Department of Interior Wants To Destroy Records of Oil & Gas Leasing, Mining, Wells, Timber Sales and Much More


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Federal agencies don’t keep most of their records forever. At some point, they’re legally allowed to destroy the majority of them.

But when? And which records? That’s up to the agency and the National Archives (with some input from the public, at least in theory).

In an overlooked process that’s been going on for decades, agencies create a “Request for Records Disposition Authority” that gives details about the documents, then proposes when they can be destroyed (e.g., three years after the end of the fiscal year, 50 years after they’re no longer needed, etc.). Occasionally, agencies propose keeping some documents permanently, which means eventually transferring them to the National Archives.

The National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) then “appraises” the agency’s Request for Records Disposition Authority, almost always giving the greenlight.

Around this point, the agency’s request and NARA’s appraisal are announced in the Federal Register. They are not published in the Register, nor are they posted to the Register website (including Regulations.gov). Their existence is simply noted.

Dept. of the Interior is asking for permission to destroy records about oil and gas leases, mining, dams, wells, timber sales, marine conservation, fishing, endangered species, non-endangered species, critical habitats, land acquisition, wild horses & burros and lots more. It’s also wanting to permanently retain a smaller subset of documents in each category, which will be transferred to the National Archives, where they will become harder to access via FOIA.

This is crucial stuff. In the months, years, and decades ahead, if you get “records destroyed” responses, or a vague “no records” response, from NPS, BLM, FWS, BIA, etc., this could be the root cause.

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Hey IOPTF – BITE ME: The Fed moving to end fishing


  by: Lynn Swearingen (C) 2009      

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In June the White House created the IOPTF they should have named it WTF in my humble opinion. The Interagency Oceans Policy Task Force has now managed to somehow correlate, corroborate, and con triturate (in under 90 days at Presidential tasking) a policy that will sacrifice 1 million U.S. jobs and possibly restrict access of over 60 million yearly anglers to do what they love : Fish”

See according to “Feds to 60 Million American Anglers: We don’t need you”

Graphic by Joe Meuhlbauer © 2009

Graphic by JoeM (C) 2009Herbert Hoover had it right when in 1963 he said “Fishing is a chance to wash one’s soul with pure air, with the rush of the brook, or with the shimmer of sun on the blue water…. And it is discipline in the equality of man — for all men are equal before fish. ….” 60 Million Americans per year agree with him.

There are multitudes of stories in every whip cord thin flexible rod resting in the corner of our nations garages. Laughter, love and lies reside in each and every tackle box waiting to be dusted off before being passed to the next generation. Through tough days and tougher decades it has faithfully stood awaiting rediscovery.

Grandfathers to grandsons. Fathers to daughters. Retired Veterans to disabled Active Duty Military just looking for an hour or a day where the wounds they silently, painfully bear can blend into the background. During this now infamously “it’s so over” recession, some have turned to fishing to feed themselves. It also is an inexpensive alternative to therapy for those still waiting for the jobless recovery to go “Jobplus” recovery. More

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