How Today’s Multiculturalism Fuels the Growth of  Third World Cities in America

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By: chuck Frank


A good many American  people began their decent into into the dreaded black hole around the same time that President, Bill Clinton left office, that allowed our corporations to expand their relocation overseas and also into Mexico.  Banks were also given at the same time Clinton’s gift of deregulation which had protected America’s financial health ever since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.  Finally, the banks gambled with high risk
investments spearheading the 2008 financial meltdown that transpired, while housing foreclosures ran at 3.1 million in 2008 alone to where families lost their houses.

In retrospect, there were now two dreadful mistakes President Clinton and Congress left us with.

The first one was NAFTA which was meant to “bring jobs to America” through free and fair trade.  That didn’t happen.  Unemployment just got worse and in the end, who got rich off of that deal? It was the corporations and the high rollers.

While America began sinking to new lows, deficit spending by the trillions was in order by the Obama administration, while at the same time, multiculturalism was an agenda being pushed  by that same administration as Congress looked the other way.

The caliber of those people being brought into America during those years had not been vetted properly by those agencies who were paid to evaluate the incoming immigrants.  Those agencies at that time were mostly interested in the “placement money” and were not concerned about the safety of the American citizens or how well these immigrants would assimilate.  It is obvious that during those recent years, thousands upon thousands of immigrants which were placed in various cities began to become, brick by brick, a foundation of civil unrest which historically has been used in Marxist philosophy and teachings for the purpose of bringing a country to a low point in order to topple a free and democratic society and thus replace it with an inferior form of tyrannical rule where the people either do not have a say or they are given the appearance of having a say while a charade of politicians offers a structure of formality for the people’s input which will never transpire.  It’s no different than trickle down economics which never happens when there is a deceptive progressive/socialistic agenda supporting  big government, more taxation, runaway corruption, kickbacks, expensive healthcare plans, pensions, and finally deficit spending.

Add sanctuary states, counties and cities such as Seattle into this mix to where people have no money, no moral compass and no desire to assimilate,
this model becomes the last and final brick in a nation that is about to fall from grace.   It is high time that American’s who see the writing on the wall take America back before it is too late as “third world cities”are already becoming commonplace in America.


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new-logo25Chuck Frank


In spite of the seven year drought and future weather patterns that are not necessarily predictable, one would think that storing water for domestic use or agricultural needs such as growing food and raising livestock would be a priority for government. Not in California. Yet, fast track environmentalism in the last 20 years that caused the removal of 971 dams after Bill Clinton’s term as President, but at a later date, President George W. Bush, during his Presidency, opposed breaching dams in the Pacific Northwest.

fish 1Today, dam removal in the United States is now stronger than ever while the Western United States presently needs even more water than ever, but farmers in the Central Valley are fully cut off from their normal allotments. If we remember, years ago, the Auburn dam proposal was shelved because of the “potential” of earthquakes. Really, or was there something else going on under the radar?


USDA, FDA colluding with CODEX organizations



Marti Oakley (c) copyright 2012  All Rights Reserved


The news that USDA was closing down 250 domestic offices in order to supposedly save 150 million a year in funds has been generally received as an advanced warning across America of an oncoming new program administered by some agency, council or group other than the USDA.  Bear in mind, this is the same USDA that is squandering 250 million in bogus grants to get smart meters installed in rural America. 

The USDA which has become nothing more than a domestic threat to rural America never does anything remotely considered to be family, independent, rural, USA friendly unless of course you happen to be one of those Big Ag and the Bio-Pirates, corporate partners. 

The idea that USDA is closing domestic offices while leaving massive numbers of foreign offices open for business is alarming on the one hand and yet, somehow comforting to think the staffs of what has become known as a domestic terrorist organization might be out of work.  Not so fast Gretel!  What you need to be asking yourself is……what is going to replace it?  You know they aren’t just going to leave our family farmers and ranchers alone.  There is something else most definitely in the works and the notice below might just be the tip off to what that something is and what might be on the horizon.

The fact that the infamous FDA was part of this meeting should have us all running screaming for cover.  More

Pick your “ism”: Capitalism vs. CRAPitalism


Marti Oakley


From 1948….a 10 minute cartoon about signing your freedom away in exchange for an “ism”.  This could have been produced today especially in light of the passage of three more unconstitutional trade agreements rammed through congress against the best interests of the people. 

Free trade and Capitalism is not the same as privileged trade and CRAPitalism.

Be careful what you wish for……you may get it.

South Korean Trade Agreement: Another economy killing trade agreement in the Works


Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved  


“We are being set up, as a nation. A food crisis is about to hit this country as our strategic grain reserve sits empty, as no commodities surpluses have been stockpiled and as absolutely every agricultural product is targeted for exporting to the highest bidder.  It has taken many years, through various administrations and successive congresses to manipulate us into this position.  It doesn’t take much to see that we will be most likely starved into accepting the World Government. ” More

USDA: No strategic grain reserves…they sold them!



Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


As recently as 2008, the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC), a wholly owned subsidiary of the USDA, reported that there was virtually no grain stores left in the US.  Of the 24.1 million bushels in reserve, only 2.7 million bushels remained after the bulk of the grain stores were given for humanitarian relief. While some of the grain may have been used for humanitarian purposes, there is no evidence to support this contention. Furthermore, the use of the term humanitarian does not necessarily mean that the grain wasn’t sold, its just meant to condition public thinking into believing the grain was given away to hungry people.  I would bet that wasn’t the case at all.

