messages directly into your mind. If we all stopped watching television, the elite would no longer have their chief means of manipulating our consciousness on a mass scale.

Another area of weakness for the elite is their system is based upon debt servitude. They have only been able to gain control over the nations of the world by creating the world’s central banks and gaining control of national currencies, replacing them with a system that is based upon debt – debt which is owed directly to themselves by us and by the nations of the world. If we all withdrew our “money” (which is really a debt instrument created by them) from the banking system, their system would collapse. Of course, this would have dire consequences for all, including ourselves, but so does the continued existence of the system as it is. Either way, we are in for very tough times ahead. But the worst case scenario is based upon what will happen if their world monopoly continues – not upon what would happen if it falls. And what would happen? Eventually, a complete restructuring of society that is in the best interests of all humans, hopefully. We won’t know for sure until we’ve pulled the plug on the current system.

In short, there are many things we can all do to help pull that plug and topple the evil collossus that dominates our lives. We can refuse to comply with any and all new laws that limit or eradicate our liberty. We can get out of debt and remain out of debt, so that we cannot be controlled economically. We can further reduce our dependence by buying gold and silver coins. We can grow our own food and become increasingly self-sufficient, so that we are no longer dependent upon their machine for our support. We can band together into cooperative organizations that can ease this transition by spreading the costs and labor of rebuilding society among us, lessening the burden upon each individual, though we’ll need to be eternally vigilant – unlike our great-grandparents, who let this nightmare happen, in the first place – to assure that no opportunistically inclined people, like our enemies, ever gains control or infiltrates us again.

Each of us, acting individually to free ourselves of the globalist control grid, will contribute to the freeing humanity as a whole. Finally, we can all arm ourselves and prepare for the inevitable crackdown that will come as the New World Order writhes in its death throes. Many of us will die along the way to freedom, but it has fallen to our generation to see to it the light of liberty is not ultimately extinguished forever. Begin doing your part today by removing yourself and your family, as completely as possible, from the system. If each of us does something to disentangle ourselves from the control and manipulation of the government, the media, the multinational corporations, the medical establishment, the pharmaceuticals industry, the processed foods industry and all the other corrupted institutions that serve the globalists’ agenda (knowingly or unknowingly), we will have a collective effect upon their control grid that will make it impossible for them to continue via deceit, stealth and secrecy. Already, they are coming out into the open, openly confronting us and admitting more and more of what they have been doing, because they cannot continue hiding it as we continue to expose it.

Here are just a few concrete steps you can take to help bring down the New World Order:

  1. Wake up and get involved: Tell everyone you know about what is happening. Write a blog, post videos on You Tube, buy DVDs by Alex Jones and others and make copies of them and distribute them. Go to my website (www.thefreezone.garyrea.com) and download and print out my flyers and distribute them. Seize every opportunity you can to wake people up.

  2. Get out of debt: pay off your debts, if you able to, and then don’t ever assume any further indebtedness again. Debt is how the New World Order exists, in the first place.

  3. Become self-reliant: start several small independent businesses so you will have income in case you lose your job. Grow your own food in a home garden. Pool your resources with your neighbors to grow food for yourselves, to sustain you and your neighbors in an emergency so they don’t come after you when they see you’re the only one on the block still eating.

  4. Buy gold and silver coins: not as an “investment,” but as a disaster hedge. In the event of a complete monetary collapse, your gold and silver coins will become your money.

  5. Don’t support any governmental institutions: Don’t comply with laws and regulations that are meant to rob you of your wealth and your liberty.

  6. Arm yourself: buy guns and ammunition and learn how to use them effectively and safely

  7. Stop watching TV: and pull the plug on the elite’s manipulation of your mind.

The Incredible Shrinking Book Market and Its Implications for Freedom of Information

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I was just watching a discussion between independent book publishers on C-SPAN 2 Book TV this morning, which was originally recorded March 20th, 2008. First of all, I feel the need to point out that these “independent” book publishers may be thinking of themselves in rather anachronistic terms as “independents” in relation to the larger publishing houses of New York, where the meeting took place (in Brooklyn) and have not considered that truly “independent” book publishing, these days, is being done by the authors, themselves. So, what this handful of “independents” really are is small press book publishers.

That distinction aside, the main thing that struck me about this discussion was the mention of the March 20th, 2008 extinction of Borders Books stores and its implications for the future of the book industry, as well as for the range of choice of readers.

There was some speculation as to whether or not Borders would then be absorbed by Barnes & Noble, the largest book seller chain in the world and, it would seem that’s probably going to be the case. One of the speakers said that, at one time, New York City used to have over 300 book stores and that now it has only 30. I thought about this for a moment and realized that, here is a city of 8 million or so people, also, the city with the largest number of book publishers in the world, and yet, it only has about 30 book stores, whereas, I live in Oklahoma City, which claims a metro area population of around one million and yet, I know of at least 15 book stores just within the northwest quadrant of Oklahoma City and, I’m certain there are many I’ve overlooked. This includes the chain stores as well as the independent “mom & pop” stores, what few still exist. This is quite a contrast to New York, which is billed as the literary capital of the world, while Oklahoma City is popularly denigrated as a backward “small town” full of illiterate hicks.

Aside from these contrasts between my city and New York, the broader discussion also mentioned that there has been an amazing contraction and consolidation of the book publishing industry and I believe this is due, in no small part, to the advent of the internet, which is supplanting both books and magazines, as well as television, among most Americans. I know that, personally, I now get most of my news from the internet instead of television and most of my reading is done online instead of in books and magazines. This appears to be the way things are headed and, with so many people waking up to the mainstream mass media’s domination by corporatist interests, this is no surprise.

The globalist trend toward consolidation has affected not only manufacturing and retailing, but has, also, affected mass communications. Despite the fact there are now more television channels than ever before in the history of the medium, it remains the case that the medium, itself, has been dominated and controlled by the global elite from its very birth as an instrument of propaganda and mind control. Thus, the popular illusion that the choice of information outlets on television has expanded greatly is a myth. While the number of channels may have increased, they are all saying the same thing and disseminating the same propaganda, as usual.

So, too, is the book publishing industry, and one needn’t look any farther than their nearest Barnes & Noble store to see this. The next time you find yourself there, take a good look at the titles in the “Current Affairs” section and you will see that most of the books there are either touting the neoconservative or the neoliberal worldview – in other words, the same thing, thinly (and falsely) disguised as opposing viewpoints, though they are not. Aside from a few (very few) books by David Ray Griffin and maybe one or two others, you will find little there that says 9/11 was an inside job and, aside from these, you will find absolutely nothing that exposes the New World Order for what it is or raises any questions about PNAC and the true neocon agenda to create a global police state. For that kind of reading material in a “brick and mortar” book store, you’ll have to find a truly independent “mom & pop” store, such as Austin, Texas’ Brave New Books, or one of the John Birch Society’s American Opinion bookstores, like the one we have here. Other than this, your only outlet for finding the truth in print media is to be found online.

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