Ginger Kathrens (Exec. Dir., The Cloud Foundation) and Carol Walker, (Dir. of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation) with updates on wild horse roundups and the Bureau of Land Management (Wed., 10/18/17, on Wild Horse & Burro Radio)

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Ginger Kathrens, Founder & Pres. of The Cloud Foundation, on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (Wed., 8/30/17)

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Saturday (7/8/17) Wild Horse & Burro Radio with Ginger Kathrens (Exec Dir., The Cloud Foundation), John Holland (Pres. Equine Welfare Alliance), Katlin Kraska (lobbyist, ASPCA), Cory Golden (Advocacy Coordinator, Return to Freedom) and R.T. Fitch (Pres. Wild Horse Freedom Federation) on saving wild horses & burros from slaughter

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Are wild horses and burros being categorized for slaughter?

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Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation at Palomino Valley

SOURCE: The Cloud Foundation

Press Release:  For immediate release
Are Wild Horses being Categorized for Slaughter?
Interior Secretary orders and inventory of wild horses in holding
On Friday morning, June 30, The Cloud Foundation (TCF) received an anonymous tip that Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and/or top Bureau of Land Management (BLM) officials have ordered all wild horses currently in short-term holding facilities be categorized by weight and age in anticipation of the approval of the federal budget.  The current recommendation for this budget would allow for “sale without limitation” of many or most of the wild horses currently in holding.
This, of course, could eventually lead to the barbaric slaughter of our iconic wild horses.  The tipster stated that this categorization was to ensure the BLM was ready to “ship out” horses older than five years of age.  The only place to “ship out” these horses would likely be to slaughter.  The caller stated that the shipping would start with the smaller facilities so that wild horse advocates would not be able to impose an injunction before the plan was already started.  The caller also told TCF that direction has been given to one of the government’s top transportation officials to prepare for shipping. 
Ginger Kathrens, Volunteer Executive Director of TCF said, “Surely Secretary Zinke would not allow for this devious, clandestine and under-the-radar ploy to destroy wild horses when 80% of Americans are against horse slaughter.  If only Secretary Zinke and other DOI and BLM officials would have implemented tried and proven on-the-range-management ideas as we have requested for over a decade, we would not be where we are today.” Ms. Kathrens states, “Options such repatriation of older horses in holding to the millions of acres that were designated ranges for these animals is a much more human solution.”
“There are nearly 50,000 wild horses that have been rounded up, torn apart from their families, and corralled at the taxpayer expense because on-the-range-management has not been implemented. Hundreds of thousands of cattle and sheep graze at little or no cost,” says Lisa Friday, volunteer Vice President of The Cloud Foundation.  “Our indigenous American icons deserve better.”
Media Contacts:
Lisa Anne Friday
804-883-6576 (o), 804-389-8218  (c)
info@thecloudfoundation.orgL isa_Friday@chs.net



Ginger Kathrens, Exec. Dir. of the Cloud Foundation with an update on Cloud the Stallion and the wild horses in the Pryor Mountains, on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (Wed., 8/12/15)

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Our guest tonight is Ginger Kathrens, Founder and Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation.  Ginger will be giving us an update on Cloud the Stallion and the wild horses in the Pryor Mountains in Montana.  Ginger will also talk about the BLM’s plans to sterilize wild horses & burros.


 Cloud walked up to Ginger’s car, perhaps to admire his likeness in the sign.

Tonight’s show is hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. and Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

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The PZP Debate (with Ginger Kathrens) on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (Wed., 2/11/15)



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Ginger Kathrens on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (Wed., Nov. 5th)




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R.T. Fitch trip to the Pryors with Ginger Kathrens: Wild Horse & Burro Radio




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Ginger Kathrens on Wild Horse & Burro Radio Friday night!





Ginger Kathrens on the radio tonight!



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TS Radio: Equine Welfare Press Conference and Rally live coverage



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Total Removal of Historic Colorado Mustang Herd Denied


The Cloud Foundation Needs America’s Help to save what is left.


Yesterday in a telephone meeting with the Federal Court, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was given the go-ahead to remove only a portion of the wild horses in the West Douglas Herd on Colorado’s Western Slope. BLM’s Environmental Assessment (EA) stated they would remove horses both inside and outside the herd area. The Honorable Judge Collyer limited BLM’s removals to only 40-50 horses. BLM’s environmental documents contended were “in danger,” from drought.

 “We’re relieved that Judge Collyer allowed only a partial removal of a herd the BLM has been trying to eliminate for decades, ” states Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation. “But we’re disappointed that 40-50 wild horses will lose their freedom and their families while our Nation is celebrating its independence and freedom.”