There has been no effort by USDA or CCC to re-establish our strategic grain reserves.  The purpose of the CCC is to maintain a balanced supply of food commodities as a strategic backup in case of emergency and is charged with distributing those back up supplies to the population should they be needed. The strategic reserves which had been established as a result of the Great Depression were depleted in the 1980’s and USDA at that time announced it would not re-establish this back up and of course our current bio-tech pandering Ag secretary isn’t about to re-establish them either.  More


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Although most Americans do not know it, they are eating food that is injected with foreign genes (GMOs), blasted with pesticides, irradiated beyond recognition, pasteurized, homogenized, scraped off a slaughterhouse floor, and it is making us sicker by the minute, and now international CODEX ALIMENTARIUS guidelines are about to set the minimum and maximum levels of so-called “nutrients” we are allowed to have. More

Equity of Trade Versus Free Trade

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live Link:  N.O.R.M.

by Thayne Cozart
Director of Communications, National Organization for Raw Materials

The U.S. has a huge trade imbalance with most trading nations. The imbalance is not in agriculture, although many food products — both raw and processed — enter the U.S. at prices below those for comparable U.S.-grown foodstuffs.

To a large degree the imbalance is in manufactured goods. One reason is that many nations have lower costs of production — based upon a lower standard of living, cheap labor, inexpensive raw materials, protective government policy, etc. Multinationals who have moved their plants to foreign locations enjoy the best of both worlds — inexpensive manufacturing costs and unlimited access to the world’s biggest consumer market, the USA.

Our laissez-faire trade stance, when coupled with many nations’ protective trade stances and the inherent disparity of living standards around the world, is proving to be a recipe for ever-increasing trade deficits. Exacerbating the situation, GATT and NAFTA are proving difficult to implement when other nations improvise phony trade issues and drag their feet at every opportunity. Bottom line, the U.S. is having problems with free trade.

There is an alternative to free trade. It’s called EQUITY OF TRADE. It would work like this: More

s.510….The Testor Amendment added to the Managers Amendment

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NOTE: Infected eggs are in the news as we send this message. This once again demonstrates our contention that industrial farms are riskier than small farms. That’s one reason we work so hard to protect small farms from federal regulations that industrial farms can afford, but small farms cannot. Speaking of which . . .

The routine is getting familiar . . .

1. We tell you that Senate bill S.510, the so-called Food Safety bill, could be coming up for a vote.

2. You ask your Senators to oppose the bill, or to offer amendments to protect small businesses and farms.

3. Panicked by the public opposition, the Senate postpones the vote.

4. Several weeks later we all repeat steps 1 through 3.

Well, it’s happening again. We understand that S.510 will likely be put to a vote in September.

But this time, the bill will have many of the changes we demanded!

Although S.510 should still be opposed, we should also encourage Congress to retain the good changes that have been made to the bill, just in case it passes. Please send Congress a letter about this using our Preserve the Freedom to Farm campaign.

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . .

I oppose S.510 because we need FEWER regulations. A free market backed by criminal and civil penalties for fraud and negligence will hold food producers to the highest standards. That’s because in a free market, consumers will avoid producers with bad reputations.

I am, however, pleased with the changes made in the Manager’s Amendment to S.510. With these changes . . . http://help.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/WHI10337.pdf

* Only foods already regulated by the FDA will be subject to S.510 — the firewall between the FDA and USDA-regulated foods will be maintained
* Farms, restaurants, and other businesses that were not already designated food “facilities,” as defined by the Bio-terrorism Act of 2002, will not need to register with the FDA. http://thehill.com/images/stories/blogs/smallfarms.pdf
* Farms engaged in low or no risk activities will be exempted from new regulatory requirements
* The compliance burden for small producers has been minimized
* The FDA is prohibited from requiring farms and other food facilities to hire consultants to write food safety plans
* Food that is direct marketed from farmers to consumers and stores will be exempt from the tracking and record keeping requirements, as will food that has labeling that preserves the identity of the farm that produced the food
* The FDA cannot require farms to keep records beyond the point where the product leaves the farm More

Equity of Trade Versus Free Trade

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Live Link:  National Organization for Raw Materials

by Thayne Cozart
Director of Communications, National Organization for Raw Materials

The U.S. has a huge trade imbalance with most trading nations. The imbalance is not in agriculture, although many food products — both raw and processed — enter the U.S. at prices below those for comparable U.S.-grown foodstuffs.

To a large degree the imbalance is in manufactured goods. One reason is that many nations have lower costs of production — based upon a lower standard of living, cheap labor, inexpensive raw materials, protective government policy, etc. Multinationals who have moved their plants to foreign locations enjoy the best of both worlds — inexpensive manufacturing costs and unlimited access to the world’s biggest consumer market, the USA.

Our laissez-faire trade stance, when coupled with many nations’ protective trade stances and the inherent disparity of living standards around the world, is proving to be a recipe for ever-increasing trade deficits. Exacerbating the situation, GATT and NAFTA are proving difficult to implement when other nations improvise phony trade issues and drag their feet at every opportunity. Bottomline, the U.S. is having problems with free trade. More

The final phase before the emergence of the North American Union

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The coming collapse of our nation is no accident.


