The Babylon BEE: ‘We Are Not The Enemy Of The People,’ Say Press Who Intentionally Deceive The People To Protect The Political Elite

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NEW YORK, NY—Various news outlets reminded the American people Tuesday that they are not their enemy, despite intentionally deceiving the people in order to protect the political elite.

The media who literally allowed the people to be preyed upon by the rich and powerful rather than run information that might harm their elite buddies assured the people they are on our side.

“We are not the enemy of the people,” said a spokesperson for ABC News, waving his hands in the air as though trying to perform some kind of Jedi mind trick. “Yes, I know it may seem that way when we cover up damaging information to protect the rich and powerful, but trust us when we say we know better than you.”

“We are your friends,” he added in a hypnotic voice while swinging a stopwatch back and forth. “Say it with me: we are your friends. Yes, yes, gooooood.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter agreed, saying that though he calls out the president for lying all the time, it’s different when the press does it. “Our lying is democratic lying,” Stelter said. “It’s for your own good.”

“Also, Epstein definitely killed himself, and we don’t have any other information on that.”

The Foxification of Op Ed News and other “Progressive” Betrayals


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by Scott Creighton

Snake oil salesman and charlatan extraordinaire, Rob Kall, has weighed in on the “von Brunn/domestic terrorist/extremist” topic.

Do you think this “progressive” leader of a “liberal” website would have come down on the side of free-speech, the constitution, and pointing out the government’s using this situation as a catalyst for the passage of the very Homegrown Terrorism bill that Rob himself opposed a year ago?

You think he would stand up for the right of freedom of expression just so long as that expression doesn’t call for violence? Do you think he would call for the need of a “well informed population” for the preservation of a free and open democracy?

You think Rob Kall, biofeedback snake oil peddler and motivational speaker, would take a stand against the targeting of some of the very people that helped him build his website empire? These same people that he just happened to kick out of the site they helped him make just days before all this “extremist violence” started happening? More

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