Viruses and the GM Insect “Flying Vaccine” Solution

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Brandon Turbeville


It is important to note that these GM mosquitoes, known as OX513A, necessarily have to be of the Aedis aegypti type in order to achieve the goals publicly stated by the developers. Therefore, the millions of male mosquitoes that were released into the open-air environment in 2009, and again in 2010, were all of the dengue fever carrying type.


AP: While it is generally clear, even to the relatively uninformed, that government and corporations have become one and the same, the extent to which this is the case is still largely unknown amongst the general public. Likewise, the extent to which this merger is affecting public health is also not widely known. In recent years (aside from their other horrific projects) government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), think tanks, and corporations have all banded together to combine two of the biggest scourges on the environment and human health — genetic modification and vaccines — into one entity. More

Remember the GM Tryptophan that killed 37 and permanently disabled 1500?

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By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Genetic modification disturbs normal cellular functioning. This fact cannot be argued. The process of genetic engineering is dangerous simply because there is an assumption made that the cells that are genetically modified will be substantially equivalent to their counterparts, which are grown normally. This is patently absurd! Excuse the pun.

Look, here is how I see it. If I shoot you in the leg, leaving a gaping hole, then you heal up, is your leg ever the same as before the shot? NO!!!

Okay, let’s take this one step further. If a plant cell is either shot with gold particles coated with GM DNA, or has a team of genetically modified Agrobacteria set loose on it to infect it with the GM DNA, will it ever be the same? EVER?? NO!!!!!

In fact, they have no idea what will happen because, just like your leg, not one cell will heal in exactly the same way, and we will never know just how many deformities will occur, or how many side effects will be released into the environment. Take for example the ability for GM bacteria to produce a ‘toxic to humans’ poison and inject it into our food simply due to the way a bacterial cell ‘healed’ after transformation.

It is the genetic modification process itself that is dangerous. As in the Tryptophan case cited in the linked article, “there is no reasonable explanation how a highly toxic chemical could appear “out of the air” and this has never occurred before in this kind of production. Tens of thousands of similar manufacturing units have been producing millions of tons of medical substances (penicillin being the most famous), since more than fifty years without the appearance of any unwanted highly toxic chemical impurity in any case.”

“This fact is in itself very strong evidence in favour of the alternative that it was the [GM] bacteria that caused the emergence of the poison and nothing else.”

Here is the Tryptophan article. If you want to know more about the genetic engineering process, go to http://aggie.farmwars.info, or click the colorful Aggie banner on the sidebar, and view the full 35 page preview of “The Adventures of Aggie the Traveling Agrobacterium – A GMO Primer.

(C) 2010 Barbara H. Peterson

GM Tryptophan- EMS-Killed 37 and Permanently Disabled 1500 People

Source: Genetically Modified Foods, The Silent Killer

Date: June, 2007

The Showa Denko Tryptophan disaster
Genetic Engineering
The Disaster

The tryptophan disaster in the end of the 1980′s and beginning of 1990′s killed 37 and permanently disabled 1,500 people in the United States in a disease called eosonophil myalgia syndrome (EMS).

It was caused by one or more extremely poisonous substances present in a tryptophan food supplement, which was produced by genetically engineered bacteria at the Japanese firm Showa Denko.

Showa Denko destroyed the evidence that could have been used to determine the scientific cause of the problem. They destroyed the genetically engineered bacterial stocks, along with any potentially surviving specks that investigators might have recovered from the walls or the equipment in their facilities.

Was the poison created by the bacteria?


Canada On The Verge Of Approving Enviropigs -creating human/animal hybrid creatures


And all the churches remain silent as these abominations continue…….
This is a human/pig ready to go into production. The truth is human/pig hybrid creatures will soon be legally grown inside of the United States.
 Mysteries of the World – The Canadian government is on the verge of approving the introduction of extremely bizarre genetically modified pigs into the Canadian food supply.  These new mouse/pig hybrids have been dubbed “enviropigs” and are being touted as being much better for the environment.  This new “breed” of Yorkshire pigs was created by scientists in Ontario at the University of Guelph, who spliced in genes from mice to decrease the amount of phosphorus produced in the pigs’ excrement.  So soon millions of Canadians will be eating meat from mouse/pig hybrid creatures and most of them will not even realize it.  It is expected that approval for this new “brand” of pigs will be sought in the United States as well.  But this is hardly the first time that scientists have mixed two kinds of animals together in an attempt to create creatures that will be beneficial for humanity.   

The truth is that scientists around the world are now creating bizarre hybrid “animals” on a regular basis.  Over the past couple of decades the field of genetic modification has made extraordinary advances, and now researchers and scientists seem very eager to exploit these new technologies.

So what kind of weird, mysterious creatures have scientists been creating? 

Well, what would you think of a cat that glows in the dark? More

Monsanto – YOU are on MY Terrorist Watch List!

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War on Terror

Down with Monsanto!

Read my lips, pond scum. Your company bears the majority of responsibility for forcefully removing we the people’s right to choose what kind of food we eat.

By ramming through “substantial equivalence” and “no labeling of GMO” we the people of the United States are in the position of not being allowed to choose what we eat.

Cross-pollination contaminates otherwise normal crops, and your abominations have polluted our food supply to the point that almost everything in the stores contains some form of GMO. And you revel in that. In fact, one of your minions actually bragged to me that GMOs are everywhere.

Hence, you have earned the title:

Monsanto – Public Enemy No. 1 More

Everything you HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods

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Roundup Ready gut bacteria anyone?

GMO-in-trashThank you, Amicus, for the link to this excellent video.

This is a must-view for anyone who wants to know what they are eating, and the effects that GMOs have on health. An incredibly in-depth video that clearly points out that it is the genetic modifying process that causes massive collateral damage. Once we understand this, it becomes our job to get people up to the level of the animals who refuse to eat it. WATCH HERE…

Genetically Modified Humans

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gm barbBy Barbara H. Peterson

Hold onto your hats boys and girls, we are about to enter the Twilight Zone.

Genetically modified humans are on their way to a home near you, courtesy of those men in the little white lab coats at Newcastle in Great Britain: 

Scientists in Newcastle claim to have created human sperm in the laboratory in what they say is a world first. The researchers believe the work could eventually help men with fertility problems to father a child. But other experts say they are not convinced that fully developed sperm have been created.  More

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