What is about to befall us is no accident.  The planning that has gone into the destruction of not only our economy, but our sovereignty as a nation has been carefully staged to make it appear almost accidental and will presented as the only way out.


The Security & Prosperity Partnership that erodes our sovereignty is not an accident and neither is the intent to merge the US, Canada and Mexico into one big corporately controlled region which recognizes neither sovereignty nor national identity.


To facilitate this coup, successive congresses have ceded their authority not only to the executive, but also to government agencies created for the sole purpose of implementing various aspects of this coup intended to dismantle individual pieces of the plan.  Then over the last eight years, our economy was intentionally brought to the edge of ruin;  an edge that will never see us returned to our former state.


The bailout bills, stimulus bills are all focused on maintaining the same institutions and agencies that have created the crisis.  All the admonishments we have been subjected to regarding globalization, free markets, free trade, capitalism and how necessary these things were to a thriving economy have shown themselves to be nothing more than the tools for destroying one economy after another while a select few benefited enormously at everyone else’s expense.  Again, this was no accident.


If any one of the arguments for the unmitigated greed that has taken place were actually true……why didn’t we, in a free capitalist, free market, free trading, no interference in corporate business……let these businesses go down just like we are letting homeowners and workers?  Just like we are allowing small businesses and enterprises to?


While we bail out one corrupt sector after another not one of those concerned politicians offered up the idea of borrowing a trillion dollars to bail out main street.  That would be unconscionable…that would be socialism! Or worse…communism!  But we have no problem with fascism.  We castigate homeowners who overextended themselves, but reward predatory lenders, mismanaged investment companies, banks and insurance companies.  We reward international corporations with multi-billion dollar subsidies and tax credits and breaks while they post billions in corporate profits and then we take part in the social disparaging of those who are on welfare. 


We are throwing what will amount to trillions of dollars into the coffers of businesses and individuals who should have been hung publicly for the damage they have done to our nation, but who were instead rewarded for their greed.  And, to add insult to injury….they expect us to finance this debt.  But I have these questions:


Why are these companies who got these funds not held liable for repaying them?  If throwing this money into them will make them profitable again….why can’t they repay these loans from their profits rather than taxpayers? 


Not one of those individuals who created this supposed crisis has had to give up anything….not assets, homes, cars, yachts, jets….nothing. 


On the other hand……how many of you got to keep your home, cars, or anything else you had when you realized you had hit bottom?  Did anyone offer to bail you out?  To borrow money and hold your neighbors responsible for paying it back?


Our government as a whole has acted not to protect us, but instead aligned itself with those who they believe will substantially reward them for their efforts.


In order for the North American Union to replace the sovereign United States, we had to be destroyed….otherwise we would never accept the conversion.  We have to lose our jobs, our homes, and soon our access to food.  We have to be humbled, made submissive and threatened with our very existence.  We have to have everything we have known, everything we believed in; even our freedom taken from us to make us quietly accept the conversion from free sovereign nation to one of corporate controlled region.


We are on the verge of collapse and life as we have known it is about to change radically.  At some point, when enough of us are hungry, homeless and without hope the political corporate monster that we have allowed the government to morph into will show itself.  Those who speak for this monster will start out by saying, ….”We have to act quickly to protect the American people…..at this point I would suggest you make the decision whether to try to run or to stand up and fight for what is rightfully yours.


© 2009 Marti Oakley




The WAR ON TERROR, or….The War Against the American People

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A war of terror is being waged on our southern border.  Drug cartels are kidnapping, killing and terrorizing American citizens in communities along that border.  Hit lists, the murder or prosecution of border agents adds to the list of terrorist activities. 


But wait!  We have the Patriot Acts 1 & 2 to scare those terrorists away!  We have the Military Commissions Act!  The John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007, the FISA spying bill, and even the Civil Assistance Plan with Canada and Mexico so that their militaries can be brought here and used in the event of a national emergency….against us!  We have all of these and many more, plus many in the works supposedly to thwart those evil terrorists and to keep us safe from being attacked again……only all these bills are directed at us, not the terrorists.  The only people they have any adverse affect on, is us.  The only people that need to fear these kinds of laws…are the people of the United States.


So if I understand all of this correctly, its ok to attack our communities on the border, to kill or attempt to kill our border agents, to jump the border and enter the country illegally, to assault or kill anyone who interferes with drug cartel free trade and ok to unconstitutionally and illegally extend an invitation to the military of a foreign country to perform active duty on our sovereign soil against us.  But we can’t send an armed military force of our own to patrol and secure that border and defend the communities along that border. 


Strange, but I thought all this unconstitutional legislation and dictatorial power given to el presidente was to keep us safe from things like this.  Isn’t that the excuse given for why we should willingly give up our civil liberties?  Why spy agencies are now spying on American citizens? Why the FBI is compiling personal dossiers on every person?  Why Homeland Security wants us all tagged like cattle and why they are compiling lists of American citizens deemed to be “suspect” for speaking out? 


The military police can be called in for a flood but not for a war on our southern border? 