The West Douglas wild horses have endured many droughts in the past,” states Don Moore, DVM, who grew up in Rangely, Colorado, near the West Douglas herd and has watched the wild horses in the area for over 50 years. “If a drought was going to kill these horses, it would have done so a long time ago.”
Dr. Moore adds, “The condition of these unique horses and the range is paramount to advocates. We’re concerned for their safety and well-being during capture and transportation, especially during extremely hot weather.”

“BLM closed the Texas Mountain area, so how can advocates monitor the operation and verify that the horses are being treated humanely?” questions Kathrens. “Simply saying all is well and the horses are being treated humanely doesn’t fly anymore after the hundreds of horses, including little foals, have died from what BLM characterizes as ‘non-gather related’ injuries.”

In addition to the Cloud Foundation, Plaintiffs include Colorado Wild Horse & Burro Coalition, Habitat for Horses, Front Range Equine Rescue, and Don and Toni Moore. Litigation to protect the remainder of the West Douglas herd continues, as BLM continues their push to remove the entire herd.

The West Douglas horses, like all our wild horses, belong to the American public,” reminds Kathrens. “And Americans should speak up for them now, before these symbols of freedom are gone forever, living on only in history books and romantic memoirs of the ‘good ole days’.”

TS Radio: Ginger Kathrens of the Cloud Foundation


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Opposition Grows for California Roundup of 2,500 Wild Mustangs and Burros


Makendra Silverman 
Tel: 719-351-8187
Anne Novak
Tel: 415-531-8454
“Despite growing public outrage over BLM’s continuing massive roundups, which condemn wild horses to a life of confinement at taxpayer expense, BLM is expected to select alternative A (removing the maximum number of wild horses and burros) while allowing thousands of head of livestock to dominant the range. “
For Immediate Release:
Opposition Grows for California Roundup of 2,500 Wild Mustangs and Burros
Northern CA Twin Peaks herd is targeted for a destructive multi-million dollar summer roundup
San Francisco, CA (July 7, 2010)—The Cloud Foundation opposes and is calling for a stop to the proposed roundup of over 2,500 mustangs and burros from one of the last viable herds in California. To avoid conflicting with deer hunting season, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plans to unleash contracted helicopters in the August heat to round up 2,500 mustangs and burros, including their young foals, from the Twin Peaks Range near Susanville. Vastly outnumbered by thousands of corporate-owned destructive livestock, the public’s wild horses and burros are the BLM’s scapegoats for damage on the range. Over 2,000 are now slated for removal despite healthy range conditions and an outdated census.  More

Ginger Kathrens Speaks in Sacramento for Wild Horses; Calls to Stop Massive California Roundup

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The Cloud Foundation

Media Contact:                
Makendra Silverman 
Tel: 719-351-8187
Anne Novak
Tel: 415-531-8454
For Immediate Release
Filmmaker Hailed as the Jane Goodall for the American Wild Mustang 
Sacramento, CA (June 7, 2010)—Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and Director of The Cloud Foundation, Ginger Kathrens, is working hard to save wild horses in their native Western states, including California. She will speak at the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento June 11-13th
“Ginger Kathrens is the Jane Goodall for the American wild mustang.  She is a naturalist, witness, advocate, educator and filmmaker,” says Sheryl Crow, GRAMMY® award-winning singer/songwriter.
Kathrens will share her adventures with wild horses and speak about the current International movement to save the American mustangs, backed by celebrities such as Sheryl Crow, Michael Blake and Viggo Mortensen.  Kathrens has studied and filmed the mustangs in their natural environment for more than 16 years—creating the popular Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies programs for PBS’s Nature series shown in the U.S.A and abroad. Her documentaries represent the only known long-term documentation, in our hemisphere, of a wild animal from birth.  More

Humane Observers Need Daily Access to Monitor Horses’ Well-Being

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Press Release from the Cloud Foundation

The Cloud Foundation

Result of BLM’s lack of care – Photo by Laura Leigh 
Fallon, NV (May 21, 2010)—On Sunday, May 16th, visitors and humane observers to the government holding pens in Fallon, Nevada found injured wild horses and photographed a starving, emaciated colt among the 2,100 mustangs. The young colt had clearly been struggling for multiple days and was not placed in a hospital pen with his mother. Advocates alerted Bureau of Land Management (BLM) staff to the colt’s poor condition. After the facility closed the only veterinarian, responsible for the care of over 3,000 horses at two BLM facilities, was called in and euthanized the colt. The Washoe County Sheriff is currently investigating multiple incidences of animal abuse at the Fallon Facility. 


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