Isn’t it strange that during the recent flooding in Iowa, “military police” were patrolling the streets in full riot gear armed with assault weapons, and making it apparent that this was a test run of martial law and few took note of this?  I guess Iowans should be thankful that Blackwater or CACI wasn’t called in. 


As the war on the border escalates, I can only assume that the drug lords are joyously celebrating the construction of the NAFTA highway that will cut up through the heartland of the country giving them unfettered access.  No wonder they are so adamant about maintaining their free trade status.  Personally, I think they should form corporations which would give them expanded access to our government, allow them to lobby and pay for laws they want passed to benefit their free trading.  Instead of meeting resistance at the border while plying their drug trade, el presidente could order our military to the border to make sure the drugs are brought across safely, ensuring the drug, free trade policy operates as smoothly as possible.  After all, our military is used to wage wars for oil cartels…..why not drug cartels?


Is this any less ludicrous than what is actually happening?  How screwed up do things have to get?


The idea that our government has entered into agreements with foreign governments against the legal citizens of the United States, just in case we get really pissed off and actually stand up and demand the corruption ends, should have had all of us storming the streets and should have seen many members of congress and the Bush administration jailed for treason.  The idea that this agreement was entered into, illegally, and is accepted and condoned if only by the silence from congress, while our entire southern border is under siege and left undefended is untenable. 


What about this phony “War on Terror”?  If the situation on our southern border is not terrorist activity…..what is it?  United States citizens are being attacked and/or killed.  Our border patrol is being attacked and/or killed.  And all of this by criminals whose intent is to sell drugs in our communities or kill us trying.  Sound like terrorism to you?


If this situation points out no other thing, it surely has to be that the “War on Terror” is really a “war OF Terror” brought to you courtesy of your own government.   While American citizens are threatened with military force for dissenting, protesting, speaking out or otherwise opposing this fascist regime that has taken control of our country, Mexican drug lords are attacking our border and its citizens without fear of reprisal. 


I find it odd that our National Guard can be sent all the way to the other side of the world to fight a previously non-existent enemy for a non-existent crime; they can bomb, shoot, set fire to, blow up, mow down and in a thousand different ways eradicate an entire indigenous population because they refused to let multi-national oil cartels raid their oil deposits and no one seems to think there is anything wrong with this.  But we can’t take the same National Guard units, arm them and put them on our border to defend it from drug traffickers and illegal entry into this country of millions of opportunists.


Let’s get this straight.  There is no War on Terror!  There is only a war against you and me and every other citizen of this country that has been the focus of every rights robbing piece of legislation, every instance of the failure of government to act to protect us.  We are the “terrorists” referred to.  We are the intended recipients of military force, of martial law, as we are the people that represent a threat to this government.


If you think this situation is out of control now, just wait till that NAFTA highway divides our country and provides a route straight into Canada. 


© 2008 Marti Oakley


While Congress Fiddles and Hums…….

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While congress fiddles and hums and comes up with ever more ways of wasting money and time, and taking away more of our constitutional protections, not one of those jackass’s has made any relevant effort to clamp down either on Wall Street or (god forbid!) the oil companies.  While American taxpayers get raped at the pump, the oil companies…..the corporate whores that they are….are raking in billions in profits while also availing themselves of unneeded and unnecessary tax credits and subsidies.  Congress, acting like a collection of submissive pimps, just can’t find the spine to slap them down.

While MSM sings the tale of woe about how those damned enviromentalists are the cause of high gas prices, and clueless right wing hacks sing the praises of globalism and free trade, American consumers whether left or right are paying the price.  Maybe at some future date when gas prices approach $5.00 per gallon, and food is unaffordable it will dawn on those remaining individuals out here that free trade amounts to a free ride for corporations and the wealthy.  For you and me, free trade is a one way ticket to economic hell.

I have to ask this: 

With another 450,000 jobs lost just in June due to outsourcing, offshoring, business downsizing or closings……and rising gas and food prices along with almost every other item that affects our daily lives……do you still think that unregulated free trade is a good deal?  How many of us have to lose our homes, our jobs, our health coverage and everything WE have worked for before it occurs to us that this method of operation is killing us off?

Free trade has one objective; the economic destruction of virtually every economy in the world.  The current inflated price of oil, even as supplies have remained steady should have been the proverbial slap to the head for those who still cling to the idea that somehow, regulating trade to protect our economy and our future as a nation, is a bad idea.  How badly do you have to be squeezed before you can admit supply side economics is a national disaster?

Just today on MSM there were reports of test programs that allow people to “lock in” gas prices at the current level by paying in advance.  IF the prices go up which I can assure you they will, this could be a good deal.  If they go down…not so much.  Here’s the clinker in this which seemed to pass by the reporters altogether:  If gas prices can be locked in at a specific price……why can’t gas be capped at a certain price?  After all, if the oil companies can afford to allow advanced purchasing of gas at what might be a price lower than that at the pump…wouldn’t that indicate that all the price hikes are actually cases of price rigging?  And not necessarily due to whether or not they can drill in someplace other than the 68 million acres they already have access to, known to have deposits? 

Its bad enough that there are still people out here who, even when faced with impending economic collapse of our country, still beat the free trader drum.  The incessant ramblings of paid political hacks who masquerade as “broadcasters” while pumping the public full of misinformation and propaganda seems to never end, most likely because they still find people gullible enough to buy into the false notion that free trade is benefiting anyone other than the elite.

Congress, while voting to fund the bailout of corrupt mortgage companies, voting to give immunity to telecoms and the Bush administration, voting time after time to pass amnesty against the wishes of the majority of Americans, voting to continue funding the war in Iraq, voting for anything and everything except protecting what is left of the middle class and taxpayers, doesn’t seem to realize that if we go down, we will have no use for them.  There won’t be a congress.  Frankly, I believe we have reached the point where congress has become such an enemy of the people that it should be done away with altogether.  It no longer functions as it was intended, and no longer represents the American people.

We have to realize that if we are to survive as a nation, as a viable economic force in the world, we cannot continue to allow corporate free trade pillaging of our country.  I hear so many disparage protectionism and it seems to me that if we do not engage in protectionism we will cease to exist as a nation.  At some point we have to circle the wagons and decide to protect ourselves.  We can’t allow trade deficits, or for multinational corporations to artificially create windfall profits because so many of us have been suckered into thinking that regulation is not conducive to capitalism. 

With all the free trading that has gone on in the last seven years and the devastation it has brought nationwide including the growing recession, how can anyone still support this malignant line of thinking?  Think about that when you pull up to another gas pump and pay through the nose for enough gas to get you to work while subsidizing the oil cartels and while congress fiddles and hums.

Marti Oakley (c) 2008

The Great Oil Scam


I could have seen this one coming a mile off.  Maybe even further.  CHINA is collaborating with CUBA (gasp!!) to drill for oil in OUR Gulf of Mexico.  Only where they are supposedly going to drill is within the 50 miles of territorial waters that belong to Cuba, not the U.S.   And no one mentioned that the plans for drilling are years away not only in implementation, but even more so in production. 

But you’re scared now, right?  Now you’re mad as hell at those enviromentalist that have been blocking the drilling for oil in the gulf, ANWAR, Colorado, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming.  Gosh.  You are so easily duped.

Even if the ANWAR fields were to begin construction today, it would take ten years to see any production from those fields and there is an estimated one years worth of oil there.  Of course we tax payers would have to subsidize all that construction and drilling, and the Fed would have to give oil cartels billions more in tax breaks. 

There are currently 60 million acres owned by oil producers within the US, known to have vast oil reserves under them.  That’s 60 million acres that could have been under construction and well on their way to refinery.  Of course most of what is owned in Montana and Wyoming is owned at least in part, if not fully, by VP Cheney under one of the multiple corporations he uses to conduct his rape and pillage of the US economy. Of course, this would take another ten years minimally to begin producing.

OPEC has been bounced around as the reason for high oil prices too.  Only OPEC has not increased their prices; only kept their production at the current rate and refused to increase the amount of oil they put on the market at any one time.  That’s just good business.  All you free-trader’s who think unregulated trade is such a good deal can at least appreciate the supply and demand aspect of this.  And keep in mind, if it was Mobil/Exxon that was refusing to increase supply so that the price remained steady you would think that was just great.

There is another aspect to this that is more subtle, and most likely more lethal.  By creating an oil shortage and allowing the price of a barrel to exceed its actual real value, many Americans might rethink their opposition to the Iraq war in favor of lower gas prices which could be expected if we just admitted we were there to steal their oil and went ahead and razed the entire country and openly took it over, dispensing with the puppet government we installed.  At a possible $5.00 per gallon of gas…….how many of us would be screaming for war with Iran?  After all, they have some of the largest known oil deposits in the world. 

With oil cartels reporting the largest profits in history of any corporation ever known there is no reason that we have to continue subsidizing them with billions of taxpayer dollars or why they should be receiving billions in tax credits.  In fact, these corporations should be penalized for failing and refusing to build refineries over the last twenty years. 

The current gas prices cannot, and will not be solved by drilling in the Gulf, ANWAR or anywhere else for that matter.  Not drilling in these places has not caused the current hike in gas prices.  Beginning drilling construction in these areas now will not ease the current squeeze on American consumers, and it won’t for many years to come. 

Like the building food crisis and shortage, the oil crisis has been carefully staged.  None of this is accidental and the intent is not to reduce gas prices or to make oil more readily available.  The intent is to collapse the economy of the US. 

We have already seen the collpase of our housing markets.  We are preparing for a created food crisis we are told is coming if not already here. Legislation is pending to take control of our water rights and supplies so that they can be privatized and now we have an energy crisis. 

Housing, food, water and energy.   Basically the foundations of our lives are under assault from within our own country.  All these planned shortages, prices hikes, rigged markets, mortgage frauds, water theft, food shortages and inflated gas prices have been carefully planned and implemented to make us more readily accepting of the North American Union and the New World Order. 

There are those in our government and those behind the scenes who will stop at nothing until they have devastated this country from coast to coast, border to border, and then some.  We are being crushed and destroyed not by terrorists from “over there”, but from those within our own borders who have neither allegiance nor loyalty to the US and Who could care less what we endure.

To correct the current created crisis i would suggest these things:

1. Repeal all tax breaks and subsidies for all oil cartels.

2. Institute a Windfall Profits Tax to prevent oil cartels from artificially inflating the market.

3. Fine and penalize oil cartels that seem to be able to plan for future shortages but have failed to construct, build or maintain adequate refineries, or to drill oil deposits they already have access to.

4.  Cap the price per gallon of gas. 

Now I know these suggestions just lit the fires under the “free-traders”.  At some point you have to conclude that free trade is not the same as fair trade in a free market.  Without regulation, without oversight, free trade is devastating our economy and killing off our country.  As gas prices rise, as corporate profits rise even higher our economy will come to a grinding halt.  Exactly what is intended.

Ask yourself what good a free market without fair trade regulations is to you if you can no longer support yourself or your family because the cost of just living has risen so high?  At some point we have to conclude that remaining viable is far more important than becoming subservient. 

Marti Oakley (c)2008




GLOBAL ELITE GATHER IN D.C./Trilateral Commission members want suffering U.S. taxpayers to shell out even more money


From: American Free Press

The Trilateral Commission—one of the three most powerful globalist groups in the world—held closed-door meetings right here in Washington, D.C. from April 25 to 28. True to form, those members of the media who knew about the meeting—or were themselves participants in the proceedings—refused to discuss what went on inside or report on the attendees. Luckily, AFP’s own editor, Jim Tucker, was on the scene to bust this clandestine confabulation wide open.


By James P. Tucker Jr.

Luminaries at the Trilateral Commission meeting in Washington expressed confidence that they own all three major presidential candidates, who, despite political posturing, will support sovereignty-surrendering measures such as NAFTA and the “North American Union.”

“John has always supported free trade, even while campaigning before union leaders,” said one. “Hil and Barack are pretending to be unhappy about some things, but that’s merely political posturing. They’re solidly in support.”

He was referring to Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

Mrs. Clinton, they noted, held strategy sessions as first lady on how to get Congress to approve NAFTA “without changes.” As president, they agreed, she would do no more than “dot an i or cross a t.”

Candidate Obama has not denied news reports in Canada that his top economic adviser, Austan Goolsbee, assured Canadian diplomats that the senator would keep NAFTA intact and his anti-trade talk is just “campaign rhetoric.”


While they are confident they can deal with any “potential president,” the Trilateralists paid huge tribute to Ron Paul in an equally large twist of irony, by expressing alarm that he is causing “significant future damage.”

They expressed concern that Paul’s rallies have attracted multitudes of young people who are getting “their political education.” They want Republicans to pressure Paul to drop out now and stop his education rallies. This assignment was given to Thomas Foley, former U.S. House speaker.

The reasons Paul’s “education campaign” strikes fear into Trilateral hearts are obvious. Paul would refuse to surrender an ounce of U.S. sovereignty to an international organization and TC wants world government.

Paul would immediately bring U.S. troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan and from 130 UN “peacekeeping” missions around the globe. TC wants to enjoy war profiteering and global power. Paul would abolish the federal income tax while the TC wants to pile on a global tax payable to the UN.

The formal agenda was loaded with everything Paul and American patriots detest: higher taxes, more foreign giveaways, more immigration, both legal and illegal, into the United States and “engaging Iran,” among others.


The Trilaterals got down to real work on Saturday, April 26, with a high-powered panel called “U.S. Foreign and Domestic Policy: Broad Outlines for a New Administration.”

It was presided over by journalistic pimp David Gergen, who will write nothing about TC in his magazine, U.S News and World Report. Also participating were Kenneth Duberstein, former White House chief of staff for President Ronald Reagan; Strobe Talbot, president of the Brookings Institution and former deputy secretary of state; and Joseph Nye, former assistant secretary of defense. Henry Kissinger, former secretary of state and long-time Bilderberg leader, was present and listed as a participant. But a TC staff member crossed his name out. Some speculated he had throat problems.

This panel had these orders for the next president: increase foreign aid across the board because “America does not pay its fair share,” pay up the arrears in UN dues, allow as many immigrants into the United States as want to come and provide “amnesty” for illegal aliens already here.

Little, if anything, was said about the fact that American taxpayers pay one-fourth of the UN’s operating costs and one-third of the cost of 130 “peacekeeping missions” or the fact that immigrants from South America depress wages here and the average immigrant family costs the government thousands of dollars a year in welfare, health and other “benefits.”

Robert Zoellick, president of the World Bank and another long-time Bilderberg boy, largely echoed these views in a sweetheart “interview” by another journalistic strumpet, Lionel Barber, editor of The Financial Times, who will obediently report nothing.


There were “subgroup” meetings on “climate change,” “water and sanitation” and “migration and development.” Every nation, especially the U.S., should spend big bucks to fight “global warming,” they agreed. The United States should spend more “because Americans cause the most pollution,” one argued. Americans should send more money to Africa so natives can drink clean water and scrub themselves, they said.

Antonio Garrigues Walker, chairman of Garrigues Abogadas y Asesores Tributarios, joined Peter Sutherland, the UN secretary-general’s “special representative on migration and development,” to call on the United States to not only allow unlimited immigration, but to throw more money at Mexico and other impoverished Latin countries. It was, somehow, their “right” to have more U.S. dollars. Sutherland is chairman of British Petroleum and Goldman Sachs International. He is also a long-time Bilderberg leader.


Bill Emmott, another kept journalist, spoke on “the rise of Asia” at a reception-dinner held at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Emmott, former editor of The Economist, will report nothing.

Sunday morning, Robert Blackwill, former U.S. deputy national security adviser for Iraq, led a panel discussion on “engaging Iran and building peace in the Persian Gulf Region.” For the first time, there was dissent. Blackwill tried to rationalize the invasion of Iraq. Others doubted that Saddam Hussein was connected to the 9-11 terrorist attacks or was a nuclear threat. Blackwill said the military option remains but he hopes diplomatic efforts succeed.

Other participants were Ray Takeyh of the Council on Foreign Relations, which functions as the propaganda ministry for TC and Bilderberg; Volker Perthes, head of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs and Hitoshi Tanaka, former Japanese deputy minister of Foreign Affairs.


More foreigners demanded more U.S. money at a lunch panel called “European and Asian views on U.S. Foreign and Security Policy.” Participants were Elisabeth Guigou, a member of the French National Assembly and former minister for European affairs and Han Sung-joo, former minister of foreign affairs for South Korea.

An afternoon session addressed “global health” with more calls for American tax dollars. A major voice in this cause came from Sylvia Mathews Burwell, president of Global Development Programs, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates has attended at least one Bilderberg meeting.


John Negroponte, U.S. deputy secretary of state, addressed the evening dinner on “U.S. foreign policy perspectives.” Again, the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were rationalized and an invasion of Iran held out as a possibility.

The Monday morning finale addressed the Global Financial Crisis involving these luminaries: Robert Kimmitt, U.S. deputy secretary of the treasury; Martin Feldstein, former chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers; David Rubenstein, managing director of The Carlyle Group; Naoki Tanaka, president of the Center for International Public Policy Studies and Sir Andrew Crockett, president of JP Morgan Chase International.

Among them, there was much talk of the U.S. government’s “duty” to “intervene” on behalf of “financial institutions under stress.” Little or nothing was said of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are losing their homes because financial institutions lured them into buying houses they could not afford.

Throughout the weekend, no American voices were heard objecting to the demands on their country. Instead, there were smiles, nods and applause.

AFP editor James P. Tucker Jr. is a veteran journalist who spent many years as a member of the “elite” media in Washington. Since 1975 he has won widespread recognition, here and abroad, for his pursuit of on-the-scene stories reporting the intrigues of global power blocs such as the Bilderberg Group. Tucker is the author of Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary. Loaded with photos—many never published before—the book recounts Tucker’s experiences over the last quarter century at Bilderberg meetings. $25 from AFP. No charge for S&H in U.S.

(Issue # 19, May 12, 2008)

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Open Letter to Mitch McConnell….we’re not as dumb as you thought we were.


Dear Senator McConnell:

Regarding your New Republican Agenda Survey……I have answered your questions here as I know they would be discarded if I sent them to the RNC, you, or anyone else trying to revive this dead elephant in the room.

These are my answers:

Continue the War OF Terror?

1.  If we are going to take the War OF Terror to the terrorists, capture their leaders and freeze their financial assets I believe it would be far more expeditious to start in Washington D.C..  We have an administration that lied us into war on false pretenses and we are now considered the biggest threat to world peace by almost every nation around the globe.  In addition, the millions, if not billions made by Bush & Co. on this war of aggression should be seized and held for the taxpayers of the United States and returned to them via another rebate. 

Disarm Iran and Korea?

2.  We are in no position to demand that any other country dismantle their weapons of any kind as we have proven in the last seven years in particular that we are not all the responsible ourselves. 

Continue the Wars? (and attack Iran??)

3.  Where were you and the Republican party when our troops were sent into Iraq without body armor?  Without weapons and proper equipment and training?  Oh…I forgot…..you were voting to send them over there.

The Patriot Acts

4.  You were one of those who never read the Patriot Act before voting on it.  Its obvious you still haven’t read it or The Security Enhancement Act (Patriot 2).  Neither act deals with terrorism, or even mentions terrorists unless there is a direct assault on liberty, civil rights or legal protections guaranteed in the Constitution.  I don’t believe any terrorist is living in fear of any laws that rob us of our freedom.

Illegal Wiretapping and Government Spying on US Citizens?

5.  Prior to the Pat Acts……the FBI had every legal right to wiretap when there was reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.  The laws that you have helped pass are not targeted to terrorists (expanded now in your survey to include terrorist sympathizers overseas).  These Acts do nothing but allow the unfettered spying on US citizens…ALL US citizens. How can overloading the system with billions of unnecessary eavesdropping and spying pieces of data, gleaned from domestic phone calls, emails, snail mail, net chats, any and all sources by people everyday, do anything other than bog down a system that was already dysfunctional?  We need the focus of intelligent and efficient intelligence agencies, not wholesale spying on everyone just for the sake of doing it.  This could start with dismantling Homeland Security.

Are we scared enough to claim everyone is a terrorist? 

5.  And please tell me how you identify these known terrorists?  Do they wear a sign?  A uniform?  How could you possibly determine in the massive amounts of information that is gathered daily and unnecessarily who is contacting a terrorist, and who is a terrorist?  The fact is you can’t! 

Build the fence?  Defend the border?

6.  Why not invoke that new Civil Assistance Plan with Canada and have them send their military down here to defend our border?  That would beat building a fence and we could maybe stop the illegal colonization of our country.

Should Democrats raise taxes to pay off the massive debt we accumulated?

7.  Should we stop the Democrats from raising taxes?  OOOHH!  That should snag the suckers.  Maybe the real question should have been:  Will the Democrats be forced to raise taxes to cover all the spending, tax cuts to the wealthiest 1%,  bail outs of predatory lenders,  loss of jobs,  and billions spent on this War OF Terror.  Considering the Republicans borrowed us into massive and unrepayable debt……this is really a moot point.

Continue the tax cuts so the wealthiest don’t have to contribute?

8. No. The tax cuts to those who didn’t need them should be stopped.  After all, we’re at war, the troops need those “tools”, and the economy is tanking big time.  Wouldn’t it be more patriotic to ante up when you have so much, than to expect those who are losing their jobs and homes, pensions and everything they have worked for to continue to finance those who contribute so little?

Should we allow multinational corporations to rape and pillage more of the country and then threaten you with your job if you object?

9.  Job killing environmental regulations?  And what jobs would those be? (I can’t wait for the answer to this one!)  I think what you are concerned about are those CAFTA provisions that you have not been quite successful at implementing just yet.  Read “trade illegal” regarding environmental obstacles to pollution and other “job killing” provisions. 

Could someone please balance the budget?  We’ve made such a mess of things!

10. A balanced budget amendment????  You’ve got to be kidding!  This from someone who has been part of the biggest expansion in government since its inception, who has helped kill the economy with massive borrowing and spending……and now you want a balanced budget amendment???  You are such a funny guy!

Fair trade or, corporate greed supported by this government?

11. There is a difference between free trade and fair trade.  The free trade policies of this administration and the 108th and 109th congress and now the 110th, have decimated our wages, jobs, caused massive home foreclosure, loss of health insurance and more families slip below the poverty line every day.  What do you think Mr. McConnell?  Do you think maybe its time someone put the brakes on this disaster and admitted that without regulation, without controls, businesses in the US (the few that remain) cannot be trusted to act in the best interest of the country?  Wage and price controls would be just the tip of the iceberg in what is needed to salvage our country from the pile of rubble the Republicans have helped to create.

Gay marriage will divert your attention from our corruption…Should we pass an Amendment?

14.  We have far more important issues that are of true priority without creating problems where none exists.  Don’t believe in gay marriage?  Don’t marry a gay person!  Problem solved!  With the divorce rate hitting 60% on those “traditional” marriages you trotted out there……I dont’ think you have a leg to stand on.  Your argument has no merit. 

Activist judges……are they only worthy if we picked them?

15. Activist judges?  Why not!  We just approved a several religious lunatics and a few even got on to the Supreme Court!  No one is more “activist” than than when they claim to be doing “God’s work!”

The federal government needs more of your money……blame someone else?

16. If Bush and other presidents hadn’t used the Social Security surplus (Bush has used it every year to finance the federal government to cover the loss of revenues from the tax cuts to those poor rich people) there would be no need to raise the SS tax.  But I’m sure you would have no problem raising the SS tax if it meant your wealthy friends could keep their tax cuts.

The 2nd Amendment

17. I fully support the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Tort reform….A good way to stop the common people from holding anyone accountable?

18. Medical liability and tort reform are just the current attempts to prevent everyday people from holding these demigods in the medical industry and pharmaceutical’s from being accountable for the harm they cause the public.  Considering that so many in congress are attorneys…….you might be shooting yourself and your trade in the foot with this one.

The Grand Old Party?  Or, How we destroyed an entire nation with greed and more greed.

19. & 20

We now call it the Greedy Old Party.  There is nothing to revive.  As it is, this party has shown us that given the power to change things, they will change it only for the benefit of a few.  The corruption that these last seven years in particular has exposed from supposedly religious, moral and family values officals is enough to drive the best of us away. 

You have spent us into abject debt, started wars of aggression, helped construct the biggest expansion in the size of government ever.  You have allowed corporations and multinationals to take our jobs, reduce our wages and quality of life all for the almighty “global trade”.  You are not conservatives, you are not compassionate, and I don’t believe you have a conscience. 

The Republican (neo-conservative) party has been the worst disaster ever to hit our nation.  And now you want us to donate to keep you going?  What happened? Did the corporate soft money dry up?  Did the lobbyists leave “k” street?  Get your money where you have gotten it while pretending you didn’t know that what you were supporting was going to destroy our nation.  Or have all the really big money suppliers moved to the cheap labor markets in foreign countries where they don’t need you any more?

The best thing voters could do is to vote every one of you on both sides out of office and start over.  Either that or dispense with the congress altogether.  Congress has become nothing but a huge siphon on the public and regardless of which side of the “isle” you pretend to be on……the fact is that you are not on our side. 

Since you can vote yourself raises and benefits any time you want, why not just go ahead and vote yourself some money to keep this pathetic charade going?  It wouldn’t be any less ethical than what you have done to us in the past.

Marti Oakley (c) 2008



The New American Illegal Immigration Report–March 3, 2008 issue Now Available

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